Dana knew she needed to get off. As the shuttle train neared her stop and she realized that soon she’d have to stop stealing glances at the hot scantily clad blonde that that had been sitting across from her. She’d probably never see this woman again. But the blonde knew she’d been looking. She’d parted her legs ever so slightly. Dana had been able to detect a slight smile and even a raised eyebrow from under the blonde’s oversized sunglasses. She’d noticed the blonde’s nipples getting hard beneath the obviously braless sheer top she wore.

Dana’s nipples got hard too when she noted that the blonde wasn’t wearing any panties. A small tuft of hair was all that shielded the world from perhaps the most beautiful pussy that Dana had ever seen. The pouty outer lips barely concealing what looked like a good sized clit hood.

Dana wasn’t a lesbian but she was most certainly selectively bi, and this woman fit very well into Dana’s definition of selective.

She wore a black mini skirt and a white sheer top. 3” heals only accented her perfect calves. Her long golden hair was done up in a business style bun and Dana thought she personified the “nasty librarian” mental imagine that she had often masturbated to in the privacy of her loft apartment.

No doubt, Dana needed to get off. As the train twisted and turned and bumped and swayed, she couldn’t help but notice the blonde’s breasts swaying back and forth, the nipples getting harder and harder as the fabric of her top rubbed back and forth across them. Her legs no longer pressed firmly together would sometimes spread a little wider for moments, as the train lurched.

Dana realized early on that the blonde had busted her staring at the blonde’s legs. Dana was slightly embarrassed at first but kept looking anyway. That was when the current show had begun.

Dana felt herself getting wet. Dana also was panty less but had a knee-high skirt on and was therefore unable to reciprocate the view to the blonde. So there the two women sat, block after block with Dana enjoying her private show.

Too soon it was Dana’s stop, 48th st, where half the train would unload. Dana thought for a moment as everyone started to fill the isle, that the blonde would get off here to, but she remained seated, her legs now returned to their clamped and sealed position. Dana reluctantly rose from her seat, half pondering whether or not to stay on the bus, miss her stop and come back home later just to draw out the show a little longer, but nevertheless, she rose, resigned to the end of the fantasy.

Assuming her position in the line in the Isle, she now stood directly in front of the blonde with a top-down viewing angle. The blonde never looked up, but as Dana carefully stole glances down towards the blonde’s ample cleavage, she noticed the blonde roll her shoulders in, ever so slightly, cause the extra material in her top to balloon out a bit at her cleavage. Dana was able to see the entire insides of both breasts and the complete, perfect, very erect, left nipple of the blonde. The remainder of the people filled the aisle as the train came to a stop. Dana lost the view of the blonde’s magnificent breasts as the crowd in the isle thickened with anticipation of leaving the train.

Suddenly, Dana felt a touch on her right leg. The touch was very low and very soft. She knew it was the blonde. With virtually no hesitation the hand crept up Dana’s leg, rolled to the inside of her thigh and came to a stop directly underneath her skirt on Dana’s pussy.

There is paused for a moment then the hand began to softly caress the top of Dana’s slit. Although shocked, Dana knew she only had seconds so she imperceptibly squatted enough to let the blonde’s fingers penetrate her outer lips and touch her clit.

It was only a moment’s touch, for the crowd started to move off the train. The briefest of seconds, a heartbeat – eternity.

There are moments in your life that you instantly know you will never forget. Dana knew she had just experienced one. As she was hustled down the isle by the disembarking Ankara bayan escort passengers she could still feel the finger on her clit. Her whole world revolved around that feeling right now. It was like an out-of-body experience. She had just been fondled, molested if you will, by the most beautiful woman she had seen in a long, long time and it thrilled her almost to the point of orgasm.

As Dana stepped to the terminal landing a shudder ran through her. As she regained composure and turned around the train began to pull out. Glancing up to the windows she saw the blonde’s seat go by. The woman was now looking out the window, right at Dana. She had removed her sunglasses and as the train speed picked up winked at Dana and was gone.

Dana was wet now. Not a “gee I’m interested” kind of wet, but a wet that she could feel running down the inside of her thigh. A wet that said – “I need to cum NOW!”

As Dana turned to head for home, she became very self conscious of the moisture running down her thigh, and with thought of that moisture becoming obvious to others, she ducked into the public bathroom with the intent of cleaning up.

She walked right past the sinks and paper towel racks and headed for the far end stall, entered, closed the door, dropped the seat and sat down in one fluid motion with the recent events still swirling around in her head.

The C-Train public washrooms were much like you’d expect, and not normally the place where Dana would go under any circumstances, but this was different.

Dana sat there and stared off into space for a few moments with her purse stap still clenched in one hand, resting on the floor and her other hand draped across her abdomen.

It was only moments when she realized that she could feel the heat from her pussy clear through her skirt.

Almost mechanically she released the purse strap, lifted her skirt and ran her hand up the same thigh that the blonde has so recently touched. She tried to duplicate the touch. Her journey ended in the same place the blonde’s had and she parted her outer lips and touched her clit.

Bolts of electricity ran through her body. With her eyes closed she could easily imagine it was the blonde’s hand. She didn’t rub with urgency, she made slow circles and small tugs that both teased and heightened her sexual feelings. Release was becoming mandatory and she became concerned that she might actually have to finish off here.

Dana reached for the paper roll thinking that she should just clean up and get the hell out of here, go home for a nice slow masturbation session and find that elusive orgasm that seemed to be clouding her thinking.

She gave the paper in the dispenser a tug only to have a single sheet rip off. Frustrated, she grabbed the roll inside the dispenser, looking for the now hidden paper end. Her manipulations caused the dispenser to move, and eventually simply become unattached to the wall. It fell off with a noisy clatter and hit the floor.

“Shit” Dana hissed as she bent over to get the dispenser. As she bet down, a glance to the left stopped her in her tracks. There, behind the dispenser, was a neatly drilled hole in the wall, about 4” across. She saw movement on the other side.

Carefully, she inched up to the hole and peered through. It was the “hole-view” of another bathroom stall, but more importantly, there was someone in it!

It took about .2 seconds for Dana to realize that this was the backside of the adjoining men’s room stall. As she looked through the hole it became obvious that the movement on the other side was someone in the stall hastily trying to cover up from the sudden noise and appearance of light in their bathroom stall wall.

She couldn’t seem much of him, this mystery man, but he was standing, with his back to the hole and was fumbling around at crotch level. Through his ministrations and jostling about she caught a glimpse of what his hands were holding. It was the largest, hardest, thickest cock she had ever seen. No wonder the man was struggling to cover it up, he had obviously Escort bayan Ankara been stimulating it and it was too large to quickly tuck away.

She could only see thigh to mid chest, but this guy looked ripped. From the glances that she had of his cock she thought the guy to be at least 8” and very thick. A sly smile crept to her face, her hand returned to it’s place at her crotch, her lips approached the hole….

“Hey”, she half/whispered thought the hole and the moved slightly back to see.

The man stopped dead in his tracks.

“Hey”, she said again in her most seductive and throaty voice.

“Hey what”, he whispered back barely discernable.

“Let me see”, she said.

Dana didn’t even know what the hell she was doing. It was that auto-pilot thing again. She was so worked up from the blonde she just wanted to, had to, see it, touch it, to….

The man stood there, faced away from her, his khaki pants outlining his perfect ass…and then slowly turned.

His cock was magnificent. He had one large hand wrapped firmly around the base and there was room for at least 2 more hands down the length of his shaft, and yet a third hand on the huge, circumcised, purple head.

Pre-cum still dripped from the end of his cock, he had been close.

Dana put one, single, manicured finger through the hole and motioned – “come here”.

The man edged closer and finally placed the head of his cock through the hole.

Dana ran a finger ever so slightly from the base of his cock, up the shaft to the head. This cock was magnificent. Her mind was in overload – “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING!” but her desire said “you are doing just fine….”

She grasped that perfect cock as close to the base as she could, effectively trapping it on her side of the hole. She heard the man groan. She didn’t care – this wasn’t about him, this was about her. This was about her need for release, her need to satisfy her deepest darkest desires.

She placed her mouth over his cock. Her right hand now furiously rubbing her slit. In her mind it was the blonde.

Dana had always prided herself at cocksucking. She fealt she could deep throat any man, but this man was a challenge. Nevertheless as her lips passed the ridge of his cockhead and started to progress down his shaft, her throat opened and down she went until her nose all but touched the wall.

Dana came the first time then. It wasn’t an earth shattering orgasm, but it definitely was a sign of things to come. She stayed there, with his cock down her throat, through her entire orgasm until she was all but out of breath, then release him from her mouth.

Her heat beat 200 times a minute, she squeezed her new prize even harder and then, with the lubrication from her mouth, she started to stroke, up and down and this perfect penis.

The groans from the other side of the wall now lost in her own lust, she stroked and stroked.

Precum flowed freely now, from the cock that was her hostage and added to the lubrication for her manipulations. There was no man attached to this cock, it was simply a living breathing organ designed specifically for her pleasure, and she intended to use it as such.

She returned her hand to her initial position at the base of the cock and got up off the seat and rotated so that her ass faced the wall.

Using her hand she guided the cock towards her opening. Between the two of them she wasn’t worried about lubrication. She felt the head touch her outer lips. Near frenzy she reached for the shaft from between her legs and guided into her pussy.

As the head penetrated her, the entire universe seemed to be centered on her cunt. If touching her clit earlier was electric, this was a thunderstorm.

Drunk with lust and aching for release, Dana drove herself to the wall. She had not been penetrated this far before. As her ass cheeks hit the cold wall, she squirmed and twisted trying to get every millimetre inside her.

With her now freed hand she balanced herself of the commode and used the other hand to continue Bayan escort Ankara manipulations of her clitoris. She began to buck. Back and forth, up and down, she intended to rip this cock off with her pussy. All the way off until only the slightest bit of head remained in her, then all the way to the cold wall in one violent action.

She felt the orgasm from deep within her. It started as an itch that needed to be scratched. It manifested itself as a deep insatiable need for release. She pounded in and out over and over again not caring who heard her or what the owner of the phallus felt.

Her mind exploded, the world spun, the debauchery of her act adding only to her excitement of the moment.

Her orgasm hit her much harder then she thought it would. Her cunt clamped down on the cock coming through the hole and milked it as if it were an oversized teat. She balanced herself against the toilet and pushed back against the wall, her head held back as if some imaginary lover had her hair in tow.

Moving up and down much slower now and coming back to the real world, she found herself wondering how it is that her unseen lover had not come yet. It had felt like hours that she had been riding the anonymous penis, when in reality she was so worked up from the blonde on the train that it was only minutes.
Still horny, but at least not willing to murder for her orgasm, Dana realized, with a slight grin, that she could still have some fun with this mystery lover.

Dana slowed her movements until just the tip of the head remained at the entrance to her well fucked snatch. She reached back around herself to grab the thickly veined shaft and relocated it up a bit until it touched her very ready asshole.

Again, lubrication wasn’t a problem and the remnants of her orgasm provided ample lube for the huge head to enter her tight ass.

Dana loved ass fucking almost as much as she loved a good cunt-fuck so, without so much as a grunt, she impaled herself on the oversized cock filling her rectum to the limit.

Once more she began to ride the mystery cock in earnest. The unknown man began to thrust back with a vengeance. She could tell he was close. She could feel the cock begin to swell in her ass – she could feel every time he flexed, every pulse…

In one final thrust she buried herself on him and him into her and the mystery cock began to unload. She could literally feel each pulse of cum travel down his shaft and enter her ass. She squeezed as hard as she could and felt cum seep past the huge shaft embedded in her ass and travel down her thighs.

Too soon, the man’s orgasm subsided. Not willing to end this encounter just yet she remained against the wall milking his cock with her ass. As his erection eventually subsided, she withdrew and sat on the closed toilet seat and watched a now limp, but still impressive phallus reluctantly return to the other side of the hole.

Leaning forward, she again was faced with a waist height shot of the man on the other side. This time, however, he was successful in tucking away her prize. She could hear him gasping for breath, his body heaving.

As her own breathing returned to normal, she whispered through the hole, “Thank you”. A hand appeared at the entrance to the hole, she pushed 2 fingers through. The hand, the one she had seen earlier grasping the thick angry hunk of flesh, lightly caressed her fingers with the most delicate of touches, the virtual embrace now broken, the man turned and left.

Dana cleaned herself up as best she could, and attempted to make herself presentable. As she left the stall, the other women in the bathroom gave her varying glances from offended to enthralled.

Dana didn’t care. She had never done anything like this before and probably wouldn’t again. As she neared the last sink before the door, the woman there turned and stepped in front of her, effectively cutting her off. Dana abruptly halted and looked up past the short skirt and sheer top to the oversized sunglasses of the blonde woman from the train.

“I see by the time I got back that I’m a little late”, she smiled from beneath her glasses and handed Dana a card, “call me”.

With that, the blonde turned and left.

First story

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