Dancing With Desire Pt. 02


He grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd which parted like the red sea before him. I was almost jealous with how little effort he had to put into moving through all the people, but I guess that is one of the benefits to being pulled along by a gorilla of a man.

I followed him like the happy puppy I was, paying no attention to where we were going. Between a random miracle and the fact that the show was already underway, the women’s bathroom was somehow empty. Before I knew what was happening, I was shoved through the door with one of his hands on the small of my back while he used the other to swiftly lock the door.

I was cupped just below my ass on both sides and lifted onto the sink counter with what appeared to be no effort. I stared at him in awe as his mouth found mine again and his tongue glided over mine.

My whole body was on fire for him.

He pulled his head away to look at me and I went into panic mode. What had I done wrong? Why was he stopping?

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

There was concern in his voice.

I fell.

I nodded.

“Say it” he replied.


I was breathless with want.

“God, but your voice is sexy.”

“Yours too” I shyly replied.

That was all I could get out without stuttering.

He kept looking at me. I wiggled on the sink; a combination of my nervousness and searing heat.

I could not take it anymore.

“Kiss me.”


“Please kiss me.”



“I want you to know what name to moan when you are cumming for me in a few minutes.”

“Cocky much?”

I could not help my snarky reply. I enjoyed sex, but no man had ever 1864 izle managed to bring me to

orgasm without me being the one in control.

Then he was kissing the world away from me again. He teased my lips with his tongue, and then moved down to my neck. Not in control of my own body anymore, I moaned. He parted my legs, one hand pushing on each of my inner thighs. I did not put up any kind of fight. My body belonged to him and I suspect that he knew it.

“You’re dripping babe.”

He had found my most sensitive area through my jeans and was ever so gently strumming it.


I had no idea what my muddled mind was begging for.

“You want me to stop?”

There was that slight concern in his voice again or maybe just concern that I would ask him to stop. He probably did this all the time. This was a first for me; I was usually less outgoing for lack of a better terminology.


I was sure about this, as sure as I had been about anything since the break-up.

“Watch what you say sweetheart.”

His mouth was back on mine before I could form any semblance of a response. I moaned into his mouth. His hand was on the button to my jeans, undoing them, pulling down the zipper and then the pants themselves. Kissing me the whole time, I was hopeless to stop him.

He rubbed me against my panties and my insides came unhinged. It had never been like this before. Holy shit, this man knew how to push my buttons. How would I ever go to anyone else?

Before I knew what was happening, he had moved his mouth from mine and down to my nipple. He lifted up my shirt and kissed down my belly sending shivers down my spine. Lower still, 1899 izle he moved, until his mouth was on my panties and he was breathing hot air into them.

He hooked his fingers onto the sides and I tensed in anticipation, toes curled and everything.

“This seems mildly unfair.”

My pants were down, my shirt was up and he was still completely clothed.

I reached for the button to his pants and shot him a quick smirk. He was breathing hard too and if his erection was anything to go by, it was more of an equal power transfer for us than a complete and total loss of power on my end.

His zipper came down next, and then I pushed down at his shorts. They slid down easily enough and his erection sprang out. My mouth watered.

“Commando. Very nice.

You must do this kind of thing pretty often.”

I hated to ruin the mood, but the masochist in me had to know.

“This is actually a first for me though I was thinking the same about you.”

I shook my head vehemently.

“Why me then?”

I was done with talking. I just wanted to touch him…and so I did. I lightly stroked down the length of him with my fingertips, a question in my hands. He answered by shutting his eyes and all but arching his back.

God, but this man was responsive.

I wrapped my hand around him. Thick and meaty like the rest of him, I could fit my small hand all the way around him, but just barely.

“I need you.”

The sound of his voice brought me back to reality. I looked at him and he kissed me, long and deep, teasing of what was still to come.

I pushed my jeans down and brought my legs up so that my feet were propped up on the sink in answer 28 korkunç gün izle to his near-plea.

He entered me then, at a slow and agonizing pace with what felt like millimeter by millimeter and there were allot of those left to go.


I begged him with my eyes and my mouth.

I pulled my lips away from him then and watched as he came undone in front of me. He shoved himself in me to the hilt and I nearly screamed with something that was akin to pain and pleasure, but both and nether.

My back arched against the sink, pushing myself to him as he slammed into me over and over. Waves of heat washed over me, lifting me higher and higher above the world until I could climb no further up. I might have moaned his name mid-flight.

Suddenly, I came crashing down as release rocked through me.

From the look of intense concentration on his face, he was close too.

Seconds later, maybe hours; I’ll never be sure, he found his.

I clung to him, arms around his neck, face buried in his chest. I could have stayed like that forever.

“That was nothing below amazing sweetheart.”

My response was to cling to him even harder and mumble incoherently.

It hit me then that I had just had sex with a complete stranger and he did not even know my name.

I started to giggle.

His green eyes bored into mine.

“I can’t say I’ve ever been laughed at in response to just having told someone they were amazing.”

I got serious really fast.

“No, it’s not that. I just realized that you don’t even know my name.”


“It’s Ali.”

“Come home with me Ali.”

I thought about it for a moment. This was ludicrous. My mouth betrayed my indecision though and I replied the complete opposite of what I had planned to reply.


I knew then that this would be an ultimate turning point in my life; for better or for worse. That…was yet to be seen.

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