Dani – Home Alone

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Dani – Home AloneDani is a young asian college student in her early 20’s. She lives with her parents and shares a room with her sister. Dani loves to masturbate but it’s hard for her to play with herself because her sister is in the same room as her so she usually does it in the washroom or sneak it under her covers. Dani is rather average in height and skinny, she’s a 34C. This week she was alone for the entire week because her parents were going on vacation and her sister was going on vacation with her boyfriend for the week. Dani took the opportunity to live out her fantasies. After she knew that everyone had left for the airport Dani headed out to the nearest sex shop to go get herself some playthings for the week of exploration. She was nervous about going in but the sales clerk was really nice and open. She bought a pink rabbit vibrator, a bullet vibrator and a set of lace lingerie with both the nipples and vagina were both pretty see-through. Dani headed home with her new toys and was starting to get horny already. After she put away her stuff, she settled herself on the coach with a porno on the big screen. She took out the rabbit vibrator. She took off her jacket and pulled her top off, she then dropped her jeans. She started rubbing bursa escort her clit under her panties and started rubbing her tits over her bra. Her face was starting to get flushed and her moans started to escape her. She took off her bra and panties and took a bottle of baby oil and rubbed it all over her body. She started sucking on the vibrator imagining it was a dick. She was already wet, so she put the vibrator inside her and turned it on. She screamed for a brief second surprised at the vibration it produced. She licked her lips while moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She started playing with her tits massaging them and moving to her nipples to pinch them. She curled up a little and moved her head closer to her tits and sucked her tits. She was getting close to cumming so she moved her other hand back to her clit and rubbing it furiously until she came. She felt the rush run through her body, but she knew it wasn’t enough. So she continued using the vibrator pushing it in and out and rubbing her tits. Soon enough it became night and she wasn’t satisfied enough, she wanted to fulfill one her bigger fantasies. Dani took a quick shower then put on the new lingerie she had just bought. She grabbed some tape and taped the bullet bursa escort bayan control to her leg and inserted the bullet into her pussy and turned it on. It was a new thrill for her. She left through the back door and left it unlocked. Her goal was to get to the near by lake about a mile away. She would have to go on the streets and walk across a busy street. She took her time to get to the first check point, the tunnel with an overgrowth of tree’s She hid in the dark a lot, but when she was starting to near the first check point she started to feel she was about to cum and she felt it was a big one. She quickly found her way to the tunnel pulled down her panties, rubbed her clit, took out the bullet and she squirted on the sidewalk. She suddenly saw some headlights flash by and she started to get horny again. Unable to move and a slave to her desires she started to rub her pussy more until the lights passed on her for a brief moment and she came again.Dani wanted to be seen. She took off her lingerie leaving only the bullet attached to her leg and hung them on the guard rails of the tunnel. She was completely naked and walked in the light not carrying about being caught. She made it to the big street and no one was around. She was escort bursa dripping juices from her pussy as she cold air passed over her body. She found herself at the lake. She walked along the path for a little bit and saw a guy jerking off to porn on his phone. Dani took one glance at his cock and wanted to give him a hand. She approached him and the guy jumped a bit until he saw her completely naked. Dani positioned herself behind him and started jerking off his cock for him, moving up and down his shaft. She put the bullet back into her pussy and turned it on to max settings the continued to jerk him and kiss him. The guy was surprised but he felt good. he came all over Dani’s hand. Dani licked the cum off her hands and went over to clean up his cock. He got hard again. Dani straddled herself in front of him and let him suck her tits. He was licking her nipples and massaging them. Dani was leaking more juices till she had a loud moan and came in front of him. Dani’s pussy was throbbing and wanted more. She moved to his cock and started licking it. After awhile he indicated to her to use her breasts. Dani moved her breasts around his cock and started moving up and down his cock. She was feeling hot and the guy was holding back as much as he could till he came on her tits. Dani pushed him down and climbed over his cock. She took the bullet out of her pussy and leaned in to kiss him. She grabbed his cock and pressed the head near the entrance of her vagina.To be continued?

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