Dani’s Delights


There she was, a 5’4” red-headed goddess standing on the other side of the strawberries and I was completely captivated. She had her eyes closed after she had popped the top of the plastic container and I watched as she leaned in closer to the fruit and as she took a deep inhale, I noticed my own intake of air match her own as if I were smelling them as well.It was as if the whole world went into slow motion as she slowly opened her eyes and I could take in the pair of the brightest and most piercing azure eyes that could take the breath away of any sane man… or woman. Her long red hair that fell over just one shoulder had a hint of an orange hue to it and if the light hit just right it was as if her hair were a blazing inferno that rippled down her shoulder. Her skin was light pale skin looked to be smooth to the touch, even with the light freckles that adorned her features.Her freckles only added to the allure she seemed to exude as they patterned along from under her eyes along her nose to reach the other side. He could tell she tried to hide them which only made him frown for a moment as he thought it was a shame that someone so captivating would try to hide her natural beauty. This train of thought would lead him to wonder how much of her body was adorned with those cute little freckles.Her body, gods he could just feel his own burn from the inside as his eyes roamed over her body. She wore a baggy sweater that loosely hung ever so slightly over one of her shoulders to expose more of her skin. For the most part it did a fair job hiding her bust, but he could see the faint outline as the material wrapped around her. Her jeans were tight and form-fitting which only accentuated her impressive round ass that made him have to fight back his urge to reach out and give that ass a sharp smack as he wanted to see how much it would jiggle.Suddenly, time came back to normal and her eyes flicked over to him and she caught him dumbstruck and staring at her before he even realized it. Her cheeks began to burn and a faint blush spread as she looked away for a brief moment then back to him with a slight but awkward smile.“Um…Hi?” She said.He had to blink a few times to realize he had been outright staring at her and shook his head clear of his thoughts before he could respond and let out a soft chuckle from being caught with his hand in the cookie jar.“Oh! Um, hello. Sorry, I’m new to the city and I thought you had looked familiar.” He spoke out to her, unsure as to why he was so flustered and trying to make an excuse from staring at such a beauty. This wasn’t like him, not at all and as he thought about it he could feel the beast inside of him raging. Thrashing around inside his core wanting to be released so he could just ravage this woman before him, uncaring of who may see them.“Ah…I see.” She responded, clearly not believing him as her brows bunched together. “Well, I hope you have a wonderful day.”With that she placed the container of strawberries into her cart and began to walk away. He was still so captivated by her that all he could do was watch as she walked on by. His eyes instantly falling to her back end which he could feel his throat rumble in a low growl of approval. He was so transfixed that he didn’t even notice her look back over her shoulder to catch him staring at her back end, nor the fact that it made her cheeks flush even brighter.He didn’t know what was wrong with himself as normally he would have followed such a woman and strike up a conversation with her but there he was…Aiden Gardel, a handsome and confident man who was 5’9” with his brown hair cut short on the sides and back with longer hair on the top which he had styled combed back. He had just finished up work and was still in his navy blue suit and brown oxford shoes. His dress shirt was black with cuffs to match his suit. His tie which was blue with a black pattern and done in a half-Windsor knot. He was dressed to impress and he just stood there, letting a beauty slip right out of his fingertips.He cursed himself for missing an opportunity, and he felt the Beast inside of him rage all the more. With a growl of frustration he quickly finished his shopping and made his way home to put away his purchases.Even at home, he was still cursing himself at his missed opportunity and completely frustrated that he eventually began to pace back and forth in the living room of his cozy apartment. Cozy being a complete understatement as it was a rather large suite with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom attached to each room and walk-in closets. He didn’t need this much space, but the view was magnificent as he could step out onto the balcony and be blessed with the sight of a clear blue lake.As he paced back and forth, and still feeling his desires burning within him from that woman, he dug out his cell phone and began to scroll through his contacts where he had an abundance of women who would be eager to fulfill his needs. However, deep down he knew that not a single one would be able to fill this particular need as his need was a particular woman that eluded him.So, being frustrated as he was, he decided that he needed a drink, a strong drink. Deciding to just go to the nearby bar which was rare for him since he barely drank he gathered up his wallet and keys and made his way over. Luckily it was just a few blocked down the street so he had no need to drive. Somehow, by the gods’ luck, when he entered he was blessed by the most alluring sight after he had taken in his surroundings.There she was…Sitting alone and nursing a drink that had barely been touched. She looked just as lovely as he first laid eyes upon her and when she looked up our eyes met briefly before she looked away and he could see a light flush to her cheeks. It brought a smile to his lips at the sight of her blushing. He loved the sight of a blushing woman and for being the cause of them blushing.He shook himself free from his thoughts as he knew if he spent a second longer his mind would be diving back into that vast ocean of thoughts that had taken him away when he had first seen her at the supermarket. He steadied himself, clearing his throat and straightening his tie before he made his way over to her.“Is this seat taken?” He asked her, motioning to the barstool next to her by placing his hand at the backrest of it.Her azure blue eyes flicked over to güvenilir bahis him and they went wide before looking side to side as if she had misunderstood him before asking. “Um, excuse me? You were talking to me?”He let out a chuckle and he gave a slight nod of his head. “I was indeed. My apologies, where are my manners? I’m Aiden, Aiden Gardel. And you are?” He asked while holding his hand out to her.She blinked a few times and the flush to her cheeks reddened even brighter and by instinct, she placed her hand in his to shake. “Hello Aiden, I’m Dani Nolan. It’s uh, a pleasure to meet you”He knew that by reflex that when offered a hand to shake, people would take it but he had no intention of shaking her hand so when she had placed her hand in his, he brought the back of her hand up while his thumb lightly caressed over her fingers. Since he did not know Dani, he didn’t place a kiss to her hand and opted to stop just before his lips so that his breath could tease against her skin when he would speak.“Believe me my dear when I say this, that the pleasure is all mine.” He said in almost a whisper so that she would have to lean in just a tad bit closer to him to hear. Before releasing her hand, he had noticed the ring adorned on her finger. Normally, most men would be cursing themselves right about now and try to make an escape, but not Aiden.He wasn’t cursing himself, he was cursing the man who had dared put such paltry jewelry on such a lovely woman and leave her alone where she would feel the need to come out to a bar, alone. He knew she had to be having troubles at home, why else would she be here alone and have such a sad expression on her face when he had walked into the bar.With the greeting out of the way, he slid into the barstool beside her and remained facing her as he rested his arm on the bar top. He just couldn’t keep his eyes off her, as his mind believed that if he looked away for the briefest of moments that she would somehow disappear from him again.“What will you be having tonight, sir?” He asked the bartender who tried to get Aiden’s attention but he wasn’t having it so without taking his eyes from Dani, Aiden replied.“I’ll have whatever this beautiful lady here is having.”Her cheeks instantly turning a bright shade of red from his words which only brought his smile to curl up on his lips.“I would like to offer an apology to you, Dani. If you’d let me.” I said to her.She turned back to look at me, confusion on her features and her head tilting to the side and as if now suddenly realizing that her sweater had one of her shoulders bare she quickly pushed it up to cover herself. “A-apologize? For what? Trying to embarrass me?”Aiden kept his smile and shook his head, not even noticing that the bartender had set a drink in front of him. “No, my dear. An apology for earlier today at the market. I hope you don’t mind me being so forward, but there is something about you that has me completely captivated from the moment I laid eyes upon you and I was lost in thought when you had caught me gazing at you. I was rather surprised with myself when I fumbled with myself and said that you had looked familiar. You do not look familiar to me, as I am quite certain that there is no other woman who could possibly match your beauty.”He had barely heard the bartender snort from his comment, but Aiden didn’t care. At this very moment the only thing that mattered, that existed, was Dani. Her bright-hued eyes widen once more from his statement but she didn’t pull away from him. When she finally regained herself she shook her head with a nervous laugh.“You are too much, Aiden. I’ve never heard such compliments before and I thank you for your honeyed words but I’m married.”Aiden leaned in closer to her, lowering his voice which would be considered just above a whisper when he replied. “My dear, I couldn’t live with myself if I had a striking and lovely woman such as yourself be left alone in a bar who is clearly saddened by something. Truthfully? It rather upsets me to know a man could cause something other than a smile to spread across those lips of yours.”Her face must have been burning as she blushed so bright that he was sure it reached down to her chest and when her sweater slipped off her shoulder once more to reveal some of her skin, it only confirmed his thought that she indeed was blushing from head to toe.She was unsure of herself, and he knew that she hadn’t been treated the way she should be, and to Aiden that was a damned shame. He didn’t care if she was married, clearly the man was a fool and so Aiden was determined now to show her that she was indeed a woman to be desired.They talked for what seemed like hours. Well, Aiden did most of the talking as he kept making Dani flush and embarrassed to silence. But as he talked with her, he would be sure to give a light touch here or there. Starting off slow with a brush of the back of his hand to her forearm, then a light bump of his knee to hers. Growing bolder and brushing back a strand of her fiery red hair back behind her ear and then brushing the back of his fingers to caress over the smoothness of her milky skin.The entire time, he had to battle internally with himself, or rather with the beast that resided inside of him. It became difficult at times as when she would shake her head her hair would billow out and he would catch her scent which filled his lungs and caused his body to tremble. Unbeknownst to him, she actually would catch some of those instances and would notice the slight effects she had on him.Soon, he had her giggling and they both would begin to lean in closer together till neither of them would notice that they had ended up almost cheek to cheek and whispering back and forth into each other’s ears. He hadn’t even noticed when his hand had at some point been placed onto her inner thigh which his thumb had begun to caress back and forth over the tight denim material that covered her.Being so close to her now made his blood boil with lust and when he brought his other hand up to curl his fingers playfully into her fiery red hair at the back of her neck he slowly began to pull his face back, his cheek brushing against hers and he locked eyes with her. He could tell she held her breath by the way she took a deep inhale of breath. His brown eyes looking into hers, remaining silent for a moment and releasing her güvenilir bahis siteleri hair so that he could bring the back of his fingers to brush against her blushing cheeks and purposely making sure that his thumb drew close to just under the corner of her plush and very kissable lips which he noticed had parted as he came close to her.“Dani, It is getting late and I have had an amazing time with you, and I don’t wish it to end so I need to ask…Can I take you home with me? I know you’re married and probably should go home, but I can’t part from you. Not yet.” As Aiden spoke, he positioned his hand to capture her chin so that he could smooth the pad of his thumb back and forth under her bottom lip.He could see that she was stunned by his comment and could see the internal debate whirling through that beautiful mind of hers but he remained silent with his one hand resting at her inner thigh and the other at her chin. The look of worry washed over her features, of concern. And just when he thought that she would deny him, he saw it. There in her eyes, she had found her answer, her resolute and then gave Aiden a slight nod of her head to confirm her decision.“That drunk probably won’t even notice I’m gone, so yes. You can take me home. With you.” Dani replied.Aiden quickly paid the bill, slapping down two hundred dollars on the bar top next to their untouched drinks as he didn’t know how much the tab actually was, nor did he care. He quickly took her hand gently into his own and helped out of her chair. Once she stood, he gave a light tug so that they would be pressed together for a brief moment entwined his fingers with hers as he informed Dani that he only lived down the street.He could feel his desires burning within him with every step he took to her car since he had walked and after convincing her to let him drive as he had not taken even a sip of his own drink. It was a short drive but he could tell that Dani was getting nervous so he took her hand gently into his and brought the back of her hand to his lips and chancing a brief look to her as he did so. It seemed to put her at ease and when he parked the car into the visitor spot next to his own he rushed out of the car to quickly open the door for her and help her step out.Once in the elevator, he selected his floor and he spun around to slip his arm around her slim waist and pulled her voluptuous body to his own. His other hand cupping her cheek and brushing the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip as he drew himself close so that our foreheads touched. His eyes burning with a need for her as he looked to her and watching her own bright azure eyes looking back at him with the same intensity. Before he could bring his lips to hers, the ding of the elevator sounded and the doors began to open. It was too soon for his floor and wasn’t surprised when someone stepped into the elevator.He could feel Dani’s uncertainty to continue with someone so close and she broke eye contact to look over to the person who clearly was trying to avoid making eye contact back. She tried to signal him with her eyes but he only shook his head and tightened his arm around her and pressed her back against the wall. And again as he brought his lips in for a kiss, the ding of the elevator sounded again and he reluctantly pulled back from her lips with a frustrated growl.He pulled her out of the elevator, keeping her secured within his arm and carefully walked her back to his door. Fumbling with his keys and opening the door for her as he escorted her in. She had stopped in her tracked as she took in the sight of his lavish apartment but the scene was quickly pulled away from her as Aiden spun her back and pressed her up against the door and finally brought his lips crushing into the softest pair of lips he had ever felt.He growled out as they finally kissed for the first time and he was going to make sure he would take her breath away. His right hand cupping her cheek, his left squeezing at her hip, and he pressed a thigh between hers to grind against her. He heard her moan through the kiss and he lowered his hand down from her cheek and running along her smooth skin down her neck and then shoulder. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she held on for dear life as she too was getting lost in the kiss.It was a kiss like no other that Aiden had experienced as their lips seemed to meld together at just the right times and their tongues in sync with one another on some primal level. He couldn’t tell how long they had been kissing but his hand began to roam over her curves, sliding under her sweater and coming in contact with her milky smooth skin which sent another tremble of pleasure coursing through him. She didn’t resist his touch and seemed to be drawn to it, as his hand was drawn to her.Cupping her rather impressive bust and rubbing his thumb over where he thought should be her nipple as he lightly squeezed her through her bra which elicited a moan from her. She had more than a handful, that was for sure, and although he was more of an ass man himself, he would still consider himself a breast man as well.When his lips finally pulled away from hers, they both were panting for air and their eyes locked onto one another. He could see the lust within her eyes, the need to feel pleasure from the touch of another.“Wow…Oh wow…Just…Wow.” Her face was flush from the heat and she brought her right hand back to fan herself.Aiden couldn’t help but grin and then moved his hand from her breast around to her back to unhook her bra single-handed. His eyes flare with his lust and his words mixed with the growl of the beast that laid waiting within him as it knew it would soon be released. “My dear…You are wearing far too much and I have been dying to see that voluptuous body of yours that I have been craving since earlier today.”Aiden watched as he saw for a brief moment that shy demeanor of hers before it was quickly replaced with a seductive grin. She placed her hand to Aiden’s chest and lightly pushing him backward and leading him to the cushioned chair in the living room. Her grin never wavered as she lead him back and a gleam of mischief could be seen within the depths of her eyes.Falling back into the chair he let out a laugh and he looked up to her. She had positioned herself with his thigh between her legs as she stood. Those azure iddaa siteleri eyes looking to him and reaching down to the hem of her sweater and slowly pulling it up and over her head. Aiden could feel his breath catching as she revealed more and more of her skin to him and finally with her sweater tossed to the floor she stood there in her pink lacy bra.His throat rumbled with a growl of approval from the sight which shocked Dani at first as she had never heard a man growl at her before with such lust in their eyes but it only made her want more. She could see that she had an effect on him, and she liked it.She gave her hips a slight roll as she stood there, and since Aiden had already unclasped her bra, it easily fell off her arms to expose her beautiful and plentiful breasts. In their haste, they hadn’t turned on the lights, but with the glass walls of his apartment, the moonlight lit the room enough that Aiden could seen those lovely freckles of hers kissed along the tops of her breasts and chest. She lowered herself down to tease Aiden, grinding herself on his thigh and reaching out to Aiden’s tie where she quickly undid the knot and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt.Gone was the shy and embarrassed woman, replaced with the sexy and seductive Dani which Aiden had to guess hasn’t seen the light of day in some time. He was glad he brought it out of her and he couldn’t wait to explore every inch of her.He let out a growl of frustration when she had removed herself from his thigh and stood back up. He was reaching out to her in an attempt to pull her back but she had kicked off her shoes at some point and lifted her foot up and placed her foot to his chest, nudging him back against the chair with a devious little smirk and shook her head as she tsked at him.“Ah, ah, ah…Not yet.” She had told him in a sultry tone and when she had felt him relax back against the chair again she removed her foot and she took a step back.She brought her hands up to the button of her jeans. Pausing for a moment to look and see if Aiden was paying attention and slowly undid her jeans. Shimming her jeans down her legs as they hugged her so tightly, causing her breasts to bounce as she did so.She stood there for a moment, letting Aiden drink in her body while wearing only the matching pink thong to her bra. She seemed to be enjoying teasing Aiden as she slipped only her thumbs under the thin strap of her thong, pulling the material away from her body but not pulling them down just yet. His nails began to dig into the armrest of the chair as the anticipation was killing him while trying to remain in control of himself.He knew that she more than likely didn’t get to express her sexiness, her desires, and he wanted her to explore them and remind herself what it was to be a sexy and desired woman and embrace this side of her. Her jaw was clamped shut and his eyes drank in every luscious curve that her body had to offer. She was thick in all the right places, and toned in the others. She clearly took care of herself and it was a damned shame that her husband couldn’t seem to notice. But Aiden did.Her devious little smirk splayed across her lips and she spun on the ball of her foot, her back now to him her legs together. As she slowly peeled her thong down she would bend at her waist, locking her knees and bringing her thong all the way down to the floor to show off just how flexible she was. The sight of that beautifully shaped round ass of hers on display with just a tease of her lips showing had him growling out with need.She slowly rose back up, letting her hands glide up her legs and over her body till finally they rest at her neck as she looked over her shoulder at him where she would notice that his eyes were ravaging her body. It sent a shiver run through her at the feeling of being desired so heavily. Finally, she turned around so that he could get a view of her front and then stepping between his legs she once again bent at her waist and leaned over to him.Taking both sides of his tie which draped around his neck now and pulled at his tie to bring his lips to her own for a heated kiss. It brought a moan to her lips when his hands were brought up to her body and before he was able to get carried away she pushed him back once more while keeping hold of his tie and he could see the same lust within her eyes.“Take me to bed, Aiden, and prove to me that your words weren’t filled with such delicious honey.” Her words were liquid sex. If words could be liquid and dripping with sex, that it was her words sounded like as she purred them out to him.He growled out to her again from her words and his own grin pulled at the corner of his lips. He lifted himself from the chair and quickly tossing his jacket off then sweeping Dani off her feet. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he helped support her and carried her effortlessly towards the stairs that lead to his bedroom.He was surprised that Dani couldn’t seem to keep her hands or lips off of him and she actually ripped open his shirt before he ascended the stairs. He couldn’t see it but he heard buttons falling to the floor and it only made him smirk. Her lips quickly kissed along his chest, the side of her neck and she would reach up to his cheeks and bring his lips to hers for a fevered kiss. It was so intense that he had to pause midway up the stairs just so he could focus on not falling and on the lips of his reawakened sex fiend that was now in his arms.When her lips moved on down his neck again he began to laugh at how lucky he was and he fumbled with the door to his room which he ended up banging open. Dani had pushed his shirt off of him when he entered the room, exposing his toned muscles to her touch and when he came close to the bed she had unwrapped herself from him and lowered down onto her knees.The sight of herself before him, on her knees with the brightest azure blue eyes he had ever seen which seemed to all but plead to fuck her, he felt his cock harden instantly. The bulge apparent and on display before her which she drew her hands up his legs, not daring to touch it but she reached up to his belt.“Please…” She pleaded with him with what sounded like a strained voice as if she were desperate for it.The inner beast inside him roared with approval and he gave her his nod. And with that simple nod, her fingers rushed to undo his belt and pants, pulling them down to his ankles and leaving him there in only his black boxer briefs. Her eyes widen at the bulge and when she pulled his boxer briefs down to let his large and thick cock free her eyes widened and he saw her lick her lips.

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