Danny’s Recipe for Love

Groping Breasts

It was always a delight to be with Danny. I knew there was something special on his mind when he wined and dined me at Selfridges, one of the most expensive London stores.

Of course it was to be expected; the Saturday night that followed and Sunday too, because that is what weekends are all about, a chance for us to share quality time with each other.

But when the dessert was planted there on our table I had the most wonderful surprise, something that set the taste buds into action immediately.

I never knew what Danny would order, it was always good though and he knew my tastes in every way.

I took in the delight of a gorgeous concoction of food which looked very inviting and, looking into Danny’s eyes, I could tell he was waiting for me to taste it and give my verdict.

“It is something new they want us to try out for them” Danny said, smiling and prompting me to take up my dessert spoon.

Heaven’s knows what it was but it was delicious, it tasted of many things, a strong flavour of bananas which I adored and also; a sweet delicious caramel which slithered on my tongue.

Danny sort of nodded in a way which asked me if it was alright. I nodded that is was lovely so he took a spoonful – gradually inserting it onto his mouth and rolling it around with his tongue.

He knew very well what he was about, and just seeing him do that was so sensual. I already wanted to be with him to indulge in the fruits of our deep and sensual lovemaking.

“Okay, so it is to be banana and caramel this week” he whispered in that certain way, as he still teased me; the way he was sucking up the dessert.

“I shall purchase a few as we leave; I am told they come in cartons in the shop.”

“Can’t wait” I said already feeling him inside me in my mind. That is how it always is with Danny, he was perfect for me in every way and I was soon to enjoy the splendour of his impulsive pampering. Even as we left, and he wasn’t slow to notice, I had a rather large swelling which I tried to hide with my jacket as we left, but I saw that our waiter noticed and just his look said everything.

He was rather nice but I was more than happy with Danny. But it is rather nice nevertheless to be fancied by another who is a real hunk.

I daren’t Ankara escort let Danny see that I was charmed by the waiter. else he would have gotten very jealous. and I knew I would miss out later with the recipe for the weekend.

He’d had me with a peach melba last week which was tantalising enough; but the thought of maple syrup and caramel garnished with crushed banana seemed enticing indeed.

When we got back to the car the first thing he did, after placing his bag of goodies in the back, was to hug and feel me. My swelling which he said looked as though it needed to pop out. was pulsing in his hand beneath my jeans.

“Beautiful” murmured Danny. It feels so divine. You will just have t wait until later” he chuckled with a right squeeze.

“I am sure it will be worth the wait and I have gotten the most delightful ribbed condom you will enjoy.”

Danny liked his sex toys and every week he would want to try something new he’d purchased online.

As I wriggled in the passenger seat he noticed and said he loved the way I did that, and that for all he was worth. he could fuck me right there and then.

“But we want it private don’t we Alex? Just between you and I and the handcuffs”

He was thinking of that time he did succumb in the car fucking; me tight and hard over the back edge of the seat, until we were rather abruptly disturbed by the sound of a dog yelping. I felt a jolt and a quick withdrawal; making my anus slurp, like a strong draught went up there where his hard cock had been.

He apologised profoundly saying that it was just as well, because not far behind the lead to the dog was a women holding it, coming to see what the noise was all about. By which time I was slumped on the back seat and he was hiding his stiff erection underneath the driving wheel as he drove off pretty darned quick.

We always laugh about that now but he did badly leave me in the lurch, but to show his concern as soon as we got back to his place, it was operation sofa arm, when he spread me over the arm to finish what he’d started; a fuck so sublime and deep and strong and lovely.

It was certainly worth the waiting, all the way home I felt I was still stretched open, and all I needed more than anything else then, was the feel of Ankara escort bayan his wonderful erect cock thrusting deep up inside me.

But all that was rectified when he had me in one of our favourite fuck positions, my ass presented for his perusal across the sofa and wow! Did he peruse?

But now, after we’d made ourselves comfortable Danny said he had been looking forward to this so much, We hugged and kissed awhile – he rubbing me up in the most delightful way which enticed me to do the same, he felt so good always. I always felt a sense of comfort and soothing as he released his belt and opened his zip for me, hooked himself out and said; ” there it is then” inviting me to enjoy which of course I did,

Sucking him up was sheer delight, I cannot explain just how wonderful it tastes and feels, the sheer flex of it, squeezing the girth as I manoeuvred it delicately in my mouth.

I glanced up as I deep sucked, wanting to see his response.. His eyes were half closed as if in a daze and it is sort of hard to explain, but I knew it felt as good for him as it did me.

This is how it always was with us, with Danny it was always the invitation came first and I think only once did I ever turn it down when I was feeling under the weather, and that really had to be something to put me off of doing one of the most intimate things I know with Danny.

Soon I felt the wonderful feel of his hands undoing the buckle of my belt and downing my jeans, “I adore that first smell of you” he said feeling me warmly as he sniffed me up.

With his hand he grasped mine and guided it down underneath, the moans were there as I commenced to ball him with my cupped hand, squeezing them gently together as I licked his pee-hole, tasting of the sea, like sea salt. I do love the taste of cock, of Danny’s cock, always there and ready and waiting for me. It is our way of enjoying each other to the full, he would be well primed and I know his fuck would be so wonderful after all that sucking, licking and feeling.

But most rich of all was yet to come. This is where the cartons of banana and caramel came to the fore, he looked at me, his cock well sucked and numbed; now it was my turn to enjoy his suck of me. He simply poured one the content of one of the caramel Escort Ankara cartons over my cock as he masturbated me. It felt divine. I wanted for him to suck and lick me there and everywhere, he , then having me bend up my knees from a flat position, and rubbing my ass up with the dripping dessert, working his small finger first into my hole, teasing the caramel into it and then sucking it out, his head tucked tightly between my thighs as I felt the joy of his tongue rimming me beautifully, creating all sorts of wonderful new sensations. I wanted for hi to fuck me now, hard and true. But he was out to tease me more I knew that. And he urged me to roll over onto all fours.

“Open up for me Alex babe” he said and anticipating his next more I did, He massaged me with several cartons of the dessert and I enjoyed the pleasure which was also his, his deep licking and sucking all over my ass and in-between.

I really wanted is fuck then and told him so.

He stretched my ass cheeks so wide apart, he slapped me firmly making me yelp, Telling me to stand up he twisted me so his cock was firm into my buttocks, he moved himself around me beneath as he clasped my waist tightly, This is how I loved Danny to be – masterful and positive, he matched me into the kitchen still behind me, with every step I felt his erection slide between my ass, he ordered me to watch as he masturbated his length so beautifully, making me beg for his fuck. He rolled on the ribbed condom over that masterpiece of a cock and I knew I was about to receive that inside me as he turned me once more facing the table this time, and pushed me over it, his hands stretching my ass cheeks , his fingers stretching my hole in readiness.

At last his fuck was nigh and I prepared myself, debating my breath as I felt the bulk of it enter me, I placed my hands behind me and helped him enter me by stretching my ass wide open. It felt lovely and so wonderful feeling the warmth and the plunge of his deep throbbing cock begin to relentlessly fuck me..

The ribbing had the sensual feel combined with the throb and the implantation of deep cock made me yell with appreciation as he fucked me through and through. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as his thrust grew to build like it was going right through me, and the waterloo as I squeezed his balls underneath and hear his grunt as he came so strong..

Another fuck and another wonderful start to a new weekend of oral and tantalising sexual encounters made it all so worthwhile with Danny.

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