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It seemed to him that he had lost all his stealth skills, for as he crept forward on the thin plastic sheeting covering on the floor, it made sudden noises that would surely wake the girl, or even the elderly aunt asleep in the next room. He was on his hands and knees in the dark hoping that there was nothing in his path on the way to the girls bed.

But he had lain awake since she had come into the room and blown out the lamp to undress and climb into bed. His bed was in an alcove adjoining her room in the far corner and he could hear all the sounds she made pulling off her clothes and even while falling sleep. At last had judged that the noises of her breathing were those of one who was sound asleep. That was when he had rolled off his bed in such a way as to make the least possible noise. Crawling forward he could make out the dark outline of her bed and hear her rhythmic breathing. Sweeping his hand before him in slow swathes, he searched for any objects that would clatter loudly in the sleeping house and wake the occupants. He wouldn’t know how to explain his presence on the floor in that animal posture!

From time to time the plastic sheeting would come unstuck from the floor it was meant to be covering with a quiet, but sharp sound. Why people used these sheets as carpets he could never tell, except perhaps that they couldnt afford real carpets. He got alongside her bed and the sound of her breathing in her sleep was so good, almost like music.

As his hand stole stealthily toward her bed, he felt the netting of the mosquito net. He moved his hand to burrow under it and the blankets. When his fingers almost touched her warm body he nearly snatched his hand away but he knew any sudden movements were fatal; they would cause her to wake up before he had attained his goal. So he let the hand rest awhile in the warmth of the beddings near her body. He was already drawing deep breaths from his excitement.

When he judged that he had warmed up to the same temperature as her skin he advanced to run it softly over her stomach region. The pleasure almost caused him to moan. Lightly he ran the flat of his palm over a few times before going in search of her breasts.

During the evening as they had taken supper, he had cast eyes over her body in the sideways light of the kerosene lamp. Though it was not the first time they had met, previously it was in meetings with large numbers of people, and so beyond noticing that she was a lovely woman he knew nothing other than that her name was Doctor Bana. It amazed him that one so young could be a qualified doctor but such seemed to be that case. She was possessed of a lean clean figure and her very dark, almost black skin glowed with her beauty. He desired her powerfully and there were times someone mentioned something about halkalı eve gelen escort her fiancée, which made him glow inwardly.

Now his hand lay on her small breasts. Oh, good, he thought to himself, she does not wear a bra to bed as he felt them through the sheer fabric of her night-dress. At least she did not wear some old t-shirt. When he felt her nipples harden he knew he was on to something. He rubbed them ever so gently, still afraid he would wake her if he got too vigorous. Cupping one he rested his hand over it gently, then began to pulsate his fingers with a soft kneading motion. There was a small movement through her body and a soft sound escaped her, Ah, so she is not sleeping as soundly now, he thought.

Using his fingertips he pinched the nipple together very gently, squeezing it a few times. If he had been unsure whether she was aware of him before, she now put her hand over his, and a hiss escaped her lips. He spread the fingers to reach the other breast so he could attack both at the same time. At this, he thought he heard her call his name quietly. Deftly he changed hands so that he could continue with breast ministrations while starting on another project. Even though the new hand was slightly cooler she did not seem to mind. His other hand was exploring her tummy area, but with intent rather than earlier when he had been merely gauging layout.

When he squeezed the belly button he could feel her body respond. It was now only a matter of time to her thighs and then the real prize. He let his hand run briefly to her knee along the thigh, and back up again. A few more movements on the stomach and then his hand lay firmly on her nearside thigh. He rubbed this, feeling her legs parting a little way.

Now he could be brave and get his hand under the night-dress and contact real flesh. It felt almost feverishly hot as he crossed to the farside thigh and continued fondling. Higher up he climbed towards her panties and she parted her legs further. The panty was of a ribbed material that did not let him feel the mound well, though it created the illusion of pubic hair. Both of them let out a soft moan when he put his hand fully on her cunt and rubbed a few times over her panty. Hooking one finger on the farside hem he entered the forest region of her pubis. She was really enjoying this now, and only a vague thought of the aunt sleeping in the next room occurred to them.

He arrived at her slit, by now damp with the first of her love juices accompanied by a little sweat. Removing the hand from under the panty, he tugged a little on the waistband as if begging permission. She lifted herself slightly off the bed meaning that he could peel the undergarment off her. Now she was wide open to him. And he halkalı grup yapan escort could feel her welcome.

Visiting her slit again he touched her with masterly strokes, each time parting her lips a bit more. He could feel her wriggling start. Running his finger all the way down to the crack of her ass, he sought entry into her love hole without wanting to excite the clit just yet. As was normal with him, the feel of her wet slipperiness caused wild feelings to rage all through him.

‘She is wet just for me!’ he thought. Presently he had managed to inveigle the first joint of his forefinger into her and pulled it out again. She seemed to be begging him to enter her, but it was getting to be very exciting to him that he had such a young body to play with. Her cunt muscles even at the entrance were very firm. Fingerfucking began in earnest now. He slid more and more of his finger with each stroke until it was all the way in. She was panting through open lips to avoid making any loud noises. At one point his stroke carried the finger all the way out and bumped it against the clit. This time she actually let out a cry. So her clit is that sensitive, he thought. He would continue to touch it unexpectedly. On another inward stroke he dug deep into her and let it explore her vulva. This also gave her great pleasure as she squirmed on the bed as if she would get off it.

One hand was still on her breasts massaging them, pinching lightly on the nipples. The combined pleasure of all that stimulation was driving her crazy Bucking furiously on the bed, she softly kept calling his name, saying, “Aaah sweet, so sweeeeet! Oh, Tim fuck me hard!” but in such low tones that her aunt would not hear from her room. On a stroke that came from her deepest depths and knocked against her clit a few times, her body suddenly went stiff and he could hear her teeth grinding together as she came powerfully. She pushed her body against his hand several times and a faint whistle came from her tightly clamped teeth as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her.

Finally her body went limp and he knew he had given her his present, which she would always treasure even after her forthcoming wedding to another. He laid his head on her breast as she cooled down and put an arm around his shoulders. He turned his head and ran his lips over her erect nipples and restarted movements of his finger still buried deep in her cunt.

She whispered, “Please Tim, don’t!” but he could tell she didn’t expect to be obeyed in the least. His finger moved more easily now that her come was all over her cunt. The wetness excited our hero so much that it was not long before he was fucking her in earnest again. This time he let his finger touch the walls of her vagina halkalı masöz escort as he slid in and out. He gave then clit more attention than before, causing her to climb up the ladder of excitement faster. She was moaning and humping her hips all over the bed that he became afraid the she no longer minded waking her aunt to find out what was happening under her very own roof!

When he felt her hand come and close over his and hold on tight, he knew she was coming again. He felt the muscle spasms start in her cunt then her whole body stiffen like a corpse. There’s not much difference between orgasming and dying, he thought to himself, wondering where he was going to use his wise saying, newly coined. This time he both felt and heard the come juice squirting out over his hand. He let it run its course without making any further movement. His lips on her nipples as she continued to come gave her even more excitement. She seemed to be climaxing for a full minute, or at any rate longer than he had known any woman to do.

He continued to lay his head on her breast and the feeling of closeness was very reassuring. They did not move for so long that his knees were aching when he next paid any attention. But they did not want to break the embrace. They lay quietly like that until suddenly the curtain over the door was thrown violently aside and the aunts voice was speaking stridently in that language of central Uganda. The girl couldn’t think what to say in reply seeing as she still had a finger up her cunt and the smell of sex was heavy in the air. Probably because of that there was no need for her denial or for further speech from the aunt. She simply let her eyes rover over the scene and then commanded them to follow her lamp into the sitting room.

Switching to English, she commanded them. “Kneel on the floor!” She led them in saying the rosary and many prayers followed in that tongue that was yet strange to his ears. Afterwards she commanded them to get off their knees and sit on the sofa and told them, without giving them any chance to put in a single word, “The wedding to your fellow doctor is now cancelled.” He expected the young girl to start wailing, or at any rate offer some form of protest. Instead she only thanked her aunt for handling the matter so calmly.

Now emissaries will be sent to the young mans village, the aunt said, to convey the message that the girl was in a foreign land and it was no longer possible for her to married into that clan and village.

So that is how Tim’s imaginings of the night before become reality in a way he had not even gone as far considering possible. He was now going home with a bride whose profession was much sought-after in his country. The two just sat there holding hands not knowing what to do next until the aunt abruptly announced that she was going to bed and they could do whatever they liked.

The clock on the wall said it was a little after 1am so they also decided to go back to bed. We shall leave them there while we speculate whether the confrontation with aunt had frozen their desire, or they climbed into the same bed. After all they now belonged to each other.

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