Darren and Kass


I hadn’t physically seen him since we were scrawny preteens on the math team together in grade 8, but after reconnecting on Facebook I was intrigued. He was divorced now, living in a different state, and I was going to be visiting a friend there who was not well. We had arranged to meet for brunch on my second day there.

I wondered if his hair would be long and his body buff, like in his online pictures of his time spent surfing in Australia, or if he would look more clean cut and corporate like his pictures of his time working in Washington for a big dot com. Either way, I told myself, I’m married with kids and we’re just meeting for brunch. I was pretty confident that our email flirting was purely innocent anyway.

My flight arrived late evening the first day and I had arranged to visit my friend in hospital for a couple of hours just after breakfast. She was healing well after her surgery. After I said my good-byes and promised I would see her the next morning, I headed back to my hotel to freshen up for brunch.

On my way back to the hotel Darren sent me a text msg telling me to bring a bathing suit with me for some fun after our brunch. I was intrigued by this, but thought swimming would be a great idea on this very hot July day. This state had wonderful lakes and some natural hot springs nearby and I wondered what the plan would be. He also said that I should wear something comfortable for walking. Hmmmm…were we hiking possibly?

I chose a suitable bathing suit – a black tankini with boy short bottoms – that was comfortable to swim in and showed off my nice figure (at 41 and after 2 kids I was still in pretty good shape with firm breasts and a round, firm bottom). I also put together a comfortable but somewhat sexy outfit comprising of khaki shorts to show off my shapely tanned legs and a white t-shirt that wasn’t too tight but that would hint at my firm bosom. I put my cross trainers in my bag with my bathing suit and off I went to meet him at the restaurant.

We hugged when we saw each other and he gave me a kiss on the cheek while holding my chair for me to join him at the table. He was very gentlemanly and very wordly and our conversation was incredible, hilarious, and at times soul-bearing. We caught up in no time and were acting like long lost best friends, which was amazing considering the amount of time it had been since we last saw one another.

He was more gorgeous in person with sandy brown hair he was growing long again, and soft blue eyes with dark full lashes that drew me in like a helpless teenager. He was tanned and fit and very masculine. I couldn’t stop admiring him so tried to distract myself with our after brunch plans.

I asked why I would need a swimsuit and he replied that it was a surprise. We paid the bill and he insisted that we drive in his jeep to the “spot”, and come back for my rental car later. The couple of wine spritzers I had consumed were making me a little less inhibited so I agreed and off we went!

We wound through the mountains and the view was breathtaking. I commented that he was innovia escort incredibly lucky to live so close to such beauty and that I hoped he took advantage of it. He grinned suggestively at me and I found myself getting a little hot and bothered by the sheer masculine aura of him. He was very outdoorsy, and altho I am as well, he was a lot more rugged and I’m sure didn’t mind roughing it. A vision of him naked in a lake somewhere suddenly came to mind and I closed my eyes and licked my lips. The car stopped and I quickly opened them to find we were parked quite a ways off the road at a tiny cabin in the woods.

“I built this with my own two hands with nothing other than what was available on the land” he stated proudly. I was incredibly impressed. The cabin was enough for one or two people and had a fireplace, a small kitchen with a wood stove, a living/dining area, and a loft bedroom. There was no electricity and the bathroom was an outhouse just off the kitchen, but it was perfect!

“I’ve never brought anybody else here actually, now that I think about it. I come here strictly to write and commune with nature” he told me. I asked him why he had brought me and he said he figured I was one of the only people he knew that could appreciate the place. I agreed – I loved it and thought he was amazing for doing it all himself.

We changed into our swimsuits and with our clothes overtop of them headed out of the cabin. I now knew the reason for the good walking shoes – we were indeed hiking. After about 10 minutes of a comfortable pace Darren gestured to the right up ahead. I gasped – it was beautiful! A natural waterfall and a small lake all within the woods! He told me that it was all on his land so we didn’t have to worry about anyone else joining us. He motioned to a steaming area and told me it was one of 3 hot springs on his property and that it was heaven to just sit there and relax. I couldn’t wait!!

The water in the small lake was just the right temperature to cool me after the walk and then keep me warm while I swam. It felt like silk gliding over my body and I floated and swam for what seemed like hours. Darren and I chatted and laughed and played silly water games the whole afternoon. It was the most fun I’d had in a long time.

When I got out of the water Darren handed me a glass of wine and took me by the hand to the little hot spring pond nearby. The water was amazing and I relaxed against a stone that seemed like it had been carved to hold my reclining body at just the right depth in the water. My firm breasts were just at the top of the water and I saw Darren look at them as he joined me in the bubbling warm pond. I leaned my head back and half groaned with contentment. The warm bubbling water was doing wonderful things to the achey muscles I didn’t even know ached. Darren looked full at me and smiled a contented smile. I winked at him and closed my eyes, sighing blissfully. I couldn’t have wished for a better afternoon.

I felt my right leg being lifted up and then strong warm hands were kneading istanbul escort my calf muscles gently but firmly. I moaned and opened one eye. Darren said to just lean back and enjoy myself. I smiled and did as he asked – how could I refuse a friendly massage? It felt really good!!!

Darren continued innocently massaging my calf while I relaxed…or at least tried to relax. The feel of his touch was electrifying and I felt myself growing wetter and wetter as my breath quickened a little. He switched over to my left calf and in doing so had to crouch in front of me with my legs spread around him. I moaned loudly as the pressure on my calf created electric jolts of intense desire that radiated straight to my wet core. Involuntarily I squirmed a little and Darren asked if he applying too much pressure. I had to bite my tongue, literally, to stop myself from responding that the pressure was needed elsewhere. I did, however, open my eyes to look at him and the look I must have given him probably said that and more, because he slid both hands up the outsides of my legs to grasp my buttocks in his hands as he pulled himself through the water to press his hard body against me and devoured my mouth…all in mere seconds.

I responded feverishly…our tongues dancing together, the fires within us consuming us. We were grasping at each other and practically panting when he pulled back to look at me. I whimpered as he pulled away and he smiled at me and touched his forehead to mine, breathing heavily.

“God I want you Kass…so badly”…that was it…I pulled my top off and struggled out of my bottoms as quickly as I could. He was naked just as quickly and then we were kissing again, my legs wrapped around his waist, his hands roaming my back, my buttocks, and pulling gently on my long brown hair. He pulled a little harder on my hair and my head jerked back, breaking the kiss.

I felt hot breath and kisses on my neck, and it drove me crazy…then teeth were nipping and scraping my neck and I went wild, bucking against him and almost screaming with need.

He lifted me up onto the grassy edge of the pond and parted my legs, my womanhood open for him to see. I was at fever pitch and panting heavily when I felt his tongue flick my clit. It was just a gentle little flick but I cried out loudly and gripped at the grass around me. I was close to hyperventilating as his hands slid across my taut stomach to my breasts and his fingers circled my nipples gently. I babbled incoherently unable to think. His tongue flicked my clit again and I felt my insides spasm sharply, a precursor to the magnificent orgasm I could feel building.

One of his hands was at my core now, his fingers swirling in my hot flowing wetness. I cried out again…”Pleeeeeease….” I needed something a little more substantial, a harder touch…I was so close. A finger slid up inside me and curled up against my g-spot as I dug my heels into the ground and pushed back against him. His mouth descended on my clit again as I felt him hum slightly against me and his kadıköy escort finger stroke my g-spot perfectly. I bucked straight up and cried out loudly as a bolt of hot electricity shot straight through me and a violent orgasmed wracked me. Darren continued to suck on my clit and pull his curled finger against that sweet spot as I came harder and longer than I had ever done in my life. I was close to tears and almost had to beg him to stop it was so intense.

He licked my clit gently and slowly as I came down from the other realm I had just been in and withdrew his finger. He did not stop licking my clit and before I could catch my breath I was on fire again with need and want. I sat up quickly and pushed him through the water until he was against the other side of the pond. I devoured his mouth roughly and wantonly, tasting myself on his lips and tongue. I reached down to feel his hard stomach and trailed my fingers down to what I wanted most desperately now.

It was his turn to moan with need now as I grasped his cock in my left hand, my right hand pinching his nipple as I sucked on his tongue. As my hand slid up the full length of his rock hard penis I gasped against his mouth – he was massive!! He was so thick my hand could not go around it fully and he was at least 8 or 9 inches long!! Considering I was still tight inside (thx to 2 c-section births) I knew he was going to fill me completely and then some!! I grinned as I kissed him and then told him I wanted him “NOW!!!”

Darren lunged at me and turned so that I was now pinned against the edge of the pond. We were still submerged and the sensations of the swirling water around my sensitive body heightened my arousal to a more feverish pitch. I felt so high and tight, like a string on a violin about to be plucked. Darren pulled my legs around his waist and plunged deeply inside me. We both gasped and moaned as he waited a few seconds while my body adjusted to his size.

“Fuck Kass…you’re so hot and wet…you’re so fucking tight…I’m not gonna last babe…ohhhhh yessssss…” He kept murmuring hotly and lustfully in my ear as he pounded into me harder than I’d even been taken. As he pounded in he jerked up a little and his pubic bone caught my overly sensitive clit and I threw my head back and wailed as I came hard around his massive cock. I could hear his grunts as my cunt spasmed around him, squeezing and milking him. A few more hard thrusts and he stopped sharply and cried out as he shot rope after hot rope of cum into me. I came again grinding myself against him and nearly blacking out.

All was quiet and still except for the bubbling hot spring and the wind gently rustling the leaves on the trees. I briefly thought this is what heaven must be like. As I opened my eyes and lifted my head up off of Darren’s shoulder I noticed that there were tears streaming down my face. I’d heard somewhere that great sex could make you cry.

Darren cupped the back of my head as he nuzzled my chin and kissed my face. He kissed my eyes and cheeks and then smiled a beautiful heart-breaking smile at me. I smiled back and kissed him. He held me close and stroked my back as our breathing returned to normal. I felt his cock soften and slide out of me with a gush of fluid and I whimpered at the loss. He chuckled and told me we had the rest of the evening and all night if I wanted. Oh God did I want!!

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