Date Before Ariel’s Wedding


Ariel and me had been friends since high school; the relationship had always been like Brother and Sister. We simply enjoyed each other’s company. I was 26, average height, with the usual black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Fiona had slightly darker brown hair and set of eyes to match. At 24, Ariel was marrying Harry whom she had been dating since high school. Harry was a common friend of both of us.

Due to the good relationship that we had, I decided to date Ariel out for a special treat just before she ends her life as a single gal. Given her busy schedule as a financial adviser, I pre-booked her as early as 3 months before the date. I just told her that we would stay out late on one of the weekends before her wedding to celebrate. Of course I did not told her the details as everything meant to be a surprise for her that evening.

I had booked a suite in a hotel so that we would have a place to stay in just in case we are too tired after the evening. On the actual day itself, I had ordered a bouquet of tulips to be delivered to Fiona in the morning to remind her of the date that night. I also arranged for some tulips to be delivered to the suite to act as decoration and surprise for Ariel. Just in case you wondered why tulips and not roses for Ariel, it was because tulips is Ariel favourite. Ariel called me at around 8am in the morning saying ” Thanks Fred I received your surprise, see you tonight”

“You are welcome, see you tonight” I said

I picked Ariel up from her workplace at 7pm before heading out for our innovia escort date. We had dinner in a restaurant. Ariel was the envy of many women that evening as she had with her the bouquet of tulips. There was a time when we overheard a lady saying to her boyfriend, ” Wow look at the flowers, she is so lucky with such a caring and romantic boyfriend” Ariel just look at me and giggled. I was however having a funny feeling and wondered where would this lead us.

We watched a movie after the dinner before proceeding to the lounge in the hotel for some drinks. We chatted about how time flies, school was just like yesterday.

It was soon mid-night and Ariel started showing signs of tiredness, I told her that I had one last surprise for her before she decides if she want to ends the date. I told her that she had to be blindfolded before I would show her the surprise. Once I blindfolded Ariel, I started to lead her to the suite. I opened the door and lead Ariel in before closing the door behind me. I removed Ariel’s blindfold and immediately the sight in front of her fascinated her. The living room was filled up with tulips.

Ariel started saying, ” You shouldn’t had done this, I felt so pampered”

I told her. ” You are welcome, this is the least I can do for a great friend like you before your wedding”

Ariel just leans into me and hugged me. Nothing much, just an embracement hug, but this was the first time we were ever so close and it makes my dick hardening under my pants. Ariel must istanbul escort have sensed it too as she said, “So what do we have here?” “Did the hug turn you on?”

I was caught off guard and asked, “What do you mean?”

” I felt something while we hugged.” Ariel whined

Immediately I felt my pre-cum. Never had I thought of Ariel in sexy way, but now this friend of my alone with me in the suite and asking me a question which I can’t answer her, drives me crazy.

“Come on you can be honest with me, I won’t laugh, I promise!” Ariel whined again.

“Sort of…” blurted out of my mouth before I know. Ariel always had this effect to win over me when she whined and she knew it. She was making good use of it then.

“So is it the hug or me that is turning you on?” Ariel whined again.

“You…. Oops I mean the hug” I changed my words but it was too late.

“Never mind, anyway it was from me” Ariel laughed.

” Do you want me to take care of it?” Ariel whined while asking

I was caught off guard again and look at her in shocked.

Without saying much, Ariel slid her hand to my ass cheeks and pulled me to her, “I want to say thank you to you. When we were in high school, I’ve always wanted to get down on my knees to blow you.”

Well shock was an understatement, Excited also. Why would Ariel say this today? How come I never knew before? I stood there dumbfounded and felt her expert hand unzip my pants, and her soft hand wrap around my hardening cock.

“But kadıköy escort Ariel, this is wrong. You know it is wrong, I know it is wrong. Damn Ariel, your wedding is just in two weeks time!”

That didn’t stop her as her warm hand pulled my now hard cock out and she dropped to her knees. My Eyes bugged out as I watched my beautiful friend put my cock in her hot wet mouth. Her soft hand wrapped around the base of it and her head began to move. I stood there in shock then put my hands in her soft brown hairs, pulling her face deeper on my throbbing dick as she inhaled it. My knees shook and I felt weak, but she sucked me so tenderly all I could do was pump my hips towards her sweet face.

I watched as my dick disappeared into her hot mouth, her thick brown hair covering my hands as I used it to force my cock deeper in her sucking mouth.

“Oh God Ariel, don’t stop, please don’t stop sucking it. I’m going to cum Ariel.”

Her face moved faster and deeper as she continued her oral assault on me, and I felt the first shot hit the back of her throat. I heard her gulping as another shot then another hit her deep in her hot wet mouth. My knees shook as I held her face tight against my cock. My thick cum now dripping out the sides of her sensuous mouth, as she tried to get it all. Her hand squeezing my throbbing dick from the base, forcing all of my cum into her mouth.

She took her mouth off it and looked up at me, her eyes filled with her love for me.

“I have never had so much cum before at one time! My God, We should have done this long ago.

I was still recovering from the shock when Ariel said, ” Fred, single gal or not, I’m available for you anytime. This is my way to say thank you to a great friend like you”

Weeks later Ariel married Harry, but that did not stop our dates as promised.

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