Date Night


The hot water feels divine as it loosens Kathy’s tight muscles. Beads of sweat dot her forehead as she stares blankly at the wall in front of her. It’s date night, the kids have been dropped off at grandma’s, Russ will be home in a couple hours to wine and dine her, but for now it’s just soft music, a hot bath, and a glass of wine that hold her interest. She doesn’t drink very often and when she does it’s almost always a red wine over ice. She smiles to herself as she takes a sip knowing that most people would turn up their noses at the thought of wine, especially red wine, over ice, but that’s the way she likes it and Kathy has always done what she likes.

The wine, the scented bubbles that surround her, and the soft sensual voice of Al Green singing ‘Let’s Stay Together’ all combine in her physique and start her favorite daydream. Russ, it’s always Russ, is standing wearing a deep blue perfectly tailored suit, sometimes he’s holding a drink, sometimes not, but usually he’s standing in a crowded room when he spots her across the room and starts moving toward her with slow deliberate steps. Everything fades from view, the noises, people talking, dishes clanging together, everything fades except Russ’ beautiful face and Al’s voice singing softly ‘I I’m so in love with you, Whatever you want to do’. Suddenly he’s standing holding his hand out to her. No words are spoken as she rises to be enveloped by his arms and swept onto the dance floor ‘Cause you make me feel brand new, and I want to spend my life with you’.

As they sway to the music everything melts away, the room, the people, everything including their clothes just vanish. Only Al’s voice remains, ‘Loving you forever, Is what I need’. Russ effortless sweeps her up in his arms turns and places her on a crisp white sheet covered bed. At this point in the dream the same thing always happens, Kathy’s hands slips beneath the water, caressing her D cup breasts softly tugging the nipples as she rolls them between her fingers. ‘Let’s, let’s stay together, Lovin’ you whether, whether Times are good or bad, happy or sad’. Their mouths meet as their tongues explore each others mouths. As the fingers of her right hand trail down her stomach, so in the dream does Russ’ mouth kissing a path to her most secret depths. ‘Lovin’ you whether, whether, Times are good or bad, happy or sad. Kathy’s back arches and her breath catches as in her dream she feels Russ’ lips and tongue brush across her sex. In her dream she pulls him back up and he enters her, slowly and tenderly. He begins moving bringing a soft moan from her lips. Her left hand joins her right working her higher and higher. ‘Whatever you want to do, is alright with me.’ She feels him swell inside her and her orgasm crashes through her. She cries out his name, “Russ, oh Russ, I love you so much.” her words trail off to a whisper as her fingers movement slows bringing her down back to real life.

She opens her eyes glancing at the clock on the vanity. Still an hour and a half till he’s home, plenty of time to finish getting ready. She takes a sip of her wine and settles back enjoying the afterglow.

She’s sitting at her makeup mirror brushing her long dirty blond hair when she hears the garage door. Smiling to herself she swivels on the stool until she’s facing the door leans back on one hand raises her foot up and places it on the bench and drapes her other hand over her raised knee. She’s naked as the day she was born, she stays naked as much as possible. BK, before kids, they both stayed nude almost all the time at home, of course, they also fucked morning, noon, and night. Now those happy BK days are gone, but she always takes advantage of any chance she has to be nude. She has a great body, 5′ 1″, 105 lbs 34D-23-34. She’s worked hard to stay in shape even after three kids, and she’s proud of it.

She hears his footsteps in the hall just before he steps into the room. “Hi handsome,” she greets with a wicked smile, as she opens her legs even more.

Russ stops dead in his tracks, a slow easy smile spreads across his face as he leans against the door frame. “Hi yourself,” he says as his eyes sweep up and down her body settling on the junction at the top of he thighs. Naked or dressed to the nines and all stages in between, she is by far the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen. Her petite frame make her large boobs look even bigger, sometimes he wonders how she can stay upright with those wonderful tits, and the flair of her hips has somehow gotten even sexier after kids. It’s almost as if her hips form a saddle for his body now, a saddle he defiantly intends to be riding in later tonight.

She can almost feel the heat from his gaze as it travels up pausing at her tits before landing on her eyes. She moves slow and easy like a cat moving gracefully from one spot to another as she stands and walks toward him. “I can read your thoughts lover,” she purrs, “no I do not want to just stay home and if you want any of this,” she says as she twirls in front of him, “you’ll get changed and show this girl a good time tonight.”

She’s now in front of him, she beylikdüzü escort rises up on tiptoes as she pulls his face down to hers and kisses him deep and hard. His arms go around her waist and he lifts her up as they break the kiss. “You are such a tease,” he says with a smile before letting her slide down his front. He is 6′ 180lbs of pure muscle. His job and pumping iron every other night keep him that way. It’s just another example of how right for each other they are. He pumps iron while she runs on the treadmill and vice versa. He doesn’t think of himself as handsome, but some do including Kathy. To her he’s the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. His easy going manor, good looks, fantastic body, and the fact that he knows how to use that body, and not just sexually, although he certainly does know how to draw out the maximum amount of pleasure from her. Make him by far the most desirable man she’s ever known.

When her feet hit the floor she forces herself back away from him, “Please get dressed babe,” she breaths and turns to walk away. He grabs her trapping her arms at her side and nuzzles into her neck and starts kissing her feverishly, “STOP, STOP,” she shouts as shivers wrack her body. They’re both laughing as she finally squirms out of his grasp, “Shit head,” she spits at him with a smile as she rubs her body to try to get the goosebumps to go away.

“That’ll teach you, you little tease.” he laughs as he starts to undress. She retreats to the other side of the bed and watches him warily. As the last of his clothes come off she can’t help but sigh at the sight of him, he is so damn lovely to look at. He saunters into the bathroom making sure she gets a good eyeful of his semi hard cock swaying from side to side.

When she hears him get in the shower she goes to the door and watches him through the fogged up glass. “I wasn’t teasing you,” she says loudly, “I didn’t know how to dress, you never told me where we were going.”

“Yeah right,” he answers, “that’s why you were,” he sticks his head out of the shower, “correction, are naked.”

“Well,” she stammers, “don’t tell me you were surprised I was….am nude.”

He retreats back inside the shower, “no babe that didn’t surprise me, but come on, that pose you struck.”

“I thought you’d like it,” she grins.

“Like I said,” he sticks his head out and does a once over up and down her body, “you’re a little tease.”

“Yes and you love it,” she smirks.

“Yes I must admit I do, now get dressed, we’re going to the Top of the Mart, then out dancing.”

Kathy squeals, “dancing, we’re going dancing, where so I know how to dress?” Kathy loves dancing with him, any kind of dancing, hell she’d think he was hot in a plaid shirt and jeans square dancing.

“I was thinking Funky Town, but if there’s somewhere else…..”

“No, No, Funky Town will be perfect,” she says running to her closet to pick an outfit. Top of the Mart is a really nice restaurant so something nice, she thinks as she slides the hangers of clothes along the rail before finding the dress she’s looking for. It’s a simple black loose fitting, for dancing, halter top dress. She steps into it pulling it up over her hips and hooking the halter straps behind her neck. Looking in the full length mirror she adjusts the straps that barely contained her girls. Bending forward she shakes her shoulders making her boobs dance back and forth. Satisfied that her girls wouldn’t make a break for it she grabs a pair of 4″ black stilettos and walks back to the bathroom door. “If I wear these,” she holds out the shoes, “promise to give me a foot massage when we get home.”

Russ shuts the water off and slides the shower door open reveling his glorious body. She can’t help herself, her eyes wandered from his eyes down across his hard muscled chest to the happy trail of hair that leads straight to the promise land, then slowly back up to his eyes. “Baby I plan on massaging,” he uses air quotes, “ever square inch of you when we get home.”

She smiles and softly sings as she walks away, ‘whatever you want to do, is alright with meeee.’

Of course, Russ is ready before her, wearing a pair of black boot cut jeans, light blue long sleeve shirt with a gray sports coat he looks impeccable to Kathy. He bends and kisses her on the cheek as she applies the finishing touches to her face. “I’ll get the car out so you don’t have to squeeze in,” he whispers as he holds her shoulders.

“Thanks babe I’ll be right out.”

When she exits the house Russ is there, taking her hand he lifts it up and twirls her around, giving her a low wolf whistle he hooks her arm in his and guides her to the passenger door. Opening the door he holds her hand as she settles into the seat. After he closes the door she watches as he walks around the front of the car. “My God, that man is gorgeous,” she whispers to no one.

They chat about their days, about the kids, about life, as they drive to the restaurant. After checking the car with the valet they walk to the elevator that will take them up to the beylikdüzü eve gelen escort restaurant. The sexual tension seem to grow expodentially with each step. It has long been their tradition to kiss in an elevator. This started almost from the beginning of their relationship, Kathy hates elevators so they kissed to take her mind off it. When the doors closes they don’t kiss they attack. Kathy throws herself into his arms as their mouths crash together. Russ cups her ass and lifts her to him as now their tongues duel. Their kiss intensifies as the elevator rises. Kathy wraps her legs around his waist as she tangles her hands in his hair. He’s kneading her fine ass as their passion and the elevator keeps getting higher and higher, until a loud dink brakes through the fog of wanton desire, signaling they are as high as the elevator will take them. As for how high their passion rise, that is up to them. They brake the kiss, both breathless as Kathy unwraps her legs and Russ allows her to slowly slide down his front. They turn to the now open door and walk out arm in arm as Russ smooths his hair and Kathy wipes the smeared lipstick from the corners of her mouth.

After checking in with the hostess Kathy excuses herself to check her makeup. She returns just as the hostess calls their name, “perfect timing,” Russ comments, “just like everything about you, perfect.”

“You’re just trying to get lucky,” Kathy whispers, as they walk arm in arm to the table.

“Babe if I never get in your panties again, I’m still the luckiest man in the world to just be your husband.”

After they sit Kathy leans over and in a low sexy voice she says, “you’re not gettin’ in my panties tonight.” Russ raises his eyebrows in question. “I’m not wearing any,” she says as she smiles sitting back.

“Oh you little slut, you know what that does to me,” Russ says shifting in his seat.

Dinner is, as expected delicious, what isn’t expected is how they flirt like newly weds. By the time they leave neither is sure they’ll make it out of the elevator. The kiss on the way up was tame compared to the one they share on the way down. As their lips meet Russ slides his left hand under the halter and caresses, squeezes, and even rolls the nipple of her right breast between his finger and thumb as his right hand proves that she wasn’t teasing about her panties. His fingers dip into her as Kathy groans her appreciation as she strokes his hard cock through his jeans. The ding of the door does nothing to bring them out of the fog as they are consumed with lust for each others body. They finally brake the kiss when they hear someone clear their throat. Kathy turns to she a man holding the door open. So great is the lustful spell that it takes her a second or two to realize she still is stroking a now very hard cock and his hands are still inside her dress. Almost at the same instant they jerk their hands back and exit the elevator. As they walk away they hear the elevator doors close. Kathy glances over her shoulder then begins giggling like a school girl.

As they wait for their car Kathy hugs his arm between her breast and slightly shifts his arm back and forth against her boobs. She grins up at him as he struggles to keep his composure. She again giggles as she leans her head against his shoulder. She can’t remember the last time she was this turned on, but she does know what she is going to do about it.

The ride to Funky Town is quiet in comparison to the ride to the restaurant, as Kathy can’t keep her hands off him. Her hands wander from his neck, down his arm to finally to his hard cock. As they turn into the parking lot she just can’t wait any longer. She unbuckles, and as the car stops she climbs into a kneeling position on her seat, “recline your seat,” she demands. He reaches for her and leans over to kiss her. She pushes against his chest stopping him, “recline your seat, I said.” smiling he leans back and as the seat slowly flattens. She attacks his pants, first unbuckling his belt, then popping the snap, and unzipping his fly. She starts pushing his pants down. He picks up his hips aiding her in her efforts. When his cock springs free she’s on it like a cat on a mouse sucking it into her mouth she moans in pleasure as she starts bobbing up and down.

Russ gasp out an “oh fuck,” as he again seeks out her ripe melons.

After five minutes she pulls back, sitting up she reached behind her and undoes her top letting the two straps fall free of her twins. She has always been a bit of an exhibitionist and knowing anyone can walk by and she them only fuels the fire inside her. “Don’t hold back babe, I want to taste you,” she whispers as she again goes to work on his hard cock. She absolutely loves giving head and Russ has always been the lucky recipient.

Russ goes back at her now freed boobs then starts reaching for her, what he is guessing, very wet pussy when she grabs his hand. “no,” she mumbles around his cock and places his hand back on her tit.

He thinks he can last for a while until she pushes her face beylikdüzü masöz escort down and his cock slips into her throat. “Fuck,” he groans as she holds his cock captive and rubs her nose in his pubic hair. Finally she backs off swirling her tongue around the head. When she pushes forward again taking him into her throat again that is his undoing. “Oh Fuck I’m going to cum,” he groans as a rope of cum shoots straight into her stomach before she backs off to take the next five blasts in her mouth. Swallowing as fast as she can she doesn’t let one drop escape. She’s moaning as much as he is as she milks the last of his essence out. She sits back sticks her tongue out showing him his cum then swallows then goes back at him sucking softly as he twitches and jerks below her. “You keep that up and we’ll never get inside,” he groans.

She pulls off of him with a pop, “you taste so fucking good,” she whispers, “it’s hard to stop.” She sits back and fixes her top as he struggles to stuff his still hard cock back into his pants. After a few moments of struggle he gets out of the car and meets her as she stands up. Pulling him down into a deep kiss she whispers, “that was just a preview of cumming attractions, pun intended.”

The club is really crowded and it takes them a few minutes to weave their way through and find a table. “Slow gin fizz,” Russ shouts over the noise as Kathy sits. She shakes her head yes in answer and he’s gone, swallowed by the crowd. Within seconds she’s descended on by single guys hoping to get lucky, besides dancing this is her favorite part of going to a club. She loves feeling desirable and she doesn’t feel any sexier than when a guy makes it plain that he wants her.

A tall, slightly over weight man asks if he can join her, “I’m with someone,” she smiles a polite smile at him.

“I won’t tell, if you don’t,” he laughs, “let’s dance,” he demands.

“No thank you,” Kathy answers.

He looks at her then over her shoulder before turning and walking away. Russ’ hand slips her drink in front of her as he takes the chair beside her. “Vulture,” he asks?

She smiles places her hand on his and leans over and passionately kisses him making it clear that she is taken, but just as importantly letting everyone know he’s taken too. “Don’t be mad they’re just lonely.”

Russ laughs, “don’t you mean horny.”

“Well yes that too,” she downs her drink and says, “let’s dance.”

They dance song after song like nobody is watching, so to speak. For the next two hours the only time they leave the dance floor is when they take a breather and get a drink or when they have to pee. The dance floor is so crowded that bodies are constantly bumping, rubbing, and even copping a feel as Kathy lets the music move her. When the DJ announces their going to slow it down and Al Green starts singing ‘I’m so in love with you’ Kathy melts into Russ her face buried in his chest. Their both hot and sweaty, but Russ’ musky scent has her libido ramped up to 12 on a 10 point scale in seconds. She slowly looks up at him and time stands still as with her on her tiptoes and him leaning down they kiss tenderly. Everything melts away except the two of them and Al’s voice. As the last line fades, ‘Loving you whether, whether times are good or bad’ Kathy whispers, “I need you babe.”

Russ doesn’t hesitate, he leads her out of the club and to the car where Kathy hugs herself to him as he holds her. When they separate there’s a single tear on Kathy’s cheek. “Hey what’s this,” Russ says as he uses his thumb to wipe it away.

“I love you so much sometimes it hurts,” Kathy whispers.

“Oh babe I love you too, but don’t cry,” Russ whispers back.

Kathy smiles, “I’m not crying, I’m so fucking happy I can’t stand it. Let’s get home and I’ll prove it to you.” her smile suddenly turns wicked as her hand finds his cock, “I want this, I want it bad.”

The drive home is made in record time as Kathy can’t control herself and has Russ at attention all the way home.

Russ parks runs around the car as Kathy climbs out in just as much of a hurry as him when he scoops her up into his arms. Her arms go around his neck, “you know I can walk,” she protests mildly.

“This is more fun,” Russ answers with a smile.

She leans her head down nuzzling into his neck where she starts kissing him, “MMM this is a rather nice form of transportation.”

He places her on her feet beside the bed and slowly unsnaps her halter top and peels it and the rest of her dress down till it puddles at her feet. Then he picks her back up and carefully places her on the bed and sheds his clothes quickly. She watches as his body slowly is exposed, subconsciously licking her lips when his cock springs free. He crawls in beside her and they begin their mating dance. As they kiss he marvels at how even after 10 years of marriage this still feels new and exciting. As their passion mounts their kisses get more intense, more sensual, more wanton. He kisses his way down to the beginning of the swell of her breasts, then starts kissing around her right breasts in circles that get smaller and smaller until only the nipple is left untouched. Kathy is moaning and squirming from this sweet torture. She grunts out in frustration when he doesn’t touch her aching nipple but repeats the process on the left breasts. By the time he closes in on her left nipple her body is vibrating with need of the sweet release of his touch.

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