Date Night

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Finally!! Back in the same city after all this time! Both of us free for the weekend, it was a perfect time to celebrate. Feeling nostalgic, I chose a dark hole in the wall pub that reminded me of the first time we shared a beer together. With no fear of anyone knowing either one of us we sat on the same side of the booth.

Before the server even comes back with our drinks your hand is already creeping up my thigh and under my skirt. You are playing with my clit when the drinks are put on the table. You slide my bottle to me in the most awkward way as you haven’t removed your hand. I see her eyes flick down for a moment before she grabs her tray. I think I see a smirk as she walks away.

We continue to make out in the booth like no one is watching. We need to fuck NOW. I stand up and head down the hall to the washroom. You follow a few steps behind, pausing only to check that no one is seeing you push into the Ladies behind me. We fumble into the largest stall. My skirt around my waist & your cock in my pussy before the door is even latched.

All that can be heard is the rhythmic squeak of the stall as you drill into me. I start moaning, so close to the edge. We both hear the door open; you put your bursa escort hand over my mouth, pull me off the door and continue to plough me. The water turns off and the door opens and closes. Orgasms rip through both of us. I dropped to my knees and start cleaning off your cock, making it semi hard again.

We decided that it’s time to leave the bar and head out to the front. We’re standing outside, you’re having a smoke while we wait for the cab. Our waitress comes towards us smiling. Boldly making eye contact with you she says, “I like your shoes.”

We both glance down at your well-worn runners. My face goes red with embarrassment. She grabs my face and gives me a really big kiss. The cab pulls up and she then asks if she can come home with us. On the cab ride home, she is sandwich between us and our hands are all over each other.

Clothes are shed as we make our way down the hallway. You stand back and watch us kiss and fondle each other, giving her directions along the way as to what you’d like to see. A kiss here, a hand here, lips sucking and tongues twirling on a nipple, fingers sliding in. Your hard on leads you to the bed. I start where I left off sucking your cock. She is moving between your bursa escort bayan lips and mine. Taking over for me she tries to fit your hole cock in her mouth. You hold her head in place and give her a good thrust. She gags and has to come up for air.

You smack my ass. Getting the message, I turn around from kissing you to help her. I suck on your cock again and she dips down to work on your balls & ass. Our tongues often meeting. I’m having a hard time focusing on your cock as you’ve pulled my pussy down on your face. As your tongue traces along my folds, your beard tickles my inner thighs. I lift my head and arch my back as your fingers & tongue bring me to the edge again.

With my mouth missing from your cock she takes the opportunity to climb onto of you. As she grinds down onto you, she starts kissing me & sucking on my tits. I’ve move forward so you can breathe but my ass is still in your face. You scoop out some of my cum & start working on my ass. You’re too much for her and with a few more bounces she is squirting all over your cock.

She slides off you for a little break and watches you prep my ass. You move me onto the position you want. She grabs the lube & squeezes more onto my ass and escort bursa greases up your cock. She watches my face as you slowly start to slide in, inch by inch. You ask her if she wants it in the ass too. She shakes her head no. She positions herself in front of me so I can taste her. You slamming into my ass forces my tongue deep into her cunt. Both of us take a pounding. Her screams of pleasure make you lose your huge load in my ass. You both watch your cum trickle out of my ass. She scoops up some & tastes it. Scrunching up her nose she says, “I’m not a swallower.”

She sees us glance at each other and in that moment knew she shouldn’t have said anything. You tell her to turn around and get on all fours. I hear you smack her ass and a whimper as I go clean up a bit. I hear a door slam; when I come back she’s gone.

“Get over here,” you demand as I enter the room. As soon as you can reach them, you grab me by the nipples and twist, pulling me onto you. Your rock-hard cock impales me as our bodies meet. You lay back and let me ride you. Sliding all the way up your cock until just your tip is left. As I slowly slide back down you can feel the plug in my ass rub alongside your cock. I can’t do this slowly anymore; I speed up as my orgasm gets close. You want us to cum at the same time. Without removing your cock, you roll over me and continue with the same frenzied pace. We both moan and gasp for breath as you release into me.

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