Date Night with My Wife

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So here I am sitting on our bed waiting for my beautiful wife Debbie while she is getting ready for our date night. Even though she’s in the bathroom I can still picture her. We’ve been married for 17 years already and she is still the woman I love more than anything in this world. She is all of 5 feet tall and has a little extra weight which happens when you get into your 60s but she is still beautiful to me. In my minds eye I can already see what she is wearing, a shear hot pink bra and thong panties underneath a red top that certainly shows off her awesome cleavage and a short black leather skirt which her beautiful ass fills up nicely. I can see her looking in the mirror and thinking that she looks good for her age which she absolutely does. I can see her turning from side to side the way that ladies do while checking herself out.

Finally, after being dressed and ready to go for 15 minutes, she walked into our room. She looked absolutely stunning! She stood in front of me asking how she looked? I couldn’t speak for a couple of seconds just admiring her beauty but I finally got out “gorgeous”. She stood before me in the red top and black shirt I envisioned but what caught my eye were the black high heal boots she had on. She never wears heals so she was a little shaky at first but I have to admit, those things really do lift up and show off her beautiful ass.

After admiring her for who knows how long she snapped me back to reality with a finger snap and off to the restaurant to meet a friend we went. Me patting her beautiful ass cheeks in that leather skirt as often as I could.

As we drive to the restaurant I’m reminded what a tease my beautiful wife is. As I look over at her I see I was right canlı bahis şirketleri about my guess at her underwear color. As we are sitting at a red light I’m offered a little show from Debbie, there was my beautiful wife with her skirt pulled up and her shear panties pulled aside. With an evil grin she just says that she wants to make sure that I know what I can’t have till much later but our friend might get a little! She starts to rub her tight pussy and flick her clit right there in the car! A horn from behind us brings me back to reality as the light has changed but I can still hear her noises of pleasure as I continue on to the restaurant. At one point I see out of the corner of me eye Debbie reach a shuddering orgasm. She rubs her fingers in that now wet pussy and gives me a taste, very sweet as usual!

As we park at the restaurant she is pulling her skirt back down and readying herself to be back in public. As we are walking to the restaurant I can’t help but lag behind at watch that perfect ass sway, “Damn I’m a lucky man” I tell myself.

Just before we get to the door we hear our names and turn to see buddy just standing there smiling, I could read his mind, it’s gonna be a good night he’s telling himself as he joined me in admiring my wife’s ass. We entered the bar and had a seat so we could relax a little before our reservations. Debbie sat right between us on the stools. As we ordered some drinks I couldn’t help but notice that Debbie had her hand rubbing his crotch, it’s gonna be a good night I said to myself again!

Since it was so dark in the bar, really only lit by the tvs that had some game or a crappy reality show on, no body including the bartender had noticed that my wife canlı kaçak iddaa already had our friends cock out of his pants under the bar and was giving it a nice slow wank! As we drank our drinks I could see face, he was starting to feel it build and that just egged on Debbie more! Gripping his cock a little tighter she just wanked away, slowly and deliberately pleasuring our friend. By the time we had finished our 2nd drink I could tell he was close, he was gripping the bar then all of a sudden I see him tense up the relax a couple of seconds later. He looked over at me with a smile and I could tell he was in for a great night, all while my beautiful wife was licking her fingers clean.

Shortly after that our table was ready and being the gentlemen we are of course we let Debbie lead the way so we could admire that fine ass in the leather skirt. As we sat down at our table our friend saw a couple of clients of his at another table and was chatting with them while Debbie and I were checking out the menu. As we were looking at the menu and chatting she asked me if I was alright with what was going on and my answer of course was “your in charge baby, whatever makes you happy tonight is what goes!” She reached over and gave my hand a tight squeeze and said “I love you, thank you”.

All during dinner we had good conversation, good friendship and of course when there is a beautiful woman around a lot of flirting and a lot of drinking. We ended up just about closing down the place but that’s alright, it was a relaxing night for the 3 of us. As we were heading out of the restaurant our friend saw his clients again and stopped to chat, we told him we would wait by the car and to take his time. As we approached canlı kaçak bahis the car we realized it was in a very secluded spot. We leaned on the car and I just looked at my beautiful wife and said “I love you” she just looked at me and said “take me!”

I grabbed her by the head and brought her lips to mine and we embraced in lust, I turned her around and pushed her against. There before me was my beautiful wife bent over the hood of my car anticipating my next move. I reached under her skirt and pulled it up exposing her beautiful ass clad in only her shear pink thong. I reach in and pull them down removing them and just throwing the aside. As I’m holding her down I’m unhooking my belt and lowering my pants to release my throbbing cock. I grab ahold and rub it up and down her already gushing pussy, then without preamble I just ram it home, balls deep! We both just grunt in pleasure as I continue to just hammer her wet pussy. In-out that is all I know as I continue to drive into that hot pussy and without us even realizing it we had an audience, our buddy had approached his car after bidding goodbye to his client. There he stood leaning against his car watching me gliding into my wifes hot pussy while just spinning her thong on his fingers watching the show listening to our grunting. My wife tenses up on my cock and I hear her scream “I’m cummmming!! Don’t stop FUCKING me!”

Being a normal guy that is all I can handle, I grab her hips and give 1 final thrust and unload my hot sticky cum right inside her hot pussy. I collapse onto her back with both of us trying to catch our breath. Our friend watching and he gave us an ovation! We just started laughing while trying to gather ourselves. As we were getting ourselves together we were discussing what the rest of the night was gonna hold. I just looked at my wife and said “I bet there is more cum coming your way tonight. How about a visit to our favorite bookstore.”

More to come if anybody is interested.

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