Date with Young Katie


Date with Young KatieFun with crossdresser KatieSo here I am browsing online ads to see who is out there that may be interested in meeting up for some safe adult fun. Lo and behold I’d come across this ad online that I’ve saw before of this young 27-year-old cross-dresser. Other times I was unable to meet with this young thing because of my work schedule so I never answer that ad. I said to myself here goes. I to put a few more pictures in the e-mail, cock, body shots and see if I get a response. I received a response from this young hot, sexy cross-dresser. Wanting to know whether not I was real and serious about meeting up tonight. Replied in a manner in which I will get her utmost attention. After exchanging a few e-mails she gave me her number to reply directly to her cell phone. As I just got home from work, I jumped in the shower to shave and freshen up. I sent her a few pictures of me shaving my cock and balls. She then replied,” Oh my! I can’t wait to get them both in my mouth”. I got so excited that I began to get hard from thinking about her sucking on my freshly shaven cock and balls. Then after about 10 min. I received a text from her given me the address of her location. To my surprise it was a 25 min drive from my residence. I grabbed a few beers and a bottle water from the fridge and I text her okay, On My Way, Baby! and jumped into my vehicle. As I was driving to her home, all I can think about is how I was going use her a my personal sex slut. Feeding her my Cock with endless passions of a****l lust, using her for my own personal pleasure. Driving down I-5 with an erection that would make any cock hungry slut mouth water and pussy twitch with anticipation. I was excited? Yes! Did I want her? Yes and it was happening tonight!So bünyan escort I arrived at the address she gave me. It was really a quiet street and one vehicle in the driveway. I text her that I was here. She said, come to the front. I knocked on the door she said come in. To my amazement and surprise at how sexy and hot she looked. A pink hoodie, skin tight jeans boots with the fur, make-up all good, boobies, the whole I’m a slut fuck me wear, without a doubt! By that looks of it. I knew it was on! My Cock started harden immediately with the site of this young sexy crossdresser. I smacked her on ass, took off my jacket and, sat on the couch. I felt comfortable, cracked open a beer and checked her out some more. We had some small talk to break the ice. All during the whole time of our conversation I had a semi-erection in anticipation of our sexual encounter, looking her up and down.Katie noticed that I was rubbing on my erection through my pants, she got on her knees between my legs and I pulled out my Cock. She look at me with as to tell me of her full approval of the size of my Cock and thrust it into her mouth, hungry for the taste. Gauging it deeper down her throat with every suck. Then licking my shaft and caressing my balls in her mouth with a gentle flick of her tongue surrounding them in her mouth, as she looked at me for approval, by the looks passions my face.With the meet and greet, upon her lips and throat complete. It was time for my Cock to meet her from the inside of that tightness begging for me.I said the magic words! I want to feel you inside, baby! So she blinked at me and led me into her bedroom, I smacked her ass in them tight jeans, as she walked down the hallway in front of me. Her bed was low off the floor so it was perfect to bang her face down ass up! I looked around the room this girl had heels n clothes for days. I was like this she’s gonna be my young personal slut. With the stories of her getting stood up by others. This was definitely a sure thing of regular visits.She got on her knees in front of me on the bed and began to suck my Cock. I smacked on her ass through her jeans while she sucked on my Cock. She moaned as she sucked for an erection to penetrate her love hole. She sucked, fiercely for my man cum and hard erection for hours it smeed. I wanted to mount her like a b**st in heat, but she kept sucking and sucking! I finally pushed her mouth off my Cock. Told her to bring her pussy towards me and let me fill her up with my Cock! I snatch her jeans off her body and observed her silken smooth body, unraveling from her tight jeans. Her ass was so nice and plump, as I have seen from her profile pictures. She had an ass that would envy any flat ass woman and make her jealous.I don’t know what came over me. I just smacked her ass and smacked her ass, over and over and over till each butt cheek was red as thee other. She moaned and moaned and moaned, as I smacked her harder and harder on her ass. I was knew it was time to penetrate her love hole with my eagerly hard Cock. She positioned her ass to receive my hard Cock. I grabbed a condom from beer bag and slid it on my Cock. I slapped my Cock on her ass and pussy to tease it before I penterate her. She kept moving her ass towards my body eagerly wanting my Cock inside her. I then slowly positioned my Cock on the rim of her pussy and pushed slow. To get the feel of her hot eager love hole. After a min or two she began to push back wanting me deep inside her. I couldn’t resist the eagerness to be inside her. So I pushed my Cock deep within her. She let out a gasp as to say she, she was very pleased of me filling her inside with my Cock. I thrust fast at first, then began to go slow, I wanted it to last. I thrust her love hole for a long duration of time, as she moaned at every thrust of my Cock sliding inside her. It was time to switch positions so she lay on her back with legs in the air. Her hole looked as inviting seeing it from behind, which made me want her even more. I grabbed both her legs and position my cock straight at her inviting hole. I began to thrust my Cock slowly, as it was feeling so good. I could of bust so quickly, but wanted it to last until the peck of my orgasm. She felt me growing harder with every stroke and said that she wanted my cum in her mouth, because that’s the best part.I’d filled her hole with my cock, what had seemed for hours. I was reaching my peak, the eruption of my cum flowing from my loins. I grabbed my Cock from her pussy and pulled off the condom and said, here you go baby! She pulled her head toward my Cock and opened her mouth, to receive my man load of cum. I erupted on her lips with ecstasy, as she sucked on the head of my Cock, wanting more of my cum. My Cock pulsated every drop from my balls on her lips into her mouth. She then looked at me with satisfaction from my man load inside her mouth and licked and sucked and sucked every drop of satisfaction from my Cock. I was in total amazement of her skills and knew this would be my new personal cock slut!I began to get dressed, chatted with Katie and gave her approval on her good cock sucking skills. How she is worthy slut of mine and I want to have her in many different ways and on video. She agreed and we parted way to began a fucking chapter!By,Justlo

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