Daughters wedding day


Daughters wedding dayAt 46 I’m a single parent. My wife and I broke up some years ago, leaving me to raise our daughter alone. Naturally, this has brought us close together – perhaps closer than most fathers and their daughters. At 21, my daughter Claire was due to be married to a guy named Mark. Frankly, I can’t stand the guy. Maybe it’s because I’m very possessive of my daughter, or maybe he’s just an arsehole. Either way, I don’t exactly approve of the marriage.My daughter is gorgeous, even if I say so myself. She’s tall and slim with long wavey red hair and a beautiful figure. I’ve always found her sexually attractive but never actually tried anything beyond the occassional furtive grope of her arse or thighs but one night really got the ball rolling.It was Claire’s hen night. She was going out with her girlfriends for a wild night on the town – her last big blow-out before she got married. I was waiting in the living room and when she came downstairs I wasn’t dissapointed. In her high heels and mini-dress her beautiful legs and ample cleavage were shown to their best – she looked a total slut and I loved it. “You look nice, sweetie.” I said.”Thanks, Dad.” she replied, “I’m off out now. Will you be okay here by yourself?””Sure. Make sure you have a good time and get a taxi back tonight.””I will, don’t worry.” She leaned in to kiss me and I hugged her, stroking my hand across her lovely tight behind as I did. “Bye.” And she was gone.I spent the night in front of the TV, sipping beers and watching movies. I couldn’t sleep – I was just too anxious about the wedding. Mark didn’t deserve her.*When she came home it was in the early hours of the morning. I was pretty drunk but she was absolutely wasted. She flopped into the couch next to me and put her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and tried to make conversation, but the whole time I was looking at those obscenely smooth and toned thighs. “Hi, sweetie. How was it?””Fucking great! But I’m so pissed.””Me too. At least you had a good night. I’m glad.””What are you doing still up?””I couldn’t sleep. I’m just anxious about the wedding.””You mean you’re still not happy with it.” She was right – I’d never approved of Mark and she knew that I fretted over the whole thing as it got closer.”He’s not good enough for my little girl.” I said.She turned her head to face me and put her arm around me. She looked concerned for me. I put one hand on her knee and looked at her. “I’m sorry, but I just feel like I’m losing you. I’ll get over it”.”Oh, Dad.” she said, cradling my face in one had “It’s okay – you’ll never lose me. You’re my Daddy and I love you.”It was a close moment and as I looked into her eyes I wanted to kiss her. I suppose it was the alcohol that gave me courage but I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth – lingering a little longer than a father is supposed to with his daughter. She didn’t pull away. As I came away we continued to look into each others eyes and it was obvious we both wanted more. I leaned back in and kissed her artemisbet yeni giriş again. This time I felt her lips part and her tongue slide out to meet mine. I was in heaven! I kissed my daugher deeply, savouring her sweet tongue on mine.As we kissed, I slid my hand up along her smooth leg and around to feel her wonderfully tight, round arse. It felt magnificent and I squeezed lightly. As our tongues mingled deeply I felt her hand slide down to my trousers. My cock was raging and the swelling in my jeans was obvious. She ran her hand across it and squeezed gently making it throb. I longed for her to take it out – to feel her skin touching my cock, to feel that wet tongue running down it’s length and her warm mouth enveloping the end. I wanted my own daughter to suck my cock and take her father’s seed in her mouth!But it wasn’t to be. Our kiss ended and we looked into each other’s eyes longingly, but niether of us had the courage to move further. After what seemed like an eternity I said “You should go up to bed – you’ll have one hell of a hangover in the morning”, trying to make light of the situation. She still had her hand on my hard cock!She smiled and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “You’re right!” she said “Night, Dad.” Her hand slid from my aching dick and she went upstairs to her bed. I watched those legs every step of the way. My heart was pounding in my chest.I went to my bed too but I couldn’t sleep. All I could do was lie there and think about how I wanted to fuck Claire. Eventually, my cock craved attention and I couldn’t refuse. I jerked myself off, imagining it was my own daughter stroking my cock and when I came I imagined it was her pretty face being covered in my spunk. I think I came harder than I ever had before. I hoped she was lying in her own bed, frigging herself off over thoughts of me, but I resigned myself to the fact that she was passed out by now and wouldn’t even remember our kiss in the morning.It was the day of the wedding. Nothing more had been said about the events of that night and I wondered if Claire didn’t remember or just didn’t want to confront it. Either way, we were still getting on fine so I don’t think she was upset with me at all. But the impending marriage was bothering me more than ever. I just couldn’t bear the thought of giving her away to that guy. Eventually, it came to a head.Claire was finally dressed in her bridal gown. It was simple, chic and incredibly sexy. Seeing her in that lacy white dress took my heart away and I had to discuss it with her – tell her how I really felt. “Claire, we really need to talk.” I said, exasperated. Her smile disappeared and her shoulders slumped.”Look, Dad,” she said with a huff, “I’m marrying Mark and that’s that. It’s what I want and if you love me then you’ll be haooy for me.”That comment actually hurt. “Of course I love you! That’s why I can’t stand to give you away to that prick. He’s just not good enough for you!””You’re not losing me, okay! We’ve been through this artemisbet giriş already!”I stepped toward her and held her shoulders at arms leng. I looked right at her and said “I know we have. I remember that night. Don’t you?”For a second she looked a little frightened to admit it. “Yes. Yes, I remember it.” She looked at me, as if daring me to speak more of it. I was determined to.”I meant the things I said that night…” I paused, trying to summon the strength to face those events “… and the things we did”. She looked at me without a word, but I felt her relax – she felt the same. I looked at her for what seemed and age and then started to pull her tom me. She melted in my arms and I kissed her. I felt her arms curl around my waist and she squeezed me tightly as we made love with our mouths. My heart felt like it would burst from my chest with the thrill and my cock started to harden immediately.I ran my fingers through her long red hair, being careful not to disturb her head-dress. My cock was bulging in my trousers now and Claire must have felt it through her gown. She brought one hand around to the front and unzipped my trousers. At last she took it out – at last my daughter had my throbbing tool in her hands! She stroked it gently and it twitched in her hand. I sighed with pleasure and moved to kiss the tops of her breasts – showing beautifully from her gown. They were so warm and soft and her breathing deepened as I caressed them with my lips.She felt the strength of my prick in her hands and dropped to her knees to take it in her mouth. She took the whole end in her mouth and slowly enveloped it expertly. Her eyes were closed in concentration as she sucked her father’s penis and it felt better than I had ever imagined – better than her mother had ever been. She opened her eyes and looked straight at me. It was fatal – the sight of my own daughter in her wedding down sucking on my cock and looking me right in the eye was the most erotic thing I can imagine and I nearly shot my load right there and then into her mouth. I sorely wanted to look into her eyes as she swallowed my cum, but I had other plans. I wanted to show her that she was mine and that she meant everything to me.I gently took her head away from me. “Lie down, sweetie, I want to taste you.” I said, gently. She complied immediately and I got down on my knees between her legs. I rolled up her skirt and saw her beatiful legs covered in white stockings with suspenders and her lacy white marital panties. I gently pulled her panties to one side to see her pussy. It was perfect! The red hair was trimmed very short and the lips were rounded, puffy and smooth. I leant in and took my first lick.She smelled and tasted so sweet! I licked again and again, working inwards towards her clitoris. Her juices were flowing now and I lapped them up eagerly. As I worked, her clit hardened and grew. I flicked at it feverishly and her breathing became laboured.”That’s it, Daddy. Lick me! Make me cum!”, she said breathlessly. artemisbet güvenilirmi My cock twitched at the words coming from my daughter’s mouth. I licked harder and faster. I love my daughter and I wanted to give her pleasure. What better way for a father to express his love for his daughter than to make her orgasm? As I got harder and faster she buck and writhed on the floor. “I’m cumming, Daddy! I’m cumming! Oh, fuck! Make me cum, Daddy!”. I licked and licked and she moaned an orgasm on my tongue. Her juices flowed freely and a gobbled them up as I eat her perfect pussy.Her orgasm subsided and her breathing slowed. I raised my head to see the pleasure on her face. She looked at me and said “Daddy, I want you. Fuck me, please.” Coming from any girl these words would have been erotic, from my own daughter they were explosive! I moved up to mount her, my hard cock needing hardly any direction. I placed the tip against her wet snatch and pushed in easily. Her pussy was tight but well lubricated with her sweet juice. The pleasure I felt feeling my daughter’s warm wet cunt enveloping my aching cock is indescribable. I started to thrust in and out. Her cunt was so tight. I hadn’t experienced anything like it in years!”Oh, God! That feels so good! I always wanted you, Daddy. Always. Give it to me! I want your cock deep inside me! I want to feel you in my belly!” These words were just too much for me – I had to cum. I had to give her my seed. To pump her full of my love.”I’m going to cum inside you, Claire. I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum so you’ll be mine forever. I love you.””Yes, Daddy! I love you too. Fuck me deep. Fill me up. Empty yourself into me. I want it. I always have. Cum for me, Daddy!”That was my limit. I hugged her close and groaned. I pushed my cock as deeply into my daughter as it would go and groaned as I humped a massive load of hot cum deep into her. Wad after wad of my cum flowed into her young cunt. I wanted to get as much of my i****tuous seed up into her womb as possible. I would have filled her up with my sperm if I could. I sighed and imagined my seed finding fertile ground in her welcoming uterus.Eventually, I was spent. I kissed her deeply and I slipped my semi-erect member from her then carefully replaced the white panties, covering her soaking lips, to keep my cum inside her. I zipped my trousers up, savouring the feel of my daughter’s pussy juices drying into my cock.She stood up and straightened her dress then put her arms around my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye. “I love Mark and I’m going to marry him today, but you’ll always be my Daddy. I’m yours and you can have me any time you want me”. My heart leapt at these words and I knew that Mark would never have what I have with my daughter. We kissed deeply again – our love assured.We went to the church that day and Claire got married as planned. As I stood by her at the altar I smiled broadly to myself. I smiled because it was my daughter’s big day and she was happy. But I also smiled when I thought about my sperm deep inside her, probably at that very moment soaking her little white lace knickers and maybe running down her white-stockinged thighs and the surprise Mark would get that night when he took off her skirt and found out who his wife really belonged to.

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