Dave , Jennifer, New Roommates Ch. 02


This is the sequel to my first solid attempt at a chain story. I wanted to move the story quickly into the next phase and get right to the sex. I hope you enjoy the story and I welcome your feedback and comments on ways to improve.


Jennifer had just witnessed her boyfriend and her Employer/Landlord doing things that she never would have imaged actually happening. The sight alone was enough to make her want to burst out into the room and beat them both for what they were doing behind her back. Especially her boyfriend! She was mostly angry at him for being such a cheating man whore.

She didn’t burst out there though. She was frozen and unsure why she had refrained from busting them both and making a huge dramatic scene. Instead she simply watched the act of betrayal and as they appeared to be finished, retreated back to the bedroom as quietly as she had snuck out to the end of the hallway.

As she laid back down in the bedroom she pondered on the scene she had just witnessed.

How it happened:

She had awakened to find that Dave was not lying beside her and figured he had just fallen asleep on the couch. She wanted him back in the bed after their little spat and felt sorry that she had provoked him to feel the way he did. She just wanted to have him cuddle up behind her and hold her. After lying awake for a little while she heard what sounded like a woman vocallizing in a way that sounded like she was being pleasured. At first she thought to herself “he’s probably watching one of those soft core movies on tv”. But after listening for a little while she realized that the male voice sounded too much like Dave’s and that it didn’t seem to be coming from a TV. This is when she decided to creep out and discover what and where the noises were actually coming from.

As she tiptoed down the hallway and peered around the corner, she noticed Dave leaning down in front of the couch where Jessica was sitting spread eagle. The sight was perplexing to her, almost as if she was dreaming instead of literally witnessing the lewd act. After being in a stooper for a little while, she then noticed Dave stand up in front of Jessica as she removed his shorts and began giving Dave what he had been asking of HER ever since they started having sex. He always tried to get her to blow him, and of course would always ask her to let him cum inside her mouth while she was blowing him, but she just didn’t think that was something she could do and found the thought of Cum in her mouth revolting and disgusting.

Jennifer was just always turned off by the idea and thought that sperm must be the most disgusting thing on the planet to have in your mouth. Not to mention she just didn’t enjoy the act of sucking his cock due to the pain it caused her jaw as she did it. She never thought that Dave would actually ever take advantage of the advances of another woman and satisfy his dream of getting his dick sucked while cumming during the act.

She figured it must have been the shock of the situation that kept her from reacting like she wanted to. Even more than that, she actually found the act of watching Dave and Jessica was having a stimulating effect on her. She did’nt masturbate or anything while watching them but she also didn’t walk away or say anything either. This is where Jennifer was struggling within herself. Did she actually want to watch? Did she herself want to have that moment of fantasy too? What would she do with this new information of what she was witnessing?

Dave was basking in the satisfaction of just having Cum in Jessica’s mouth from her expert oral skills. It was the best thing he’d ever experienced and was everything that he had hoped it would be. Jessica was lightly stroking his cock still and he had reached down and was playing with her nipples, simply because he thought she had such perfect nipples and, even better, she was letting him play with them. This was something he never go to do with Jennifer.

Jessica had said to him, “Oh, he won’t find out. Trust me.” Jessica said. “In fact, I think I have a way of making sure that neither one of us gets any backlash from this little bit of fun we had.” Dave wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that and with his fingers teasing her nipples, and her stroking his cock still, he didn’t care. He was already becoming erect again. Jessica noticed his arouasal immediately and wasted no time in taking advantage of his ability to keep the erection. She leaned forward and took the head of his cock back between her lips and expertly swirled her tongue around the tip. She could still taste his cum as he was leaking a little bit more. Jessica loved the taste of Dave’s Cum and wanted more.

Dave became fully erect once again after feeling Jessica begin to suck on the tip of his cock. He loved what she was doing with her tongue and to him it felt like she must have been able to suck out a little more Cum from his spent cock. Jessica began to move her mouth down his length beylikdüzü ucuz escort little by little. Dave was getting wobbly after having just exploded into Jessica’s mouth so he tapped her lightly on the shoulder and said “would it be ok if I sat down?”

“Yes, please do” Jessica politely answered. She thought that would be better anyways since she was sitting at a weird angle on the couch and him sitting down would allow her to kneel down and have better control over her actions.

Dave sat down and spread his legs as Jessica knelt down in front of him and grasped the base of his cock as she methodically took his entire length into her mouth. She had to work at it a little due to his width. Dave loved this feeling. Jennifer, whenever she did suck his cock, could never take more than half of his length without gagging due to his thick cock. Feeling his cockhead lodged in the back of her throat was a feeling that he couldn’t describe. It was soft yet tight. It felt like he was having his cock pushed through a tiny hold that couldn’t accomodate his girth. Jessica wasted no time in trying to bring Dave to another orgasm. She repeatedly moved her mouth up and down his entire shaft and swirled her tongue around the head of his fat cock every upstroke. Dave had one hand on the back of her head and the other on her right nipple. Feeling her nipple was exciting him so much. Doing that and having her sucking his entire shaft from tip to base over and over was causing his balls to tighten up already. He knew that another orgasm was emminent and he was so happy at that moment that he completely forgot about anything else.

“I’m close Jessica” Dave announced. Jessica didn’t say anthing. She simply increased her efforts and looked up at Dave to let him know that she was not going to stop until he blew his load into her wanting mouth. Her eyes locked onto his and she begand to stroke the base of his cock as she moved up and down on his now completely rigid cock. Dave moved his hand with her head and encouraged her to keep going. Having Jessica staring at him was enough to push him over the edge. He let out a long groan and thrust his hips upward to drive his cock as deep as Jessica would allow him. Jessica realized he was Cumming and dove down all the way and began to suck on Dave’s cock, milking him of all he had to offer.

Dave shot a second load, not as much as his first, into Jessica’s throat. He felt her throat contracting as she was swallowing everything that he had to give. Dave was in absolute heaven. Here he was, after years of wishing for this to happen just once, blowing a SECOND load into the mouth of woman he’d never thought he’d ever have any sexual experience with. Jessica was so good at what she did and since he didn’t know if he’d ever have the chance to experience this feeling ever again, he relished in every orgasmic moment. He caressed Jessica’s head and lightly pulled on her nipple.

“Thank you so much Jessica. I never knew that cumming inside a woman’s mouth would be as good as that was. I always wanted to because I imagined it would awesome, but I never knew it would be THAT good.”

Jessica pulled her mouth off of Dave’s spent cock and smiled at him. “I’m glad i was able to make that dream come true for you Dave. I’m also glad that you enjoyed it more than you thought you would.” Jessica then took Dave back into her mouth and sucked again on him to pull every last drop from his balls. She released his cock with a popping sound after sucking the last drop out of him. “I think we better get back to our individual rooms now before morning comes and we wear each other out. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and have to put some plans into motion”.

Dave suddenly was reminded of what she had said earlier when he panicked about Jennifer or her husband finding out what had happened. “”Oh, he won’t find out. Trust me.” Jessica said. “In fact, I think I have a way of making sure that neither one of us gets any backlash from this little bit of fun we had.” was what she said. What was it she had to plan? How would she keep her husband from finding out and beating him up and/or kicking him and Jennifer out? How would he keep this from Jennifer if they were to continue? Dave’s mind was reeling with fear and confusion suddenly.

Jessica kissed Dave’s cockhead one last time and stood up and walked away towards her bedroom. Dave watched her sweet naked body walk away and realized that he had just received the one thing that he had wished for since he first seen a woman in porn movies take a man’s cum into her mouth. Dave decided that he had better take her advice and go back to the bedroom before Jennifer realized he hadn’t come back to room yet. He knew that she would eventually awaken and realize he was still gone. He grabbed his shorts and put them back on as he quietely moved back to the bedroom. He carefully opened the door and looked to see if Jennifer was asleep yet or if she had beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort been awake. He noticed her lying on her right side facing the wall on the left side of the bed and couldn’t tell if she was awake or not. He delicatly moved into the bed as to keep the motion of the bed at a minimum. Once he was safely back in bed he dozed off immediately. Two orgasms back to back is tough on a guy that rarely has them. lol

Morning came and Jennifer noticed Dave was back in the bed with her. She knew he had tried to sneak back in unnoticed an had played along, pretending she was asleep. She was tempted to just roll over and punch him but decided to keep this information to herself since she knew that neither him or Jessica knew that she had witnessed what they did. It was Jessica’s comment that had her intrigued and wanting to keep this to herself. She was curious as to what Jessica meant and wanted to hold off on exposing them until a better time. Until then, she was going to have to pretend as though Dave’s infidelity had never happened. She rolled towards Dave and kissed him Good Morning. Dave hesitantly returned her kiss. He was still nervous with guilt about what had happened last night but was also reasoning that he needed to pretend that nothing was out of the ordinary. “Good Morning” he said after giving her another kiss. “Good Morning” Jennifer replied. “I’m going to go take a shower” Jennifer said as she rolled out of bed. Dave watched her as she got up and proceeded to gather her clothes that she was to wear after her shower. Dave stayed in bed as he watched her get ready for the day ahead. A day that he was uncertain about himself given the actvities that transpired last night. Dave began to reminisce about the wonderful blowjobs he received from Jessica as he lay in the bed.

As Dave lay in bed recalling the vivid recent memories, he became aroused and his cock stiffened to epic proportions. It rivaled most of the morning wood he had awakened to in his lifetime. Dave wished that Jessica would come into the room right then and pleasure him once again but feared that it would be too risky. Dave reached under the covers and began to fondle himself as he reminisced. Jennifer quickly finished her shower and after her prep for the day, she returned to the room. She opened the door, startling Dave, and realized that he had been playing with himself. “Fuck. Even after getting a blowjob from Jessica, he STILL has to play with his insatiable cock” she thought to herself in disgust.

“What are you doing?” she quizzed.

“Nothing. I was just adjusting my morning wood” Dave smartly replied.

“Well you better get up and get ready. I want to go get some things done today since we both have the day off. Now go get in the shower. I’m going to go out and eat some breakfast.” Jennifer said. Dave did as she requested in an effort to keep her attitude down to a minimum. He gathered his clothes and went to the hallway bathroom where he had seen Jessica naked for the first time. He now could not keep his mind off of Jessica and her sexy body. He imagined those nipples again and it kept his cock erect. The memory of touching them, pulling on them, sucking on them was too much for Dave to bear and he decided to relieve himself in the shower. He fantasized Jessica was in the shower with him and on her knees as he jerked his cock in front of her face. He pictured her with her open mouth waiting for his Cum. He exploded as his Cum sprayed all over the front of the shower wall. Just after he finished ejaculating, Jennifer entered the bathrooom to do some finishing touches on her makeup and hair. Dave had to turn away to hide his pending erection that had yet to subside.

“Are you almost finished?” she asked.

“Yes, just finishing up now” Dave answered. He rinsed his hair quickly and exited the shower. His cock was now going limp but was still slightly stiff and protruded outward. Jennifer noticed his state through the mirror as he opened the glass door to the shower.

“Did you take care of your Morning Wood while you were in there?” she asked with sarcasm.

“NO!” Dave answered defensively. “I was thinking about you and it just didn’t go down until a few minutes ago” he lied and smiled. He thought that if he flattered her she might lighten up a little and brighten up. Jennifer was not amused by his feable attempt to flatter her knowing full well that he was likely masturbating to the idea that he had just had oral sex with Jessica the night before. But, in an effort to keep the advantage of not letting him know that she was aware, she faked her appreciation of his comments. “Well maybe you should have joined me when I showered so we could have put that to use” Jennifer replied with convincing effect.

Dave didn’t want to make her suspicious that what he had just done in the shower was his 3rd orgasm in the last 8 hours. He walked up behind her and put his arms around beyoğlu escort her, just underneath her breasts, and pushed his semi-hard cock between her cheeks and ground his hips a little. “Not now silly. We need to get going so please hurry up and get ready” Jennifer said, diffusing the advances of Dave. Dave moved his hands up and cupped her breasts as he leaned to the side and kissed her on the cheek. He squeezed her breasts a few times and then moved back to put his clothes on. Jennifer tried to ignore his sexual advances but found herself strangely excited by his groping of her tits and pushing his cock into her backside. This reaction was still surprising to Jennifer since she should be feeling outrage and anger at Dave’s actions. Instead she felt like taking advantage of the situation and allowing Dave to take her as she bent over the counter. She didn’t typically want her breasts or nipples fondled but for some reason she didn’t mind it that time. In fact, she wanted more of what he was doing. It was as if witnessing the act last night awakened something inside her that was dead before.

Jessica stayed in her office that morning and only communicated to Dave and Jennifer as they announced they were leaving to go out for a while. She asked what time they thought they’d be back to which Jennifer replied that they would be back in about 5 hours. Jessica then contacted Tim once they were out of the house. She remembered that conversation they had on the way back from their movie night where the theme involved couples that were “Swingers”. She was certain the Tim was intrigued by Jennifer and her big boobs and, since her and Dave had now already crossed that threshhold, she wanted to even the playing field a bit and make sure that this newfound experience of hers was not going to be viewed in a negative light. She wanted to see a way to get Tim and Jennifer to also enjoy each other so that perhaps they could indeed have that open sexual relationship that she’d always wanted. What she wasn’t aware of was that Tim also wanted that same thing but was always afraid that Jessica wouldn’t understand. He was convinced that Jessica would leave him if he suggested such a thing. But now, here was Jessica acting on her desires and Tim didn’t even know. She toyed with the idea that this was her opportunity to tell him what had happened but then thought that it wasn’t the time or the place yet.

“How is your trip going so far honey?” Jessica asked Tim.

“Oh, you know. The usual. Business meetings and late night rendevous with clients. It’s always an excuse to have another drink it seems” as he chuckled that last comment away.

“Sounds like the normal boring stuff to me” Jessica replied to keep the conversation normal. “Who all is there? Anyone I know?” she asked to seem interested.

“Well, Bob, Darrin, Christopher, Ted, and Susan are here from the office and you wouldn’t know the other people. They are from our clients firm.” Tim answered.

“Oh, Susan is there again, huh? She seems to go on a lot of these meetings with you all doesn’t she?” Jessica added to pry into the idea that Tim seemed to bring her along on every trip that he attended. She met Susan once and noticed that Susan was a tall, dark haired woman with a beautiful figure and a very pretty face. Not to mention the big boobs she had. Susan was confident, single, and eager to advance. The exact type of woman that would use her assetts to her advantage to get what she wanted. She often wondered if Tim had something going with her but never had the audacity to ask until now.

“Jessica is crucial to these meetings since she has all the data needed to ensure our clients are getting all the proper numbers and facts.” Tim replied. “She’s been very instrumental on this trip. She’s been on top of her game the entire weekend.” Tim added, while in his mind remembering how “on top” she was last night in his hotel room. Tim was indeed having an affair with Susan and enjoyed her 36C breasts whenever they were on a trip such as this one. Tim tried to change the subject and diffuse the conversation around Susan before he was caught in a situation where he may have to explain anything. “So, how are things back home? Are you, Dave and Jennifer having a good time?”

Jessica was now caught off guard by such a simple question. She was having a very good time after last night. Jessica almost decided to share her experience with Tim but again realized that in order to set up what she wanted, she’d have to play things as cool and usual as possible. “We are having a good time, yes. Dave and Jennifer had a little bit of a spat last night and he ended up on the couch for a while. I heard the TV on, went out to see what was happening, and ended up talking to him to calm him down and help sooth things over and eventually he went back to their room. They are both out today doing things and took the bus downtown. They seem to be enjoying their weekend. I’m going to catch up on a few things here and then probably just spend the rest of my day with the kids.” Jessica said.

“What was the fight about?” Tim inquired. Jessica knew he would ask that question. In a way, she wanted to talk about it to get him curious. She wanted so badly to tell him all that happened, and how, but had to keep fighting the urge since she wasn’t entirely sure how Tim would respond.

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