Dave – Megan’s Day Off Part 2

Dave – Megan’s Day Off Part 2Meghan got up close and personal and we hugged for a good few minutes and I felt my hard cock pushing against her belly, I am sure she could feel it and maybe that’s why the hug was so long, I even let my hands slip down from her waist to her arse cheeks feeling her bare cheeks under her shirt.She didn’t move, I brought one hand up and stoked her golden blonde hair pressing her head into my hairy chest while the other hand squeezed her arse cheek, her arms tight around my waist I remembered how tactile she was, we were both very similar in that respect, just like her mum.. must be in the genes.“I bet you can’t carry me inside” she said laughing as she moved her arms up and clasped her hands around my neck and then jumping up wrapping her little legs around my waist, OMG my immediate reaction was to put my hand back down under her arse cheeks to support her but more concerning was my throbbing cock was right between her legs and I could feel it under my shorts pushing, Mmm“OK” I said joining in with the crazy game and laughing along with my niece, “But we will have to move slowly as I don’t want to put my back out” I said and just held her for a few moments which seemed like an eternity.She held on tight as I shifted to get better grip and found my fingers fumbling in her gusset and the first step forward I found my cock had slipped out the fly of my boxers and OMG I knew where this was leading, as I took the next step I eased my cock into position while my fingers probed between her legs to pull her panties to one side. As we took the next step Meghan gasped and lightly bit into my shoulder as my cock slipped into her wet hole, I kept my grip on her arse as we took the next step and with every step she slipped further down my cock, I could even feel her tightening up as I slipped right in there.As we got into the lounge I could feel her nipples digging in my chest and with each step she bounced forcing her to moan and softly mumbling in my ear, “Mmm Uncle Dave, don’t put me down.. Mmm” she was sighing so I held on gently thrusting into her young cunt.She bit into my shoulder again as her body shuddered and I felt her much more lubricated now, her constant moaning in my ears was pushing me further to the finishing line and I was even surprised I had lasted this long, thoughts of doing to Meghan something I had never done with Flo was somewhat exciting and I was relishing every damn second of her bouncing up and down on my cock.I certainly needed this after the last couple of weeks of teasing and I couldn’t help but yelp out “OH FUCK YESS BABYGIRL” as I felt my cock explode deep inside her belly, my cum seemed to be endless as she gripped her legs around my waist savouring the warm feeling shooting through her body.We stayed in the same position for some time after my ejaculation subsided, neither of us wanting to move, both of us feeling totally at ease and comfortable, damn it felt so good.Finally her head lifted from my shoulder and her big blue eyes were wide and sparkling.. with a hint of redness I must admit, she smiled warmly and looked into my eyes, “WOW Uncle Dave, thank you so much, I love you Uncle Dave” she said and gave me a quick kiss right on the lips, OMG!!Meghan jumped down and excused herself to go use the bathroom and I must say I felt like bursa escort punching the air as I put my hanging cock back inside my shorts, Damn that was needed and I hoped that would be just a one off, time will tell.I fired up another joint and went back out to the patio to wait for Megs still smiling at my achievement with my loving niece, I had this gut feeling that we were going to have a very loving uncle/niece relationship.Meghan returned dressed back in her tee shirt and thong taking her seat and again putting her feet up but this time putting her knees up under her chin, a bit more lady like however I still had a blinding view of her bulging pussy puffed out between her legs.We shared the joint but no reference was made about what had happened and we chatted about this and that like nothing had ever happened, a bit weird but I thought I would run with it.We finished the smoke and were both buzzed up but still had a couple of hours before Flo got home and Megs suggested that we watch some TV, “Can we cuddle up on the sofa Uncle Dave?” she asked and knowing how tactile and affectionate she was I readily agreed, it was a bit of a struggle getting inside and we ended up holding each other up but we did eventually make it to the sofa where I plonked myself down and playful Meghan falling on top of me, we were both laughing so hard.Eventually we got comfortable with me on my side and Megs laying in front of me, it was nice feeling her arse pushing back against me and brought back memories of my teenage years cuddling up to Flo, MmmI put my arm around her waist and let it linger on her belly by the waistband of her knickers while she flicked through the channels to find a decent program.My head was spinning and personally I didn’t care what we watched as I had the feeling I was going to be out very soon.Finally Meghan decided on a program and laid her head next to mine and we cuddled up, it was nice with my cock pressing up against her arse and my hand around her which had now wandered up to her chest cupping her puffy bee sting, her nipple digging in my palm, it was really comfortable and felt so natural.We were so fucked up that we both dozed off and didn’t even hear Flo come home, she had already showered and changed before standing over us looking down, how long she had been there was a mystery but as my eyes opened and focused my first reaction was that she would be mad for me cuddling her daughter so close and bloody angry that her daughter was topless.Luckily she was neither and didn’t even mention her lack of clothes but seemed more concerned at how her baby girl was feeling.“How is she Dave?” she asked and I said that she is doing fine at which point Meg woke up smiling at her mother.Flo sat down in the chair opposite and we had some general chit chat, Flo was wearing this long baggy vest that had huge armholes which gave me a lovely view of her perky little titties whenever she moved, Mmm and that didn’t help my erection pressing into Meghan’s arse.Flo looked at how comfortable we were and so happy that we had formed a bond, her daddy used to cuddle her like this and she was so happy that we could replicate to make Megs feel more at home.“Do you remember when we used to cuddle like that and watch TV?” Flo asked reminiscing and I remembered it so very well and even felt my cock escort bursa pulse against Meg’s arse.I was getting the impression that Flo remembered a lot from those early days and the secrets we had kept for 20 odd years.It had been bugging me all day how Flo would react after last night but I needn’t have worried because just the way she was dressed tonight gave me the sign however it would only be after Meghan goes to bed will I really know. That time was upon us and after getting a big hug and a kiss from my niece Flo took her up to bed.I still had a couple of cones already made so went out to the patio and waited for Flo to join me, she took ages which was worrying which made me wonder if Meg had told her mum how the day went.Finally she came down and joined me for a smoke, she thanked me for looking after Meghan and was so happy that we bonded so well, she was so worried about Megs not having that ‘father’ figure in her life and was so grateful that I had taken on the role.As she sat talking not only was I getting a flash of her little white panties but plenty of opportunity to see into her vest at her perky 34b’s and stiff nipples and as we smoked I could feel my arousal.I was beginning to love the openness of our chats and she kept bringing up the past which I didn’t mind as I got to know how she actually felt back then and certain comments or actions would trigger a memory.She saw me looking between her legs at her white gusset and looked up, “Do you remember the first time you licked me down there?” she said with a gleam in her eye waiting for my response, I hadn’t forgotten the day either remembering how nervous I was not because I hadn’t done it before because I had, after all I was 18 at the time but more nervous because it was my sister.She opened her legs wider and looked down, “I got hair now” she said laughing and I could see a few stray hairs either side of her thin white gusset, she was tempting me..“Really?” I replied acting like I had no idea but knew full well she had neatly trimmed hair as I had peeped on her while she was sleeping on more than one occasion, sometimes she sleeps in panties and sometimes she sleeps naked, damn yummy creeping in her room and seeing them both in the moonlight, Mmm“Why don’t you have a closer look bro?” she said moving to the edge of the chair opening her legs wider.. my cock pulsed as it pushed against the waistband inside my boxers, I didn’t hesitate as I got on my knees between her outstretched thighs licking my lips at the feat that lay before me, MmmI could tell by the smell that they were clean on after her shower as she smelt sweet as I got my head closer, she knew as well as I did that this wasn’t just to have a closer look and any doubts to my intention where soon dispelled when my tongue ran up the gusset forcing Flo to moan rather loudly.I pulled her legs up over the arms of the sun lounger so my tongue could trace her thin white string down to her arsehole which although I did give it a licking back in the day it wasn’t something she was keen on and I was keen to see how 20 years has changed things.As my tongue flicked around her shaded starfish her legs instinctively wrapped around my neck and she held me down there which was the perfect answer to how she feels now.I pulled her thong to one side exposing her nicely trimmed bursa escort bayan pubic triangle and giving me easy access to both her rear entrance and her protruding labia lips. She came very quickly as my tongue darted back and forth with my nose rubbing her swollen nubbin.“Damn Dave” and “Fuck Yeah” were her phrases of the night as my tongue ran riot with thoughts of yesteryear running through my mind.She was wriggling and gyrating and her body was constantly shaking as her orgasms flowed, my cock was throbbing inside my shorts and I craftily reached down and released it through the fly and held the shaft.This was not the romantic idea I had of fucking Flo for the first time but we were both fucked up and in a frenzy and she was ready for it.I pulled up from between her legs and looked into her wide blue eyes, she glanced down and saw me holding my throbber and a smile came across her face, MmmI inched forward with cock in hand and expertly guided it between her puffy labia lips and it was like the felt it and sucked the swollen head inside, she gasped at the size and moaned as I slid slowly inside her lubricated pussy, her legs tightening around my waist pulling me in tighter until I felt my balls banging against her arse cheeks.Oh yes, this is it.. I have waited 20 odd years for this moment and by the way she was contracting her cunt muscles I think she had been waiting too, finally I was feeling the inside of my sister and OMG did it feel good.With her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck I started to build up a nice steady rhythm and I looked down at her face filled with concentration and her eyes closed to the outside world, I wasn’t going to rush but it felt so damn good and when she shook again and the squelching started I knew I wasn’t far away from filling her with brotherly love.I actually thought the chair was going to collapse and my decision to buy quality paid off as we were rocking and just as I was about to empty my load I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams as my cock exploded deep inside her belly, OMG her legs were like clamps around my back as my cock pulsated shooting two or three good spurts. Her eyes opened and we looked at each other like the sudden realisation of what we had just done, it was like we both froze however I could feel her cunt muscles sucking the final drops out of me.I stroked her forehead and ran my fingers through her light blonde hair forcing a smile which I took to be sincere and I knew there were no regrets, “Wow Dave, THAT was something else babes” she sighed softly confirming her enjoyment of getting fucked for the first time in quite a while, we certainly blew the cobwebs off tonight.There was such a strong bond between the tree of us which was remarkable and every day felt so natural and open and now that the physical side has reared its head it again feels so natural.I got up and helped Flo to her feet and we hugged for quite a while, my hands squeezing her bare arse cheeks felt so natural and Flo’s head on my shoulder, she felt so loved and safe which is more than she got out of 12 years of marriage.We were close growing up but then things cooled while she fucked up her life with a dick head of a husband but since the split she has opened herself up and there was deep family love, it was a great atmosphere.We headed off to bed and again being the gentleman I let her lead the way, she knew I was looking at her arse and even slowed down half way up, she was a tease and she loved it, I didn’t mind either…To Be Continued….

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