Subject: David A Boys Story 17 This is the last chapter of David’s story. A continuation of his story is explained at the end of this chapter. Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cody’s Impressions Nikki was Delectable. About five foot six inches and a hundred and forty pounds, he was firm as can be and smooth as a new born baby, except for the neat patch of brown pubic hair nestled at the base of his six inches of teenage cock. He had a wonderful slender ass that was almost rock hard firm and when I buried my tongue inside the cleft I was presented with a tight smooth hole. His balls were hairless as well, with smooth eggs that fit my mouth perfectly which suited both of us just fine. I was hot as all hell as I licked and slurped both of those areas, and the boy moaned with an equal amount of pleasure. When I slipped my cock inside of him, his hole gripped my shaft and held on to it as I fucked him, sliding my throbbing cock in and out of that tight warm place. When he came, he cried out my name and I continued my grip on his slender hips until I too, blasted hot sperms inside his delicious asshole. David fucked him after I did and the boy came a second time in the space of about twenty minutes. I crawled underneath his belly and sucked Nikki’s cock while my lover drove his big dick in and out of the boy. That was a sight to behold, trust me on that, and my hands fondled the soft smooth balls of both him and David. When Nikki came he did so with force, his cum blasting down my throat. We spent time at a variety of other endeavors and positions as well and both David and Nikki fucked me and we finally showered and fell asleep about four in the morning. God what a fucking night, no pun intended, night. Breakfast the next morning was less populated than the day before. Dane found me later on in the morning as I sat outside by myself. He had spent some of the night with Jamahl and later they were joined by Dom and Misha. He said it was quite hot, everybody fucking and sucking and licking and slurping on everybody else. Afterwards they talked and Misha wondered if Andy would let them have an all boy orgy in “the room” downstairs that night. I smiled at Dane and told him he must be having a great time, what with all the new cock. He said he was but that he was missing me a little bit and at that he snuggled up to me. “Are you having fun with David Cody,” he asked. I said that I was and left it at that but he wanted to go further. “Misha and Dom both said that he loves you like he has never loved anyone before Cody, that he believes you are the man he is s’pose to be with for the rest of his life. Did you know that?” he asked. I said that I didn’t know all of it but that David loved me was beyond all doubt in my mind. “I love him too Dane. I mean,” I went on, “I am in love with him and this trip is making me realize that even more. Neither of us is sure that we want to wait until he graduates to live together. What do you think of that my baby boy?” I asked him. He said that he and his grandfather had talked a little bit about that and that he, Dane, had a great deal of control over the outcome. Bill told Dane about our discussion and my loyalty toward them both and that without his consent, the relationship between David and I would have to wait. That was a lot of weight for the shoulders of a fourteen year old boy, especially one in Dane’s position with few relatives, none that he was as bonded with as he was with me. He said that he was worried that he would be set aside, that David and I would be so much into each other that he, Dane, would be left out. That scared him. I unhooked myself from him, put my hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eye, “I understand how you might feel that way my sweet boy, but that would never ever happen, not ever. I love you and I am dedicated to you. David knows that and David loves you almost as much as I love you. Neither of us would ever put you on the side Dane, not for any reason what so ever. I hope that you can believe that.” By then a tear was running down my cheek. This was an emotional situation for me, I did love the boy, totally. I was in love with David, totally. I knew in my heart it could work, the three of us living together. Dane’s eyes got teary as well and he hugged me tight to him. “Would I still be able to be sexy with you my sweet man, maybe even sometimes without David being there too, even though I love being sexy with him and want to do it more.” I smiled at him and said that I didn’t see that as being any kind of problem at all that as far as I knew, David would be as dedicated to Dane’s well-being as either me or his grandfather were. David came out of the house at that point and Dane invited him to sit down with us. Dane jumped right into the conversation, sharing his thoughts and concerns with David. David hugged Dane to his chest and told him the same thing that I had said, and that if he, David, thought that a relationship with me would jeopardize Dane in any way, he would wait until Dane was old enough to be able to deal with it, assuming that would happen before Dane turned eighteen. We talked some more, troubleshooting the situation and finding few problem areas but solving the ones we did find. We all agreed that David living with us was both desirable and workable and that any problems that came up could be worked out. We hugged, we kissed, we cried, we laughed, relief clearly having been found for us all. Dane brought up the idea of the orgy and David thought it a splendid idea and said he would ask the various parties, although he knew what the answer would be. David The orgy that night was beyond description. I mean, I could describe it but there is no way I could do it justice, no way I could report everything that happened since I was so fucking busy myself. Andy had managed to cover most of the floor in mattresses so that some thirteen or fourteen beautiful, sexy, horny boys between the ages of fourteen and nineteen would have a suitable playground. Ikaika and Lucio were with Bill or Andy but everyone else, including a couple of the house staff boys who were off duty joined in. By mutual consent of the participants, the entire orgy was filmed using three different camera’s and each participant, along with Andy, would receive a professionally edited copy. There was no real order, people grouped together in every imaginable combination of numbers or wandered from group to group or person to person. When anyone felt that they needed a shower they took one. When anyone wanted to leave they could although no one did as long as I was there. I was the focal point since it was my party and at one time or another I interacted with everyone in the room except Tonio and for some strange reason, Daven. Many of the participants wanted to spend at least a little time with me, to have my huge cock rammed up their asses. It didn’t usually last very long and I didn’t cum in anybody, but fuck them I did. Things were getting hot and heavy, there was rock hard delicious boy cock everywhere and the noises of kissing and sucking and jerking along with moans and groans and aaaahhhh’s and whatever else you can imagine filled the room. Daven came in late for some unknown reason and looked like he felt out of place. He was a fucking A cute boy of fourteen with brown hair and blue eyes dazzling white teeth with an award wining smile and an outgoing personality. Cody had been actively involved with a group but went to him, his hard cock bobbing in front of me and he all but stared at for a moment. “Are you okay Daven,” Cody asked, taking the boys’ hand. I was glad that Cody was shepherding the boy because I was so busy and I knew that Daven was the least experienced person there. “Ya Cody,” I heard him say, “but I’m a little nervous, this is my first time in here. I really want to do it but I’m a little scared.” “Would it help if I stayed with you awhile, helped you sort of get acquainted?” “Oh yeah,” he smiled, “I’d like that a lot Cody.” Cody pulled him to him and gently kissed his perfect lips and Daven quite amenable to kissing. He responded back, putting his arms around my neck, his mouth open wide, and his tongue searching for mine. Cody pulled his shirt out of his jeans and ran his hands up under it, feeling the firmness of his abs then his chest, and he tweaked Daven’s nipple causing a moan from deep in his throat. One of his hands left Cody’s neck and traveled downward until it found his throbbing hard dick and he grasped it, feeling up and down its length and gently squeezing it. Daven broke the kiss and said, “God I love your cock Cody, I’ve been dying to see it” he panted. Cody was dying to see what the boy had hiding in his pants as well and told him so. Daven stopped what he was doing and reached down and unbuttoned his jeans then pushed them down to his ankles then leaned back into my body. Cody in turn, pulled his t-shirt up and over his head then pulled him back into himself, Cody’s cock pressing against Daven’s hard young cock which was straining against his red jockey briefs. Cody put his hands on Daven’s tight little ass, kneading it and pulling his lower body even closer to me as we kissed and slurped ankara eve gelen escort at each other’s mouth. Finally, Cody slipped his hands inside Daven’s underwear and slid them down until their progress was stopped by his cock. Cody got to his knees and stared at the thing behind the red cloth. and I put his mouth on it, blowing hot breath through the cloth onto the teenager’s flesh. Cody’s hands found the waistband and I pulled out and down, freeing the young teen’s cock and watching it bound out, almost poking my lover in the face. Daven was magnificent. His lower belly was firm and well defined, his dark brown pubic fuzz a nice neat patch at the base of seven inches of thick hard boy cock. His large balls hung loosely in their smooth hairless sac, undoubtedly producing a ton of hot boy sperm even as we stood there. Cody grasped onto his shaft, the fat head leaking precum, and directed it toward his mouth, Cody’s tongue taking a swipe at the slit and licking up the liquid all but pouring out it. The darling cute boy moaned as Cody took the swollen head into his mouth and explored its satiny flesh, his lips sliding back and forth over the sensitive edges. Cody sucked on him for a few moments, taking more of the shaft into his mouth and throat, one hand gripping and directing his cock, the other one underneath, hefting and gently squeezing his fat balls. Cody finally stopped and stood up, once again hugging the boy to him. Cody’s Impressions A loud yelp caught our attention and we both turned to watch as David’s huge cock slowly disappeared inside of Tonio’s smooth brown ass. A quick scan of the room saw Misha and Nikki licking and slurping on Dane’s swollen boy cock and balls while Alika was squatting over Dane’s face and Dane was licking the Hawaiian’s boys asshole and Dom sucked Alika’s cock. Two other boys, one of them Jamahl, were coming out of the shower, both had hard cocks and were visibly wet. I was astounded at Jamahl’s cock. I had heard it was big but hadn’t anticipated seeing a monster that matched David’s like his did. Daven and I went back to what we were doing, and sank to our knees on the edge of the a mattress and promptly moved into a sixty nine position and began sucking each other’s cock, balls, and sometimes getting down to each other’s asshole. That particular activity, or attempt at it, encouraged us to change into a different form of the sixty nine, with Daven straddling my face, his face at my crotch. I ran my tongue all around his tight muscle before trying to force my tongue inside of him. He moaned and wiggled his ass, pushing back into my face as if trying to help my tongue enter him. After a few minutes he held onto my hips and rolled over encouraging me to change positions and he proceeded to lick and suck on my asshole, rimming me out thoroughly. His big fat teenage cock was in my face and I proceeded to take half of into my mouth, bobbing back and forth on it like a huge lollipop. While I sucked him I scanned around for some lube as there were at least a dozen bottles of the stuff scattered around the room along with had towels for cleaning up the messes that were being made. I located one close to me and reached for it, squirting my finger with it and not breaking contact with Daven at all. I reached around a leg and pulled a firm ass cheek out of the way then slowly inserted my finger up into his hole. He gasped at the intrusion then resumed licking my asshole with even more fervor than he had been. I found his prostate and massaged it while continuing to finger fuck his tight ass and finally he’d reached his peak. “God Cody, hurry up and fuck me before I cum all over the place,” he moaned. I disengaged from him, slathered my cock and got between his legs, which he had pulled back out of the way. I put the fat head of my cock to his hole and gently pushed in until I passed the ring of muscle and buried it inside of him. Daven groaned again and I slowly pushed inward, inch by rock hard inch of my cock passing from sight inside this beautiful boy’s body. I put my hand inside the crook of his knees and held his legs apart, allowing him to jack himself, or put his hands on my chest or belly or whatever he wanted to do. At that time the door opened and Daniel came in. Daniel had been on duty so I was a little confused as the “duty boy” usually didn’t engage in anything but house duties. But, I paid it no mind. The gorgeous blonde teenager rapidly stripped naked, revealing another magnificent young body and a throbbing six inch cut boy cock. He immediately knelt next to Daven’s head and placed his cock at the boy’s lips. Daven was apparently all for that as he turned his head and proceeded to swallow half Daniels cock, one hand stroking the shaft and the other hand fondling the smooth low hanging balls. Daniel grabbed onto the lube and poured some on Daven’s cock and held onto it allowing my fucking action to move the boy’s throbbing dick in his hand. I had the impression that these two lovelies had spent some quality time together prior this event. I pushed Daven’s legs back further and began driving into his asshole, moving his body with each thrust, mashing my balls against his ass each time I bottomed out inside of him. Moans were escaping his mouth despite it being filled with Daniels cock and finally he left Daniels’ hard dick alone completely in order to scream out that he was cumming and indeed he was. Daniel had moved off Daven’s cock head, which began spewing out globs of fresh hot gooey boy goodness. Good god did he spew out. The first two jets shot all the way to his chin leaving a trail at least eight inches long down over his smooth firm chest. He shot at least another six or seven times, each squirt contained at least a tablespoon of cum, and drenching the front of his body. It was so fucking hot to watch that I began cumming as well, and I renewed my driving, ramming my cock into him as I squirted blast after blast of my own sperm into his young body. Some screams behind me indicated that someone else had reached their peak as well but I couldn’t be sure who it was. I told Daniel to come and stand in front of me, which he did and I grabbed onto his throbbing teen age pride and joy and began stroking and sucking while my lower body continued to fuck Daven. It didn’t take long before the moans and thrusts began and I felt his cock thicken in my hand and my mouth as he blasted his ball juice down my throat. As I pulled my cock from Daven’s twitching asshole Nikki came over and began licking Daven’s cum from his chest, belly and cock. Daniel dropped to his knees, still straddling Daven, and wrapped his arms around my neck and began kissing me passionately. When he finally broke the kiss he said he’d wanted for that to happen all day and now I made his dream come true. “Me too” Daven piped up and got to his knees and huggled in next to me and Daniel and turned my head so he could kiss me. Nikki meanwhile had moved on over to start sucking on Jamahl’s monstrous cock from underneath as the boy was getting fucked doggie style Dane. I decided to take a quick shower and if asked either of the cute fourteen year old’s if they wanted to join me but they decided to join the fray. Daven gave me another long kiss before leaving and thanked me again and said he hoped we would be able to get together again before I left. I told him I hoped so as well. Shannon was in the shower and welcomed me in with open arms, which I elected to melt into and gripped onto his slender boyish ass while I deep throated him long and hard. His hand found my half hard cock and began stroking it as we frenched and licked each other neck and ears. “I’ve missed you Cody” he panted it’s so great to see you.” We took the time to soap and clean each other while he told how things have been going on the ranch. “I’ve been with David a few times and it’s been pretty cool but I tell ya Cody, that boy loves you so, so much. I think he should move in with you now and finish school in Seattle.” I started to share my feelings about Dane in that regard and he cut me off. “Don’t go there Cody.” And he stopped soaping to look me in the eyes. “Dane will be okay. He knows that a long-term relationship between you and him was never in your future and he knows how much you and David are in love with each other. He loves you Cody with all his heart but he’s not in love with you. As long as you and David pay attention to him and include him things he’ll be fine. We’ve talked about it Cody, trust me okay?” My cock had softened some and Shannon said whimsically, “Well, I was hoping that you would fuck me Cody but it looks like I’ll have to be fucking you. Not that I’m complaining.” David I decided that, while similar to other gatherings I’d participated in during my 8 years at the ranch, this one was the best. Besides having all the cutest boys that I’d ever shared my body with, the man I loved, the man I wanted to spend my life with was there as well. Some might think that I would have been jealous that Cody was fucking so many boys but that was far from the case. I knew how things worked and I knew that no matter what, at the end of the day I went home with Cody and he knew the same of gaziantep escort me. This exercise was all about guilt free pleasure. Yeah, I loved every one of those guys as much as they love me but, like Dane and Cody, we weren’t in love. That was reserved for Cody and everyone including Cody knew that. No, I wasn’t jealous in the least, especially since I was fucking boys left and right too. It made me happy that I could present my lover with such an experience and believe me, it was an experience. I had fucked Daniel, one of the newer boys then after a shower I hooked up with Tonio, the Italian boy totally enamored with my cock, which wasn’t a surprise. I didn’t get to rim the boy because I didn’t know when the last time was that he had used or washed his puckered hole, but I got plenty of cock sucking in. I enjoyed cocks in his range, 5-6 inches, there was just something quite enjoyable having a cock that fit nicely in my mouth. For his part the boy sucked my cock like a pro and that wasn’t much of a surprise because he’d gotten plenty of practice on Cody’s cock. Antonio loved kissing as well and we managed plenty of that, the boy moaning softly as we tongue fucked each other faces. We finally got to the place where he was demanding to get fucked so we lubed him up and I finger fucked until he told to either make him cum or get my dick up his butt where it belonged. We got the boy on his back with his legs spread and wasted no time getting into position, teasing his pussy with my cock head then slipping inside the boy. Needless to say, Tonio yelped loudly. Most people did. We gave it a solid minute before I slowly worked the length of me into his tight little asshole. Once there I leaned forward and kissed him. “You fuck me good now David, make me cum from your grosso cazzo.” I slipped my arms under his legs and began to pound the boy. I fucked Tonio good and hard, the Italian boy crying out in his native tongue. It’s always fun fucking boys but a little more so when it’s a boy I haven’t been with. Antonio was a cutie and being a brown skinned boy made me think of Alika and other Hawaiian boys I’d been with. Tonio moaned and groaned and encourage me onward. At one point I had moved farther up his body to where his head was under my chest and I’ll be goddamned if the boy didn’t start sucking on my nipple. That wasn’t a first for me but it wasn’t a regular thing either and it spurred me onward. He finally wrapped his arms and his legs around me and hung on like a marsupial baby as I slammed my cock in and out of him. Tonio began grunting and whimpering each time I bottomed out inside of him so that his sounds almost became a litany. He finally cried out that he was cumming. I felt his asshole grip my cock like a vice and could feel his sperm hitting my stomach and chest as it shot out of his raging hard cock. As usual, it took me over the edge and I began loading him with sperm, the second such explosion of the evening. I actually saw stars, something that rarely happened and I pushed into the boy and swirled my ass around then went back to pounding him. As usual it was over too soon and we stayed there panting like racehorses as the boy relaxed back onto the mattress. I eventually moved and told him to hold on and we got him up than onto my lap, my grosso cazzo still deep inside of him. We kissed deeply and hugged each other tightly. “You must come to my home in Italy and fuck me much more David. My little one, Lucio would want you to fuck him as well.” I promised him that I would try and surprisingly enough the following year we flew to spent time with Bill in Zurich. He had stayed in touch with the boys and they became frequent visitors to his estate. Cody and I turned in early and although there was some disappointment from my guests, there was plenty of cock, tongue and asshole to keep everybody hard and squirting well into the wee hours of the morning. Cody and I were the first ones up and downstairs for breakfast along with Chamberlain, Bill, Andy, and the two younger boys, Kikes and Lucio. The latter were chattering like magpies, excited because Andy was going to take them out to play on a couple of the ATV’s. I wondered at how they understood each other since neither of them had any control over the English language. The rest of the conversation was light and when breakfast was finished Chamberlain asked if I would like to go over more of the particulars of the will. That Cody would sit in wasn’t even in doubt. Bill asked if he could sit in as well since he might be able to offer additional information, and David gave him a nod and we all adjourned to Andy’s office. “Mostly David,” the attorney began, “I wanted to go over some of the particulars with you. You don’t have to make any immediate decisions about anything. Anthony took care of everything. All of the properties are paid for, there is no outstanding debt anywhere. All taxes are taken care of by our accountant and its done through a separate tax account that has enough money it so that the interest covers expenses. There is some commercial property on Rodeo Drive, three rental houses; one each in Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Malibu. We have some contacts in the industry so the places are always rented to out of town movie or theater people who are in town for more than just a few days. Of course there’s the house in Missoula. Oh, and all four homes are furnished, the furnishings in the rentals are replaced every few years or whenever needed. There is also villa in Mazatlan and a small condo in New York city, both of which are for personal use for you and whoever else you choose to have access, up until now that includes Bill, myself, and other business associates. Bill chose to jump in. “Because Anthony and I were business partners in a variety of ventures David, we felt free to use each other’s places of residence in different cities. I have a few homes, as you both know, and over the years Anthony or a friend or associate have used them.” Chamberlain went on. “There is a company that leases out art work for film and television, some of it is original, most are reproductions. Anthony had some investments in the stock market, some aggressive some more conservative and when he passed on, he left a two million dollar life insurance policy and about three quarters of a million in the bank.” Bill broke in again. “Because of estate taxes David, he also left a goodly amount of currency, jewels, and gold in a safe deposit box in Zurich but I have no real idea of what’s in there.” “Speaking of estate taxes David, Anthony set things up so that the most minimal amount of his estate went to the government. All things considered your annual income right now is about a million five. Now, suggestions?” he asked. I shook my head “no” and he went on. “Unless you have a peculiar attachment to the Missoula house I suggest getting rid of it including the furniture except for the antiques or anything you want of course. You could try to rent or lease it out but I’m not sure there is a market for it. I can look into that if you like. All of the other properties are more than profitable, are in great locations and land prices continue to go up so no reason to sell anything there. The condo in New York and the villa in Mexico are no drain and should be kept as well. All of your investments are doing well and I would suggest leaving them alone for now. The artwork is entirely up to you. I’m sure there are things that you wouldn’t want to part with, especially the David collection,” at this he smiled. “But the reality is that art is a personal thing and I know that Anthony would never begrudge you selling anything that didn’t mean something to you.” The room was quiet for a moment before I spoke. “What will happen to Jim if I sell the house and move the cars to Seattle?” “A trust fund was set up for Jim that provides him with a more than adequate monthly income regardless of any other source of income that he may provide himself. On his death, the trust reverts back to you.” More quiet then I spoke again, “Alright let’s leave everything as it is except for the Missoula house. Please see if there’s a market for long-term lease and make arrangements for all of the artwork, the cars, and whatever else I decide to keep to be shipped to Seattle.” As he said this last part, David looked at me and squeezed my hand tightly and I responded in kind. “I take it then that you have decided to move earlier than originally thought,” Bill asked “Unless you have a strong objection to that Bill,” Cody said, “yes David will be moving in with me. Everyone including Dane and excluding me seems to believe that it’s a good move and that Dane is going to be okay. The three of us talked yesterday about it and voiced our concerns and how to resolve them. We’re all ready and willing to give it a try, especially Dane.” “I agree with you that Dane will be fine and I trust you both completely to take care of him in all respects. No, I have no objections but I do have a suggestion. I’ll be flying home in a few days. Why don’t you all fly back with me, check out your safe deposit box then leave Dane for a few weeks while you guys get settled in. You may want to take a look at ankara gerçek resimli escort your properties so when people talk to you about them, you have an idea of what they are, what they look like. Oh, if you need to make any sort of remodeling or additions for the cars or your art work, please feel free to have it done and let Chamberlain know the particulars.” I needed to go back down to Missoula and check out what things I wanted to keep so called Jim and told him when we would be there and asked to be picked up at the hanger. The trip was mostly uneventful. I roamed through the large home tagging those things Cody and I wanted to keep, which aside from the artwork, wasn’t a lot. There was a very handsome antique writing desk and some table I wanted but the rest of it could be sold. I explained to Jim what I was planning on doing and asked if the man had made any plans in the event of something like this happening. “Oh not really David. I have a house here, I have the trust fund from Anthony so I’ll be comfortable. I’ll miss you and the ladies of course but that can’t be helped.” “Well, what do you think of moving to the Seattle area,” David asked. “The ladies will still need your steady loving hands,” he said with a smile. Jim seemed to think about that for a moment then said, “I’ll give it some thought David.” We flew back to the ranch, getting in just before supper which was another zoo since everyone was still in residence. There was lots of bantering, lots of retelling of the day’s experiences which included ATV’s, horseback riding, skeet shooting, and for some, a helicopter trip out to the hunting spot on the river at the north end of the property. The talk turned to the future, both immediate and long term. Most of the boys there were still in high school, Misha being the only one in college. The biggest part of the future was the discussion of a yearly family reunion since this gathering had been so much fun for everybody. I stood at that point saying and said I had an announcement and when it was quiet announced, I will be moving to Seattle over the following month to live with Cody and Dane.” The news pretty much stunned everyone except Dane. Bill had talked with the boy that afternoon, suggested the trip to Switzerland and told him about David’s, and my, decision. Bill informed us that Dane had been more than okay, was looking forward to having me in the house and was especially looking forward to two weeks in Europe. While everyone began clapping, Dane got up from the other side of the table and came to our side and hugged each of us fiercely, tears in his beautiful green eyes and both Cody and I stood and hugged him to us, offering our support to each other in this new, strange sort of family. All of the guests then stood and clapped even louder then Shannon came and joined in the hug followed shortly by Alika and then everyone else came over and we all huddled together in one huge group hug. The trip to Europe proved interesting but uneventful. Bill had offered to take Tonio and Lucio home since we here sort of headed that way. Sort of. Bill wanted to become acquainted with the boys’ parents in the likely event that they were invited to spend time with us, or even Bill, who I suspect had taken a bit of a shine to young Lucio. We stayed at my New York condo then flew to Rome and stayed for two days getting to know the boys’ parents and saw some of the many sights then flew to Zurich, a fairly quick hop. Equipped with a copy of the will, and the safe deposit box key we descended on the bank. The will had been unnecessary as Anthony had taken care of everything and of course, the bank president knew Bill as well. The box was large, and heavy, needing to be transported to a private viewing room on a hand cart and once we were left alone I open the top. Stunned! That’s one way of phrasing it. How about double fucking stunned! The bottom of the 24 x 12 x 24 inch box was covered in neat stacks of Krugerands but of course I had to get through the other stuff first which, among other things, were bundles of currency, all big denominations, and from various of the stronger countries in the world; the U.S. England, France, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong to name a few. Each bundle contained a small slip of paper with the number 150k on it, which I took to mean that each bundle was A Hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or yen or Deutschmarks or whatever. There were also at least a dozen black velvet jeweler’s bags, which, upon opening revealed loose gemstones. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other I didn’t recognize. Each bag contained at least a dozen gems of similar size and family, the bags ranging from smaller sized stones to some that had to be two-caret weight if they were anything. There were a few boxes that contained jewelry pieces one of which was a magnificent diamond and sapphire choker. Bill chuckled when he saw that and said, “There’s a rumor that Anthony managed to get that from Elizabeth Taylor although the exact ” if and how” it happened was never confirmed and Anthony refused to talk about it. There should be a matching bracelet as well. David, Anthony was the most circumspect, respectful trustful man I have ever met and I miss him terribly.” As I said, the entire bottom of the box was stacked with Krugerands, ten high. I did a rough count and came up with at least a thousand of the ounce bars of pure gold, which roughly translated into sixty plus pounds of gold. “It was sort of a secret nest egg for him David,” Bill said. “Despite his money and influence, and the all but ongoing guarantee of it, he still felt that he needed to have something, just in case. I don’t know about the stones particularly but the gold and money is worth at least one and a half million.” Once again, I was astounded by the level of wealth that I had stumbled into. “I’m not sure what to do about all this Bill,” I said. “Well David, the beauty of it is, you don’t have to `do’ anything about it. It’s safe here, you don’t need the cash, and it’s always a safe hedge against just about anything. Leave it and come back once in a while and look at it.” That seemed to me to be the most prudent thing to do at the time. Later that night as we lay in bed was reflecting on the day I said, “Is this difficult for you sometimes Cody? I mean, the wealth, me having it, being around it all of a sudden, having it available to you?” “Sometimes I think so but I don’t really dwell on it,” he said. “I have everything I need and my wants and needs aren’t much so that’s ok. It’s a little strange just flying off to other places in the world but it doesn’t appear earth shattering to me. As for you having it. I dunno. I just think of you, as you, how you are right this moment. If you’re asking if I can live with being a kept man the answer is as long as I’m with you I can be comfortable with almost anything. If all the money were gone tomorrow, there would still be us. I’ve earned an honest living before and I can do it again. Not that parenting isn’t an honest job it is, but you know what I mean.” “I love you so much Cody,” I responded That being said, we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. The night before Cody and I were to fly back to the US Dane surprised us with a visit while we were in the shower. What he said was that he wouldn’t see us for a couple weeks which would be the longest he’d have been away from Cody since they met. What was unspoken but still clear was that Dane was having some emotional distress over it. Cody figured that out right off the bat. After some discussion Cody told him, “You don’t have to stay baby boy. You can come home with us tomorrow and we’d be glad to have you.” Dane sort of felt like Cody was just placating him but when Cody swore on it and so did I, we ended up in a tight 3 way hug. Without discussing it, Cody and I elected to focus our attention on the green eyed teenage hottie that night. We fucked the royal living shit out of the boy, all of us cumming a few times. Bill was a little disappointed in Dane’s decision but said he totally understood it. He also said that he would like to see Dane much more frequently since the boy was his only heir and considering we could practically fly anywhere at any time without any hassles that the peasants have to deal with, there was no reason not to. That said we planned on being in Zurich for Thanksgiving. We flew back the following morning, spent the night in New York again, then headed out and were at the ranch by 9 am, the time difference giving us a jump on the day. We spent the rest of the day packing up my truck with all of my belongings and hooked up a horse trailer. That night was another fuck fest with Shannon included along with Daven. After a fine breakfast the next morning we loaded my horse Domino into the trailer and shortly before 9 we were on the road and headed into a new life together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As stated previously, the story continues. The immediate follow up begins in chapter 17 of Dane. Other parts of David Cody & Dane’s story show up in various chapters of the following stories. All can be found under the Prolific Authors link at Nifty. Please note that the time line will be disrupted in the other stories and there may be some inconsistencies. It can’t be helped, deal with it and don’t bitch about cuz I ain’t listenin’. Mysterious Dragon Boy Majah & the Amazing Foot long The Watcher & the Watched Instructing My Son Tymmie Adam’s Return to Paradise Mainland Sojourn Walmart Waif

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