Subject: David-A Boy’s Story 9 I invited Matthew with a head nod and the man took hold of my cock and squeezed it. That seemed to be the thing most guys did when they saw any cock for the first time. Squeeze on it like their testing it or something. I sort of gave him the once over as he felt me. Matthew wasn’t a bad looking man. About in his early thirties he had short black hair, that same color as the smattering of hair on his well defined chest. In fact his whole body was pretty well defined, like he spent time in the gym. He was taller than me by five inches so I guess he would have been about five ten or something. I reached down and grasped onto his hard cock, a six-inch or so hunk of cock that was sliced like mine and leaking precum like a faucet. I thought for a moment that he’d probly squirt sperms like a fucking garden hose and that’s always cool to watch. He dropped to his knees and admired my steel hard boy cock, telling me how it was the nicest cock he’d ever seen and he’d seen plenty of boy’s dicks all over the world. He stroked on it, held it close to face and rubbed it against his cheek like it was a soft fur or something. He finally licked the head and cleaned off all the precum that I had been making then took the head into his mouth and sucked on it, letting his tongue get acquainted with it. Then he did a way cool thing. Matthew swallowed over half my cock. I could feel the head of it hitting the back of his throat then go a little further down. His throat muscles squeezed on it and almost made me go crazy. I had never had anybody suck my cock like that before. Everyone else only got a few inches of me in their mouth and they almost always gagged when they did it. Matthew bobbed there for a little bit and then swallowed a little more. I was moaned like crazy from the feelings that were going on, the warm feeling of his mouth and lips as they moved up and down on my cock. I couldn’t take much more and told him so. He took me out of his mouth, guided me to my knees in front of him and kissed me on the lips and I could tell he was getting in a fog of hotness cause of his breathing coming pretty fast. “I can make you cum right now but I’d also like you to fuck me. I really want to feel your fat hard cock in my ass David. Will you still be able to do it, to fuck me, if I make you cum?” I knew me, I knew what I could do and I knew that I was getting in a fog of hotness from the best cock sucking I’d ever had. “You bet I can Matthew. I can cum now and I can fuck you afterwards and if I cum now, I’ll fuck you even longer later.” Those must have been the words he wanted to hear. I got up and went to a blanket and lay down, telling Jon to come over too. His cock was full on hard again from watching Matthew and me so I figured I’d get to suck him while I got my own cock sucked. He was such a cutie boy and I really wanted to spend some time with him too. Matthew came right over and began holding my cock and sucking me, taking most of it into his mouth and making those wild feelings on the head of it with his throat. On the blanket next to us, Keith was sucking on Brandon’s six inch cut cock in a sixty nine position so that Keith’s asshole was in Brandon’s face and he was licking and slurping on the boy’s tight little hole. That was another one I wanted to do. I told Jon to bring me his cock and he did, leaning cross wise over my head and dipping his cock downward so I would lick and suck him. He was moaning and groaning too but since he had just spermed he wasn’t ready for another one quite yet, which I liked because I had some ideas about that too. It didn’t take very long for me to squirt out, what with Matthew doing what he was doing and me sucking on cute Jon’s hard dick. I didn’t even bother to tell Matthew that I was going to cum, correctly figuring that a guy that sucked cock that good would want to swallow my fresh warm sperms too. I came pretty hard, pushing my hips in the air when I squirted and stuffing even more of my pole down the man’s throat. I stopped sucking Jon and told him to go get the lube out of my bag, telling him where to find it. He came back a second later just as Matthew was taking my dick out of his mouth. “You make some good sperms for a young boy,” he told me. I thanked him then told him to lube my shaft, which he did, then he slathered some in his asshole. I told him to sit on it while I kept on sucking on Jon’s cock and that would keep me good and hot for a little while. He didn’t waste any time but straddled my lap and grasping onto my dick from behind, guided it to his hole. He didn’t waste any time there either but sat down hard enough to shove the head inside his ass. And stopped. “Oh god,” he moaned, his head held back. Jon kept up fucking into my mouth as Matthew sat all the way down on my cock, every inch of it rammed up inside his ass. “Fuck you feel good inside me David,” he said quietly. He sat there for a small bit of time, letting his body adjust to the invasion of the cock monster, wiggling a little bit as though to make sure it was still alive in there. Then he began to move. He lifted his weight from me, coming off me about half way before sitting back down again. I could tell this wasn’t going to work very well for him. I mean, it would work but it wouldn’t be the best fuck he’d ever gotten out of a boy and since he gave me a great suck off then I felt I should give him something better too. “Come off of me Matthew,” I said to him. He did as I asked then I told him to get into what ever position he wanted, the one he liked the best. He got on his hands and knees and I got right behind him and entered him, stuffing my cock all the way in until my pubes hit his skin. I grasped onto his hips, holding him tight, then began to give him the best fuck I could. I moved almost all the way out of him then went back in, all the while building up a little bit more power but keeping a steady rhythm. Once that was done I started slamming into him, my balls swinging with each thrust and my pelvic bone slamming into his butt. “Oh Christ, oh fuck, oh shit, fuck me David, fuck me as hard as you can, oh god slam your big boy cock into my tight ass David. Come on David, fuck me, that’s a good boy; fuck the shit out of me, jam your cock into me.” I was beginning to get tired. Fucking this guy had to be one of the longest workouts I’d ever had. “Jon, lube up your hand and grab onto his cock. You don’t have to jack him, my fucking him will take care of that, just hold his dick pretty tight. Jon did what I told him to and I fucked even harder it seemed. Even Brandon and Keith had stopped to watch, mesmerized by the show. “Oh fuck here it goes David. Here it goes oh god fuck me hard David fuck me hard, oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwd he finally groaned out as he came. I felt his asshole constrict on my cock each time his body gave out another squirt. He let his head drop and he pushed his ass back, trying to get as much of me inside his ass as he could and still it seemed that he kept on squirting. It took me over the edge and I almost screamed out as I came again, my sperms shooting out the end of my cock and filling up Matthew’s ass with the creamy goodness from my fat balls. I held tight to him, grinding my ass in circles, pulling him into me as I tried to do as he had, the goal being to push every single piece of my hard cock inside of him. And then it all ended. My body sort of relaxed, leaning against the man’s ass. “Damn that’s a shit load of cum,” Jon informed us. Matthew said that he tended to make quite a bit of liquid. “Quite a bit?” Jon stated. “If that was let loose in my ass it’d be coming out my mouth.” We changed positions a little bit and Matthew slowly pulled away from me until my cock head squished out of him, leaving a gaping hole that my sperm slowly oozed out of. My cock head was a little bit dirty so I suggested that we both take a stroll to the river. When we turned to come back we saw that the other three and made up a m�nage a trois. Brandon was on his hands and knees with Jon moving in behind him, his rock hard boy cock held in one hand and being guided to the wrinkled brown target area. Little Keith lay on the ground in front of the man and it was clear that Brandon was going to get both of his major holes filled at the same time. With intent concentration ankara eve gelen escort Jon’s flesh touched Brandon’s and he pushed in, causing the man to wince a little in pain. They waited a moment for him to adjust then he told the boy to go ahead. As Jon’s cock disappeared inside of his ass, Brandon went to work on Keith, licking and sucking and the young teens’ cocklet, his smooth balls, under the bag, in the crease between the pubic bone and legs. Mother Nature took over for Jon and he went about his job with intensity, holding onto Brandon’s hips and fucking the man in a nice steady motion. Matthew and I watched the show as we dried off then I decided to help out by tackling the man’s hard cock. I lubed my hand and got down alongside and grasped onto the six and a half inch appendage and held on tight. He was thicker than Matthew but it didn’t matter. Jon’s fucking motion did the job and drove Brandon’s cock in and out of my hand. It wasn’t long before moans and groans filled the air and Jon became first to actually cry out. “I’m gonna cum any second now, oh man,” and he pumped faster, probably harder as well, slamming his virgin dick into the first tight hole it had ever resided in. He threw his head back and let out a loud, “AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH,” as he pumped and ground and wiggled, all in an attempt to force as much of his spitting dick inside Brandon’s bowels as possible while I felt the man’s cock thicken in my hand and then warm liquid hitting my inner arm as his body gave up it’s precious liquid. I let my hand slide down until I could also grasp onto his balls and held them while I also continued a slow stroke on his dick until it seemed to stop leaking. I reached farther back and cupped Jon’s smooth nuts too, gently massaging them and since I was doing that he elected to stay pressed into Brandon’s ass a little while longer. For his part Brandon went back to sucking on Keith’s cocklet and soon the little guy was rewarded with his own sperming, thrusting his slender hips upward to meet Brandon’s mouth even better and enhance his own intense feelings. Finally the noise died down, Jon slowly slipped out of the tight confines of Brandon’s butt then collapsed onto the blanket where his cock slowly swindled back to normal. Brandon rolled over and sat down, his cock also returning to its default state. “That was pretty intense,” he said. “Thanks you guys.” Matthew had sort of just stood by and watched, slowly stroking his half hard cock and wondering what to do about it but now that the action had died away his cock was losing blood as well. “I dunno about anyone else but I’m gonna go for a swim,” he said. I recommended that he dive off the rock as Keith and I had done earlier letting him know it would be cold. “Hell, how cold can it be,” he stated. That was a mistake that many people made. Just because the outside temperature was high and it felt hot, didn’t mean it had any effect at all on the river. And it did not. Even in the hottest weather the pool by our campsite never really warmed up except at the very edges of the shallow part where we walked in. Matthew found out, screaming as he surfaced in the middle of the pool and swam like a mad man for the shore where he climbed out and stood shivering. “That’s how cold it can be,” I told him with a smile. Dinner that night dinner was venison steaks grilled on the fire courtesy of me. Maria sent up a potato salad and loaves of fresh made bread with garlic butter. I needed to put pants on because of sparks and stuff but everyone else stayed naked. Once the cooking was done I peeled my clothes off and we all stayed that way almost until the sun went down. The evening activities were low key and non-sexual. I guess since everybody had a busted a nut they were good for a little while. We sat around the campfire and chatted, petting the dogs, and admiring the totally clear star filled night. It was amazing out there and I would have stayed there every chance I got if it were possible. Finally it was time to turn in so I lit a propane lantern and hung it from the roof of the lean-to. With Jon’s help I managed to get pads and sleeping bags down on the soft grass then pulled the canvas top all the way to the front of the lean-to in order to keep out the heavy night dew. The sleeping arrangements that Matthew had brought up earlier worked themselves out. Since it was pretty chilly nobody was really in the mood to get too frisky in the event that coverings got thrown off by accident and risk being exposed to a night temperature that could drop into the high thirties. Instead we climbed in between the two layers of bags and just snuggled up against whoever was there. It turned out that I was on one end with Jon next to me, then Matthew Keith and Brandon, in that order. With the lantern out, the glow of the recently stoked fire and the stars threw off a fair amount of light to see by. Talk was light, and filled with sleepiness and finally with soft snoring. As I was drifting off I felt a hand on my hip and pretty much figured it was Jon so I rolled over to see him awake and smiling at me. “I was hoping you were awake,” he whispered, barely audible. He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, a quick little peck. “I been wanting to do that all day,” he said. Our faces were close enough and the sky bright enough for me to see the smile on his face. I leaned in and kissed him back only I stayed there, pressing my lips into his. Jon didn’t back away but stayed with me, including my tongue gently probing at the inside of his mouth. He allowed it and pushed his own tongue to meet mine. I felt his hand slide from my hip to grasp onto my hardened cock and feel the length of me. “I love how your cock feels David; so hard. I never really did that before so it’s really new but still.” I began kissing his neck while my own hand sought out his full hard cock and then the silky smoothness of his balls. He moaned out quietly when I sucked on the soft inner crease of his neck and pulled away from me. “I want to try to suck on your cock,” he said. My answer was to roll onto my back. Jon slid down under the covering but since my cock reached half way to my nipples he didn’t really have to go very far. I felt his hand grip my then the warmth of his mouth as he took the head of my cock inside. I didn’t have to tell him to cover his teeth and wondered for a moment how he knew to cover them but in the end it didn’t really matter. He bobbed his head, suckling just the head, which was generally enough for most novice boys. He let his tongue explore as he sucked, licking off the precum that I knew was leaking out, feeling my pee slit and the sensitive rim1 of the head while I let my own hand rub up and down on his back and shoulders. Since he was new at sucking cock his mouth got tired sorta fast so he stopped and slid back up along side of me. “That was cool,” he said quietly. “I wanna learn to do more of it.” “I want to teach you too,” I responded just as softly. “It’s getting colder, and it’s late, we should go to sleep. I promise, we’ll have plenty of time to be sexy.” He agreed, kissed me a really good g’nite kiss then snuggled in close to me while I wrapped my arms around him and held. I could feel his hard cock against my leg and had second thoughts about not making him cum but it was cold and I didn’t want to have to clean up the mess and freeze too. I woke in the middle of the night and slipped out to put a couple pieces of wood on the fire to keep it going then scrambled back under the covers and snuggled up behind Jon who groaned slightly in his sleep. Probably due to the fact that my body was so cold to the touch. The rest of the trip was mostly uneventful. We hiked and fished and sucked and fucked, with Jon and me doing most of the fucking although Jon did let Keith fuck him which the younger boy was absolutely thrilled about. Later Keith told me he liked it okay but that he thought that having my cock inside him would feel a lot better. My cock agreed with him, stirring in my pants when he told me the story. On the last night we were there, Brandon asked if I would fuck Keith and before I could say anything the preteen boy was almost begging me. How could I refuse? It took place on blankets by the fire as the sun was setting. gaziantep escort Keith was on his back, legs pulled up and out with the help of Brandon while Matthew and Jon, coupled next to us, looked on. Between Brandon and I we had gotten the young lad so hot he could almost barely stand it so that when I finally slipped my fat cock head inside of him he barely let out a noise. He finally commented on it after I’d bottomed out inside of him, my pubes touching his skin. “Fuck David,” he moaned, “I didn’t think I could take all your cock.” That made three of us, because Brandon had his doubts too and had to get down and get a close up look once I was all the way inside the boy. I fucked him slowly, pulling about half way out then sliding back in. Oh man he was so tight I could hardly stand it the feelings were so hot in me. It didn’t take long before he was moanin and groanin and I was pulling almost all the way out of him and slamming back inside, the force of my fucking him, moving him on the blanket. Beside us, Jon was buried inside Matthew’s ass and fucking him like an expert. I was proud of the boy, at how fast he’d picked stuff up and not just the sex but the order of things, the chores, all of it. He was a very quick study and I was looking forward to working more with him and possibly even bedding him more often. He did say that he wanted me to fuck him. Judging from the moaning that Matthew was doing I guessed that Jon was giving a satisfactory performance for the older guy. I felt my body start to change and informed my partners that it was on its way. When I finally came I saw stars, like when a flash bulb goes off, and I felt dizzy. Brandon was jacking off Keith and himself so it was a real good three way sperming. Jon had already cum inside of Matthew and the man had cum too. God he made a lot of sperms. If he ever came inside me I swear I’d be leaking his cum out of my ass for a week. The chopper was there bright and early the next morning so we loaded up the stuff, including Keith because they were scheduled to fly out of Missoula before I would get back by horse. That left Jon and I to bring the horses back which neither of us minded. We rode naked and stopped about half way there to play in the sun, laying on my sleeping bag and sucking each other’s cocks in a sideways sixty nine. He wanted me to fuck him right then and there but I told him I’d rather do it in my bed at the ranch so he settled on having one good last sperming on the open range. When we got back to the ranch Jon had to go home that night as he had school the next day so it would be awhile before his dream of me fucking him would happen. School got out for the summer two weeks later and before that happened Anthony called me into the office to let me know that my bank account had been increased my five grand. Apparently Matthew was quite pleased with my performance as was Brandon. As soon as school got out I went down to Missoula to spend almost two weeks relaxing with Anthony. Of course I took my clothes off as soon as I walked in the front door and left them off the entire time I was there, well, when I was in the house of course. Jim came by a couple of times to say hey and commented on much I’d “grown.” He hadn’t seen my cock for a while and didn’t even know that I had started getting fuzz. Of course it grew while he was admiring it and of course I offered to let him suck me if he wanted. He seemed pleased that I offered and so he blew me in the living room while Anthony sat on the sofa and watched, as usual. At one point Anthony said he was getting bored so he made a phone call then told me to pack my bag. Three hours later Jim drove us to the airport in the Mercedes and we boarded the private jet for LA. We spent five days in the city, staying at the Chateau Marmont in our own bungalow. Anthony had business stuff to do so got me a bodyguard who drove me out to Magic Mountain for a day, which was pretty cool. Like when I went to Disneyland, I had V.I.P. passes so didn’t have to wait in line for things. I also went to Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios while we were there. We ate our meals out some times, and on others we had it brought in from one of the hotel’s restaurant. Like at Anthony’s home, I went naked when ever we were in the bungalow. All in all I had a fun time and on the flight home Anthony said that he had as well. “I don’t get out of the house enough David, and having you with me made it all that much more fun.” I went over and gave him a huge hug. “I love you,” I whispered in his ear and he whispered back the same to me. “You know there is no reason why we can’t take trips now and then Anthony. Maybe you can show me some of your favorite haunts around the globe.” “I think that is a splendid idea David. Perhaps we could hop Bill’s Jet and jump over to Europe for a week or two.” I thought that was a splendid idea. Anthony and I would make a number of trips together over the next few years, just him and me. They would be some of the fondest memories I would have of him, the man who changed my life. Summer for the most part was uneventful. Guests came and many brought cute boys with them. I was still considered an “attraction”, not my choice of words, and so was chosen to be offered the virginity of more than one boy that summer. I don’t know what it was about that whole scene of a big cocked young teen fucking another young teen, especially if he’s a virgin, but it drives men wild and as my 14th birthday rolled around in late August I’d banked another twenty-five thousand dollars and some interesting jewelry that sat in a drawer cause I never wore it. Misha and I had pretty much stopped being actual boyfriends since he’d cut back on his hours at the ranch in the Spring, but we still teamed up from time to time to entertain guests. If one big cocked boy is exciting then two are fantastic I guess. As my birthday got close Andy asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to go to Hawaii for at least 10 days, more if I could. I loved Hawaii and even though I could go almost any time I wanted to I just didn’t get around to it. Andy said that Dom and Nikki were going to be out with Franklin and John the week before my birthday so I asked Andy to see if they would let the boys come with. The men were fine with it although Franklin said that Dom might not be able to go because he had some surgery planned in New York but if that was the case Nikki could still go if he wanted to. Franklin and John both liked me an awful lot and were grateful for the things that I’d done for them so letting the boys spend some time in the islands with me was more than okay with them. The night before they arrived I finally managed to get Jon into my bed, or he managed it, I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter. We’d been together doing some stuff with other boys and a few men over the summer but hadn’t been able to find time for just him and me. He’s been doing house duty for three days before that and after dinner we took a couple of ATV’s out for a spin then ended up in my bedroom. I was showing him some of my drawings and he was pretty impressed, especially with one I’d done of my ex-boyfriend Misha stretched out on my bed. Misha and I had just made love and he was lying face down with one leg pulled up, his balls resting on the bed and his head laying on a pillow with his arms underneath it. It’s a sight that I loved and so I drew him. “That is so hot lookin,” Jon said, his beautiful green eyes twinkling. I explained that it was my all time favorite view of another boy and he said that he didn’t think he’d ever really seen anyone lying like that, at least that he could remember. “Well, perhaps I should model it for you,” I told him, smilingly. We were only a foot or so apart and Jon closed the gap until his face was mere inches from mine. “Perhaps you should,” he said before leaning all the way in and kissing me gently in the lips. I placed my hands at the sides of his head and kissed him back with force and passion, my tongue pressing into his mouth and exploring. Continuing to hold his head with one hand, I dropped my other one and groped at the front of his jeans, feeling his cock, hard underneath the fabric. I broke the kiss, stepped back and began undoing my own jeans, while kicking off ankara gerçek resimli escort my shoes, and pushing my jeans to the floor along with my boxers. My cock was about half hard and I began fondling it while Jon hurried to catch up with me. As soon as his rock hard five inch boy cock was free I was on my knees in front of him and took the smooth satin like flesh into my mouth and suckled him, one hand on his tight ass and the other on his smooth soft balls, guiding him in and out of my mouth. That lasted all of about one minute before Jon pulled out of my mouth and pulled on my hand to get me to stand up. “Let’s go take a shower,” he said. “I feel kinda sticky.” I had no problem with that and ten minutes later we were back on my bed after a little cleaning and a lot of playing. Before lying down though I made him stand at the foot of my bed and I posed for him, laying just as Misha was in the drawing and he agreed that it was pretty hot considering that it didn’t really show anything except the underside of my smooth nut sac. He climbed onto the bed but stopped at my butt and touched me, trailing his fingers lightly up and down my crack and onto the underside of my balls. I shivered and shook cuz it tickled so much. “What’s it like to lick in there David.” He asked. I told him to try it and find out for himself, after all we’d just given it a good scrubbing. He peeled my cheeks open like a shrimp then I felt his nose sort of touch me and sniff around before his tongue took a test swipe. I flinched at his touch, the area being as sensitive as almost anything else below my waist. I guess he decided that it was okay and in moments he had me moaning out loud as he licked and slurped all over the tight muscle of my hole, the skin of my hanging balls and everything in between. “Oh man that’s so hot doin that David, will you do it me, I wanna see how it feels,” he said as he came up and lay beside me. I love rimming and being rimmed and didn’t have any problem what so ever pushing him onto his belly and diving in, causing the same reaction that I’d had, namely moaning as I douched his hole. I had decided that I wanted to fuck him and since he’d said some time before that he wanted me to well, I figured that was as good a time as any. I asked him to hand me the lube from the drawer in my small night stand. I slathered up a finger and slid it up inside his ass, finding his prostate then fingering him, massaging the sensitive gland on each stroke. It didn’t take long for the desired effect. “Oh god David,” he finally moaned out as he rolled away from my invading finger onto his back. “Are you going to fuck me? I want you to fuck me, you know. I said it before and I meant it” His emerald eyes were half closed in lust, his breathing shallow and hard. I could see his steel hard cock throb with each beat of his heart almost and I knew he was ready for me. I slathered my cock with lube, smeared so more in his ass then got between his legs. He held them back out of the way as I guided my swollen cock head to his puckered hole and gently pushed inward until it slipped past the ring of muscle. He winced in pain and I stopped, putting my hands behind his knees and holding his legs so he didn’t have to. “Relax,” I told him quietly, “and breathe slowly.” He did as I asked after a minute I began to slowly slide my cock up inside him. I loved watching that happen, inch after inch of my stiff dick disappearing inside an asshole. I get so hot doing that, I can’t explain it. It didn’t take long before I was all the way inside him, my pubic fuzz against his skin, almost touching his balls. As soon as I was in, I began to withdraw about half way before returning and thus I began the taking of Jon’s virginity, his passive virginity that is cuz he’d already given up the dominant one. After a good three minutes of slow fucking his tight ass I moved his feet so that they were flat on my chest and leaned forward a little bit which gave me a little better access. I began driving into him and he began moaning loudly as I bottomed out inside him. I grabbed onto the lube, poured some onto his rock hard cock then reached between his leg and my body and grasped onto it, mauling the head. Once he was prepped I began fucking the cute young teen in earnest, pulling out until the rim of my cock head showed before slamming back in side of him. The action drove his cock in and out of my hand like a flesh piston. “Oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck David,” he moaned out in between the grunts and ugh’s and other sounds of a hot boy being fucked. I was surprised that he didn’t cum sooner than he had but still and all, it didn’t take all that long before he was almost screaming. I moved off his cock head and stayed on the rigid shaft as I pumped into him. I felt his cock thicken then a jet of sperm fly out and land on his nipple followed by three more equally powerful squirts, each one of which caused his asshole to tighten on my own cock. I was right behind him and was soon pumping his bowels full of the juice from my own sperm makers as they whacked against his flesh with each powerful down stroke of my hips. I pushed into him and held myself there, ground my slender little butt in circles and went back to fucking him, changing out the angles of entry in order to create different feelings. “Fuck it’s happening again David,” Jon all but screamed out. I knew what he mean; a double orgasm. He wouldn’t make any more sperm but the feeling were still there. Unfortunately it was soon over, all except the breathing. I lowered his legs then slowly and gently laid down on top of him, holding most of my weight on my knees and elbows. I leaned down and kissed him fiercely, a long lip bruising sort of thing that lasted a good thirty seconds before I broke it off. “MMMMmm,” he murmured softly. “So, that’s what it feels like to be fucked by David’s famous cock.” his hands were at my neck, a relaxed smile on his face. “I think I like it. A lot,” he added pulling my face down for another long kiss. “God I can’t believe I came twice David. That’s never happened to me before. Had it ever happened to you?” I said that it had and explained the basics of it to him then we kissed some more. Giving Jon his first fuck had been a lot of fun. Jon spent the night with me during which I fucked him again and he fucked me once. I liked having Jon fuck me because I didn’t do it very often and his cock was the perfect size for me. I loved looking at him while he drove into me, his face almost glowing and those magnificent eyes sparkling. He was just so fucking cute and such a sweet boy that I could have made him a boyfriend except that when I got back from Hawaii after my birthday his family had moved back to Iowa because of a sick Gramma. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to him. As it was we cuddled up and fell asleep about midnight. The following morning in the shower we got off again, this time doing the rub against each other’s soapy bodies thing. Since he was really close to my size it was really awesome. We held onto each other, me on Jon’s firm boy’s butt and he on my shoulders, humping against the other’s body, wiggling our hips side to side. Both cocks were hard as stone and pressed side by side between our soapy bellies. It’s a really fun way to cum and both of us were giggling as our sperms oozed out and mixed with the soap. I needed to break away pretty fast after we squirted out though cause soap is really irritating to the underside of my cock when I’m hard, causing it to burn. We managed to get rinsed and dried without getting hard all over again, although both of us could have chubbied up in an instant if we’d really wanted to. Andy and I flew down to Missoula to have lunch with Anthony then met the private jet that the twins flew in on. They came bounding down the steps, John and Franklin following at a more stately pace. The boys had grown some in the almost year since I’d seen them, their hair more teenage than the preteen bowl type cuts that they’d sported before. I bet myself that they were making sperms now too and I wondered how big their delicious cocks had grown since the last time I’d sucked on them. My own cock stirred at the thought of being with them, especially Nikki who I almost adored and who flew into my arms and almost knocked us both down. He kissed me hard on the lips then whispered in my ear, “I can make sperms now and I can hardly wait to have your big cock in my butt David.” I felt my cock almost leap at the vision that entered my brain as Dom came over and hugged me then the men hugged me as well. This was definitely going to be a fun reunion.

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