David , Elena Ch. 07


I drive twenty minutes to the city center where I’m in luck to find luxury shops for dresses and lingerie. I normally gravitate towards the classier pieces so it feels especially naughty to search for sleazier pieces for tonight’s rendezvous. I enter the lingerie shop first and I’m greeted by a lovely girl with dark hair and almond shaped green eyes.

“Welcome,” She says. “Are you looking for something specific?” I could really use her eye, but I don’t want to expose my true intentions.

“Why yes I am.” I reply. “My boyfriend and I are attending a themed birthday party tonight – moulin rouge. I need something, for lack of a better word, fitting.” I’m softly laughing at my own little white lie.

“Oh of course, right this way.” She leads me to a section of the store with teal, purple, pink, and black bustiers and garters. “Did you have a color in mind – perhaps pink?” She gestures to a baby pink set, but I find myself looking at the hot pink option adorned with large bows.

“This one please.” I pick up the camisole and matching panties.

“Lovely choice, need to try it on?” She asks.

“Not today. He will love it.” I blush for the second time eyeing the lacy floral detail knowing it’s the perfect mix of tasteful and tacky.

Before making my way to the checkout counter I decided to purchase some sheer black thigh highs. I pay and exit the store, smiling at the girl for her help. My next venture is for a dress and coat. There’s a department store on the opposite side of the street. I walk over and enter through the revolving doors. I make my way to the women’s section on the prowl for something short with lots of cleavage. I look through racks and racks, nothing seeming quite right and it’s there I spot it. The dress is barely to the thighs and black velvet. It’s perfect. I try this on just to be sure it’s the one. It hugs my curves perfectly and with the camisole underneath, my breasts swell to a perky perfection. I take the dress and a black leather trench coat to the register absolutely giddy. I decide that I need something else to complete my look. There’s a beauty counter selling lipstick in a peony pink, that will do nicely. Overjoyed with purchases, I return to the car and stop for an iced coffee before finally ending up at home.

“Daddy?” I call out as I enter the villa.

“In here Princess.” I hear your voice in the bedroom. “Enjoy your shopping?” You ask.

“Oh yes Daddy I’m so excited for tonight.”

“Daddy’s excited too Baby.” I love your bizimkent escort school boy grin. “Now darling we have a few hours to kill before dinner and what should Daddy do with you. You pick.”

“Well Daddy let’s go on a hike up the mountain coast. It looks so beautiful.”

“Anything for you angel.” You kiss my forehead as we enter the closet to change into more suitable clothing. Your hand wraps around my bare waist, pulling me close to you “I love you so much Elena. You are my world.”

“I love you too. I can’t wait to give you the world back.” Tears well in my eyes as I’m caught in your embrace. I wipe them away as I kiss you gently.

We drive up the coast to a mountain trail and take pictures of one another the whole way through our hike.

“We should frame these.” I suggest I look lovingly at a picture of us against the sunset. We’ve made the six mile trek. The mountainside is lush, overflowing with greenery. The views of the crystal blue waters are breathtaking. Back at home we shower together, washing away the sweat of the afternoon hike. I watch you intently as you dress in a charcoal button down, black dress pants and shiny shoes as I start to apply my makeup in the mirror – foundation, powder, eyeliner, shadow and my new lipstick. I paint my nails and toes a deep merlot to buy some time.

“There’s my pretty baby.” you say as you fix your watch to your wrist.

“Hello Daddy.” I blush.

“I’ll meet you at the hotel restaurant in fifteen minutes. Wait at the bar for me.” You squeeze my shoulders.

“Yes Daddy. See you soon.” I wave goodbye to you as you head out and get I dressed.

I take extra care to lace up the camisole perfectly and center each bow. I pull one each thigh high, then the panties and finally the garter belts. I look ravishing in the full length bedroom mirror. I slip on the dress and the coat, giving myself a final once over. I’d definitely fuck me given the chance. I run a hand down my body, feeling up and down the velvet curves with a smile. I take my bag and leave for the cab you called for me.

I arrive at the restaurant, the chandeliers and rich wood set a romantic mood. I order a Manhattan and wait for you, thumbs tapping on the bar anxiously.

“Elena?” I hear my name and turn to see you standing there behind me. “Baby you look gorgeous.” You kiss my cheek.

“Hi Daddy.” I say holding my drink. Once you join me at the bar, you order a bourbon neat. You then lead us bostancı escort to a small table in the back of the lounge area.

I can’t wait to see what’s underneath your coat.” You’re so close to my ear I can feel the heat of your breath on my neck. I find it so arousing as I cross and re-cross my legs, my pussy already slick.

“I’ll soon show you.” I smile.

We soon fall all over one another kissing and touching in the corner as we both sip on expensive bourbon.

“Let me take you to the room and fuck you senseless.” You say.

“Yes please Daddy.” I reply as we kiss deeply, pressing your tongue into your mouth.

You pull a room key out of your suit jacket and hand in hand we head to the elevator.

Once in the room, I tear away your jacket and shirt with frenzied fingers and it falls to the floor. I ache to feel every inch of you as I begin to explore your body. I feel the ridges of your collar bone, your back muscles, your hands ride up the curves of my hips and thighs.

“Oh Elena, you have no idea what you do to me.” You whisper roughly, closing your hand gently around my throat. “You know exactly how to drive me wild.”

“I could say the same.” I look at you sheepishly, loving the pressure of your hand on my airway.

“That’s it baby,” You kiss my lips gently and with your other hand send my coat, followed by my dress to the floor revealing my panites and bustier.

“Take me to bed.” I say as we stand half naked in the middle of the room.

“With pleasure.” You reply and sweep me off my feet and onto the pillows. Once on the bed your tongue teases my navel. I rake my nails across your shoulder blades, moaning softly as my breathing decreases and my heart starts to hammer.

“Love that,” You moan.

My body feels hot and full as your fingers explore my inner lips.

“Tell me what you want baby.” You keep rubbing my pussy even though your voice is stern.

“Daddy please let me come.” I lean into your touch.

“That’s a good girl using your words. The answer is no, not yet.” You smile wickedly.

“Daddy…” I beg.

“Shh… hush baby.” You bring the finger that was in my pussy to my lips. “Taste.”

I obediently open my mouth and suck. I like the clean tang.

“Such a dirty girl.” You kiss my cheek and your mouth travels to my ear all the way down my throat.

“Daddy fuck me. Please?”

“Mmm good with our words I see.” I can hear the raise in büyükçekmece escort your eyebrow. “Show me how much you want it.”

I raise my ass high in the air and you pull down my lacy thong. I feel your hands take my frail frame, pulling it close to your with a low grunt. I feel your hard cock against me and rock my body back.

“Let me hear you.” You growl as your cock slides into me.

“Oh!” I cry out rolling my hips into yours. “Daddy fuck…”

“That’s right sweet baby Daddy is fucking you like your his own personal piece of meat.”

You slam into me with your final five words.

“Yes Daddy.” I comply.

You grab a fistful of my hair and whisper harshly to me “I want the walls to shake your screams are so loud. I want other hotel guests to call the front desk because they think you’re dying.”

“Daddy I like you dark.” I moan with each of your thrusts.

“Oh Elena I know.”

We fuck like animals. A primal, panting mess of skin and sweat.

“Daddy, will you let me come now?” I ask feeling the wave of my orgasm build inside of my body.


My orgasm roars through me, my head rearing back as I cry out loud against the bedroom walls. I feel my whole body begin to shake.

“Daddy you feel so good.” I moan.

“Oh Princess so do you. Daddy loves the feel of your tight pussy around his cock.”

I feel your body collide with mine faster and faster.

“Flip me over Daddy!” I bite my lip, sinking all four limbs into the mattress.

You pull my legs out from under me and pull them over my head, rolling me onto my back. You slide back inside me without missing a beat.

“I love you so much Princess.” You say showering me with kisses.

“Daddy I love you too.” I whisper, holding you tight against my slick sweat skin.

You groan as you finally release yourself inside me, nibbling my collarbone.

“Oh fuck…” I cry out and dig my nails into your back. Your hips rock against mine as we embrace each other close. When we finish we collapse in a heap on the bed.

“How about strawberries and champagne princess?” You ask.

“Oh yes that sounds amazing.” I reply.

Once room service arrives we sink into a hot bubble bath in the jacuzzi. We feed each other chocolate covered strawberries and get delightfully tipsy off the champagne. The room seems to swirl around me. As we step out of the tub after a long soak, you light a fire, and we slip into the silken sheets on the California King.

“Daddy?” I whisper as I curl up close to you.

“Yes Elena?”

“Should we get married?” I ask a little too drunk so my question begins to slur. I’m not sure I fully comprehend your words as I close my eyes.

“Yes baby, absolutely.” Your answer surprises me as I drift off to sleep.

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