David in Bangkok 2001


David in Bangkok 2001It was the middle summer 2001 in the back streets of Bangkok and it was unusually hot, even for the Thai City, as the three young local girls, Mi Ling, Su Lin and Kim Su, were keeping cool in the large air-conditioned gym. They are employed to look after the sexual desires of tourists and they are very experienced in sexual techniques even though they are only 18 years old. All three had learnt to speak English as c***dren, which helps them now in their work with the tourists.The previous day Mi Ling had looked after the sexual needs of David, a tall, well built, Englishman, and she couldn’t stop talking about the size of his erection. She wanted the other two girls also to feel his super weapon spreading them as they didn’t get much genuine sexual pleasure from their work so, if a man as well-endowed as David visits them, they make sure they take full advantage. With them being so tiny in stature, a man like this fulfils many fantasies for these Thai beauties as his manhood stretches their small tight vaginas giving them tremendous orgasmic pleasure. After she’d satisfied his (and her) needs, Mi Ling had arranged for David to visit her again the following day and she’d told him that her friends would also want to meet him. He jumped at the chance of more sex and when she said that all three girls would be servicing him; he almost came again there and then with anticipation.When David arrived at the room and the girls each greeted him with a kiss. David was just short of 6ft tall and had a very strong athletic body. He towered over the three Thai girls who were only 4ft 11ins. They quickly locked the door to the gym so there would be no escape for David until he’d satisfied all three of them; not that he was likely to be going anywhere knowing what he was going to enjoy.In the centre of the gym was a t****ze hanging down from the ceiling that could be raised or lowered by a handle mounted on the wall. The t****ze bar was about 5ft long and had adjustable straps attached at each end. Another identical bar with the same type of straps attached was anchored to the floor under the t****ze. They told David that they were going to do just what they wanted to him and he should just relax and enjoy it. He just nodded as they quickly stripped him naked. His magnificent erection was growing fast as the girls strapped each of his wrists into the straps on the t****ze and his ankles were then strapped wide apart to the bar on the floor. He was spread wide in an X position. Kim Su and Su Lin then wound the handle on the wall lifting him clear of the floor until the tension was showing in his arms, chest and inner thighs as he was pulled upwards leaving him tied up and suspended with his feet just off the floor. He looked magnificent with his erection pointing upwards towards the ceiling, absolutely bar rigid, and he was red in the face and neck felahiye escort with his arousal. Fully erect like this his manhood measured 8inches long and almost the same in girth proving him a very well-endowed and lucky man indeed and the three girls were adamant that he was going to give each of them every last inch of it. Every part of his naked body was available for the girls to do with what they liked and David knew he was going get something really special. Mi Ling then picked up her digital camera took a couple photos of David in all his erect glory. “One for your holiday album,” she smiled. The girls then stripped off themselves showing off their beautiful and slim naked bodies. They were so young, but with so much sexual experience. They all had neat wispy black pubic hair, which had been removed around their vaginas and looked very sexy indeed. There was nothing David could do as Kim Su and Su Lin moved round behind David and started caressing him all over his back and bottom, and his erection was twitching with the blood pumping through it, longing for attention. Kim Su then reached through his legs and started tickling his balls, and inner thighs causing him to moan and squirm in pleasure. Su Lin reached round his waist and started caressing the soft flesh around his chest and torso with just her fingertips causing him even more pleasure as his head moved from side to side with his eyes screwed up in ecstasy. While Kim Su carried on tickling his balls, Su Lin picked up and small vibrator and started caressing David all around his scrotum and then gently slid the vibrator between the cheeks of his bottom until the tip was just touching his anal opening. She let go of the vibrator leaving it trapped between his cheeks throbbing away as David moaned in ecstasy as the vibrations took hold of him. Mi Ling took hold of his erection gently in her small hands, caressing up and down concentrating on the engorged helmet, and then she started lightly licking her tongue up and down his length until the little drops of pre-cum appeared out of the slit at the end of his penis. He moaned quietly as she asked him if he was enjoying this and his erection was absolutely rigid like an iron bar to her gentle touch. With his body being caressed, the vibrator sending shock waves through him, his balls being tickled, his penis being licked and him being strapped up so tightly, unable to move at all, he wasn’t going to last very long as the pre-cum flow increased. David’s moans got even louder. Mi Ling looked at his face all screwed up with pleasure opened her mouth wide and enveloped his engorged helmet in her lips and started to give him oral sex. He was so big she was almost gagging as she took him in her mouth. She slowly moved her lips up and down, along as much of his erection as she could get down her throat, and she looked up again to see his eyes still screwed tight and his head thrown back. He was in pure heaven tied up naked with three beautiful naked oriental girls giving him everything he’d ever dreamed of, and there was nothing he could do as his whole body was tensing up and he was definitely coming. Su Lin moved from behind him and picked up the digital camera to take photos of him coming. Mi Ling lifted her head off his penis and grabbed his erection with both hands and rubbed very slowly. He screamed out “Oh god!! I’m coming, I’m coming – – Ah!” and the sperm burst out from him in a stream flying right over Mi Ling’s head and running down her back. She kept rubbing whilst the sperm continued to flow out in enormous amounts as his whole body jerked with each spasm of his orgasm. Mi Ling took him in her mouth again and sucked him off gently concentrating on licking the sensitive top of the helmet up and down as his gasps and moans went on and on. His body kept jerking as his orgasm seemed to increase in intensity as more cum shot into her mouth. He twisted in the straps begging her to stop but there was no way she was going to do that. She was determined to give him the best blowjob he would ever have. The girls carried on caressing him to make his orgasm complete. David was being sucked dry by Mi Ling and there was nothing he could do about it. His body was still jerking as his orgasm went on and on as small drops of his cum were swallowed by Mi Ling. Eventually his penis started to go limp and she stretched up and gave him a big kiss as the vibrator fell away and David was released from his bonds, almost exhausted. He could only keep saying thank you to the girls as he got his breath back. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before, or come that fast. That was amazing Wow.” Su Lin had captured his ejaculation perfectly with the digital camera and showed the pictures to him. His sperm had been captured in a stream on the photo and was better than any pictures of cum shots found on Internet sites.Immediately Mi Ling insisted on David giving her a good licking and he was only too pleased to lay her down on the cool floor and bury his head between her legs. His fingers slowly opened her vagina lips wide open while Kim Su held Mi Ling’s legs as far apart as they would go. David’s tongue went as deep inside her dripping vaginal opening as he could reach and he started licking her as quickly as possible until Mi Ling exploded with a tremendous scream as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her whole body jerked in spasm as the power of her coming took hold and she almost cried with her pleasure. David pulled the little hood covering her clitoris back and started sucking gently on her clit as Mi Ling’s orgasm built even stronger and her screams echoed around the gym. He carried on sucking her clitoris and inserted two fingers deep inside her vagina and started caressing her G spot until she could stand in no longer and tried to stop him. David would have none of it and he sucked and finger fucked her even more until she erupted in another earth shattering orgasm before she started to calm down a little. All the time this was going on Su Lin was gently caressing David’s balls and penis which was now showing signs of coming to life again. As Mi Ling’s orgasms were growing so was David’s erection. As soon as David moved away from Mi Ling’s pussy Su Lin asked him to lie on his back and she leapt on top of his now fully erect penis and impaled herself on him. He was so big that Su Lin had to pull her vagina lips wide apart to make sure he fitted. Her vagina was stretched tremendously as she slowly lowered herself onto his penis. David took hold of her hips and slowly lifted her up and down his full length making sure she got every inch of it with each stroke. Su Lin’s head was thrown back as a wonderful scream emanated from her as she exploded in rapturous orgasm. David speeded up his action by lifting her high and thrusting faster and faster as her orgasms grew. He quickly withdrew and turned her onto her back lifted her ankles either side of his head and pushed hard back inside her. His tempo was incredible as he rammed his weapon in and out of her and each time his balls smacked against her bottom. Her vagina lips were rolling up with each stroke and Su Lin was in heaven as orgasm after orgasm overwhelmed her. Mi Ling pushed one hand between them and started massaging Su Lin’s clitoris while David was really giving the young Thai girl everything he could. After a few more minutes of this exquisite treatment, Su Lin started to calm down and Kim Su lay down at the side of her. David withdrew from Su Lin and dropped quickly between Kim Su’s thighs and finger fucked her until she was dripping with her fluids then he pushed his penis deep inside her spreading her opening wide with the size of his erection. She was now getting the full treatment as well. Her first orgasm burst out from her almost immediately in waves of convulsions and screaming. Kim Su almost passed out as the greatest orgasm of her young life ripped through her. David quickly turned her over onto all fours and went deep inside her in the classic doggie fashion with his balls banging against her clitoris as he pushed all the way home. Faster and faster he went as Kim Su’s cries echoed around the room and David could hold back no longer as his second orgasm exploded deep inside Kim Su. He kept going as fast as he could as his sperm showed all over his penis and dribbled slightly down Kim Su’s pubic hair. Eventually David started to go limp and he withdrew from Kim Su who collapsed on her tummy in complete satisfaction.All four of them were now totally sexually spent and lay back on the cool floor breathing heavily.No man could have fulfilled his sexual desires better than David had that day and the three Thai girls got exactly what they wanted and more.

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