David’s Story


She was once again alone, on a Friday night. How she hated working such late hours, even though she desperately needed the funds, in order to afford the trip to see her long-time boyfriend who lived in Portland, OR, many miles away from her own Denver, CO residence.

As she walked up the three flights of stairs to her shared apartment, for some strange reason goose-pimples rose on her arms, making her shiver in the late summer heat. As she pushed her key into the first of three locks that needed to be opened in order to gain entrance to her apartment, the door swung open silently. Shocked, and a bit frightened, she pushed it open a bit further, revealing the black interior. Her best friend and roommate was away in London, visiting her fiancé, before they both returned to the US to be married.

As she cautiously entered the front room, her breath caught. . .sitting upon her desk was a perfect bouquet of Freesia, and baby’s breath, her favorite flowers, glowing in the light of a large pillar candle. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light, as they did, she noticed several other of the large pillar candles scattered around the apartment, giving off a hint of vanilla scent, mixing well with the freesia and candle wax smell.

As her eyes continued to adjust she saw a pair of black men’s shoes sitting beside the side table, her interest piqued, no longer truly afraid for some reason, she ventured further into the apartment, heading toward the larger of two bedrooms, where her room was. A path of candles lined themselves up to her door.

Pushing open the door, she took in how the room had changed from her relatively plain room to a decadent wonderland. Where her bed had just this morning been left in a hasty mess, as she rushed about trying to get ready for another day at work, it was now made up immaculately, and no longer in her plain cotton sheets, but in sumptuous silks, in a soothing lavender color. More candles lit the room, bathing it in soft golden color, highlighting the dozens of bouquets scattered around the room.

Yet what caught her eye more than anything was that her american jigolo izle bed wasn’t unoccupied. Instead sitting upon the new silken sheets and velvet comforter was her love. His hair slightly mussed, wearing a beautiful open collared button-up silk shirt in white and black slacks, with sharp creases. In his hands he held out a perfect sprig of freesia, tied with a white satin ribbon. His beautiful eyes were focused upon her surprised face.

“What? HOW!” She stammered out.

“Your roommate and I came up with the idea. She mailed me her key.” He stated simply, standing up slowly.

Her heart filled with joy, HE was here. They had met some months before, through the Internet, and become great friends, and then had met in person shortly afterwards, falling madly in love. But his work and hers kept them apart. Without thought, she threw herself into his waiting arms, feeling his strength and love through their passionate embrace.

Tears ran down her face, though the smile on her face made the candles seem dim in comparison. He shushed her softly, his smile just as bright. Bringing his hands up to cup her face, he kissed her lips gently, then moved to kiss each tear away, tasting the salt, and the sweetness of her flesh.

Not wanting to relinquish her hold on him, but desperately wanting to feel his body against her own, she began to frantically shed her clothing, getting as far as taking off her work jacket, before his hands stopped her. Lifting each hand to his mouth he kissed the knuckles on each, lifting his finger to her mouth when she attempted to protest.

“No, let me. . .” And he proceeded to remove each article of her clothing slowly, sensuously. His hands brushed along the sensitive peaks of her breasts, and she whimpered in need, and was silenced by his hot wet mouth and tongue invading her own. Her breathing quickened as his mouth worked her own.

Tearing her mouth from his she looked him dead in the eye and demanded, “MORE,” in a low, passion-drugged voice.

Seeing that she was in need of instant relief, he andropoz izle nodded quickly and finished removing her clothing, then quickly stripped off his own. Her eyes became greedy at the sight of his nude body, shining in the candlelight. Reaching for him, she pulled his naked body to hers, feeling the evidence of his desire push against her stomach, as her juices leaked slowly down her thighs.

Urging his mouth back to hers, she murmured loving words against it, as her hands reached around to cup his gorgeous ass, pulling his body flush with her own. Letting her, his hands began to wander, cupping her breasts, squeezing and plumping them, and tweaking each nipple lightly. Now it was his turn to tear their mouths apart as he leaned down to capture a taut nipple in his hot mouth, laving it gently with his tongue, before biting down gently, dragging his teeth along it.

Her gasp of desire echoed throughout the silent room, as she held his head in place against her heaving breasts. He smiled wickedly as he pulled away from her, taking charge.

Her whimpers of need had escalated into growls of desire. He gently laid her down against the silken sheets, and then he sat down beside her. She reached for him instantly, but he evaded her grasping hands, pulling them above her head, and pining them there. Slowly, he worked her body into a frenzy of desire, stroking her breasts, running his long fingers down the undersides, touching her expertly.

Just as she thought she might be able to climax just from his touch upon her breasts, he ran a finger gently against her wet pussy, drawing it up and down the outer lips, making her gasp then heave herself into his touch. Slowly working one finger into her dripping slit, he found her hardened clit, jutting out for attention.

Bringing up his hand to lick off the juices, he forced her eyes to watch him. Then taking the wet digit and two others he ruthlessly shoved them deep inside her pussy, watching as her eyes widened and her mouth opened in a silent scream. Pumping his hand gently, his other hand let go of her hands, anne rices mayfair witches izle and moved to her aching clit. Slowly working the tiny bit of flesh, rubbing in circles, her hips began to thrust into his hands, signaling her oncoming orgasm.

Before she could climax he removed his soaked hand, drawing a muffled scream from his beloved. Leaning toward her he grasped the back of her head, and kissed her ruthlessly, tongues and teeth flashing as their mouths dueled for dominance.

Pulling her mouth from his, she leaned back into the silken pillows, and giving him a fiery look, said softly but with determination and desire evident, “Make love to me NOW.”

Seeing that she couldn’t take anymore teasing he gently covered her body with his own, laying between her open thighs. His hard cock slid against her hot wet cunnie, becoming covered in her juices quickly. Her hands grasped onto his shoulders, her mouth wet and warm against his own as he slowly eased his thick cock into her waiting pussy.

Planting her feet firmly on the bed, she took matters into her own hands, and grasping his butt, and pushing herself up at the same time, she impaled herself with his cock. Screaming out her satisfaction, her eyes met the lust filled ones of her beloved’s, as she wrapped her legs tight around his hips, keeping him planted inside her cunt.

As her small body adjusted to his size, he loosened her legs slightly, nearly comatose with pleasure, as she had climaxed slightly and was pleasantly squeezing her cunt muscles around him. He slowly withdrew from her grasping pussy, then forcefully thrust back in, continuing to do so, in and out, in and out, the slow withdrawal and forceful thrust driving her insane. Finally unable to endure the wondrous pleasure any longer, her cunt began spasming, drawing him deeper, as she climaxed.

Her screams of pleasure, and wonder, fueled his movements, as he began jack-hammering into her, pistoning in and out of her cunt with swift movements. Feeling her climax against him and around him, her cunt squeezing his cock tightly, he came inside her, his torrents of cum filling her and causing her to cum again.

As their breathing evened out, he lay still, between her thighs, still embedded in her still spasming cunt, slowly becoming hard again. . .and as he began to take her once again to the heights of pleasure, their voices said together “I love You.”

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