Davis’ House


Davis’ HouseDavis and I became best friends in elementary school. He had been held back a year (back when they still did that sort of thing), and I was one of the youngest in our grade, so he was a year and a half older than me. He definitely hit puberty first, showing me when he got his first pubes. Soon, he had a little patch of them.The summer after he showed me his first pubes, when I got my new swim briefs for the summer swim team, I was pleasantly surprised by how much my own dick had grown. The size had sort of snuck up on me. When I tried on my new team briefs and saw how I filled them, I got a boner; and I got the boner, I was really impressed — it pointed so far off to the side it almost reached my hipbone. Mom hadn’t bought me new underwear in ages and I guess I had slowly stretched my old ones so that I hadn’t noticed. But I had sure noticed my new equipment now.I started getting boners all the time. I got them wearing my speedos at home in front of the mirror. I played with my dick almost every time I went into the bathroom, and was in the bathroom more often. I tried masturbating, determined to have my first orgasm, but when I did “get the feelings”, nothing came out. That didn’t stop me from playing with my dick or from daydreaming girls, all the time. My family would be watching TV, and I’d be pretending to sleep on the couch, on my stomach to hide my erection because I was dreaming about girls.My daydreams were pretty tame — I didn’t know enough for them to be otherwise. They were usually about running into a girl on vacation or at the beach and her coming to me in the night, naked after all the parents were asleep. I didn’t daydream much about the girls I knew because they were too young and, well, I didn’t think any of them would “do it.” I had two younger sisters. The oldest was a pain in the butt and I’d sooner daydream about strangling her than doing anything sexual. However, my youngest sister was impish and cute. I tried to “accidently” walk in on her taking a bath, but she always locked the door.I did daydream about Lisa, Davis’ little sister. She was a year and a half younger than me and had thick, curly brown hair. Her swimteam suit — she and Davis were on the summer swim team, too — revealed breasts which were hardly more than pointy nipples, but she had long legs and arms for her age; and truth was, I hung out at Davis’ house at the start of that summer, partly because of her.I daydreamed about other girls, though. Girls with breasts. I daydreamed about them so much that it was driving me crazy.That changed one afternoon when Davis and I were watching a Cubs game on TV at his house. They had a daybed kind of couch in their den, and I was on my stomach with my head toward the TV. Davis was on the daybed behind me. Lisa was sitting crosslegged in a chair a few feet away, facing the TV.Okay, at this point, I should tell you that Lisa was really, really quiet. She just didn’t talk much, at least around me. She didn’t have a lot of friends and none lived close by, so she tended to hang around with Davis and I when Davis let her. He generally let her, I think because their father had died several years before and he sort of looked after her.Anyway, that afternoon his mom had gone somewhere. Davis rolled on me, cocking a leg over my butt. I didn’t think much about it. Guys that age, at least back then, sort of lay all over each other when they were just lying around. But then I noticed a hardness against my butt. Davis had a hard on. We were in loose shorts and I felt it clearly.He rubbed it on me. That annoyed me, sort of, the way I’d get annoyed with a dog trying to hump my leg. I glanced at Lisa. She was watching from the corner of her eye. I sorta rolled my eyes, like, “really!” and she looked away. I had been about to shrug Davis off and suggest we go outside when Davis literally moved on top of me and the hardness of his boner settled in my butt crack. I got a surprising little jolt of sensation out of that. That, and from his breath on the back of my neck. Davis was a bit of a stud at his age, and the weight of his body actually felt pretty good. The rubbing in my buttcrack certainly did.He tried to move without it being obvious what he was doing. But soon I felt his dick throbbing between my butt cheeks and a moment later, he hurridly left the room with his hands over his crotch, saying that he had to hit the john. I felt my butt with my hand because it felt damp, and sure enough, there was a wet spot. I think Lisa saw it. She flushed a little and looked away again.That night, for the first time, I daydreamed about guys instead of girls. I daydreamed about Davis, actually. I daydreamed about lying on top of him like he had on me and rubbing my dick in his buttcrack. I stuffed my pillow under me and humped it, imagining it was Davis’ butt. When I came, it was like I’d never come before. I shot. Reaching down between me and my pillow, I felt my first viscous boy juice. I rolled to my back and turned on the light. It was clear on my fingers. I smelled it, and liked how it smelled. I tasted it, and I thought it tasted okay. My pillow was a mess, though. I cleaned it and me as well as I could with some tissues, rolled the pillow over to sleep on, and then went to sleep thinking I was going to try that again. But maybe with a towel on the pillow.I started daydreaming about Davis, and another friend, Jeremy, and other friends. I daydreamed about us in our Speedos rubbing against each other.I started noticing boys’ butts at swim practice; and not just their butts, but their bodies and faces as well. Changing with everybody for practice one morning, it finally dawned on me that we could even rub on each otheer naked.I kept waiting for Davis to rub on me the way he had before, because I figured I could roll over under him and we could rub together. But Davis didn’t try. I even lay on the daybed exactly like before. Nothing. So finally, after waiting for what seemed like a week, I decided to take the initiative. I got the opportunity one afternoon when he and I were alone at his house. He was on his stomach on the floor, watching some rerun on TV — I wasn’t paying attention to the TV because I was looking at his butt and growing hard as a rock, and building up my courage. Finally, I got off the couch and knelt astride his butt. And then I lay down onto him, pressing my upturned cock down into his crack.Davis tensed under me. My cheek was against the back of his hair — he had long, sandy-blonde hair — and I remember thinking he smelled good. Very slowly, I rubbed my hardon in his crack. His butt cheeks clenched. I rubbed more firmly. He sort of rubbed his butt up against me.”You wanna get naked?” I asked in a whisper? behind his ear.He nodded, silently. Davis wasn’t as quiet as his sister Lisa, but he didn’t always say much.I climbed off and stood up. He rolled onto his butt and his eyes locked onto the tent in my shorts. He had a boner, too. It pointed up his belly to the waistband of his shorts. On impulse, I placed my bare foot on it. Davis’ eyelids drooped and his head fell back. I kept my foot there, rubbing the underside of his cock, and pulled my shirt off.”Wait,” he said. “Let’s go to my room.”I stepped back to let him get to his feet. He tented even more than I did. I followed him with my shirt in my hand, watching his butt flex under his shorts as he walked. We got into his room, and he locked the door behind us. He leaned back against it, and his eyes dropped to my tent again. So I shoved my shorts and underwear off my hips and let them drop to the floor.Davis swallowed hard and licked his lips dryly. He pushed down his shorts and underwear, stepping out of them. Then he stepped up to me in just his shirt, his dick wagging. He had a good one, too. Thicker and longer than mine — mine was, even back then, only on the long side of average. Of course, at that age, being on the edge of purberty and all, our dicks seemed huge on our bodies compared to what they had been only a year or two before. So anyway, I thought his dick looked awesome, literally. He started stroking it. I started stroking mine.He stepped even closer. “I’ll do yours if you do mine,” he said in a thick voice.I took my hand from my dick, and he closed his around it. My breath caught and my jaw dropped. “Shit!” he murmured. I was speechless. His hand felt incredible.”Your skin his hot,” he said in a whisper. He slid my skin up and down my shaft and my knees almost buckled. “Shit, you’re hard!” he said.I put my hand on his strong shoulder to steady myself.”Put your hand on mine,” he told me.So I did. I lifted it on my palm and closed my fingers around it.Now my dick has always been pretty straight. His had an upward curve, and it was thick. I immediately noticed the same things about his that he had notcied about mine — the heat, the surprising hardness — but also the thickness. Hold his dick made mine grow even harder. At least it felt like it.We stroked one another, a little awkwardly at first. We’re both right handed, so Davis moved around to my right. His left shoulder went behind my right shoulder. I felt his chest through his shirt against the back of my shoulder; he was a little taller than me. I felt his left hand slide onto my butt. He had a big hand. I liked the feel of it on my butt.The sides of our heads were almost touching. “Mikey,” he asked in a whisper. “Can we try some other things?””Yeah.””Lay down on my bed.”I was reluctant to let go of his cock, but he let go of mine, so I sat on the edge of the bed. Davis pulled off his shirt and stepped up to me so that his dick wagged at my chest. “Get up on the bed, on your back,” he told me.I backed onto the bed and lay back. Davis pulled my legs apart, and then climbed onto the bed to kneel between them. “You can’t tell anybody about this,” he said, looking down at me.MY eyes were on that thick cock of his. I shook my head. “No, dude. I’m not gonna tell anybody.””I’m serious,” he said.”Yeah. Me, too.”He nodded. His eyes dropped to my cock, which was pointing up my belly, and he bent down over it. I heard him sniff. His lips touched the underside of my dick and my dick jumped. He lifted my dick and stuck his tongue out, touching my glans. I felt the wetness of his tongue. He bent lower and I felt his mouth close around my dick. I grabbed handfuls of bedspread. Davis sucked, and it felt good. But neither of us knew what we were up to. As he sucked, though, his tongue rubbed under my dick. That felt real good. I moaned.Davis stopped, and holding my wet dick in his hand, he looked up at me. He wiped his mouth with the back of his other hand.”How is it?” I asked.He grinned. “Awesome.”Releasing my cock, he moved up over me, supporting his weight on his hands like he was doing a push up. His cock laid onto mine. He rubbed it there. Supporting his weight on his left hand, he closed his right around both of our cocks. He tried stroking them together. It didn’t do much for me and I don’t think it did for him either. He went back onto both hands over me and rubbed my cock and balls with his. His legs were between mine so all our contact was right there at our equipment. He pumped his hips and our cocks wobbled.He lowered himself down onto me. As his face came close, his eyes dropped to my lips. It was like something off TV; I knew he was going to kiss me. I’d never even kissed a girl, much less a boy. When his lips touched mine, I closed my eyes. Our lips pressed. My lips responded. Soon we were really kissing. He grabbed my shoulders and I wrapped my arms over his back. Our dicks pressed between us. I felt his balls d**** mine.Davis pressed his cheek to mine and his breath rasped in my ear. I was rasping a bit myself, The two of us started making the soft grunts of k**s being pleasured. He ground his pelvis on mine and my hands drifted down his back to grab onto his butt. I could feel his muscles moving, but his skin there was baby-soft.I know that starting out it’s supposed to feel better on top, but honestly, Davis on top of me was incredible. The weight of his firm naked body on mine, his hips grinding between my legs, the feel of his butt flexing in my hands, the press of his balls on mine, our dicks rubbing between our bellies, his breath on my neck… I completely zoned out. Davis humped and grunted, and I think I actually started gurgling.My hands roamed his back, feeling his muscles. My hips ground, too, but Davis was driving, and he drove me into an orgasm; the very first orgasm that someone else had given me. He gave it to me good. I pressed my face hard against his and clutched the back of his shoulders. I started whimpering and Davis grunted harder, almost growling. Things got wet between our bellies.He slowed. He stopped. The skin of our wet bellies slid with our rapid breathing. Davis pushed up and rolled off me onto his back.”I can’t believe we did that,” he murmured.”Yeah,” I agreed.He sat up and got the box of tissues from his bedside. He pulled out several for himself and handed the box to me. I pulled out several. We cleaned ourselves silently. I was embarrased by what had happened and the intensity of it. I felt guilty because it was, well, gay. Davis got up and tossed his tissues in his trash, I did the same. We dressed without saying a word.We went out to their den. I thought about going home. But then I thought that if I did, I might not be able to face Davis again. It seemed better to stick around for some normal time. It was hot outside and the den was the coolest room in their house because of a window air conditioning unit. The TV was showing old movie. I lay down on the day bed. Davis lay down on the floor. I fell asleep.We woke when his mom came home. She walked through the den and said, “Hi!”I realized it was late. “I should go,” I said, getting up from the couch.Davis got to his feet, too, and nodded. He glanced toward the kitchen where his mom had gone, then came close to me. Real close. My dick started getting hard, instantly. “Mikey,” he whispered. akkışla escort “How about sleeping over here tonight?”My dick got harder. The regrets I felt earlier after we did what we did quickly faded from my memory.”We can sleep naked,” he whispered. “If you want to.”I nodded.Davis grinned, glanced toward the kitchen, then gave me a quick peck on the lips. Our faces lingered close together, and I got really hard. But his mom was like, right there in the kitchen. So I gave him a parting smile, and when I did, I realized that I felt sort of happy.I went out the front door just as Lisa came up the steps. Her eyes locked on the bulge in my pants. I turned away, too late. “Hi, Lisa!” I called, jumping off the side of the steps. “Bye, Lisa!”2.I was back before supper, and as we set the table for supper, Davis kept grinning. I finally whispered to him, “Quit smiling or your mom will know we’re up to something.”He laughed and motioned for me to follow him. I did to his room, and he locked the door behind us. Then he pulled down the front of his shorts, and his erection popped out. “Look! I’ve been hard ever since you left!”Staring at it, I began to get hard, too. I pulled down the front of my shorts like he had done.Davis stepped up to me and grabbed my growing boner. I grabbed his. We stroked. His dick was just as warm as earlier, maybe warmer — it felt really hot. “I’ve been thinking,” he whispered in my ear. “Let’s try a sixty-nine.””What’s that?”He nodded toward the bed. “You lay one way and I lay the other and we suck each other’s dicks at the same time. Want to try it?”I was ready to try anything by that point. “Do we have time?””Maybe. We can leave our shirts and shoes on. Just pull down your pants.” He knelt up on the bed and pulled his shorts and underwear down to his knees. His butt was as hairless as mine, but lean and muscled. I had more of a bubble butt. Davis lay down on his side and waved his dick at me as he scooted back on the bed to make room for me. “You lay the opposite direction so your dick is in my face and mine’s in yours.”So I did like Davis had done. I knelt up on the bed, pushed my shorts and underwear down to my knees, and then lay down facing him, scooting so that his dick was like he said, in my face; and my dick was in his. He grabbed mine before I had even settled.I got my first close-up look at his big, fat, upward curving dick. Davis had pale skin, but his dick and balls were deeply pink. It made them look bigger. The pubes in tight little patch had some red highlights.His scent hit me — mild and slightly tangy like boys in early adolesence sometimes get. I liked it. I took a deep breath close to his scrotum. I hadn’t touched his balls yet, so I did. The skin of his scrotum was soft and moist. I lifted an egg-shaped testicle on my fingers. It struck me that Davis with his smooth ivory legs and ruddy balls and dick was actually sort of pretty down there in an exciting sort of way.Davis mouth closed around my dick. His mouth was warm, like his dick. That’s what I’ll always remember about Davis — how warm his body always was. He sucked me into his mouth, and I closed my eyes and my head rolled, face first into his balls with a “Mumph!”He pulled off long enough to say, “Suck mine, too.”It was difficult to concentrate with him sucking my dick like that, but I closed my hand around the base of his warm dick and sucked up his like he had mine. He tasted slightly salty, but mainly I remember how surprisngly little taste there was and how rubbery his dick felt in my mouth. And he was a pleasant mouthful. I got into it pretty quickly. He must have leaked some precum because I soon got that salty, astringent taste going on the back of my tongue. I liked it.Davis sucked and I sucked and I got happy as a k** on a tit — well happier, actually. I was happy at both ends. I liked sucking Davis. I really did. And I sure as hell liked him sucking me.It’s funny how contented I felt. Maybe it has something to do with the sucking reflex. My dick felt like it was getting harder and harder because of Davis’ sloppy sucking, At the same time, I was sucking him deeper and deeper into my mouth. Neither of us really knew much about what we were doing, of course. For example, we didn’t know to bob our heads. But we did learn what magic a tongue could do; we learned that right away.I came first, but hadn’t finished before Davis started shooting into my mouth. I swallowed naturally enough, and Davis’ stuff didn’t taste bad. His semen was pretty clear back then like mine was.We continued sucking, gently. naturally, until we relaxed pretty completely. I almost dozed off with his dick in my mouth, but then Davis rolled away onto his back. “We should get back out there,” he said. “Mom’s gonna be looking for us.”So I got to my feet and pulled my shorts up. Davis did the same. He nudged me. “You’ve got a great dick,” he said.”So do you,” I told him.He grinned. “Really?””Yeah.”He touched my chest lightly, almost like a girl might. “I’d been thinking about us doing stuff like this for a long time, Mikey,” he told me. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing it. Do you like it?””Well, yeah!”He looked into my eyes with this sort of earnest look, and leaned in to give me a soft kiss on the lips. I had this feeling that Davis was getting a crush on me.I wasn’t entirely ready to be gay, though. Lisa wore an old t-shirt to supper. It was a little tight on her, and I kept checking out the small mounds on her chest. They drew my eyes. I didn’t really look much at Davis’ mom, though. She was pretty hot for her age, but I wasn’t really into MILFs. Never have been.Lisa snuck peaks at me, and I wondered if she’d caught me checking out her rack-to-be. Or, did I have cum on my face or something. I felt over my face but everything felt normal.One of the things I had liked about sleeping over at Davis’ house was that his mom and sister liked to stay up late, and I liked to stay up late. Davis, though, liked sleeping. That night, he didn’t wait for even his normal bedtime, but instead, dragged me off to his bedroom really early.”We’re tired, Mom,” he told her when he gaver her a good night kiss. “Did a lot today and got a big workout in the morning.”Lisa glanced in my direction because she knew I liked to stay up late and that swim practice wasn’t going to be anything special. I shrugged. Her eyes went to Davis’ shorts. He had a boner. I just hoped his mom didn’t notice.We brushed teeth, and took a bedtime whiz — Davis had trouble because of his hard on. I had one, too, by the time we got to his room and he locked the door behind us. We stripped in a flash. Davis pulled back the covers on his bed and motioned me to get in. “I’ll get the light,” he said.So I crawled into the bed and Davis turned out the light. The hall light was on, brightly, and light from under the door glimmered off Davis’ hairless body as he padded to the bed and crawled in beside me. He pulled the covers over us and pressed his naked body to mine.He kissed me, and I kissed back. Davis crawled on top of me and pushed his tongue into my mouth. My boner got even harder. Davis liked kissing, and he was damn good at it for a k**. Like we had done that afternoon, I opened my legs to him and he settled between them, pressing our dicks between us, pressing his balls down on mine. I ran my hands up and down his back to feel his muscles as he ground his dick beside mine. Our tongues went back and forth between mouths.We ground. We kissed. I came. Davis came. But he stayed on top of me. We talked in whispers about how good it felt and whether Jeremy Barnes might do stuff like this with us because he was hot (Davis’ words), and things like that. I never got completely soft and neither did Davis. There was something magical about how our naked bodies fitted together with him on top of me. We were soon kissing and grinding again.I came a second time, but not Davis. He kept going and I stayed hard and actually came again, right before he finally did. I had to work to come that time; it felt like my balls were coming up through my dick. Davis relaxed on me and I stroked his back and we fell asleep with him still on top of me.I woke in the night with Davis spooning me from behind and there was something comfortable about us sleeping that way. I woke again later laying half-on Davis, my leg over his, my arm across his chest, and my face nuzzled in to the side of his neck. His arm was behind me and his hand rested on my hip.I woke in the morning just after sunrise because Davis was kissing me. He rolled me onto my back and we went again. We came after a while, but our hardons didn’t go down because we needed to piss.I wasn’t much more than a k**, actually. I barely had any pubic hair. But it was honestly one of the most pleasant nights of sex in my life. It was definitely a good way to start my sex life. It gave me good expectations as to how exciting, and yet comfortable and intimate, sex with a friend can be. I think if it had been any different, then the regrets I had earlier the day before might have come back. As it turned out, I had no regrets that morning.I did, however, have a sticky body. So did Davis. His mom never said anything about the sheets, probably because teenage boys have wet dreams anyway. We tried to remember to keep a washrag or two handy after that.3,Davis’ mom was a teacher, and though she stayed home that summer, she was often away. When Lisa was around, Davis basically ignored her. It’s not like he kissed me in front of her or anything like that, but we did do some pretty sexy wrestling.I think I would have been happy just frotting (that is, grinding cocks together) with Davis on top of me forever, with maybe an occassional sixty-nine for variety, but Davis wanted to try something else. He mentioned it once when we were humping away on each other, but I was too busy to think about it.He brought it up again a few days later on an afternoon when his mom and Lisa were out. We had just stripped naked in his room, stroking and looking each other over. “Want to try buttfucking?” he asked.My eyes dropped to that big cock of his. “I don’t know,” I said doubtfully.”You can do me first,” he offered. “And if you don’t like it, we don’t have to do it.”Well, I had been looking at his butt a lot more lately. So I bit my lip and nodded.”Great! We’ll need some Vaseline.”I never did ask how he knew that. It wasn’t from trying it with anybody before because I was his first just like he was mine. He disappeared down the hall to his mom’s bathroom and came back with his boner wagging and a small container of Vaseline in his hand.”Here,” he said, pulling off the lid. “Put some on your dick.”Hesitantly, I swiped a small amount onto my fingers.”Rub it over the end and down the sides,” he told me.I did. He took some and rubbed it into his bottom. Then he set down the Vaseline and dropped down to all-fours on the floor.If I hadn’t been hard before, I would have gotten instantly hard looking at Davis’ waiting, naked, butt. His deep pink balls hung down between his white legs, and the cheeks of that smooth, white, muscled butt were slightly apart. I almost dove onto him.Dropping to my knees, I placed the end of my dick on his pucker. Holding it firmly in place, I pushed my hips forward. My glans or dickhead is bigger than my shaft. It popped inside and the tight ring of Davis’ sphincter closed behind it.”Oh,” he murmured.”Is it okay?””Yeah. Just feels weird.””Looks weird,” I told him. Actually, it looked hot. I eased my hips forward and watched as my shaft disappeared inside him. At the same time, I felt his tightness ease down it. He was hot inside. “Oh,” I murmured.”Is it okay?” he asked.I pulled my hips back and pushed them forward, feeling his tightness pass up and down. “Yeah,” I told him. “It feels good.”I pushed all the way in until just a little spot of my dick showed between his butt cheeks. It felt so good, I ground in and his tightness squeezed the base of my shaft. “Oh, shit!” I murmured. I made a tentative pump or two, and then instinct took over, and I began to thrust.Fucking is different from frotting and it’s different from sucking, too. Fucking, going balls deep, was awesome. It was amazing to watch my dick while at the same time experiencing the sensations. But as the sensations grew, I quit watching and bent over Davis. I wrapped my arms under him, hugging on. I started humping in earnest, driving in each little thrust. Soon my lap was making slapping sounds against Davis’ butt. My thrusting drove Davis down onto his stomach, taking me with him. When my legs fell outside his, his butt fit under my loins perfectly. I slid my arms up under his shoulders, grabbed on, and fucked.I know I grunted. Davis was grunting, too. It felt unbelievable. When I came, the sensation of pumping my cum deep inside him was like the perfect ending. When I was done, I collapsed onto him.”That,” I murmured, “was fucking awesome.””I want to try,” Davis said.Reluctantly, mostly because I felt so mellow, I pushed up off him and onto my knees. Davis got to his feet, and his dick was still rock hard. It wagged over to where he had set down the Vaseline, and back. He knelt beside me and held out the jar for me to take some and rub it into my butt while he rubbed some on that fat dick of his.”Mikey,” he said quietly. “I want to try it different? I mean, when I lay on top of you and we rub our dicks together, I wonder what it would be like if I were inside you.””You want me to lay on my back?””Yeah. You can get on the bed if you want, but don’t get Vaseline on the bedspread.””Get the washrag,” I told him. “We can put it under my butt.”We got to our feet. I lay down on his bed onto my side, then pulled my legs up so I could roll to my back without getting my butt on the bed. I held my knees to my chest and waited for Davis.He grinned. “Hold on,” he said. He grabbed one of his pillows, covered the middle with the washrag, and shoved it under my butt. I set my feet down on the bed.”Not yet,” Davis said. “Keep your legs up until I put my dick in.”I pulled my legs back up and Davis scooted his dick up to my butt.What makes a dick hard to take is the width more than the length. I was young and limber, and usually young guys can take each other pretty well, but I was a virgin and that cock of Davis’ was thick for our ages.”Shit! Shit!” I said when he started to push in. “Take it out!”Davis pulled out. “Did it hurt?” he asked in surprise.”Yeah it hurt!” I said, catching my breath.”I’ll go slower,” Davis promised.”I’m not so sure,” I told him, reaching down to feel my butt. I touched myself tenderly. My sphincter was so slippery that my finger slipped in. I rubbed it around inside. I’d never done that before.”Yeah,” Davis encouraged. “Get your ass all relaxed.”He must have seen that I wasn’t exactly relaxing. “Here,” he said. “I’ll do it.”I pulled my finger out and let Davis slip his in.”Relax,” he told me.I closed my eyes and laid my forearm across them. I did my best to relax my stomach and insides. Thinking back on it, Davis was surprisingly gentle and patient for a guy his age. He moved his finger in and out with one hand and gently rubbed on my balls and dick with his other. Not only did I relax, but I began to get hard again. I felt his breath on my balls. He licked them. But he didn’t suck me. I didn’t blame him; my dick had been up his butt.He rubbed his finger in my butt and licked my balls and stroked my dick until it was hard. He nuzzled under my balls, rubbing his chin and nose on my perineum. I started feeling a lot better. I think having a hardon helped because Davis begin touching something inside me that really felt good to have touched. “Umm,” I murmured.He pulled out and then put his finger back in. It felt thicker. I peeked from under my arm.”I’m using two fingers,” he told me.I nodded and closed my eyes again. I moaned softly when it felt good. When Davis pulled his fingers out again, I guessed he was about to try his dick again, and I purposely kept my insides relaxed. Davis rested his hand from my balls and dick as I felt the dull thickness of his cockhead press at my opening.He pushed in and I gritted my teeth but kept my ass relaxed. After what felt like minutes, I finally felt Davis’ lap against my bottom. “It’s all the way in,” he said.”Oh, yeah. I can tell.””You okay.””Might be. Take it easy.”Davis held me steady with a hand on the underside of my left thigh, and I felt his dick slide in and out. He rubbed my dick and stroked it as he ground his lap against my bottom. I could feel him moving around inside. He hit that spot again. “It’s feeling better,” I told him.Davis made longer strokes and picked up speed.”That actually feels okay.” I told him.He pulled my arm from across my eyes, and I looked up at him. “You feel really good inside, Mikey.””So did you.” I dropped my feet out to the sides. “It’s starting to feel good, sort of. Did it feel good inside when I did it to you?””It was okay.”Davis leaned forward over me. I looked down between us and could see his belly muscles working. He bent down onto me, slipping his palms under my back. We made adjustments. He ground into me, and we made more adjustments. He wrapped his arms under me, and I wrapped my arms over him. I hooked my heels over the backs of his legs, and the magic fit was back. Our embrace became a writhing ball. Davis thrust and ground into my butt and his pubic bone rubbed on my sensitive perineum. I rubbed my dick up against his taut belly and our tongues probed one another’s mouth. He felt better and better inside me. He drove in some thrusts and I arched back under him. Davis held my chest up to his as his hips pumped. He sucked on my neck, my jawline, my lips.We were young, but we had instincts and we followed them. Damn, it was good!Davis pumped. We rolled this way and that with me in his embrace. He made me come before he did, shooting up between our bellies, and when he came, and I got all slippery inside, he pulled me upright in his lap and we kissed until his softening dick slipped out of me.He laid me down again, and bent over me. I had made him a man, I guess. He had certainly fucked like one. He kissed over my body while my insides relaxed and my breathing returned to normal.He rested on top of me the way I liked for a while, and then we dressed because his mom was due home.These days, when I’m with another guy, I like to top. That is unless the fit is like it was with Davis and me. Davis could top me all he wanted, and over the next few days, he did. My butt got used to it, and I loved it.For years afterward, the smell of Vaseline gave me a hardon.4.It was a good summer. After those first few days of sexing one way or another every chance we could get, we eased back into our regular friendship, more or less. We were had swim team and had other buddies on the team we also hung with. Don’t get me wrong, though — we still had sex. A lot.I slept over at his house at least a time or two a week. Davis would drag me off to bed early so we could have sex. I had a neighbor with a great swiming pool and no dogs, so twice We “camped out” in a tent in my back yard and stole into the neighbors swimming pool to skinny dip well after midnight. We played with each other underwater. We also butt-fucked each other underwater, and that’s how we discovered you could do it standing up.One evening, in the public pool, away from some of the lights, we backed to a corner and I pulled down the back of Davis’ swimsuit and the front of mine and slid my dick up in him, right there in the public pool. It was full of k**s and I didn’t think anyone was paying attention. With my dick up his but, I just sort of hung onto Davis’ back. I noticed one of the lifeguards, and older boy I recognized from church, keeplooking at us, and once when his eyes met mine, he grinned at me. Davis’ little sister Lisa was there that night, and I caught her watching us from the opposite side of the pool. I pulled out of Davis and pulled up our suits.Trying sex in different places like pools, and once in a john, was sort of exciting, but the best times were still when it was just Davis and me alone in his room, naked, and fitting our bodies together. Davis liked doing it different ways, but I still preferred being on my back with Davis on top of me, either frotting with me or with his dick working inside my rectum. I felt like I was becoming gay. There were times I felt like a girl and Davis was the boy, and it bothered me that I liked that feeling in a way. But I did like it, and when it was just him and me, we moaned and groaned and made slapping noises and slurped noisily because the sounds somehow made it seem more like real sex and us like real lovers.However, we weren’t always alone when we thought we were. Once or twice, I thought I heard someonoe on the other side of the bathroom door, which could only have been Lisa. Once, I got up from butt fucking Davis and opened his bathroom door just as the door to the den closed.I suppose I should describe that part of house a little more at this point. Like I said, Davis’ mom was a high school teacher, and single parent, so she wasn’t rich. Their house was small. Their mom had her own bathroom off from her bedroom. The other bathroom opened off the den for guests, but had a second door that opened to Davis’ room. People were supposed to keep the doors closed and knock before entering, but you always had to be prepared for one or other of the doors to be left open. From the den, a little hallway also led back around to Davis’ other door, as well as to Lisa’s bedroom, and to their Mom’s bedroom.I wasn’t used to knocking on the bathroom door when going from Davis’ bedroom because you could usually hear if someone was in there. A couple of times the door was locked and I knew Lisa was using it.In mid August, my parents decided to visit my grandparents in Nebraska. I totally did not want to go, partly because my grandfather always seemed to think I was there to do chores, and partly because the last swim meet of the season was going to be on the day my parent were to leave, and mainly because of Davis. I talked them into letting me stay with Davis’ mom for the week. It was one of the few times they let me talk them into something like that, but I think they knew I was having a terrific summer; though, of course, they didn’t know all the reasons why it was so terrific. Anyway they let me stay.The meet went well. Lisa was on the swim team, too, and as she and a couple other girls from her age group went up for medals, the guys and I discussed how their chests seemed a little flatter at the beginning of the summer from how they looked now. They were getting mounds. And curves. Like I indicated earlier, Lisa was one of those girls who was all legs and arms when she was a k**, and her swimsuit had those high leg holes on the sides so her legs looked even longer. She had nice legs. What I also noticed was that her hips had rounded a little. That night, Davis didn’t drag me off to bed early for a change, and Lisa had a friend of her own sleeping over. So we stayed up late playing games and watching movies. For once, Lisa talked more than normal. She was really happy for how she did at the swim meet. When I sat next to her on the couch, our legs rested against each other, and she didn’t pull her leg away.It was maybe two afternoons later, if I remember correctly. that Davis and I were helping his mom with some things she wanted to do in the back yard. Some friends of Lisa’s were over earlier, but they had left, and I thought Lisa had left with them.I needed to pee, so I went inside. I went through the back door, and I was shirtless and barefoot, so I guess I was quiet. I wasn’t trying to be; I just wasn’t thinking about it. I pulled open the door from the den to the bathroom, and there was Lisa, sitting naked on the john. She stiffened with her hands between her legs. I had the distinct impression that she had been rubbing herself.She froze. I froze… well except for my jaw hitting the floor.”Oh, sorry,” I stammered, backing out. “Wait.” I came back in and closed the door behind me. “Can I see,” I said. I’m not sure what came over me because I wasn’t that bold a k**. Maybe it was because Lisa was always around. I told her, “I haven’t seen a girl naked since my little sisters were babies.”Lisa stared. One finger moved in her hand, and it looked like she pulled it out from inside her pussy. I forgot to breathe.”I’ll show you mine,” I offered, trying to think.Lisa’s mouth, which had been hanging slightly open, closed; and she swallowed. I took it for a yes, and pushed down my pants and underwear to the tops of my thighs. Holding them there, I stepped up to where Lisa was sitting. My dick began to rise.Lisa stared at it. Then, tentatively, she pulled a hand from between her legs and cupped it under my dick. Her eyes widened. She closed her hand around my thickening tube and it just plain hardened up. It pointed right between her eyes.”It’s bigger than it looks in your swimsuit,” she whispered.”I hide it when it gets hard.”Lisa shook her head. “I’ve seen it like this under water. Your speedos have gotten real see-through.””Oh?” I was blown away. This was almost more than she had said to me at one time, ever, and it was to let me know she oggled me underwater?She lifted my dick higher, looking under it at my balls. She pulled her other hand from between her legs and felt my scrotum between her thumb and forefinger with growing confidence. “Your skin is soft,” she whispered. “So is mine.”She stood, and because of me standing so close, she pulled my dick up between us. She had less pubes than I did — like none at all. There was just a slight mound over her pubic bone and a slit beneath. She pushed her hips back and pulled my dick down to rub my dickhead against her pussy. “See?” she said, “I’m soft there, too.””Oh!” I murmured, my knees growing weak.Her hand tightened on my dick she she rubbed my glans against her labia. She rocked slightly on her feet. Her labia were damp, probably from what she had been doing.”You’re warm,” I whispered.”You, too.” Her hips came forward and my dick slipped between her legs. She held the top of my dick up under her pussy. Her fingers pushing up on the underside of my dick made my knees weak. Our bodies almost came together. Our faces were close. I kissed her lips.Just then, we heard Davis and his mom talking. It sounded as if they were coming in from the backyard.”Oh,” I grunted, pulling back and scrambling to get my shorts up. Lisa’s shorts and shirt lay on the sink counter. She grabbed them up as I got ready to leave by the door to the den.”Lisa,” I whispered. “After Davis goes to sleep tonight, I’ll come to your room.” I didn’t wait for an answer. I left, closing the door behind me and hurried to the kitchen. Davis and his mom were getting ice water. I quickly took a seat at the kitchen table to hide my erection.At supper that evening, I kept sneaking glances at Lisa, but she wouldn’t look at me. It looked like she blushed a time or two. Had I lost my chance with her? Had the moment passed?I was worried that Davis would want to stay up late I didn’t need to worry. We hadn’t had sex since the night before, and he was horny. We had taken turns showering earlier (we didn’t try showering together when his mom was home). As soon as we brushed teeth, he shoved me into his room, closing the bathroom door behind us. Laughing, he wrestled me onto his bed, pulled my shorts and underwear off, and dove onto my cock with his mouth. He managed to keep a mouthlock on it while he got me hard and pulled off his own shorts and underwear. I pulled off my shirt. He rose up on his knees and pulled off his, and then fell onto me. We got quiet when his mouth covered mine and we began to grind.We came that way, and I thought we might be done, at least for a while, but Davis was in an affectionate mood. He nuzzled my neck and face and continued to grind our dicks between us, slowly, casually. He kept both of us hard. I didn’t know what to expect with Lisa, or whether she would even let me in her room later, but I didn’t want to come again. I wanted to wait.Davis had other ideas. He retrieved the small medicine bottle he kept a private stash of Vaseline in and smeared some into my butt. As he did so, he played with my butt and with my perineum in ways he knew I liked. He spread a little more Vaseline on his dick — it didn’t take nearly as much these days — and positioned himself at my bottom. He drove in. I arched back like I usually did. It was a reflex, but he liked when I arched back. It turned him on. So I did it. He wrapped his arms under the small of my back, and pulled me upright into his lap.My legs went out along his sides and my cock rested on the smooth skin of his belly. My face was slightly higher than his, so I covered his mouth with mine and wrapped my arms around his head. I rubbed my dick on his belly and that rode me on his dick. We tongue wrestled and I bounced until he rose on his knees, carrying me with him, and fell forward onto me. We made our usual tight ball, but this time, Davis went slower than normal. He didn’t just pound away, but ground into me, and I moved with him.I didn’t intend to come; I just couldn’t help it. Davis came not long after. He stayed on me and snuggled dozily, obviously intending to go to sleep that way. In fact, I think he fell asleep before his dick slipped out of me. I was ready to fall asleep myself. I was pretty well spent by then. I struggled to stay awake, but it was awfully comfortable with Davis on top of me like that because We often fell asleep that way. I think I might have dozed a little when I heard Lisa in the bathroom. It sounded like she was brushing her teeth.The time actually seemed a little early for her. I hoped that was a good sign.I heard her mom go down the hall and go into her room. Her door closed. She always closed it to change for bed, but she didn’t always sleep with it closed. I would need to wait to be sure she had either left it closed, or had gone to sleep.Eventually, the light went out in the bathroom and I heard Lisa go out the other door and come back through the hall to her room. Her door closed. I shifted like I normally did when we changed positions and Davis rolled to one side, keeping an arm over my chest.I waited.The memory of that afternoon and the feel of Lisa’s fingers on my dick and the softness of her pussy on my glans started to revive me. My hand went to my dick and balls. I played with them and imagined that Lisa might even let me put my dick inside her. The house grew still. Davis was a hard sleeper and by then, he was dead to the world. I slipped out from under his arm, picked up my shorts, but not my underwear, and slipped into the bathroom — if Davis woke, which he wasn’t going to do, I could say I was just going to use the bathroom.He didn’t even stir. Once in the bathroom, I pulled on my shorts and carefully opened the door to the den. I left the door open behind me and tiptoed to the hall. It was fairly dark, but I could see that their mom’s door was closed. I listened. I thought I heard soft snoring from that direction. I went to Lisa’s door, opened it as quietly as I could, and slipped inside.There was more light in her room. It came in through the open d****s of her window from a backyard light next door. There was a bush in the way, so there wasn’t too much light, but I could see Lisa in her bed. She had her bedcovers up, but I could see the outline of her body. It looked to me like her hands were between her legs again. Her eyes were open. I went to her bed, lifted the covers and crawled in beside her. I had already thought of the first words I wanted to say. “Let’s get naked like this afternoon,” I whispered.Lisa pushed the covers down to her legs. She was already naked.”Wow!” I mouthed wordlessly. I slid closer to her and she rolled up on her side to face me. Those small mounds of hers mounded a little more between her arms. I shimmied out of my shorts, kicking them on down past my feet and moved closer so that my dick almost touched her. Her eyes were on mine, and I swear she had a hungry look. I didn’t realize that girls could want sex, and least not like guys, and certainly not a girl Lisa’s age. But she had already gotten herself worked up before I got there, and she looked, well, needy.We gazed into one another’s eyes. I grabbed the base of my cock and scooted closer, intending to rub my glans on her pussy like earlier. I looked down between us just long enought to aim, and when my dick pressed at the top of her slit, I looked up at her again. Her eyes drooped and I rubbed around with my dickhead, trying to work into her slit. Lisa opened her legs, cocking her top one over my hip.That gave me a better angle to rub the length of her slit with my dick. I kept my eyes on hers as I moved my glans up and down her labia. She moved her hips, rubbing her labia on my glans.Sliding my dickhead up and down between the lips of her pussy, I found her opening. It took me a moment because it was lower down than I expected. When I did find it, I eased my dickhead in.She was damp down there, but not very damp, and my dick didn’t go in very far. I didn’t know about hymens, so I thought maybe she was tight like my butt was the first time Davis tried to put his dick into me. I wasn’t about to go get the jar of Vaseline, but I remembered that Davis had used some on my butt earlier (that wasn’t difficult to remember because I was still slippery between my butt cheeks.) I reached behind me and drew my fingers up my butt crack. I probably got as much persperation as leftover Vaseline, but my fingers were wet. I quickly rubbed them over my glans and down my shaft. Then I repositioned.Lisa didn’t have much of a hymen. She might have lost some of it playing with herself. Anyway, with my dickhead wet, I worked it in. Her breath caught and I stopped. But then she wiggled her hips. I pushed in as far as I could, and the tight, soft sheath of her vagina opened and slid down over my glans and down my shaft.I rocked my hips and moved inside her. She grabbed my shoulder, moaned softly, and her eyes closed. I pumped. But we were on our sides, and I couldn’t go as deep as I wanted. So staying inside her, I rolled on top of her, rolling her to her back.Her eyes opened and met mine again. Her mouth dropped as I made it almost all the way insideand my balls rested on the top of her leg. I wiggled my hips and she spread her legs out. My hips settled between her thighs, and I went balls deep into bliss on a dick. If I hadn’t come twice already that night, I would have come for sure.Buried in her, I lowered my lips to hers. I was going to make her feel like Davis made me feel. I probed into her mouth with my tongue. Lisa groaned. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue over mine. I began to thrust with my hips. She wrapped her arms around me, pressing her palms flat on my lower back.I wrapped my arms under her and kissed her as I pumped. Her bed was quieter than Davis’ and I realized I had gotten used to the sexiness of Davis’ bed squeaking, but it was good hers didn’t; not with her mother down the hall.That didn’t mean that Lisa remained quiet. She gasped and whimpered softly. I had barely gotten going when she grabbed me by the butt with both hands and tensed up under me. Her insides pulsed, squeezing my dick. That was something else I didn’t know — that girls could come. It was like a premature ejaculation. I know that at that age, guys often fire off too fast, but that night, it was Lisa. She had absolutely gotten worked up before I ever got there.Lisa arched back under me and I understood why Davis thought it was hot when I did that under him. Her fingers dug into my butt. Her legs squeezed me between them, and her insides milked my dick; or would have if I had been coming yet.I stopped thrusting when her hands pressed down on my butt hard to stop me. So I did, but I stayed inside her. I did like Davis did me when he stayed inside. I kissed her face and her neck. I also did something that Davis did not do to me. I felt over the small mounds of her breasts with my hand. Her skin was soft. Her small breasts fitted my palm and I cupped one as I kept her mouth covered with mine until slowly, I began to move my hips again.Lisa responded, kissing back and sliding her hands up my back and down to my butt. I ground down into her and she ground back. Her vagina was very wet now and the slide of it over my glans and up and down my shaft felt like nothing I did with Davis. She planted her heels on the bed and rocket her pelvis to meet me. Just as much as Davis and I had used our instincts, Lisa used hers, and a young girl like that can have pretty hot instincts.It wasn’t long before she begain gasping and whimpering again. She squirmed. Her hands went to my butt. I kept going because I felt my balls drawing up and churning, and I was ready to come. She tensed up again and I felt her insides tighten around my dick. That was all I needed. I thrust fast and hard, and For the first time in my life, I pumped my cum into a girl. There’s no feeling like that.I pumped dry and then stayed inside her. I rested on her again, kissing her softly until my dick softened and slipped out.I rolled off onto my side, propping my head on my elbow to watch her. Her head rolled my way and she smiled dreamily. Her breasts rose and fell with her breath. I extended a finger and felt over them and around her nipples. They were puckered and pointing. I bent to kiss one. Lisa moaned softly and wrapped an arm behind my head to hold me to her chest. So I brushed her nipple with my lips and licked over it with my tongue. She squirmed quietly.I lifted my head, gazing down at her, I wrapped a leg over her and pressed my soft cock and balls to comfortably against her hip. I rested a hand in the middle of her chest.”I wish you could spend the night with me like you do with Davis,” she whispered.”I can stay here a little while,” I told her.”I hear you two,” she said. “At night.”I shrugged. I wasn’t surprised. “I think you’ve listened during the day.”She nodded. She lifted a finger and ran it over my lips as if to see how they felt. “I tried watching through his window, but I can’t ever see anything through the curtains. I opened the bathroom door once, but I was afraid Davis saw me so I closed it and ran.””What were we doing?””Davis was on his tummy and you were on top of him.” Her eyes met mine. “I watched before I thought Davis saw me. I wondered what it would be like if you were on top of me.””Now you know,” I told her.”I want to do it with you during the day,” she said. “When everybody is gone.””Yeah,” I agreed.She pouted slightly. “Do you like me better or Davis?””You,” I said, then reconsidered. “I like Davis, though. I mean, what we do. He’s my best friend, and, Well, I like him.” I shrugged. “He’s good at sex.” I touched her nipple. “I’ll teach you some things.””Like what?””Like how to sixty-nine.””I know what that is.””We can try it.””Now?”I thought about it. She had Vaseline on her pussy. “Maybe next time.”She smiled and then yawned.”Maybe I better go before we fall asleep,” I said.Lisa reached down along her side. “Let me feel it one more time.”I lifted my leg and let her clasp my dick.”I like how it feels,” she said.I reached between her legs and for the first time, simply felt her with my fingers. Her labia were indeed soft, like she said. Soft as my scrotum maybe. Maybe softer. I probed a finger down into her slit. My dick began to return to life in her hand.Her hips moved. “I’m a little sore,” she said.”Sorry.” I started to pull my hand back but she covered my hand with her free hand. “It’s okay. I like it. Try rubbing like this.” She put my fingers on her labia and rubbed them up and down. I rubbed and dipped with a fingertip into her hole.I grew hard again, but hey, I was young and it was my first time with a girl. Her pelvis rocked her pussy under my fingers. She rolled up to me and cocked a leg over mine like she had when we started. Only this time, she held my cock in her hand and she was the one who worked it into her opening. I kissed her and our hips rocked. I was going to roll on top again so I could go deep, but she rolled on top of me first, and I did go deep. She pushed up on her arms over me, grinding her pussy down into my lap. That left my hands free for her breasts and I used them that way.She made it feel good for her, and in the process, made it feel damn good for me. She came differently this time, sort of long and never quite peaking. when I and that seemed to do it for her. She collapsed onto me. “Your brother falls asleep on top of me like this,” I whispered. Lisa murmured softly and relaxed. She fell asleep on me the way Davis liked to do, I liked it, too.I was inside her, instead of Davis being inside of me of course, but I got her legs between mine and I fell asleep, too. I only woke when I heard their mom pass Lisa’s door in the morning.Lisa was spooning me from behind; another thing like her brother. She woke when I jumped from the bed. “I’ll come again tonight,” I promsed in a whisper as I pulled my pants on.I listened at the door. It sounded like their mom was in the kitchen. Quickly, I slipped through the door, hurried through the den when their mom was looking the other way in the kitchen, and into their bathroom. I took a piss and then went into Davis’ room. He woke and stretched when he heard me come back in. “I have to take a whiz, too,” he said, getting up. “Why did you put your shorts on?”I shrugged. “In case someone left the other door open.””Well take ’em back off,” Davis said with a grin as he threw back the covers. “I got morning wood and I’ll be right back.My parents came home Sunday night. By then, I had the beginning of a sore throat. It was very sore the next day and my mom took me to the doctor. “I think that it’s simply exhaustion,” he told my mom. “You say he was with a friend all week? You know how k**s are; you have to slow them down sometimes. Make him rest for for a day or two. Keep him on the couch or in bed.””If he’ll let me,” Mom said.”I will,” I promised her.

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