day at the pool


day at the poolIt was the long weekend and I agreed to babysit my sisters 2 k**s for her while her and her hubby went away, by Sunday afternoon I was running out of things to do with them so I decided to take them to the wave pool, I had bought a new bikini and thought it would be a great chance to try it out, Im 33 but look pretty good for my age,I run at least 4 times a week and eat well, im short but well proportioned with ( thankfully) still nice firm c cup breasts, The girl was 6 andthe boy was 8, i wasnt comfortable with him going alone so they both had to come change wit me, dont worry this story has nothing to do with them everything was ok , he changed in a room by himself as I did with the girl, now I was thinking to well when I planned this, as we walked out of the dressing room the pool was packed, ive never a pool so full, but we were there so lets make the best of it, we played in the water until the waves started, it was my first time at a wave pool and didnt realize how big the waves were , both k**s got swamped, luckily another woman told me she was leaving and offered me ther tube to float on, so off we went into the pool again, this time hanging on to the tube, we made it to the front where the waves were biggest , it was a lot of fun, then 2 boys ,looking exhausted grabbed the tube and asked if they could hang on for a second, whay was I to do ,”say no” so they waited a bit caught there breath and off they went. The waves finally istanbul escort stopped and we went to rest in the shallow water, finally the waves started again and we went to the front, it was fun lots of bodies crashing and k**s screaming, lol, then a boy and girl grabbed our tube for a rescue, I smiled and said “thats fine”, the waves stopped and we went out, The 2 k**s wanted to go on the slides, the lineup was huge but they wanted to so off they went, when the waves started agin they were still in line so I told them i was going in the waves and Id meet them at the slide after.In I went ,paddled to the front, I was starting to enjoy this, then agin,this time 2 teen boys grabbed the tube, one across from me and the other behind me with his hands on both sides of me, ok I thought ,me to the rescue, told them it was ok, the boy behind me , with the waves started rubbing himself all over my ass, not sure if it was on purpose or not but i gave him the benefit of the doubt, then he said “thanks for letting us hang on, do you mind if we stay”, “no thats fine” i said,Then he wrapped a hand around me and pulled himself against me,and started grinding his hips, wow I was to embarassed to say anything, it kinda felt good, then the waves stopped and I said I gotta go and I went to check on the k**s,they were in line for a second run and would be a while, the horn went for the avcılar escort waves and I went back in, right away the boy that was behind me approached and said can he share the tube again, “um yea sure” i saidIn the middle of the pool he went under and came up in the middle of the tube,facing me, awkward I thought but ok, then I felt his hand under the tube and grab my boob, “what are you doing” i asked, he just looked at me and said “is it ok”, i couldnt go anywhere, i couldnt make a scene so i just said “yes but thats all” I really love getting my boobs played with.So he just smiled and slipped his hand under my top, there i was in a public pool getting felt up,it was a bit erotic.Then out of no where he wrapped both his legs around my waist and pulled me towards himThen he said give me your hand, i wasnt even thinking and put my hand below the water. he grabbed it and put it on his cock, wow he was hard, i pulled my hand away and said “no,” he gave me the big puppy dog eyes and said “please”.So I reached down and started to rub him, slipped my hand in his bottoms, god his cock felt good,ok if this is what you want, so i started rubing as fast as i could, he was still playing with my boob, then I saw the look on his face ,he was cumming,ok that was sexy, he just looked at me said “thanks” and left , I adjusted my self, waited for the waves to stop and back to check on the k**s, they were fine,I decided şirinevler escort Id sit in the hottub for a few minutes , and right behind me was the other guy from the tube, he sat right beside, me, tried some adolescent small talk, and then he started to rub my leg, I just laughed and thought ,hmmm I wonder if they have spoken lately,Then the horn went for the waves, he looked at me and asked, “are you going in the waves”,” i think so”, “can i come with you”, “um sure why not”so in the pool he took the same posotion as his friend did inside the tube, he told me how sexy i was , haha thanks k**Then he told me to wrap my legs around him, ok not sure about this, “cmon” he was almost begging, so why not i did ithe grabbed my ass and started squeezing it, shit what was I thinking, I removed my legs, “awwe comon please it felt awesome”, well he was right id did feel good. ok I wrapped my legs again,he started fumbling and it seemed like he was jerking off, ok go for it buddy, i began to relax then in a flash he pulled my bottoms to the side, moved back a bit and pushed his cock inside me, I couldnt beleive this, but it was happening,his cock felt so big, then he grabbed my boob and pinched my nipple, ok that did it I had an orgam, and then he did too, filling my tight pussy,i didnt want it to stop,I needed more young cock, ,but now the waves were stopping, I had to go, he slid out of me and just smiled, i went and found the k**s, let them have one more ride and then told them we had to go, i wasnt feeling well, they werent happy but listened, just before I entered the change room i heard a yell ” hey lady” and one of the boy handed me a paper with an email address on it, my little neice asked whats that,” oh just some boys who might be doing some work at my house “and i gave her a big smile

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