Deaconstown Ch. 01


This is my first story on here. I previously posted it on a different site a couple years ago, but am now posting it again with plans to continue it. I hope you enjoy.

As always, all characters are at least 18.


I’d like to start by saying that my dad is an absolute asshole.

I was born in a small town called Groundsberg, Connecticut. My mother was born there. My father was born there. My sisters were born there. It was very important to us at one point. Not so much anymore, but I’ll get to that in a second.

My mother, one Christy Coleman nee’ Sampson, is the greatest woman in the world. That is worth nothing coming from me, but I genuinely believe that to be the case. She went to high school at Solomon High School with my father. Same high school I went to. She was the prom queen and an overall bright, cheery, joyful, charming person. She went to college out of state where she started dating my dad. The two of them returned engaged and soon after married. My mother started teaching science classes at Solomon High.

My dad, the shithead, one Jonathan Coleman, came back to Groundsberg and ran for City Council. Soon after, I was born and my mother quit her job to stay home and take care of me while my dad was elected mayor and continued to aim even higher politically, looking toward the senate. Two daughters later (Samantha, 2 years after me, and Katie, 4 years after me), he went into full campaign mode when I was 5. The whole town exploded in support of their golden boy, prodigal son, flawless, presidential hopeful.

My mom, being the wonderful person she is, supported him, doing anything from filling envelopes to driving across the damn state to talk to a handful of potential voters, towing her three kids along the way. She was supportive and helpful up until she came home to find her husband in bed with one of her 18 year old former students, Jessica Ramsey. Needless to say she was upset. He told my mother, as he was getting his clothes back on, that she couldn’t say anything to anyone. She disagreed.

She told a ton of people and she demanded a divorce, but the town reacted against her. The things they called her. A pot-stirrer. A tease. A prude. The town excommunicated her, essentially because the media caught wind of my dad’s affair, shooting his senate chances out of the air. I was only 5 and barely understood what was going on, but I could feel my mom’s sadness and turmoil.

My dad decided to give my mom her divorce and, worried that she would get a lot out of it, he settled on splitting the kids and her getting some money. With my bags packed, I said goodbye to my sisters and my dad and left with my distraught mother wherever she was taking us.

That ended up being an apartment in Sucksville, Indiana. It wasn’t actually called Sucksville, but my five year old mind thought it was terrible. I didn’t know anyone. I was at a shitty new school. We were poor. My mom couldn’t find a job teaching, but worked as a librarian which was nowhere near as much money. We only lived there for a year when we moved again, this time to Missouri. I though Indiana was bad, but you don’t know bad until you’ve been to Missouri.

We stuck around here for quite a while. Until I was 12 and in middle school. She was teaching high school biology and I was having my first experiences with a member of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, my interaction with Carly Stevens was a lot of staring at her early-developed chest and doing her homework because I was too stupid to realize that she wasn’t going to immediately love me if I did her math problems.

After seventh grade, my mother and I moved again and again and again, we didn’t really settle down in any one place for quite a while, stopping near my aunt’s house for just long enough to get 8th grade under my belt. Long enough in another state to get my freshman year down. We would pretty much stay somewhere just long enough for me to find a girl, do another grade, maybe play a sport for a little while. Then we would move to a completely different place.

That is, until we settled finally. We were living in an Extended Stay America in New Mexico when my mom told me she got a new job teaching. She would be paid a good sum to teach high school biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physics at Madeleine South High School in Deaconstown, South Carolina. I was happy for her because she hadn’t been able to find a good job teaching anywhere, but she finally did and I couldn’t be happier. I wasn’t sure if she was ready to go back to the sedimentary lifestyle, but it had been a long time since I had seen her so excited.

Let me take a second to talk about my mom. She is a petite woman, but there’s definitely some curve to her body. All the running around, traveling—It’s been good to her for whatever reason. I’ve seen pictures of her from high school and college. Other than having a little more shape (Probably from having three kids) she looks exactly the same. Same bright smile with bright green eyes that I know my sisters inherited. She has pale skin and wide arcane izle hips that looked even wider on her 5’4 stature. I remember as a kid always playing with her hair which I have found myself doing still on occasion. She had thick long brown hair that fell just above her shapely ass. I saw on her bra once that she wore a 34B.

I took after my dad. My mom tells me that he and I could be twins if I were a dirty cheating shithead. That always made me laugh. I stood at 6’6 with short brown hair. I had worked on a farm while we were living in Missouri and had found jobs in other places, mostly with manual labor. Not only because it kept me in shape, but because they usually paid better. Having a pretty consistent tan was nice, too. I had broad-shoulders and long legs and

We moved to Deaconstown in the middle of the summer, just in time for me to get enrolled as a junior at Madeleine South. I was old for a junior, but all the moving around we did, stopped me from going to school for a year and my mom didn’t have much time to home school me. It was fine though. I was looking forward to it. I planned on trying out for the football team and actually giving this place a shot. I was reluctant at first, but driving through the town on the way in, I was definitely more sold on it. The entire town was in support of the high school sports teams and there was definitely a culture around this little town and there was something plain magnetic about it.

Maybe it was how easy it felt to be in it or some sort of sentimentality that I felt from Groundsberg, but I could definitely see myself living here for a while. I genuinely hoped my mom felt the same. We finally arrived at our new house in the early morning and my mom and I were both tired from driving all night. It was a small blue house in a row of similar looking houses. A nice suburban area. Three bedroom. Two and a half bath. My mom told me that when the seller heard she was the new science teacher, a much more lenient payment plan was worked out.

We immediately tried to get things into the house, so we could have a well-deserved nap. We got as far as a handful of boxes and the couch before my mom passed out in the middle of the hallway where we ended up setting the couch temporarily. I let her sleep and went back to work on unloading the car and the U-Haul.

It takes moving to realize how much stuff you have. I didn’t know, but while my mom and I were moving, my mom had a good amount of stuff in storage that she pulled out when we were headed to Deaconstown. Maybe we were planning on staying for a while. I was broken away from my thoughts by someone approaching me.

“You must be the new neighbors.” I looked down from inside the U-Haul the girl standing on the sidewalk, looking up at me. She spoke with a soft voice that had just a touch of a southern accent and I found it very attractive. She had dark skin and curly brown hair. Full lips and a nice smile. Honestly the first thing I noticed was how tall she was. Had to have been almost six foot which compared to my 5’4 mom was quite shocking.

“Yeah. We’re just moving in, as you can probably tell.” I said, hopping down out of the back. I cursed myself for a moment because of my appearance. I was tired, sweaty, dirty and wearing a sleeveless shirt that had sweat stains and a pair of beat up old shorts. Definitely not good to make a good first impression on a girl as pretty as she was. “I’m Clay Sampson.”

“I’m Kimberly Wynn. Call me Kim.” She said, shaking my hand. “I’m on your left side, it looks like.” She said with a smile.

“It would look like it.” I said with a smile in return. “You going to Madeleine South?” She nodded.

“Yep! I’ll be a senior. I play on the volleyball team.”

“I kind of guessed.” I chuckled. “I’m sorry, but you’re the tallest girl I’ve ever met. I don’t mean to sound rude, but once you meet my mom it’ll make sense.” She laughed and she had a great laugh.

“Well, I’m not that tall compared to you. You’ll probably be one of the taller folks in town.” She nodded. “You gonna try out for something? Football? Basketball?”

“I’m more of a bowling kind of guy. Is there a team here or…?” I smiled and she looked at me in confusion. “I’m only joking. I was planning on trying out for the football team. How good are my chances?”

“Pretty good, I think. A big guy like you? Coach’ll love you.” She said before the faint sound of a phone vibrating went off. She put her hand to her pocket and looked up at me. “Hey, it was great talking to you. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other.” She turned and walked away, glancing back at me with a smile before finally answering her phone. I couldn’t resist looking her up and down in the process.

She was tall and curvy with a big ass and thick thighs. She was wearing a tanktop and some jean shorts that only made it even harder to look away. From the look of it, she had a pretty heavy chest as well. I was definitely going to try and see more of her.

It was about two hours later when I finally had everything inside, complicated slightly by having to aşk kumardır izle do it by myself, but I got it done and soon after, I got my mom’s bed set up in her room. I went downstairs to the couch to find her still asleep, but I figured that I could trade her bed for the couch, so I could get some shuteye of my own.

“Mom?” I said softly, gently shaking her. She groaned and woke up enough to look up at me. “Mom, I made your bed. Go sleep there.” She blinked a few times then fell right back to sleep. I had seen this a few times. She had gotten a job at some laboratory and she ended up having to work 16 hours in a row a few times. I did what I did then and I carefully lifted her up of the couch. I carried her up the steps to her room and tucked her into her bed. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I went down to the couch where I curled up and fell asleep myself, happy to have a new home.

I woke up a few hours later to the familiar smell of sandwiches being pressed in a George Foreman grill. I sat up, immediately feeling hungry. I looked over the back of the couch, wiping the sleep from my eyes to see my mom bopping around the kitchen. It looked that she had things set up enough to be making lunch.

“You make one for me?” I asked, my voice raspy with sleep. She looked over and smiled.

“Of course, I did. I had to thank you in some way for basically doing all of the unloading on your own. And setting up my bed. And setting me up in my bed.” She placed a plate with a sandwich in my lap. I took a bite and let out a happy sigh before looking over at my mom.

“So, what do you know about our neighbors?” I asked, my mind flashing back to the lovely Kim Wynn on our left side.

“Umm…Only what the seller told me. The Wynns are a nice nuclear family. Couple of daughters and a son. James is the umm…” She stopped to lick some melted cheese off her finger. “the president of the PTA. He’s got a hardware store in town. Apparently the PTA has a fair amount of clout around here.” I nodded, trying to not sound too interested. “They’re on the left. On the right, there’s that brown house. That’s the Rhodes’. They have three daughters. The mom—Oh, what was her name…Felicia! She teaches at the Elementary school.”

“Is everyone involved in the schools around here?” I asked with a smile, standing up and climbing over the back of the couch toward the kitchen.

“Well, there’s nothing else to do around here. It’s a good thing.” She said, bumping me with her hip. I smiled and threw my plate away. “So, now that we have been revitalized with one of my famous sandwiches, shall we get to work unpacking? Maybe get your bed set up before you have to use it?”

“Sounds good, mom.”

The summer blew by pretty quick. We bought some furniture. My mom started working. I started hanging out with Kim fairly regularly. She was really cool. We just had very little in common. If I’m honest, there was a level of attraction that I felt toward her, but the more I got to know her, I felt very little romantic feelings toward her. To be frank, she was good spank bank material, but I had no desire to be in a relationship with her. Nothing beyond friendship, that is. I had no idea how she felt though.

I was definitely unsure when she invited me to a party the Friday night before school.

This was foreign to me. Even when I played sports at other schools, I was not part of the party scene and even when I had other girlfriends, I never had time to spend with her…ahem…intimately.

I was a virgin and I had never had alcohol. I will admit, I had seen my fair share of porn, though, and I didn’t think that I would be susceptible to alcohol. That’s probably exactly what a booze virgin would say though.

My mom had some sort of PTA mixer she had to go to. Plus, even though she’d never say it, she felt guilty over moving us around so much. Having me miss out on a lot. She was going to let me go no matter what.

Around 8 o clock that night, I said goodbye to my mom and headed over to Kim’s. I barely knocked when she came through her door.

“Let’s go. You’re driving.” I nodded and with that we were gone and I was on my way to my first high school party.

“So, what’s it going to be like? I’m not uhh…not too sure what to expect, honestly.”

“Well, you’ll probably meet a lot of people. You’ll probably not remember any names. And if you’re doing it right, you won’t remember anything else about tonight either.” She said, winking over at me. I chuckled a little nervously, but kept driving. “There’s pretty typically a party like this every weekend. You get used to it. It was pretty daunting my first time too.”

“This is my first…party, to be honest.” He said with a sigh. “Like I told you, I didn’t have many chances to—”

“Well, let’s make sure this one is memorable then, huh?” She smiled over at me and I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant. “Take a left here.” I did and immediately the view of the party was in sight. There was music blaring and bright lights flashing with people spilling out into the front aslında özgürsün izle lawn. I was a little shocked that a town this small would have such public partying by what had to be underage people. We ended up parking about three blocks away and as soon as I was parking, Kim was out and headed for the house. I simply followed her swaying hips in the tight skirt she was wearing. She turned around and caught me. She simply smiled. “Come on, slowpoke! The party’s waiting for you!” I ran to catch up to her and she ran playfully, so I followed her. I ended up chasing her into the party where I slowed to a stop, looking around. Overwhelming was the only thought that came to mind.

My mind flooded in sensory overload. There was loud music blaring in my ears. The smell of alcohol, weed, and teenage hormones in my nose. The feel of bodies up against me. The sight of probably more than one hundred writhing, dancing, grinding, sweating, kissing, groping, fondling teenagers wanting nothing more than to make a decision that they’d probably regret later in life.

“Alright. Follow me. You look like Bambi trying to learn how to walk.” Kim said, grabbing my hand and pulling me through the crowd. I followed dutifully and when she stopped and soon had a cup shoved into my hand. “Drink this. Now.” She said, grabbing a cup of her own. I simply obeyed and downed the whole cup in one take. I had tried a sip of beer before and what I drank was not beer. It burned all the way down until she gave me another cup to wash it down. I drank about half of that and that I recognized as beer. Shitty beer, but definitely beer. “Now, you’re ready to party.”

I was lead around the room, feeling a strong buzz, being introduced to dozens of people, only about 6 that I remember the names of. Of course, 4 were girls.

The first was Audrey. She was on the volleyball team with Kim and I remember them greeting each other with a squeeze of the ass and a kiss of the cheek. She was a short blonde with pale skin and probably the biggest chest I’ve ever seen. I have a vague memory of telling her that, but I like to think that I managed to keep a leash on my lips better than that. She was curvy as I think all volleyball players are and I knew that I wanted to talk to her again later.

The next was the polar opposite. Her name was Michelle and she was a petite, thin girl with dark hair. She seemed really shy, but Kim knew her pretty well it seemed. I thought she was cute, but she was the kind of girl who was far from being a bombshell. Nothing wrong with it, but in comparison…there was a bit of a shadow cast over her.

One guy, I only made such an effort to remember because he’s the football captain. His name was Marshall and he was a little bit shorter than me, but just as big. He was a senior and he seemed to have his whole life put together. Born to the principal of the high school and the deputy mayor. He seemed like a nice enough guy and if I got onto the team, I’d be seeing a lot of him.

And Marshall was dating a girl named Kelsey. She was tall and brunette and stacked and curvy and slender and probably the masturbatory target for half the guys at Madeleine South. She was on the drill team and she had the look for it. Perky ass. Defined hips. Big tits. Long legs. Pretty face. Full lips. Tan skin that came from sun exposure or genetics, but she was definitely a girl that if she weren’t taken, I’d do my best to change that.

The other guy was Max. He was a little drunk at the time, but he seemed happy to meet me. He was the tight end on the football team and he said I had the right look. In comparison, he and I were about the same size. He was a big guy about my height, but a little bit bulkier. He said he’d be happy to show me the ropes of being a tight end if I made the team after all.

I spotted the last girl I remember sitting on the counter in the kitchen, talking to some other girls and the first thing that got my attention was her laugh. It’s this bubbly, cheery laugh that’s always punctuated with a snort. She had a slightly upturned nose with a smattering of freckles painted across it and then gradually fading into her cheeks. She had pale skin and fiery orange-red hair that seemed to stand out in the whole room. I only got a look at her as Kim dragged me through the kitchen, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her the whole time. I think her name was Emily or Emma or Ella. Whatever it was, I wanted to find out.

After the flurry of names and faces that my mind was unable to match up, I found a seat on the steps, trying to sort out the foggy state my mind was in. I had lost Kim somewhere between the backyard and the steps and was simply rubbing my temples as I closed my eyes tightly. Alcohol did not taste good and I had a genuine feeling that tomorrow was going to be one long hangover.

I was taking deep steady breaths when I felt hands drag over my back to my shoulders, gently rubbing them. “You look like you could stand to lie down.” I heard Kim say into my ear. I nodded and started to stand. I slipped my arms around Kim and she placed a hand on my stomach, running it into my shirt to feel my bare stomach. “Follow me, sexy.” My brief rest on the stairs had given me back some of my composure, but the feel of her hands and the sultry tone of her voice in my ear told me that this was not going to stop which was totally okay with me.

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