Deal with it


Deal with itI fucked her. Your woman. I was inside of her. She gave me her body. All of the parts of her that are only for your eyes, your touch and your mind, I had. Let me tell you, She was good! Think about it: All those little things you tought her; how to play with your balls when she sucks your dick, or how you keep trying to get her to deep throat, how to talk dirty to you, how to be a little slut for you. Maybe she half-heartedly did them for you, or maybe 1xbet yeni giriş on your birthday she showed you a good time, but she really put it all together for me! She was great. She was trying to impress me, she wanted to please me….and she did. Are you understanding this? I was INSIDE her, man….YOUR woman! I know how her pussy tastes, how her tits look and feel, I know what she sounds like when she cums, I know things. Oh, by the way, I 1xbet giriş came in her. She forced me to really, not that I minded. I filled her up. She held me inside of her, balls deep for almost two minutes after. She cleaned me with her mouth after,does she do that for you? We fucked on your bed. On your side as a matter of fact. I used you pillow to prop her beautiful ass up so I could get DEEP inside of her, she screamed. I know what every inch of 1xbet güvenilirmi her looks like. You taught her well, but there were some thing you didn’t touch on. For example: she obviously had not licked a mans ass before. Not to worry, she is a quick study and before I was done she was begging me to sit on her face so she could lick my ass while she got herself off, (Can you believe that?!) SHE GOT OFF ON IT!Sometimes lust makes people lose their minds, they forget whats important to them and do things they normally wouldn’t, things they regret later…..not her. She knew exactly what she was doing, was well aware of you. In fact she mentioned you, I think right around the time I put it in her ass……

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