Dear Diary – Adult store

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Dear Diary – Adult storeDear Diary – 23 years old, mid November was invited to go to a Heritage Festival with one of my steady friends. I picked him up and drove the hour to the event. I was wearing black ribbed control top tights, pink bootie shorts (the control tops of the tights showing from the bottom of the shorts) tan suede boots, Black knit sweater (pink formed bra showing from under it “A” cup falsies), pageboy cut black wig and of course makeup.We had a great time at the festival, lots of looks as we held hands. Some nice comments “very cute”, “pretty couple” etc.As we were heading home David saw a sign for an adult store. He directed me to it. It was on a back road not far from the interstate. It was a fairly large store and well maintained.As we entered I was stopped by the big black security guard (he was cute) he asked for my ID and said you must be 21 to enter. I produced my ID he looked and smiled “very very nice” and let us pass.There ardahan escort were TV screens throughout the store a few in each room. We separated Dave looking at the outfits, I at the vids. I was on my knees reading the boxes of the “tranny, CD, Sissy,” vids that were on the bottom shelf. All of a sudden I saw a large shoe and leg right next to me. I looked up and smiled at the tall older man. He said “very cute and in the right position” I commented “My best position I do my best work on my knees”. He smiled “taught well” “Yup” I said. He looked around unzipped and took out his already hard cock. I reached up and stoked it as I leaned up and kissed the head. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head. I said “I do not need any help daddy I have been doing this for years” He removed his hands and I took his cock down my throat in one push. I started sucking it my hands holding the back of his legs. “SLURP SLURP SLURP” bobbing artvin escort my head back and forth.All of a sudden I heard applause and Dave saying “such a slut can not leave you for a minute”. I looked up with the mans cock in my mouth and saw the TV with me sucking this mans cock. The owner put the live feed from the surveillance cameras on the screens. That made me want to do a good job knowing I was the star attraction as some of the others crowed into the isle. The man came so fast without notice no pre-cum no throbbing cock just a huge gush of thick cum overflowing my mouth. He pulled out spunking my face a bit looks nice on the TV with his cum hanging from my lips. Before I could get up WAM another cock slammed in my mouth. After the third guy unloaded in my mouth and on my face One of the others said “lets fuck her” that’s when the owner shut off the TV feed and the security guard came over. He reached out his escort bayan big black hand and pulled me up. “that’s enough sweetie” he said we have rooms in the back for that.Dave put his arm around me wiped the cum from my face “what a fucking slut you are Michelle” I giggled and smiled at him. I just grabbed a few vids and we checked out the owner behind the counter said “you can come back any time honey you good for business why don’t you go In the back room I will give you some free tokens for the booths” . Dave said “thank you sir but we have to go”Dave got in the divers seat, as he pulled out of the lot “what a slut you will suck anything SLAP across my face. He grabbed my head and pulled it down to his lap “dirty whore your date is the 4th what a whore” I took his cock out and sucked him till he came as he drove. When done :I’m going to fuck you so hard when we get home then take you and pimp you to the truckers.End result he did what he said. As soon as we got to my house he tossed me on the sofa and fucked me so hard calling me names all the time. Then told me to put on a skirt, panties and stockings, He took me to the truck stop and pimped me to 3 guys $5.00 each. Just to degrade me I blew 2 and one fucked me.

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