Dear Diary IV


Dear Diary – Part IV

Marco has been a saint. After I told him that Mom lost her job and that we got evicted from our apartment he got Mom a job at their estate as a maid. He also got her lined up in the maid quarters, so she didn’t have to worry about a place to live. Mom is very happy. She says that the Melandries are the nicest people to work for, and she absolutely loves living there. I officially moved into Marco’s apartment. I feel kind of weird living there. I kinda lived there before, but I always had our apartment as my address. Now that our apartment is gone, and I am offically moved in I feel like I am totally dependent on Marco. Maybe I would feel better if I was paying rent or something, but I don’t have a job or any money, so that is impossible. Marco pays for everything. He says he doesn’t mind, and that he is happy to do it, but I just feel like I have lost all of my independence.

When Marco tells me to do things I feel like I owe him so much for everything he has done for Mom and me that I don’t really have any right to say no. Everyday when I get out of the shower he makes sure that my vagina is silky smooth, and he has my outfit for the day laid out on the bed for me. Many times he does not allow me to wear panties. Almost all of my tops are very revealing and some barely cover my nipples. My huge breasts and nipples are always on display, and I always feel uncomfortable, especially when I am at school.

Last week he made me do a striptease for him before we ate dinner. He played some sexy music on the stereo and told me to get up on the dinner table and strip. He sat down and started eating as I stripped on the table. When I was completely naked he told me to sit on the table and spread my legs in front of him. I did, and he put a cuccumber in front of me and told me to fuck myself with it. I was so embarrassed, but I did like he told me and slid the cold vegetable inside of my vagina. He told me to fuck myself harder, so I started really pushing it in and out of my vagina. He told me to suck on my nipple, so I lifted one of my breasts up to my mouth and sucked my nipple in. He said that I was to continue fucking my cunt and sucking my nipple until I squirted on the table.

I had never brought myself to orgasm before, so I just kept on sucking my nipple and sliding the cuccumber in and out of my vagina, while he ate his dinner. Finally I started to feel an orgasm building inside of me. I lay on my back with my legs spread wide on the cold table. I had to release my nipple from my mouth because my breathing was getting heavier. I continued working the cuccumber until I finally let out a gasp as I had an orgasm and my juices squirted on the table. I pulled the vegetable out of my soaking wet vagina and lay on my back panting heavily.

You disobeyed me. He said very flately. I didn’t understand. He said. I told you to suck on your nipple until you squirted and that I didn’t. I tried to explain to him that I couldn’t breath, but he didn’t care. He told me to get on all fours on the table and start fucking my bald cunt with the cuccumber again. I was ashamed and humiliated, but did what he said. I got on my hands and knees on top of the table and with one hand slid the cuccumber back inside my vagina. Since I just came my vagina was really wet, and I could hear all the sloshing sounds as I slid the cuccumber back and forth.

Marco told me to continue doing this until I was told to stop. He sat at his chair behind me staring at my behind as I slid the cuccumber in and out of myself. I felt totally humiliated. Marco got up and went into the kitchen. He did not tell me to stop, so I continued sliding the cuccumber in and out of myself in front of no one. For some reason this felt even more humiliating than performing in front of him. He was in the kitchen doing the dishes and cleaning up while I was on all fours on the dining room table fucking myself with a cuccumber. For some reason Marco seems to enjoy humiliating me.

When he was finally done cleaning he came back into the dining room with a glass of wine in one hand and a carrot in the other. I was getting tired and had to switch hands often, but I was still masterbating myself because he did not tell me to stop. You had better learn to obey me better Nicki. He said. I’m sorry Marco. I replied. I promise I’ll do better. He just said yes you will, and he started sliding the carrot into my vagina as I was still using the cuccumber on myself. My vagina has become accostumed to his huge penis, and although the cuccumber and carrot were both smaller than his penis it was a weird sensation having them both inside of me at the same time. He did not tell me to stop with the cuccumber, so I continued sliding it in and out as he slid the carrot in deeper and deeper.

Does that feel good Nicki? He asked me. It feels kinda weird. I told him. Do you want me to take it out? He asked. Yes I answered, and to my suprise he pulled the carrot out. But as soon as it was out of my vagina I felt the tip of it at the entrance to my anus. Slowely he started pushing it into my butt. It hurt really bad, and I groaned as he continued sliding it in further and further. I wanted to ask him to stop, but I knew he would not. So I just continued fucking myself with the cuccumber while he fucked my ass with a carrot. The pain was intense, and I told him it was hurting me, but he just kept on doing it. He told me he wanted to see me squirt again. He left the carrot sticking out of my butt and sat down as I tried to bring myself to another orgasm. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but I finally had an orgasm, and squirted my juices onto the table. Marco told me to leave the cuccumber inside my cunt, so I did.

Again he left the room, and I stayed on the table on all fours with a cuccumber Ankara escort sticking out of my vagina, my juices running down the insides of my thighs, and a carrot sticking out of my butt. Finally he came back. This time he had a camera. I begged him not to take any pictures of me like this, but he just smiled and walked behind me and started snapping pictures. After he took about three or four pictures he walked around in front of me and showed them to me. I was so ashamed as I looked at the pictures. Marco pulled his pants down and put his penis in my face. I opened my mouth and started sucking him. When he came I swallowed his cum and he pulled up his pants and walked back into the kitchen. I stayed like I was with the vegetables in me until he returned and said. Lets go to bed. I finally pulled the vegetables out and followed him into the bedroom where we cuddled and fell asleep. I silently cried, because I felt like I was becoming more and more like Mom. Sometimes Marco humiliates me so bad that I want to leave him, but I know Mom is depending on me, so I just swallow my pride and do whatever Marco want me to do.

I had no idea what to get Marco for his birthday. He has everything he wants, and I really have no money to buy anything nice for him anyway. I told him that I didn’t know what to get him for his birthday, and he said not to worry about it, because he had it all worked out. He had kind of a sly smirk on his face, and it scared the hell out of me, but I just sort of went along with it.

On the day of his birthday I woke up before him and started to give him head while he was still asleep. He really likes when I do that. As he slowely woke up his penis grew in my mouth and he rocked his hips back and forth. He keeps on trying to get me to take his penis all the way in my mouth, and into my throat, but I just can’t do it. I gag everytime I try. He also likes it when I look up at him while I am giving him head, so I did that too. He told me that I look really hot with a mouth full of cock. I am still getting used to him talking to me like that.

I usually let him decide if we are going to have sex or not, and on that morning he just kept on doing it in my mouth, so I gave him head until he came in my mouth. I do not really mind the taste of his sperm anymore, and swallowing is not such a big deal. But right before he came he told me that he wanted me to show him all of the cum in my mouth before I swallowed it. So as he came I held his cum in my mouth and looked up at him and opened my mouth. He told me to stick my tounge out with his load on it, so I did, and he smiled as he saw his big white sticky load of sperm on my tongue. He told me to swallow, and I did.

I took a shower and shaved myself and when I got out Marco had my clothes for the day in his hand. It was an black ultra mini skirt that I had not seen before. I put it on, and it was so short that I think the bottom of my butt was hanging out. I would never think of wearing anything like this, but Marco picks out my clothes, and I don’t complain. He asked me if I liked it, and I told him that if he likes it than that is all that matters to me. He said he loved it and handed me a skimpy thin white top. No bra. I asked him if I could at least wear a bra, and he said that it was his birthday, and I would wear whatever he told me to. I put the top on. It was so small and so tight. It was long sleave and it was tight around my neck, and came just a couple of inches below my tits. Of course my big nipples poked right through the thin white material. Then he gave me a pair of high heels, and I put them on. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I looked like a whore. I wanted to cry, but Marco said I looked hot and gave me a big hug. I could not believe he wanted me to go out like this.

We went down the elevator, and as people got on, I could feel their eyes all over my barely covered body, and I was so humiliated. But I could tell Marco was loving it. We got in his Mercedes convertible and began our drive. I asked him where we were going, and he told me that he had the whole day taken care of, and for me to just enjoy it. I said it was his birthday, and that I wanted him to enjoy it. He said that for his birthday present I was to do everything he told me to without question, and that if I did it would be his best birthday ever. This scared me, but I told him that because of everything he has done for Mom and me I wanted to give him his best birthday ever. He said great. Then he said to suck his dick. I have done a lot of things for him that I would never even think of doing, but if I gave him head in his car with the top down, anyone would be able to see me. But I reluctantly unbuckled my seat belt and leaned over the center console and started to unbutton his pants. As I leaned over my skirt hiked up and exposed my butt, it was so short there was nothing I could do about it. I took his penis in my mouth and started to suck on it. The car next to us honked, and I felt so humiliated.

I continued sucking on him, I heard several shouts and whistles, and I knew that people were watching me give Marco head. I was so ashamed, and tears filled my eyes. Then Marco told me to stick my fingers in my beautiful bald pussy and play with myself. I was already so humiliated, but I did like I was told, and a trucker next to us started honking his horn repeatedly. I sucked on Marco, and played with myself as the trucker looked down on me. The trucker rolled his window down and started yelling at me to “Suck that cock” The tears were rolling down my face, but nobody could tell, and I just continued bobbing my head in Marco’s lap and fingering myself.

Marco finally came, and I swallowed his load. I just lay with my head in his lap because I was too ashamed to get up. But Marco told me to sit up, so I did, and the truck Ankara escort bayan driver and all the other cars around us started hooting and hollaring at me. I just put my face in my hands and cried. Marco put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him, and gave me a kiss on the top of my head.

We pulled off the busy street into a bar that I had never been to before. That was awesome honey. He said to me as he opened my door for me to get out. As I steped out my skirt hiked up and my bald vagina was totally exposed. I quickly stood up and pulled my skirt down, but even pulled all the way down it barely covered it. I am still too young to legally get into bars, but Marco seems to know everyone, and everywhere we go nobody ever questions my age. The same was true at this bar.

It was a pool bar, and there were about 20 pool tables. The place was packed, and I could feel all the eyes on me as we walked in. As usual Marco knew almost all of them, and he introduced me as his girl Nicki. Most of them were really nice, and shook my hand, but they never took their eyes off of my breasts. Marco said he wanted to teach me to play pool, and I said it sounded fun. We went to a table that was right in the middle of the place, and he got me a stick. He gave me some quick instructions and told me to go ahead and break. As I leaned over to hit the cue ball my skirt slid up, and I know that my ass was totally exposed. I looked up at Marco, and he gave me a little smirk, and I knew that was what he wanted. I was so embarassed and wanted to cry, but I knew I couldn’t, so I just concentrated on trying to hit the ball as my butt and vagina were out in the open for everyone to see.

After a couple of shots, a waiter brought me over a beer which I quickly drank. I asked him for another one, and he gave it to me. I drank that one down too and asked for yet another hoping that the alcohol would take away my shame. Because I don’t really drink that much the beers went right to my head, and I started to feel pretty buzzed, but I was still feeling totally humiliated.

After Marco sank the last ball in the hole he came over to me and kissed me really hard and long. He put his tongue way in my mouth. He reached behind my head and pulled a blindfold over my eyes, and kissed me again. Now everything was black, and I was releived that I didn’t have to see these people staring at me, but I was also scared as hell. Marco whispered in my ear and reminded me to do everything he said without question and to not take off the blindfold until he told me too. And that scared me even more.

Marco backed away, and I was standing alone. I felt so lost and scared. I knew people were all around me staring at me, and yet I felt totally alone. I didn’t want Marco to leave me, and I asked where he was. I heard his voice, and could tell he was about five feet away. I asked him to please come back, but he said nothing. I held on to the pool table just to assure myself of where I was.

The sounds in the bar changed. I could tell that no one was playing pool anymore, and people were all coming closer. Suddenly the whole bar broke out in a cheer and I jumped. Men started shouting and whistling, and I wondered what was going on. I felt the presence of someone in front of me. And then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I asked if it was Marco, but the hand was much smaller than Marco’s, and I knew that it was not. Another hand brushed my hair away from my face. I was so scared I was trembling. I wanted to pull that mask off of my eyes so bad, but Marco said not to. I felt warmth next to my head and I heard Marco’s voice whisper in my ear. Do whatever she wants you to. Was all he said and then he was gone.

Before I could even contemplate what he said the person in front of me pulled my head down and kissed me on the mouth. The kiss was hard and passionate, but the mouth was small. The skin soft. Then I remembered that Marco said do whatever she wants, and it occured to me that it was a girl who was kissing me. Everyone in the bar went crazy. It was so loud. I was terrified when I realized that Marco wanted me to make out with another girl in front of all of these people. I promised him that I would do anything he said, but this was going too far. My body was screaming at me to push her away, tear off the mask and run out of the bar, but I couldn’t do it. I was getting so used to doing what Marco told me to that I was scared to disobey him.

The girl kissed me harder, and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Slowely my body gave in and I started to kiss her back. She grabbed my arms and put them around her shoulders as she reached behind me and pulled me closer to her. I could feel her soft hair brushing my arms. She opened her mouth wide and we swirled our tongues around in each others mouths. The crowd was going completely bezerk. I was totally humiliated, but in a strange way I started to get excited.

We kissed each other long and passionatly and everyone was loving it. I had saliva running down my chin. Suddenly the girl grabbed the back of my shirt with both of her hands and pulled it hard. The thin material ripped, and she continued pulling. I took my mouth away from hers and yelled NO!!!, but she just kept on pulling until it was split all the way up the back. Then I remembered Marco’s words, and I relented to her. Oh my God I said, and I heard her laugh. She ripped my top until it was completely torn to shreds and pulled it off of me. My large breasts totally exposed, and everyone going crazy.

She grabbed my breasts with her hands and roughly squeezed them. I cried out in pain, but she just kept on squeezing. Then I felt the wetness of her mouth on my nipple and she sucked on me. The blindfold kept my world black, but in my imagination I saw myself topless in the middle of a pool Escort Ankara hall with tons of people watching as another girl sucked on my huge tits. She roughly pulled my skirt down my legs to my ankles and I stepped out of it. My bald vagina now totally exposed. Again shouting and laughter from the bar. Tears filled my mask, and I was no longer excited. Just completely humiliated.

The girl roughly shoved a finger inside of me and I screamed in pain as I was still very dry down there. She pushed me backwards, and my ass hit the edge of a pool table. She grabbed me under the arms and lifted me up onto the table. My ass was on the edge of the table and my legs dangled down. She spread my legs and I felt her hair brush my thighs. Next thing I felt was her tongue touching my vagina. Oh my God I thought, this cannot be happening to me, but I knew it was real. She started licking and sucking on my vagina. She forced her tongue inside my hole, and licked me hard up and down. My lips started to get swollen and my juices started to flow. God it felt so good. It was so loud in the bar that I couldn’t even hear my own moans. She started licking up my body until she got to my breasts, then she pushed me on my back and started sucking on my nipple as she put a finger inside of my wet vagina.

My legs still dangling over the edge of the pooltable, she forced my legs wide apart as she massaged the inside of my vagina. She was so good. Nothing has ever felt this good inside of me before. She really knew how to hit all the right spots. She had two fingers inside of me and she swirled them around and massaged me in places that Marco never had, and it felt incredible. Suddenly I felt an orgasm building and thought Oh My God, I don’t want to squirt in front of all of these people, but she just kept on hitting that spot, and my hips started to thrust, and before I knew it I had the most powerful orgasm ever, and my juices squirted out in jets. Stream after stream of my juices squirted out of me. I didn’t think it possible, but the bar got even louder as my juices continued squirting out of my vagina.

My orgasm finally subsided, and I lay on my back exhausted. She brought her dripping wet fingers to my mouth, and I was so exhausted I just let her slide them into my mouth. She picked up my legs and put them up on the table so that I lay flat on my back. I felt her climb on the table and she swung a leg over my head and lowered herself onto my face. Her vagina was shaved smooth like mine, and to my suprise I voluntarily stuck my tounge out and licked her smooth vagina. She again spread my legs and leaned forward and started to lick my sopping wet vagina.

For some reason, my humiliation started to fade, and I began to get excited as I sixtynined another woman. I had never even thought of having sex with another woman before, but the orgasm I just had was the most intense and powerful thing I have ever experienced, and I wanted to feel it again, so I went at her pussy with a fearless abandon and licked her for everything I was worth. I was so excited when I felt her put those wonderful fingers back inside of my soaking wet pussy.
Over the noise of the crowd I heard Marco. Suck my cock and cover it with your saliva. Was all he said, and I felt his penis on my forhead. I stopped licking the girls vagina and opened my mouth for Marco. He slid his penis in my mouth and I sucked on him. The girl on top of me again put her tongue inside my vagina as I gave Marco head. Marco pulled his penis out of my mouth and said. Eat that pussy Nicki. I again put my tongue inside of her vagina and we continued to 69 each other. Her tongue felt so good inside of me.

Marco told me to reach up and spread her ass cheeks. I kept on licking her pussy as I pulled her butt cheeks apart. I felt Marco’s penis slide accross my forhead, and I knew he was going to put it in her butt. Keep on eating that cunt while I fuck her ass Nicki. He told me. I felt his hard penis on my nose as I continued licking her. I could smell her butt, and Marco’s penis continued to slide across my face until the tip of his penis touched her butthole. Spread her ass wider Nicki. He said, and I pulled on her butt cheeks. She was still licking me when he pushed his penis into her asshole. She groaned into my vagina, but never stopped, and I could feel her vagina contract around my tongue as she tensed up.

Marco just continued to push into her butthole until his balls rested on my nose. She grunted and groaned alot, but never took her mouth away from my vagina. Marco started thrusting his huge cock in and out of her asshole. His cock rubbing on my face with each stroke, and his balls slapping and bouncing on my nose and forehead. Her pussy would tighten and loosen around my tongue with each stroke of his huge penis as it thrust in and out of her ass. Her juices began to secrete out of her asshole and into my mouth. It tasted aweful, and I thought I would vomit, but I knew better and just tolerated it, as Marco relentlessly pounded her ass.

He finally pulled his cock out of her ass and I felt his cum splashing on my face. The girl pulled her pussy off of my face and turned around. She started licking up all of his cum off my face. Next thing I knew she put her mouth on mine and spit his cum into my mouth. She then stuck her tongue in my mouth, and we swapped his cum back and forth in our mouths. The bar was going nuts. Clean your smelly ass off of my dick bitch. I heard Marco say, and I heard the other girl sucking his dick.

Marco picked me up and sat me on the edge of the pool table and removed my blindfold. My vision was blury, but as it finally started to clear I looked over at the other girl and was horrified to see that it was Mom. Marco stood up and shouted. Ladies and Gentlemen, lets hear it for the mother and daughter team of Val and Nicki!!!! Everyone stood up and cheered wildly. Marco leaned down and shouted in my ear. Your Mom wanted to give me a birthday present too!!!

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