Dear Dirty Diary – part 15

Group Sex

Dear Dirty Diary – part 15Dear Dirty Diary, By the following morning the three had checked out and we were all alone. Louise was strangely quiet upstairs as I laundered yesterday’s towels and bedding. I made some coffee and tiptoed upstairs with hers. All was quiet on the second floor but I heard a chair creak upstairs in my apartment. I stepped loudly up the stairs and glimpsed her from the landing with her nose in my laptop computer.She peered over the top of her reading glasses at me and said, “This segment here describes you marching around with my locket swinging and jiggling from the clitoris ring I put on you. I want to see this in action.”Louise got up out of the chair, walked over to my bureau and opened my lingerie drawer. She pulled out that ivory half-slip of mine and directed, ”This’ll do just fine if you wear it with the waistband just above your boobs.” She rummaged some more, pulled out a pair of my nylons and said, “These too, along with those clunky heels of yours.”As I undressed, she opened my jewelry box and plucked out her locket. She sat on the edge of my bed as I pulled the slip up under my armpits. She watched me intently as I tugged up my nylons then buckled my “Riverdance” hard heel shoes. I stood up then twirled slowly to see if she was pleased with my appearance. Louise slid off my bed, sat down on the floor then clipped her locket onto me. I gasped when I felt her flick it soundly with her fingertip. She watched it sway then asked me to walk for her. As I paced back and forth past her, I could feel the locket’s gentle sway pull on my clitoris. As I felt the warm rush of blood race down to engorge my clit, she exclaimed, “No! No! You must strut like a runway model for me!” I began my imitation of the odd gait fashion shows dictate. As I swung each stride out and across, I felt the locket swing under my crotch and slap against my inner thighs.“Hard steps now!” she directed. As I heard the bone-jarring thud of each clog, I felt those wiggly, jiggling, bouncy tugs torture my clitoris. To heighten the pleasure, I glazed over my eyes to concentrate better on my genitalia. Admittedly in another level of consciousness by then, my prancing gait had driven me into a state of complete abandon. I was oblivious to everything but the motions that created my bliss, including my wide-eyed little Louise. The trance that her flopping locket’s tugs induced was beylikdüzü escort shattered by the roadblock of her extended legs as I turned back for another jiggle by. “Now walk with your double-headed dildo instead.” Were her only words as she unclipped that bouncy little obsession from my jerked-raw clitoris.When she asked where it was, I nodded toward the dresser drawer that held my underwear. She brought it plus the elastic strap from my EMS machine back then sat down on the floor at the end of my bed. When I shuffled over, Louise held it up between my thighs with one hand then rudely poked a finger right into my vulva from behind! She swirled her finger about to check my arousal level then ran the toy up my inner thigh. She moved it closer to my pussy then smeared the pussy juice from her fingertip all over the bigger end’s corona. My heart pounded in fearful excitement as she dipped into my well again and again to lubricate its suede-textured shaft.She pressed the great knob into my vulva and pushed, but nothing doing. A shiver of hesitation had tensed me up. Determined, Louise stored my dildo between her teeth, shoved two fingers of one hand up into me in front and two more of the other hand in from behind then spread me open most uncomfortably. She held her stretch tenaciously for several seconds, grabbed the dildo from her mouth and spat two or three times all over its corona. I felt a strong push, a twist, a turn, a grind another push then immediate relief as the great knob pushed on through into my vagina! Louise stared at it momentarily then gave the spongy stump protruding from me a pussy jolting slap, followed by a nasty little crank about. I felt the strong elastic dig into my outer thigh as she Velcro cinched the stiff protuberance tight against my inner thigh. Louise asked, “Does that feel about right for a stroll?”Through rough nervous breaths I stammered, “Please, I don’t think I am up to this!”“Nonsense!” she replied and ordered me to strut.Unlike the last time, this much fatter knob held fast inside my vagina. Instead of flailing about inside me, its shaft dragged my vulva and fleshy mound back and forth with each excruciating stride! blood pounded so hard up the back of my neck, everything I saw just blurred together. Dizzy with elevated blood pressure, my thoughts centered only on the surges that ground away between my legs. Louise made me hobble four avcılar escort circuits around my apartment before she finally stopped me at the end of my bed. She reached up between my quivering thighs, tugged the stump several times then just yanked it out of me! She held it up to me so I could see the shimmering vaginal sap that had drooled down the shaft and dripped off the lower knob. Just so I could see her, Louise tilted her head back, licked my honey from her fingers then plunged all of her fingers up into me. As she flailed her hand about savagely, she craned her head forward then went in for the kill!I heard and savored her flopping hand slop my loose pussy obscenely. I felt her lips suck my clitoris into her mouth and went into a hyper fit as her tongue flicked my clit ring. As I felt those four slim fingers slither about like baby eels inside of me, I tried my best to stay strong. But my knees were shaking and my calves were aching. As my knees began to buckle,Louise snapped, “No, you must take this all like a woman!” and pushed me back up with her wiry little arm. She had me change places with her, thereby giving the backs of my thighs support from the bed’s footboard. When I attempted to plant my bottom on the top of the oaken rail, Louise repeated, “No my love, you must take this all like a woman! Hang onto the bed posts if you must, but you must stand strong while I finish you.” So there I was, completely spread-eagled against the bottom of my bed, preparing for the inevitable onslaught of those hyperactive little eel fingers and that sinful little mouth. I cringed slightly as I felt her clustered ball of knuckles pinch my labia lips into my vulva. A quick little hump on my part got all the tender bits back where they should be. As she gave my pussy a vibrating little shake, my mind recalled a similar situation from the past. On the hot summer day Doug and I had our first date, we had a picnic down at Fairport Beach. As I sat on a hill overlooking the beach and the lake, I spied a couple hidden in the bulrushes. A dark haired Italian-looking woman knelt on a blanket, facing me. Her husband, I presumed, faced her while reclining on his back beside her. With his elbow firmly planted into the blanket, his forearm rose straight up between her legs. She was smiling ever so seductively at the man with the formidable bulge in his pants. When he wiggled his arm a bit, esenyurt escort she pitched her head back and through half-closed eyes caught me watching! She looked me straight in the eye, told him something then hitched her skirt up just in time for me to watch him vigorously flail his forearm about. I remembered how hot my face blushed but I couldn’t look away. She just kneeled there, with her legs spread wide, taking it all like a woman as that hairy hand up the leg of her panties shook her pussy senseless!For some reason my mind then chose to recollect an incident during our honeymoon. In a vision of driving along the St. Lawrence River side of the Gaspe, I remembered how the shift stick coming up out of the floor shook so violently in Doug’s camper van. It was an old bread delivery van with sliding side doors that he’d converted to travel with. Every time it’d slow down, the big chrome shift ball would shake and when it accelerated it’d jingle and sing away. On one curvy section Doug was thirsty so I got him a pop out of the icebox. After I handed it to him he tapped the brakes lightly for a corner and I stumbled into the shift stick. As luck would have it, the shift ball was at perfect crotch level and did I ever get a shock form its vibrations! I’d never felt anything like that before. Doug’s eyes were glued to the road and he was ignoring me completely, so I snuck a little ride on the stick shift.For the twenty-five twisting and turning miles between Rimouski and St. Anne du Mont, I rode the shift ball as Doug watched the St Lawrence curve by. With his left hand on the steering wheel and his camera in his right, the bridegroom completely ignored his hot young bride bracing herself between the front seat backs and taking it all like a woman for her very first time! He didn’t even notice when the shift ball sang only to the pussy that had enveloped it. When saw a hill ahead, I lifted off it quickly so he could downshift for the grade. The look of curiosity his face wore after feeling how hot and wet I’d made the shifter ball was priceless. I took it all like a woman then and I committed myself to take it all once more. I locked my kneecaps and returned my full concentration to the lips that sucked my clitoris erect and the tongue that gave it electrifying flicks. I felt that clenched bumpy fist wrench the insides of my vagina as she rotated it to and fro. Thirty seconds later my hips were undulating, my thighs were shaking, my face and chest were flushed hot and my nipples were beet red and hard as surge after surge shook me from head to toe!******************************************

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