Death In The Family (part three)

Big Tits

Mr. Drake had passed away. It was sudden. He was only forty-six years old. I was rejoicing. I hated him. My name is Hanna. There are four employees of Charles and Dana Drake. I am the oldest at twenty-six. Next is Geena who is twenty-one, and then Frida at nineteen. They are both maids. I graduated from culinary school. I am the cook. Our gardener, Eric, is twenty-three and sometimes acts as a chauffeur. Mrs. Drake is forty-five and still quite beautiful.Mr. Drake was a bastard. When I was twenty-four he was interviewing me for my job and in very clear terms he made it clear that any female employed by him would have to give him a blow job and then let him fuck them for as long as he wanted that night. I knew it was coercion, and I could have said no, but I knew I would never find a job in the present economy. I had been searching for months after graduating from school. I am ashamed to say that I just considered it a pay for play proposition. I got what I wanted and so did he.That night I gave the first and last cock sucking of my life. I was a lesbian. I knew that from the time I was seventeen. But I did as he wished and I drank all of his come, gagging and retching all the time. And then I let him fuck me. That was also the only time a man had been in my pussy. I hated him from that time forward, but I told no one about it. I was ashamed of my weakness.While I was at culinary school it had been policy that each student had a different roommate each year. I was glad bahis siteleri to stay in the dormitories for four years, with a different girl each year. And each of them was lots of fun. Oh, they weren’t all lesbians like me, but they all loved sex, and we had a great deal of lusty nights together.After school I finally found work with the Drakes. I avoided Mr. Drake and felt a great deal of sorrow for Mrs. Drake. She had to live with him as his wife. It must have been horrid for her. Out of simple lust he had given me a job and I still hated him with a passion.Then he died and our lives changed completely.After the funeral all of the family, including the two children, gathered at the mansion. After they had spent the day and evening we spent hours cleaning up and then we all went to our own bedrooms. I was the last to go up to my room because I was helping Mrs. Drake by locking up and making sure everything was taken care of downstairs and upstairs.I was walking down the upstairs hallway, checking things out. It was carpeted so no one could hear me. I was going towards my room at the end of the hall. As I passed Geena’s room I heard what could only be muffled crying. She and Frida had shared a room until very recently. Now with ten bedrooms in the house they had separated, and Frida was on her own, as was Geena. The entire house was sound proofed. Only from under the doors could any sound pass. That was because they didn’t quite meet the carpet. I had often wondered canlı bahis siteleri why Mr. Drake had the house built that way.Of course, I stopped, tapped on the door, and heard the sobbing stop. Then Geena came to the door, wearing a teddy and nothing underneath. I had not thought of my fellow employee in sexual terms before, but, they say that funerals bring out odd feelings in people. I started lusting for this pretty maid. She had a page boy haircut and lovely, perky breasts with long, dancer’s legs.”I heard you, Geena, so don’t tell me I didn’t. What are you crying for. Not that asshole of an employer we had.””You thought he was an asshole, too, Hanna? I thought I was the only one. No, I wasn’t crying for him. I was crying for joy. Really, I hated him and I am just crying with happiness that he died so young.””Tell me about it, Geena.”So, she told me how when she became a maid here Mr. Drake did the same thing to her that he did to me. She had to give him a blow job and then fuck him all night, or she wouldn’t remain as an employee. She, too, had thought it was coercion, but she had actually enjoyed it. She felt a great deal of shame for having loved sucking off her employer, and then enjoying the fucking he gave her. She had actually wanted more.Now I realized what Mr. Drake was up to when he had the house built sound proofed. He wanted to use his female employees without being found out. He had the money, and he used it any way he chose.I had always canlı bahis wondered about Geena. I knew she had been sexually active when she was seventeen and eighteen with high school boys, but I had heard stories about other things she had been into. Anyway, after she told me about what Mr. Drake had done to her, I told her he had done the same to me, but I had hated it. And I had grown to hate him, too.Then I embraced her and hugged her as close as I could, because I was almost ready to cry myself. Then I felt something through my blouse that sent a tingle into my pussy. Geena’s nipples had become hard. And now mine started to get the same way. I drew back, looked into her pretty green eyes, and moved in to give her a kiss. Not a friendly kiss, either. I was forceful and pressed my tongue into her mouth.I wanted her. As much as I had ever wanted any other woman. More. I wanted to make love to her. I could tell she wanted the same. I quickly stripped that little teddy off. Then I just stood and looked at her lovely body. Small tits seemed to be Mr. Drake’s preference, but they were choice tits. I knew mine were fine. Perky and uplifted.She started tearing my clothes off. She’d had enough waiting for me to make love to her. She was just going to make love to me. We were both naked and fell together into our arms onto the bed. Our bodies melded together, and I started creaming immediately. I put my hand on her pussy and felt the cream pouring out of her pussy. Her labia were soaking wet and swollen already.I pushed my fingers into her cunt and began fucking her. I was in a hurry this first time. She reached down and began doing the same to me. We were friends, and our pussies were both shaved.

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