Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 04


Vijaya dropped her keys wearily on the counter, and turned the burner on under the stale, left-over coffee. While she waited for the coffee to get hot, she stared blindly out the window. The sound of the coffee boiling roused her from her stupor. She poured a cup of the steaming, dark liquid then lowered herself wearily onto a kitchen chair. Bracing her arms on the table, she sipped the hot coffee, then frowned, and put the cup down. After spooning in sugar and creamer, she tasted it again, and decided it was drinkable.

She didn’t need a mirror to know her eyes were bloodshot. She could practically feel the bags and dark circles. She felt pure bone weary. Last night had been one of the worst ever for Uday. Overdue for a treatment, he had writhed, tossed, turned and sweated all night. Although they hadn’t touched or even talked, neither of them had slept, and they both knew it. Vijaya had finally buried her face in her pillow, and smothered her misery in the bitter foam rubber smell. Uday was at the hospital right now. Vijaya had driven him here – he had been sweating and shivering the whole way as cold chills wracked his tortured body. Now, alone in the silent house, Vijaya sipped the bitter coffee and tried to get her mind working. She couldn’t think of anything she had to do, but had the nagging feeling there was something she should be worrying about. Slowly she goaded her exhausted mind into action, and forced it to review the situation.

This brought her straight to what she had done in the past few days. A sour knot of misery formed in her throat, making it hard to swallow. Taking a grip on herself, she thrust that memory down. Her mind then went perversely to the parting exchange she had had at the office the day before. Her muscles slowly knotted with horror as she reviewed the conversation. How had the rumor gotten started that Ripu KN was selling? She had called on him routinely, the same way she did all people in her territory had lived in the same house for over a year and a half. The mobility in the area was high, surveys showing that few people lived in the same house for more than two years, especially in high income neighborhoods. There was a ceaseless shifting from house to house as the young, driving executives moved up the ladder of the growing businesses in the area, or were transferred away.

Vijaya had been sure no one else knew Ripu KN was considering selling. His wealth was inherited, not dependent on the ups and downs of large corporations the same way executives’ fates were. KN had told her, though, that he was in need of cash. Maybe some of his investments had gone sour or something? If that was the case, others might know of his need for money. Adding that to the incredible increase in the value of his house gave one obvious conclusion. Vijaya sighed. Her mind was beginning to work smoothly as the caffeine and sugar entered her bloodstream. How the rumor had gotten out was unimportant. It was out. Vijaya had done her best to squelch it in her own agency, and had probably succeeded. She knew they trusted her. But the rumor was undoubtedly making the rounds of the other agencies. Her agreement with KN was an exclusive one, but it was far from iron-clad. He might try to break it if he thought he could get a better deal from someone else. The trouble with using sex in business, Vijaya reflected, was that there was nothing at all binding about it. But that wasn’t what was nagging at Vijaya. There was something else, something different, trivial now, but potentially disastrous.

Badri Dayal and his mortgage = was it an issue? No, definitely not that. What was it she had forgotten? She couldn’t think if it was something she had to do something about or not. She knew it was trivial and stupid, which made her aggravation at forgetting it even greater. It wasn’t something about Uday, it had to do with Ripu KN and his house, and it also had something to do with Badri Dayal.

Vijaya wracked her brain desperately and came up with a complete blank.

When the telephone rang, it jarred her so she slopped coffee onto the table. When Uday was at the hospital, Vijaya fretted. She dashed for the phone, terrified that something had gone wrong during his treatment.

“Hello?” Vijaya answered fearfully.

“Is this Mrs. Vijaya Sanorita?” The voice was feminine, soft, rather deep, and cultured.

“Speaking.” It didn’t sound like a nurse at the hospital.

“This is Sandhya KN, Mrs. Ripu KN.”

Vijaya gulped, surprised. This was one call she hadn’t anticipated at all. “Yes, Mrs. KN, what can I do for you?”

Vijaya tried to sound genuinely happy to be hearing from the woman. “I understand from my husband that you are trying to sell our house.”

“Yes, I am,” Vijaya acknowledged. God, what if Mrs. KN didn’t want to sell?

“I’d like to discuss the matter with you, if you don’t mind.”

Vijaya settled herself in a chair, bracing herself for the worst. “Certainly, Mrs. KN. What would you like to know?”

“I’d rather not discuss it over the telephone,” Mrs. KN said taksim escort calmly. “Would you be able to meet with me sometime today?”

Vijaya thought for a second, then nodded, “Yes, I believe so. I have to pick up my husband at the hospital late this afternoon, but I have nothing else scheduled.”

“Fine. Why don’t you come here to the house about noon? We can have some lunch and discuss things.”

“All right, fine,” Vijaya agreed. “I’ll be there about noon.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Sanorita.”

“Thank you, Mrs. KN,” Vijaya replied politely, then hung up.

Throughout the entire conversation, Sandhya KN had given no hint of what she wanted to talk about. Mentally, Vijaya replayed the brief conversation, trying to get some clue as to whether this was a real problem or not.

Finally, having come up with nothing, Vijaya glanced at the clock. She was relieved to find she still had plent of time. Somehow she had to get rid of the evidence of the sleepless, exhausting night. Mrs. Ripu KN sounded like class and polish, and Vijaya wanted to make the best impression possible. Vijaya stripped off her clothes while the water was warming up.Then she stepped into the cloud of steam and under the pounding spray. The exhausted aching in her shoulders and neck faded quickly under the hot blast. Turning she let the jets of water hit her face and felt them sluice the sleep out of her eyes. When she backed up the streams moved down and tingled over her chest. When the jets hit her nipples the little buds burned and tingled and stiffened.

Finally Vijaya picked up the soap and worked lather into the short, black hair of her head. After rinsing it away, she did her face with a washrag. Then, her hands still soapy, she lathered her torso and arms. Her flesh felt warm and resilient to the touch. As always, there was a warming pleasure from the way her breasts felt in her hands, firm and feminine, her nipples rubbery and alert. And there was pleasure, too, in the way her hands felt to her breasts, making blood surge to those graceful pink-capped hills. Fighting the urge to linger, Vijaya slid her soapy hands down over her stomach, arching her back to thrust her belly forward. She looked down over the lathery plain of sleek shining skin and could see soggy twists of pubic hair just peeping out under her belly.

When she worked a thick gob of lather into her pubic area, a softening wave of heat swept through her body. Carefully, Vijaya worked the soap deep into her dark bush, soaped far downward pressing and squeezing the yielding labia, spreading them to wash between them into the pink folds of her pussy. A soapy finger brushed her clitoris and it seemed to jerk in surprise, then stiffen and beg for more attention. Instead, Vijaya spread her legs and reached far back to wash the crack of her ass thoroughly. The pressure of her fingers around her anus triggered another wave of pleasure and a strange memory . . .

As she had crouched atop Badri Dayal, his big cock sunk in her pussy, he had touched her back there. His strong hands had clutched at her buttocks, drawing them apart. There had been such unexpected pleasure in his touch. Vijaya stopped playing with her ass and her pussy, and pulled her hands away with a grimace of disgust. What kind of person was she becoming? She had nothing against masturbating she had done it ever since she had discovered the pleasure to be gotten from it – in fact, until she had married Uday. And even then she had fondled herself to an orgasm from time to time. But here and now wasn’t the place nor the time. And after what she had done with KN and Dayal it even seemed insane. Why did everything seem to remind her of her infidelities? Maybe, when this was all over, she would be able to put her hideous whoring out of her mind forever. After rinsing thoroughly, Vijaya shut off the shower and grabbed a towel. She rubbed her skin until it glowed pink then went into the bedroom to pick out something to wear.

And she caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror, as always. She froze at the sight of her body. She was invariably pleased with her youthful trimness. It had been longer than she cared to think since she had engaged in any really energetic gymnastics, but the trimness and firmness and healthy muscles still existed. Finally, she forced her eyes away from her reflection and got out a pair of clean panties to wear. She reflected as she put on a blouse and ghaghra that it was fortunate she didn’t need to wear a bra. They couldn’t have afforded to buy her one anyway. Going out into the bright sunlight, Vijaya slipped her dark glasses on. The soiled, dirty feeling of exhaustion had been washed away by her shower. Now she just felt languidly tired, reluctant to move, unable to hurry. She made it to the car and got in. The engine turned over with its usual sick grinding sound then sputtered to life. Before pulling away from the curb, Vijaya tapped the gas gauge. She was relieved to see the needle wiggle in response. That meant there was at last a quarter of a tank left.

By çapa escort the time she reached the KN house, Vijaya’s stomach was growling from hunger in spite of her nagging worries. She was halfway to the front door when it opened. Sandhya KN stood there waiting for her. “You’re very prompt,” Mrs. KN commented as she shook Vijaya’s hand.

Vijaya noted that the woman’s grip was strong and firm – and that the handshake lasted a little too long. “Uday, my husband, drummed that into me before we were married,” Vijaya replied. She studied Mrs. KN carefully. Vijaya decided that if you put the KNs back to back, their heights would differ by less than half an inch. In her bare feet, the woman would be about five six. And she was built – like a brick outhouse was the way Uday would have put it. She was wearing an expensive black velvet kurti that covered, but didn’t really support her full breasts, and a floor-length ghaghra that hung low on her hips. An incredible expanse of extraordinarily trim and well-tanned midriff was exposed. The woman’s full hips swayed sensuously and very gracefully as she led the way into the living room.

“Would you care for a drink, Mrs. Sanorita?”

Vijaya met the woman’s cool gray eyes, and wondered how much it cost to get the kind of streaking that highlighted Mrs. KN’s sleek black hair. “I don’t believe so, thank you. I’ve gotten out of the habit, since Uday isn’t permitted to.”

“Ah yes, his illness,” Mrs. KN said coolly. “So tragic a thing to happen to a young man and I was shocked when Ripu told me of it.”

“We – keep our hopes up,” Vijaya replied.

“Perhaps some wine with lunch,” Mrs. KN suggested, shifting the subject gracefully.

“That would be very nice,” Vijaya agreed.

“Come on, I’m ravenous. I only have coffee for breakfast and by noon I’m always ferociously hungry.” She led the way out to the pool deck where a table was set in the shade.

“Your husband isn’t here?” Vijaya commented. “I thought he was getting back this morning?”

“Oh, he was in and out very early. He is a very busy man. Sometimes we hardly get to see each other.”

“Uday and I wouldn’t like that at all,” Vijaya commented. The tall elegant woman made her feel clumsy, graceless, and totally unsophisticated. Vijaya sought refuge in the glass of crisp, chill white wine.

“What was it you wanted to talk about?” Vijaya ventured as she began eating.

“That can wait until after lunch,” Mrs. KN replied smoothly. “Tell me, how did you come to go into real estate? You know, Ripu has many holdings – office buildings and such.”

Vijaya related her search for money and the conversation drifted aimlessly until the plates were clean and the last of the wine was in Vijaya’s glass. By then she was feeling loose and giddy. She decided it had been a mistake to have so much wine on top of her exhaustion and an empty stomach. She saw Mrs. KN drain her glass and decided it would be rude not to do the same.

Mrs. KN pushed her chair out. “Come with me. I have something I’d like to show you.”

Vijaya followed, puzzled. They crossed the deck to the doors to the master bedroom. Mrs. KN slid them open and stood aside. Vijaya stepped into the cool darkness and took off her dark glasses. She heard the door being slid closed behind her. Sandhya KN went over to the huge bed.

“Look at this,” she instructed calmly, indicating the bedspread with a wave of her hand.

The stain! Vijaya felt faint as she tottered over to the bed. Dear God, there, right in the middle of the bed was a white, crusty stain. Vijaya suddenly remembered the nagging worry she had been trying to pin down.

“Oh, how terrible,” Vijaya stammered, “that beautiful bedspread.” Mrs. KN couldn’t know how it got there, Vijaya was thinking frantically. The only thing to do was to brazen it out. She felt the tall woman watching her, and wanted to meet those cool, appraising gray eyes, but couldn’t.

“It’s washable,” Mrs. KN finally commented placidly. “But I must say, Mrs. Sanorita, I would be most interested in seeing a sample of your sales pitch.”

Vijaya fought a wave of giddiness and terror as the blood drained from her face. “I d-don’t know what you mean?” she croaked.

“Nonsense,” the other woman replied calmly. “There is no one else who could have done it. It was there when I came home last night. It was still damp.”

“Your husband,” Vijaya suggested stupidly, desperately, and then instantly regretted it.

“Impossible,” Mrs. KN said calmly, taking no offense.

“Ripu was in Tomkur yesterday. Granted, he may have left a stain there, but he wasn’t responsible for the one here.”

Vijaya’s legs were shaking and she wished she could sit down. But she didn’t dare.

“Now of course,” Mrs. KN went on in the same reasonable tone, “I am quite certain that it couldn’t have been me. So, who does that leave? It could only be you. You were here yesterday afternoon with a client. Correct?”

Vijaya nodded numbly. “What are you going to do?” she asked fearfully, finally bakırköy escort looking at Sandhya KN.

“Do? Why should I do anything?” Mrs. KN replied. “As I said, the spread is washable.”

“I’m-I’m terribly, terribly sorry,” Vijaya apologized abjectly. Was this why Mrs. KN had summoned her? Just so she could rub Vijaya’s nose in her mess like a naughty puppy?

Mrs. KN folded her arms under her breasts and studied Vijaya. Something in her gray eyes made Vijaya feel naked. “However, there is another problem.”


“You’re aware that this house is jointly owned, are you not?” Mrs. KN asked.

“Why, I guess so,” Vijaya admitted. “I mean, I assumed that it was.”

“It is. And naturally, that means that it cannot be sold without my approval, too,” Mrs. KN went on.

“Naturally,” Vijaya agreed, feeling a new fear begin gnawing at her.

Sandhya KN nibbled delicately on one well-manicured fingernail then inspected it thoughtfully. She spoke with careful deliberation, “I am not really certain that I want this house to be sold.”

Vijaya shivered.

“It really is a very pleasant house,” Mrs. KN went on. “It is roomy and comfortable, and I like the swimming pool. Oh, I suppose it is a little large for just the two of us, but we can afford it, so why not?”

Vijaya listened, her heart sinking. Ripu KN had been wrong when he had told her his wife would be no problem. What could Vijaya do?

“But the stain on the bed got me to thinking,” Mrs. KN went on. “Perhaps there is some way you could convince me to agree to sell this house.”

“What?” Vijaya croaked.

Sandhya KN advanced on Vijaya. Her steady gaze held Vijaya riveted in place. “That cute little gymnastics-trained body of yours must know some very interesting moves,” the taller woman mused. She began unbuttoning Vijaya’s blouse.

Vijaya was too flabbergasted to do more than gape. Then she made a feeble attempt to pull herself together and brush away Sandhya’s hands, but failed. “But-but, you’re married,” Vijaya spluttered. “You can’t be. . .” She couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Queer? Gay? Lesbian?” Sandhya KN finished for her. “No, not really, or rather, not strictly. My, those are pretty little breasts,” she sighed. “Those cute, pink little nipples are so eager and alert.”

Vijaya shivered. Sandhya KN was teasing her nipples, and they liked it! Their reaction astonished and dismayed Vijaya. She flapped her arms loosely.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty,” Sandhya KN crooned softly, pinching Vijaya’s delicate pink nipples, rolling them between her long, graceful fingers, tugging them outward to stretch Vijaya’s small breasts provocatively. “I’m not a homosexual,” Sandhya explained. “I am a bisexual. Put crudely, I swing both ways.”

“But Ripu,” Vijaya blurted out, trying desperately to fight the tremors of lust that were shaking her.

“Ripu knows all about it,” Mrs. KN answered easily. “As a matter of fact, he finds it rather enjoyable. Sometimes I bring my girlfriends home and we have some truly interesting variations.”

Vijaya shook her head in futile denial. She had been stripped of her blouse and naked to the waist. She wanted to break and run, but something held her rooted to the spot in the lush bedroom.

“Let’s compare breasts, shall we?” Mrs. KN asked, undoing her kurti then tossing the garment aside. Then she ran her hands up, cupped her large, lush breasts and ran her thumbs over her nipples. “OOOOoooohhhh, that’s so much better. We’re both very fortunate – not needing to wear bras.”

Vijaya’s eyes were glued to the tall woman’s breasts. They were magnificent glands, full and round and heavy, with no sag. There was a vague line of tan cutting barely above the nipples, although below the line they were nearly as tan as above. The nipples were large sturdy buds, dimpled at the tips, and surrounded by large areolae. Vijaya had the insane urge to touch those heavy, warm masses, to measure their firmness and weight. She lifted her hands hesitantly.

“Yes, touch them,” Mrs. KN urged. “Lift them and feel them. Feel how soft they are, and warm and heavy. Feel them.”

Vijaya’s mind was buzzing from the wine. She touched the handsome woman’s full, lush breasts with gentle fingers and an electric thrill passed up her arms from her fingertips. Nothing in the world could feel so soft and warm and inviting. Vijaya wanted to bury her face in the deep, scented valley between them. She managed to restrain herself, and continued just cupping and lifting the two marvelously heavy, exciting globes. Then she ran her thumbs over the rubbery nipples, the way Uday loved to do with hers.

“MMMmmmm,” Sandhya KN purred. Then she reached out to Vijaya’s hips and skillfully unbuttoned and unzipped her ghaghra. A gentle push sent it down to tangle on the floor. Vijaya fastened her attention completely on the breasts she was exploring with her hands. She was aware of her ghaghra dropping away, that she was left in only her panties. Vijaya was afraid she would go mad if she thought of anything other than the soft, graceful beauty of Sandhya KN’s tits. She thought neither of what was happening to her, nor of what was going to happen to her. All that mattered was the soft, warm exciting globes of flesh in her hands.

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