Deceit , Surrender


We had been out for the night in Malaga with our new [holiday] friends who were renting the neighbouring villa to ours within a private complex. We had consumed a fair amount of booze… some of us more than the others… and were now arriving back at our villa for a night cap… well except poor Kerry who was worse for wear and was put to bed by Steve first next door.

They were on the same coach from the airport, and got off at the same stop… we were ultimately shown to our respective villas at the same time, as we were literally next door to each other… divided by a stone wall. We hit it off and spent much of the holiday together.

We stumbled in to the living room and I reached for the bottle of Spanish brandy on the countertop of the open kitchen area and poured healthy measures for Steve and myself, and a smaller one for my wife Jane.

We took soft seats, on the right-angled sofa positioned in front of a large screen TV mounted to the wall, and chatted shit for a while, just having a good laugh. After a short time Jane made her excuses and sloped off to bed, a little more than tipsy, but not falling down drunk.

Two blokes sat with a drink don’t really do conversation like women do, not without some kind of stimulus to fuel the conversation. So having spotted my Macbook connected to the TV, Steve suggested we get some porn action going on the via the internet on the Mac.

I didn’t argue… why the fuck not.

Within minutes we were watching some MILF being serviced by a young stud while her old man looked on… we were both silent at first, as our respective cocks warmed to the slight, grew in stature and then nudged us to comment on what we were seeing.

I guess in hindsight, I should not have been surprised with the way the discussion went, or even Steve’s choice of video from all the categories available, but hey my mind was dulled by tiredness and lots of booze, so I was just amiably listening, nodding and answering Steve when required.

His opening comment was “Looks like the old mans getting off on watching his wife get a good fucking doesn’t it… ” I nodded and muttered “uh uh… “

Then he said… “I’ll let you in to a bit of secret, me and Kerry do that from time to time… ‘

“What do you mean?” I said naively.

“Dozy cunt” said Steve… “I mean I sometimes let Kerry fuck other men, though its more of an active threesome thing rather than me sitting and watching and doing fuck all, I am plenty involved… you know, she sucks me off while the other guy fucks her or visa versa, of she’ll take me up the arse and the other guy in her pussy, that sort of thing… “

I was a bit stunned, and uncomfortable despite being pissed and now slightly horny, but managed to say… “Oh… do you not get jealous or whatever, or worry she enjoys the attentions of the other guy more than you?”

He laughed, and told me that you have to accept that there are bound to be bigger and better guys out there who can pleasure your wife better than you, but its about sharing the experience and both enjoying it and having a great time while still having some rules… then he asked “What about you and Jane… you ever tried it, or experimented in any way?”

“No… I mean I have thought about it… what guy hasn’t right? And I have broached the subject in a round about way, you know role play or fantasy shit when we are having sex like, but she just asks why I want to pretend she is being fucked by a stranger… she says she does not get it, so I have not pushed it, but… ” I stopped talking then, scared of what this was leading too.

“… but what…? said Steve… “go on, what… tell me… I won’t say anything… “

I cracked… “Well it’s just that, well lets just say I am OK in bed, and I seem to, you know, make her happy so to speak… but I am not the biggest tool in the shed, and all that, and I kind of get a gut feeling from time to time she would like to experience more… I can just tell, certain things give it away, you know her body language and that… trouble is she won’t admit that, or even entertain the possibility of her fucking someone else; if you were to ask her up front that is… “

“I sense a but”… Steve interjected…

“But, I am convinced if you managed to deceive her in some way, you know trick her into it somehow, that once she was aroused she would go through with it… though god knows how that would work, and I don’t even know if I am convinced I would want it to happen that way, seems a bit sneaky. She could be properly fucking livid after the event and walk out on me… marriage over.

Steve, seemed deep in thought… but eventually just said… “ah well, no point in you coming next door with me to fuck Kerry is there… she’s too pissed for anything tonight… so we might as well just watch the end of this and finish our drinks and call it a night.”

I don’t know how long it took after that until I passed out… it’s something I do a lot after drinking too much, especially spirits, halkalı otele gelen escort one minute awake, then boom, gone without ever realising it.

When Steve realised Dan was out of it, he thought it best that he let himself out and go back to his own villa… with the hope that Kerry might be responsive to his fumbling in the dark. Before leaving however he needed a piss, so set off to the bathroom [he knew where it was as the Villa was identical to his]… on the way back from the toilet, he passed the master bedroom, and glanced absent minded at the door, noticing it was slightly ajar. He stopped and stared at the door, listening to the soft breathing coming from inside, an indication that Jane was sleeping peacefully within… then glanced back to Dan on the sofa, head back, snoring… oblivious. He could not resist a sneak peak, curiosity and arousal from the porn getting the better of him.

He gently pushed the door open wide enough for him to stick his head around and glanced to where he knew the bed would be… it was very dark inside and he could only make out the shape in silhouette form of a body lay perfectly still… he risked pushing the door wider to allow light in from the hallway, ready to leap back out if he disturbed her. The added light, though still meagre, provided enough illumination for Steve to see that Jane was lying on her back on top of the bed completely naked, her ample fleshy mounds and nipples rose upward, and dropped again, with every breath. Her right leg was straight. Her left leg however, being the closest to him, was bent at the knee and slightly apart from its opposite number, providing a shadowy glimpse of her pussy’s lips and the trimmed bush above them… His heart was racing, his brain scheming and his cock was rock hard, urging him to take action.

He took in more of the surroundings then, the discarded PJ’s on the floor, the discarded single cotton sheet that would have covered her body lay along side her crumpled on the bed [it was warm in the room]… and then realised she was wearing one of those sleepers blindfolds… to keep out light… and an idea parachuted in to his head, based on the conversation he had with Dan earlier.

He slowly removed his own clothing – until he was also completely naked – his stiff cock standing proud in front of him, and then gently and slowly removed the cotton sheet from the bed and wrapped it around his shoulders. Then he took in the layout of the room, paced the steps from the door to the bed, then closed the door to plunge the room back in to almost pitch darkness.

He marked out the distance to the foot of the bed, to the point where he would be standing between Jane’s legs and stood there psyching himself up for the next move. He had to do this quickly or it would not work… he raised the sheet high above his head and in one motion dropped down on to the bed between Jane’s legs, and immediately latched his mouth on to her pussy, while allowing the sheet to drop down on to both of them covering his upper body and her abdomen and legs… providing another cloak of invisibility.

Jane awoke with a start, confused at what was happening, but her senses and reactions were slowed by the alcohol inside her… this gave Steve a bit more time to get his tongue, and mouth working furiously on her cunt… “What the fuck are you doing Dan, that’s a bit fucking sneaky… you scared the shit out of me”… he heard Jane say…

So far so good, she thinks its Dan, he thought.

He worked hard at shutting her up, on getting her so aroused, she that just lay back and let him bring her to a climax…

Jane is not a quiet lover… she likes to voice her emotions in various ways. As Steve’s efforts began to take effect on her, Jane began calling out “yes Dan, oh… jesus that’s so good… oh my god… oooohhh… ”

I was suddenly awake… something had disturbed me from my drunken stupor… I noticed Steve had gone, but wondered what had woke me up… then I heard the sound of Jane calling my name, and the unmistakable sounds she makes during sex, when she is being pleasured… I was royally confused now, was she playing with herself while I was asleep, fantasising about me fucking her and that’s why she called my name?

I got up, unsteadily, and padded my way silently to the bedroom… just before I reached for the door I heard Jane say, “Oh my god, you lick that pussy good you hear me… make me come Dan… oh fuck me yes… ”

I don’t know why but rather than barge in, I pushed the door gently and stuck my head around the door… there were the outlines of two bodies on the bed… though the view was by no means clear in the darkness. I pushed the door wider, and noticed Jane still had her sleeping blindfold on… so she would not see me or the light spill in to the room… It was also obvious that she was being pleasured, by someone she thought was me lay underneath the top sheet of the bed, his head buried between my wife’s halkalı rus escort legs, plundering her pussy; his legs sticking out on the floor of the bedroom.

I stepped inside and gently shut the door making the room dark again, and gently, carefully felt my way to the corner of the room behind the bed… they would not have heard me due to the noise Jane was making… I slid down and sat in the corner and listened, rather than watched – too dark.

Meanwhile beneath the sheet, Steve had located Jane’s clit with his tongue… teasing it from its hiding place and then grazing his teeth across it before sucking on it… his left had had been positioned under her right leg, and his chin so that fingers could penetrate her vagina and probe her wetness, while his mouth continued to clamp itself to the folds of skin guarding the entrance to her sex… his right hand then lopped around her thigh from underneath so that was above her trimmed pussy, and then it reached down to the skin above the clit and started to rub back and forward furiously and gently smacking it occasionally… while his tongue and left hand continued to explore the walls of her cunny.

It was too much, I could tell the signs from her breathing… she began mewling instead of speaking… and I could sense rather than see her body tense and then twitch as she let out a long, low guttural moan as the spasms from her orgasm coursed through her body like an electric shock. Panting she said… “I don’t know what you were drinking tonight, but it worked… jesus thats the best oral I have ever had… “

[Ouch… that hurt.]

There was no answer from under the bed sheet… instead I heard movement.

Steve had placed his hands either side of her hips, and motioned for Jane to turn over on to her stomach and without saying a word she complied. She would normally, fully expecting that she would be fucked as well as orally pleasured.

After she had turned over, he was still positioned between her legs with the cover still just about shielding his head and shoulders. She removed the blindfold, but buried her head in the pillow… waiting to be taken. He pushed himself forward off the floor and slid along the bed, between her legs, until his cock nudged against her soaking wet cunt… he paused, the moment of real truth… he knew she would realise there was something different as soon as he entered her… Dan had already told him he was not overly endowed… Steve was… she would either yell and scream, or she might not… there was no way he could stop now anyway so “in for a penny” he thought to himself.

He reached down and grabbed his swollen shaft in his hand and manoeuvred it, and his hips, in to place and slipped the bulbous throbbing tip inside her… having removed his hand, he took a deep breath and then gently pushed himself in to her, slowly and deliberately…

As suspected, she knew right away something was different… “Dan, what the fuck now… what have you put inside me, cos I know its not your cock… ” Steve ignored her and carried on fucking her as he pressed himself against her from behind and above… ‘Dan… answer me… what is… ” then the penny dropped… she swivelled her head back so she could see behind her… and even in the darkness she knew it was Steve, not Dan who had deceived her… and whose cock was now filling her cunt… “Steve, what the fuck are you doing… fucking stop now… that’s bang out of order… where’s Dan… stop I said for fucks sake… “

Steve did not stop as such… he knew he was on very dangerous ground here, he knew he could be accused of sexual assault or rape… but by his logic he had no choice to change her mind, to want him to continue… if he stopped now he knew he would be in a world of shit… he had already committed both offences by deceiving her… to his mind the only way he could stop her from making such accusations was to persuade her, coax her otherwise… flawed logic.

He stopped his hips moving, but stayed inside her, pressing her body in to the bed. His cock left as a reminder of the possibilities should he be allowed to carry on and fuck her… part of the persuasion to change her mind, keeping the feel of his large manhood in the forefront of her thoughts, creating doubt, and hopefully creating desire.

‘Where’s Dan… Is he fucking involved in this little fucking set up…? He was always banging on about me fucking other men… “

“Last time I saw him he was passed out on the sofa… he’s not involved as such, but he did plant the seed… ” I stayed quiet.

“What do you mean?”

“We watched porn after you went to bed, I confessed to him me and Kerry have threesomes with other men from time to time… I like seeing her with other men too, its a pretty common fantasy… and I asked if you ever experimented… Dan said no, and that although you would not be up for it ‘up front’… that he was always convinced that if you were somehow tricked in to it, that you halkalı türbanlı escort would go through with it… ” Before she could speak he pressed on…

“I was about to go after he passed out, but went for a piss, saw the bedroom door was open, heard you sleeping and got curious. The booze and the porn made me stupid and horny. When I saw you lying naked, with your legs spread apart… well you know that shit does things to a mans imagination… I saw you were blindfolded, I saw the sheet, and I saw it was dark in here, so I decided to put Dan’s theory to the test… “

“Well it looks like Dan was fucking wrong doesn’t it… ”

“Was he?’… As he said this he began moving slowly again… back and forth… his huge cock filling her entirely, her soaking pussy sheathing his member in slick white juice. Despite herself and her anger and her earlier protests… she moaned.

That was music to his ears… he knew there was a chance… “He told me that sometimes he felt that he was not enough for you, and that deep down you wanted to experience more, that you wanted to be fucked by someone like me, someone well endowed and capable of fucking you until you come, again… and again… “… he continued, not giving her chance to argue back… all the while his pace was slowly increasing, as his thrusts got longer and deeper. “You just said that was the best oral sex you ever had… now imagine what the sex would be like if you let me fuck you… if you surrender… I promise it will be the best fuck of your life.”

He knew he had her when she spoke next… “But what about Dan… what if he wakes up and catches us… its one thing fantasising about your wife fucking another man, its another to wake up and catch her in the act, getting the best fucking of her life… without him being part of it… that’s being unfaithful.

“Well all I can say is that he said a similar thing to me… that you would either divorce him if he did manage to deceive you one day and put you in this position and it backfired, or that you would go for it and forgive him once you had had the time of your life… and it is ultimately his fantasy, and he did tell me about it, which kind of makes him slightly accountable for what is about to happen… “

She picked up on his last words… “So you’ve decided I am going to let you fuck me’…

“I know you are”… he said and began pounding her from behind at speed, making her gasp out loud at the size of him…

Finally, I spoke from the corner… startling both of them… “You mind if I switch the light on, and join in… I can’t see fuck all in this darkness…?”

She was about to accuse us of contriving the events after all until Steve said “Fucking hell how long have you been there? When did you wake up… how did you get in without us seeing you…?”

“Jane disturbed my sleep calling out when you were eating her pussy… I got in the same way you did, Jane had the blindfold on, you were under the cover, it was darkish anyway and you could not hear me across the room because she was making too much racket from your attentions… “

I flicked on the lamp at the side of the bed… and slid myself down the headboard in front of Jane’s head, my cock in hand already hard… she knew what was expected…

She took me in her mouth, while Steve raised her to her knees and entered her again from behind.

He was as good as his word… Jane was fucked by both of us… sometimes at the same time in different holes, sometimes one of us fucked her while the other got sucked off… but it was obvious that Steve’s, girth and length brought her to heights she had never experienced with me… his stamina was amazing, I came three times before he did… he was able to fuck her more effectively in more positions, because his cock had the size and hardness required…

Her pussy had never been so wet, she had never orgasmed as much, or even squirted as much… the queef noses from her pussy evidence of the vacuum created by his shaft… watching her straddle Steve and slide down on to his fucking huge dick was a sight I will not forget… the look of her ecstasy on her face told me all I needed to know.

We fucked until dawn… the sun poking through the curtains… we did not end in bed however, after fucking for hours, things were a little messy so we all moved to the walk-in shower. We watched as she cleaned Steve’s cum from her vagina, as it slid down her leg and across the tiled floor in to the drain, while my cum from her arse oozed out and did the same… we were meant to be cleaning up, but the sight of Jane probing her ass and her pussy with her fingers to wash out the cum had us both hard… so Steve stepped in front of her, and she bent forward and placed her lips over his cock, while I entered her pussy from behind… I did not come inside her, but spilled my load on her arse, which was immediately washed away… having finished, Steve took over. He stood her upright and pressed her back to the wall at right angles to the shower-head… spread her legs with his feet, and stooped slightly before rising to enter her in a standing position… his buttocks clenching and unclenching as he thrust up in to her… water cascaded off them both, down across her breasts, which he was now hungrily devouring with his lips, gently nibbling the nipples with his teeth…

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