Decision of A Lifetime


Decision of A LifetimePlease read the other chapters first to understand this part better…With my arms around Master’s neck, I cleared my throat and responded in a sexy tone, “That, yes, indeed I wanted to be his sex slave forever. That I loved his directions, his hot sexy lustful mannerisms and was prepared to serve his every wanton desire and need. No matter how kinky, perverse or wicked that he wanted to lead me into.”Graham looked down at me and smiled. He had hoped I would say yes. He had a variety of sex slave plans and rules. He hugged me close and soothed my red skin with his soft sensual hands. I instantly melted into his arms. The best part of being a sex slave were the rewards of physical body to body contact and the twisted way he could love me and mistreat me in equally erotic proportions. Also, they both knew they had an awesome connection and enjoyed each other’s company.“Let’s get you home, so, you may get a good night’s sleep before you go in tomorrow to resign”. Graham whispered to me.They drove to my home feeling content and satisfied with their decisions. In front of my house he turned off the motor. He kissed my hands, neck and mouth with passion and yearning. I knew he was undoubtedly getting a hard on, but, he resisted the urge to have me give him another blow job today. He embraced me one more time and then came around to my side of the car and opened the door. Swatting my ass as I passed by him, he said, “See you tomorrow after work my hot sex slave”. He winked and lightly strode back to his side of the car. He drove off, while I stared at his car. There was so much to learn about this enigma of a man. I decided to make haste and do as told. It would not be easy to announce my departure from my employer, but, I needed this man, this change, and the awe-inspiring adventure ahead of me. The next morning, I woke up feeling light headed. My body, mind and soul missed the masculine comfort of Master. I dressed professionally, feeling a bit like a sham, but prepared to deliver my notice with high spirits. Resigning was easier than I thought. Not because the employers were fine with it, but, because I knew I was pursuing something better for the rest of my life. The town was not that big and I was sure eventually rumors would begin to fly about what the pursuits really were. And, if Master and I continued expansion on my outdoors obedience, someone I knew would most certainly recognize me eventually. But, what did any of that matter, as long as Master and I were engaging in what I now believed to be normal. I was not concerned about my closest friends discovering my secret world, as they lived in distant cities and direct lotusbet güvenilirmi contact with them was never easy to achieve.I attempted to apply myself to the usual Monday overload of tasks to complete, but, found myself researching the internet for BDSM options and ideas. I was not sure Master would approve of this and felt disobedient snooping for what may be future lessons, dirty dreams of his, punishments and rewards. I recalled the meeting in the park and the anal cleansing discussion. The idea of having a tube inserted in my rectum and filling it with water appealed to me in some sick way. Having my legs clamped tightly in a vise-like contraption that didn’t allow the water to be released until Master gave me the go ahead signal to expel my bodily fluids sounded like an enjoyable torture. Being totally cleansed and flushed many times to meet the requirements of a sex slave’s venture into anal abuse excited me to the point I felt my panties becoming wet. Being discreet, I positioned my fingers on my throbbing clit and pussy to check for dampness. It felt so nice to lightly rub myself through the silky material and feel my clit respond and pussy lips quiver at my touch. I kept gently teasing my private areas as I read on. To anyone who passed by my cubical they would think I was busily focused on a briefing or searching for answers to questions for a briefing. All the while, my fingers kept toying at my sopping cunt juice soaked panties and I read about many more exciting anal activities. After many cleansings it is traditional to find something large to insert in the anal canal to check for cleanness and make that hole more gaping. What would Master use? His cock for certain was big enough; however, maybe he wanted to stretch me out more? The readings suggested proud Masters loved the idea of walking their collared and leashed sex slaves with everyone able to see how the slave’s ass had been violated. The thought of that made me stop stroking my wet crotch and search the desk for some things to insert in my holes. Ah! A nice, slender rose bud vase, awarded for excellent customer service, would work! I rifled through my desk and discovered a big, fat marker used for brainstorming meetings. Perfect! I was about to rise from my desk when I realized I may have a wet spot on my light pink pencil skirt. I couldn’t resist running off to the restroom to finish what I had started, though. Grabbing the items and concealing them in my purse, I made a mad dash to the toilets. Once inside a stall and I removed my skirt and panties and inserted the vase in my sloppy wet pussy and the marker in my aching ass. I came lotusbet yeni giriş in rushing flashes of cum. The thoughts of the weekend and future fantasies to be lived out made me feel hot with desire for the Master’s wellbeing. I redressed and composed myself by splashing water on my face. If I smelled like sex, I could not tell. Back at the desk, I finished a correspondence and chatted with a few co-workers. Then I logged off, grabbed my purse and headed to Master’s house for an evening of erotic games and his rules.Master was waiting on the door stoop when I pulled into the driveway and beckoned for me to join him. Master shook his head and announced, “I can see my little sex slave has been a bad girl today. Do you think when you are away from me you can pleasure yourself? You are my exclusive property and soon all will know that with the tattoo I have planned for your body. Let’s get inside and undress you, then go over a few ground rules”. How could he have known that I had masturbated earlier I wondered? Obviously, he did own her body, soul, spirit and mind!As I undressed, he poured two frosty glasses of beer for them. He sat on the couch and I sat on the floor in front of his feet. He withdrew and unfolded a sheet of legal size lined paper from his shirt pocket and read the following to me:‘As of this date, I, Master Graham, become your owner, ruler and dominate your universe from here on out. You eat when I say eat, drink when I say drink, clean up when I say you do, sleep when I say you may sleep, and basically breathe when I say you may. In other words, you are mine and mine alone.” So far it sounded like a very generic standard contract between two people. A boss and an employee so to speak, but, this was between a Master and a sex slave, so I knew there would be more to follow and I was intrigued. This man had me hypnotized and in awe of his power over me. I marveled at how he spoke so authoritative, but, casual at the same time, as if we were chatting about the weather. He continued with a list of rules to obey.1.We will begin our day with a lesson. These will be determined upon your obedience or need for punishment.2.You will never speak first unless I give the command.3.We will burn all of your clothes except the ones I find suitable for a sex slave, like your vast lingerie collection, which I find alluring.4.You will never wear clothing unless we are leaving the house.5.I will select a new name for you when we are in public and you are being humiliated.6.On the days you will be cleansed, you may only have broth and water afterwards. I want your ass nice and tidy.7.When time permits, we will take lotusbet giriş daily walks with you in your collar and on a leash.8.Morning, noon and night, you may be given hard spanks with a paddle and will learn to take them for misbehaving any rules.9.You may never look another sex slave or their Master in the eye unless I say it is okay and you will learn the command for that reward in due time.10.If any of these immediate rules are broken, the next ten rules will be very punitive and harshly enforced.“I think that is enough for you to absorb tonight dear sex slave. So tell me what mischief you were up to today at work”. I admitted my curiosity about BDSM and how it made me so excited and horny. He smiled expressing his pleasure that I was an eager student and I continued to expound on my afternoon delight at my desk and in the restroom stall. As I went on I felt that sexual energy emerging from both of us. I remained focused on him and went into detail saying how everything we had done all weekend flashed through my mind, making the masturbation even more riveting. He chuckled and then told me a secret. He had installed hidden cameras throughout the house and when he felt his a****l stirrings that lead to a hard on, he watched one of the videos and stroked himself crazy until he came fast and furious. He said I needed punishment for going ahead and relieving myself without permission, but, since I didn’t know the rules yet, he would let it slide. He held up his beer glass and said shall we toast to the new rules and your being my number one sex slave dear? We struck our glasses together and the deal was sealed. Finishing our beers we opted for a light meal and early bedtime. I hoped for some great sex after our bath, but, he had a work deadline, so I fell asleep alone and horny. I knew I had made the right decision so sleep came easily for me. But, I was sure he’d awaken me sometime before dawn for a little fun before the work day started. True to form, Master shook my shoulder in the pre dawn light and asked me to join him on the balcony. I quickly rose out of bed and alit to the overlook of a beautiful moonlit sky. Stars twinkled overhead and a slight breeze caused my nipples to become erect. Master sidled up behind me and began rubbing against my ass cheeks. He gentle pushed me close to the railing, and then pressed my body full against the wrought iron beam. His cock was alert and ready for action. He inserted it between my legs while bending me at the waist. He grabbed hold of the railing and thrust with force and magnitude so strong that I let out a small yelp. He fucked me hard and came easily and quickly. “Go dress little sex slave. You have to be at work soon. But, I will arrive at Noon to escort you to lunch”.I wondered what in the world he had up his sleeve to plan on a lunch break lesson. I would soon learn. And realized it was going to be very difficult to commit to my two week resignation plan!To be continued…

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