Deep trouble


Deep troubleI’m at a bar, it must’ve been a weeknight because it was sparsely crowded. I’m having a few drinks (more than a few but), there is music playing, people are kinda dancing. This beautiful blonde about maybe 5’7” comes in all alone. Sexy little thing with big dick sucking lips, huge breasts squashed together in an extremely tight fitting one piece denim jumpsuit. Like the kind Jennifer Lopez wears. She sees me alone and makes her way over to me. Now this girl is hot, she was probably hotter than any woman i’ve ever slept with, so I try some small talk and its not really taking to her. So I give up and go outside for a cigarette. 5 minutes later as I light up my second she comes out the door, pulls the cigarette from my mouth and puts it in hers “thanks” she says to me under her breath. So no i’m like wow. Okay. So she gives me the eyeball once over and she says “i’m really horny and there aren’t may people in there tonight so how about klasbahis güvenilirmi we just go back to my place and call it a win”. I kinda just utter a very surprised okay. She grabs my hand and we’re off. Once we get into the hallway of her building she pushes me into the wall and shoves her tongue down my throat. She turns around and grinds her denim ass on my cock and she moans “I love it in the ass by the way”. By dick jumps to attention as I follow her up the stairs and into her apartment where drops to her knees, tears open my pants and just starts sucking my cock so hard I felt like my brain was going to get sucked out of my body. Right when i’m about to cum she says “do you wanna fuck me in the ass?” so my natural, blissful horny response is “sure”, I see her reaching through a drawer and grabbing what looks like a big rubber strap-on attached to some latex panties. “You’ve gotta let me fuck you first klasbahis yeni giriş though, with this” i’m so horny my natural response is “whatever”. She emerges from her bedroom 5 minutes later in a full latex catsuit with zipper from the small of her back undone up to her bellybutton and underneath she has on the strap-on. “Look” she shows me the hole in the back of her strapon panties, it was like a built in condom. So she takes my hand and brings me into the bedroom. She lays me down on her bed and lubes up the strap on. I feel it push through the entrance to my asshole and I just feel her latex covered body leaning up against my butt cheeks. Then she goes to town, plowing me hard – uncomfortable is an understatement but she was really enjoying herself. I could hear her panting and moaning as if it was going to make her cum. The I felt something weird, I felt what I could only describe as a snap in my asshole, klasbahis giriş followed by the strap on pumping and warm liquid entering my ass. “Oh got i’m cumming she said” and she collapsed on me. When she pulled out I was shocked to see that the strap-on was actually some kind of sheath underwear and sticking through the broken sheath was a real live cock. “You’re a dude!?” no i’m a lady she responded. I just have this as she pointed at her penis. Still in shock she says, here your turn to fuck me. She grabbed my dick again, sucked it back up while i’m still pretty much in shock. She pulled off her panties, lubed my cock and she climbed on. Now I have to say, for how much shock I was in, it wore off quick with how good at sex she was. When I came she climbed off, took off the latex catsuit. Put back on her denim jumpsuit with no underwear as I wandered over to the toilet to push her juices out of me. I asked her “Do you need to use the toilet?” she told me she wanted to keep me inside her for a bit and suggested we go get breakfast. So we walked down to the local diner, had breakfast and when we left I could see a little spot on her chair as well as a little wet spot on the back of her jumpsuit. I have to say it was pretty damn hot.

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