Dee’s Bib Boobed Mom – the prelude


Dee’s Bib Boobed Mom – the preludeOne Friday night Dee and I partied with her sister Paula and her boyfriend, Tom. We played strip poker and Dee took Tom into her bedroom and Paula and I stayed in the living room. 4 hours later Tom and Dee came back in the living room, Paula and I had smiles on our faces, and we were all totally satisfied. Tom had to leave early the next day, Dee and Paula went shopping, and I hung around for a while before heading back to my place. I was ready to jump in the shower when I heard a knock at the door. It was Dee and Paula’s mom, Maryann. Maryann had the tit genes that she gave her daughters. Only Maryann’s tits were huge, almost as big as my head. She walked inside and was wearing a tight fitting white cotton shirt that buttoned down the front and denim shorts. She was 17 years older than me. Dee and Maryann looked alike, where Paula came from a different father. Every time I saw Maryann I wondered what her tits looked like without any clothes on, I would love to bury my face between them and play around with those enormous fun bags. And she had the same demeanor as Dee and you could tell that she has been around the block more than once in her time.I told Maryann that Dee and Paula went shopping. We had a short conversation over a cup of coffee and it was way too obvious to Maryann that I was constantly staring at her chest. Maryann made a comment that she was glad that I was taking care of Dee and that she deserved a man like me. That made me kind of self conscious because I had just fucked her other daughter last night. I told her that I was about ready to take a shower when she arrived, and made up an excuse that I had to go to my parents house. In the back of my mind, however impossible, I really wanted to make a pass at Maryann and see if she would go for it. I got in the shower as I lathered myself up, I began playing with my cock thinking about how big Maryann’s tits were. It didn’t take me long to get hard and it felt good with the soap lubricating my cock. I thought to myself that I would rinse off and jack off on the toilet real quick to relieve myself. I turned off the water and opened the shower door to see Maryann in the bathroom waiting for me. She immediately saw my 9” hard cock and said, “Oh my, those girls were right. You do have a nice one.” I saw that Maryann was now braless and most of the buttons on her blouse were undone. I didn’t even canlı bahis try to cover myself up. Maryann thrust out her chest, grabbed a tit in each hand from underneath and said, “Jay, I see you looking at my tits all the time. Do you like them?” I know my mouth was agape and all I could do was nod in the affirmative. She started to undo the rest of the buttons saying, “Would you like to see them? I mean, now that I’ve seen that nice big cock of yours, it’s the least I can do.” She had her top off in 3 seconds and I was in total awe. Not only how big and nice her tits are, but also that she was coming on to me. It made me a bit nervous but kept my cock kept pointing at the ceiling. She stepped towards me and I just loved the way those enormous tits danced across her chest. “Here, do you want to touch them?” Maryann took my hands and placed them on her boob. By instinct, I lifted one of her tits up to my mouth. I was still dripping wet, and Maryann pulled my head into her. I suckled on her nipple and it had the same effect as when I sucked on Dee’s tits. After a minute or two, my hand went for Maryann’s crotch at the same time her hand grabbed a hold of my cock. Maryann said, “Oh my, my, you sexy man. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. You do that so good!” I undid the button to her shorts, pulled down the zipper, and Maryann scooted her shorts and panties down to the floor. Her cunt was soaking wet, my fingers easily went inside. Maryann’s knee buckled a little and she jacked off my cock a little faster. I backed her up against the vanity, and Maryann sat on the counter, spreading her legs, and told me, “Just stick it in. I want to feel that big prick in my pussy. Go ahead, fuck me Jay. I am so fucking horny right now, I need some dick.” I rubbed the big purple head up and down her slit a few times and then inched just the head inside of her. Jesus, her cunt was hot, and wet, and Maryann scooted her ass forward to take more inside. Maryann leaned back, threw her feet high into the air, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. I leaned forward, going all the way inside of her in one thrust. Maryann’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets for a moment, but once she got used to her cunt being all the way filled up, she begged me to ram her hard and fast. I did just that for 5 minutes and I thought Maryann was about to cum she was moaning and groaning so loud. Then she bahis siteleri said, “Lets go in the bedroom and finish this where we can get more comfortable.” She took me by the hand and pranced to the bed, sat on the edge, and grabbing my hips she pulled my boner to her face. She licked her lips a few times, grabbed me by the shaft and rubbed the head of my cock all over her face and then her tits saying, “I hope you don’t mind me doing this, but I just love your cock. It is so beautiful. Now I’m going to suck you off real good, let me know when you’re going to cum.” Maryann started out slow, concentrating on the head, and I thought that I would blow right then. I held back as long as I could and once I got over that initial urge, I knew I was going to be able to last a long time. Maryann picked up the pace, and her head was thrashing back and forth taking as much of me down her throat as she could, faster and faster, one hand latched on to my shaft and the other hand rubbing one of those big tits in circles across her chest. After a while, I could tell that she was getting tired, I mean she was putting everything she had into sucking my cock. She took it out of her mouth, jacking me off really fast and spitting on my cock for lubrication. She said, “Hey baby, how do you want me to do it, I want to make you cum.” I told her to wrap her boobs around my shaft and tit fuck me. She didn’t hesitate one second. Her mounds buried my cock in between, I never saw my cock even when I thrust my hips as far forward as I could. Then I just pushed her down on the bed and knelt between her legs. She grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me down to her saying, “Bring it home baby, I want you to fuck me better than you ever fucked Dee before.” I easily slide in all the way to the hilt. I started ramming her like a piston, and I told her to rub her clit. She got off pretty quickly as I watched her mammoth tits swim all across her chest. She pinched and pulled on one of her nipples while furiously rubbing her little bud. Her head was thrashing back and forth and when she came I thought the levee broke. She came and came and came for a long time, telling me not to stop, her legs kicking in the air in time with my pumping. She finally slowed down, removing her hand from between her legs and letting her tit fall to the side. She opened her eyes and looked up to me with a very satisfied look on her face. I pulled bahis şirketleri out and rolled over on the bed, and Maryann immediately went down on me. She grabbed my hand and pulled it down to my cock, and had me jack off in her mouth. I looked in the mirror at her, her big tits hanging down as she hovered above me. I grabbed one in my hand, feeling its weight, and rubbed it all over. Maryann grabbed her other tit and was rubbing it in circles, and that is what made me go over the edge. I pumped my cum in her mouth, she took all 10 or so shots until my cock fell limp out of her mouth. She stared down at my crotch and then spit out my cum all over my cock and balls. Christ, what a turn on. She rubbed it in real good and licked her fingers clean while staring at me in the eye. She said, “Mmm, you taste good. Not salty at all. Here, taste it!” She stuck a finger in my mouth and I licked up my own cum much to Maryann’s delight. We were sweaty and sticky with cum, so Maryann d**g me back into the shower. I had fun playing with her gigantic tits and Maryann made sure my cock got really clean with soap. I ended up fucking her from behind and she came again. After we got out, dried off, got dressed, and I was feeling a little remorse. Maryann made me a drink and we sat out back on the patio, I still could not take my eyes off of her tits. Before I left I told her to show me her ‘babies’ one more time. She whisked up her top and bra, so I leaned over to suck on them. Man, I was in tit heaven. Maryann was getting turned on, holding up those huge boobs as I went from one nipple to the other. I backed off and was ready to leave, thinking that I’ll be jacking off when I got home thinking about fucking her. Maryann surprised me by falling to her knees and taking my pants down at the same time. All she said was, “God, I love your cock Jay.” I was soft when she took me in her mouth and it didn’t take very long for me to get a full erection. Maryann commented, “Wow, that didn’t take long to get hard! I love it!” In a couple of minutes we were on the living room floor and I was fucking her for the 3rd time. She came really good and it lasted a long time. It was like one long constant orgasm and I could feel her cunt gripping my cock. When I came, I pulled out of her and got on my knees and pumped my cock while Maryann lay on the floor staring at me. I spewed 5 or 6 spurts that streaked across her torso. As I admired my handy work and Maryann was rubbing the creamy white goo into her skin, the front door opened. Dee and Paula just caught us in the act.What happened next is in ‘Dee’s Big Boobed Mom’ that is already posted.

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