Defiling Jaime Ch. 05


Jaime woke up with André’s left arm still draped over her, his hand cupping her right breast. She had not been sleeping long.

“Are you awake?” she asked.

“I am. How do you feel?”


Jaime rolled around to face him and kissed him. She carefully slid her tongue across his teeth then deeply into his mouth and tasted him.

“I think I’m horny again.” she whispered.

“I’m horny for you all the time.” André answered. “There are so many things I want to do with you…to you.”

“Oh Yeah? Like what?”

“I’m thinking about our talk a few weeks ago, the porn talk. Now that we’ve made love there’s no turning back and I look forward to all the different things we can share with each other, sexually.”

“I look forward to that too.”

“Show me the porn you’ve been looking at, now.”

Jaime blushed but said “Ok, let me get my laptop.”

She returned quickly wearing a shy smile on her face.

“Here’s my favorite”, she said as she opened a porn site and clicked on her Favorites list. They watched the video together of a woman in red lingerie being fucked doggy style on a bed. The slapping sound of the man’s thighs against the woman’s ass made Jaime even hornier.

“What do you like about this one?” André asked.

“I think it is the primal aspect of it. We are taught in church to believe in being chaste and virtuous and that, I think, makes me attracted to the opposite sexually. I’ve always wanted to be both a good girl in everyday life but behaving badly in the bedroom. Being wild and free and a bad girl sexually, privately, while maintaining a good girl image publicly. Until now I had been both, but now with you I feel like maybe I can indulge in my fantasies. Seeing a girl taken like that by a man makes me think about being submissive to you in the bedroom, and being dirty. I’ve always been, deep down, attracted to sexual things that baddies west izle I would normally not let happen in everyday life. Fantasized about being a slut. I don’t know if I’m making sense or not. It’s hard to explain.”

“I think I understand.”

André noticed her panties developing a wet stain in the front and he touched her there. As he rubbed her pussy over her panties she said “let’s do it like in the video.”

Jaime took her panties off, turned away from André, and bent over with her arms hugging her pillow, her face laying on it sideways. She made sure her ass was lifted up in the air for him. She felt his hands on her ass cheeks, caressing them in a circular motion. The hands moved up and slid across her lower back, rubbing back and forth for a time. She felt him kiss her right ass cheek and gasped when his hand reached up to touch her wet pussy. He used his finger to massage her vaginal lips her for a few second while kissing her ass.

When he was done with his finger, his fully erect penis easily found its way inside of her. She felt a very different sensation from how he had made love to her earlier. It felt much tighter and deeper, the sensations stronger. He fucked her hard and long. Having had cummed just a half hour earlier he was able to last longer. His hands were on her hips and as he pounded her he used his hands to move her backwards and meet his forward thrusts. She could hear the loud slapping sound this made, the same as in the videos. She couldn’t stop herself from moaning at every thrust. His penis head and shaft were rubbing her in just the right place. As the pounding continued, Jaime managed to reposition her body slightly, raising her head off the pillow and propping herself up with her arms. She could now feel her breasts swinging back and forth from the hard fucking and loved that feeling. She closed her eyes and concentrated on how barbarians izle good André was making her feel. Her mouth was open and she felt drool drop down to the bed sheets.

“Keep fucking me like that baby.” Jaime managed to voice through it all.

“I love the way you look from this angle.” he answered back. “I’m going to come real soon.”

“Try not to before I do.”

He tried and succeeded. Jaime let out a loud moan and started shaking. Seeing her react that way made him cum quickly soon after. As he pulled out, his load dripped out her and onto the bedsheet.

“I want you to fuck me like that every day!” Jaime said with a smile.

“That can be arranged.”

“I’m going to shower and get cleaned up”

“Can I come too?”

Jaime hadn’t expected this from André but told him yes with a shy giggle. They hugged under the hot water of the shower and kissed. She let him soap her up on every inch of her body, and although she thought she had share her most intimate moment with him an hour earlier and just minutes ago as well, she found herself feeling like this very moment, letting a man wash her, was the most intimate thing she could ever do with someone. She tenderly reciprocated by washing his entire body being particularly gentle and deliberate when soaping up his dick and balls.

“I’m going to wash my hair. It may take a minute.” Jaime told André.

“Ok, I’ll get dressed and wait for you in the bedroom.”

André made his way back to the bedroom and as she washed her hair he quickly made his way to a coat hanger in a corner of the room and removed a strategically secured hidden camera. He then walked to a second camera which was masked as a picture frame sitting on top of her dresser, and he removed a memory card from it. The memory card went in his wallet and the small hidden camera in his backpack. His client had taken quite bay patrol izle the risk setting up the cameras but it seemed that it had paid off. He was looking forward to watching and editing the videos of himself taking the virginity of such a beautiful woman.

“I’m sure the final product will please everyone involved.” he thought as he got dressed.

When Jaime finally rejoined André on the couch they held hands and she rested her head on his shoulder.

“You should start keeping a few things here at my place.” Jaime finally said. “I think I’d love for you to stay overnight on the weekends, like on Friday nights or whatever.”

“I’ll bring a bag next time I come. I’d love to stay over every once in a while. It will be nice not to have to say goodbye.”

“One of my favorite songs is Wouldn’t It Be Nice by the Beach Boys.” Jaime proceeded to sing one of the verses. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up, In the morning when the day is new, And after having spent the day together, Hold each other close the whole night through.”

“You’re so cute Jaime. I do like that that song too.”

“André, I think it’s about time for you to meet a few people, like my mom and Carrie.”

“Ah, the famous best friend. I’ll be happy to. It IS about time I started meeting your friends and family.”

“I’ll set something up with them soon. I have to let my mom know I’ve been dating someone. Poor lady, she doesn’t even know I had been seeing a boy. I just couldn’t handle all her questions, but I guess there’s no point now to keep this secret.”

“I’m sure your mom is lovely, just like you are.”

“I just hope she doesn’t embarrass me too much.” Jaime said with a chuckle.

Later that evening, in the quiet of his apartment, André dialed a number on his cell phone.

“Hey, I have news you’ll like” André started.

“Oh yeah?” the voice on the end exclaimed.

“Jaime isn’t a virgin anymore.”

“Oh my god yes! That’s fucking great André. I’m so jealous of you.”

“Well, I’ll send you a video when I’m done putting the footage all together. You sure hid those cameras well. You did a great job with that.”

“I absolutely cannot wait to see it!”

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