Delight at Dawn


Outside the bedroom window is a new, crescent moon, hanging like a Christmas ornament. Next to it, Venus, the Morning Star, makes this quiet moment magical. She sees a sheen of frost on the glass roof of the sun room below, and shivering, realises that the radiators have yet to awaken.

She snuggles back beneath the smooth Egyptian cotton of the Dorma duvet. She pulls it up around her neck and squeezes her hands inside her thighs to warm them. Sleep eludes her though, and she begins to feel a sensation of arousal emanating from inside the silk panties. She rolls over on her side and reaches out, whispering; “Hey Big Guy, are you up for it?”

Her hand discovers a long, hard shaft, so she takes this to be a positive reply. He is always ready though, particularly early in the morning. She flicks the iPod onto the new age album they enjoyed on their Tunisian holiday. This always conjures up pictures of bikini-clad girls performing gymnastic aerobics in the shallow waters. The lithe young men are the ones who organise the music and set the pace. Whenever she hears this music it always seems to generate sensuous feelings, combined with the memory of hot sun on a semi naked body.

She marvels at the masculine feel as she wraps a hand around this form, standing as stiff as any soldier. Wriggling closer she presses it against her pubic mound and slowly at first begins to raise and lower her pelvis. She sees herself lying on the sand at the water’s edge, feeling balmy waves start to wash over her.

A small intake of breath şirinevler escort escapes with an involuntary “Mmmmm” as a tingling ripple of pleasure sweeps over her body. The hips undulate more insistently and a probing finger is tentatively inserted between the moist lips of the labia. “Oh yes, baby, right there.” The knowledgeable finger complies without hesitation; probing and circling slowly. Then feeling the muscles relax and stretch, yet another finger slides inside, and is rewarded with a cry of “Oh yes … more like that.” Now riding the crest of the wave suspended between frustration and fulfilment.

The hips are moving rhythmically, the sense of urgency increasing with each thrust. The sun is hot; the music is loud; the boys are fit; the surf is up. Breathing has become gasps interspersed with cries of joy; words are no longer possible. It is all about the body, all about the feelings – ascending higher and higher. The bed and the beach are left behind, as movements become more frenzied reaching closer and closer to the peak.

Suddenly the summit is within reach, and she thinks; “Yes, home free!” and a series of intense moans escape as the head is thrust back, neck stretched; toes curled, with the desire to capture this moment, that it might last forever. Then slowly the muscles relax, the spasms return to waves and the music becomes quieter. The duvet is kicked aside to release the heat.

“That was absolute heaven Big Guy. I think you outdid yourself this time.”

Yet şirinevler elit escort there is no response. The eyes open and the room comes back into focus. The eastern sky outside the window is now streaked with coral and the break of dawn is imminent. But, the other side of the bed is devoid of human form; only the vibrator lays silently there, its blue tip visible in the growing light.

Above the trees a lone bird glides on the air currents. Now it is silhouetted against a background of bronze and gold patterns. She is basking in the climactic afterglow, watching the clouds floating by, their underbellies tinged with pink.

Her reverie is curtailed, as she hears a creak on the stairs. The doorway is filled with his large presence, his uniform jacket slung over his left shoulder.

“Dawn, darling, good morning, are you awake?”

He doesn’t really need to ask though, because he soon recognises the love music. His jacket is hung over the back of a chair and hastily joined by the navy trousers and white underpants. He kneels between the bed and the window and they enjoy the first kiss of the morning. Long and lingering it speaks silent volumes of love.

“You’ve been enjoying yourself haven’t you?” He asks with a smile,

In reply she peels of her panties and hands him the wisp of silky fabric. Clasping the tiny garment, he presses them to his nose, and inhales the incredible scent of – Woman.

“Oh, my love, this is wonderful — I’m getting so aroused.”

She şirinevler escort runs a hand through his wavy hair and raises the left knee while curling the right leg flat onto the bed. He kisses the satiny skin of her inner thigh, and sees moist droplets glistening on the tiny curls. She applies a little more pressure to his head as encouragement, and he presses his face between her legs, inhaling deeply.

Lifting his head to look up he says,

“You smell absolutely gorgeous; it’s the biggest turn-on I could ever imagine.”

Almost hidden, he catches sight of the precious gem within the folds of the soft, pink vaginal lips. Caught for a moment by a shaft of light, it seems iridescent; like a rare jewel. He is incredibly excited; the fragrance of her nectar filling his nostrils, and the unbelievable beauty of seeing the sacred love canal. Tentatively he tastes her juices; the ambrosia of love — exquisite. It is almost more than he can bear.

He slips onto the bed beside her and as their bodies meet, he is overwhelmed with desire, murmuring,

“Oh Dawn, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Then uncontrollably he releases his sperm over her stomach. They hold each other tight, clinging to the remnants of their passion. When they finally move apart, he says;

“I can’t believe that just happened. I think it was the most erotic experience I’ve ever had.”

She envelops him in her arms again, and they are both blissfully relaxed and ready to fade into sleep. The radiator bursts into life bathing the bodies in its warmth. Outside the sun is eclipsed by a passing cloud, and the room reverts to the lazy light of a winter morning.

He whispers; “My own, precious Dawn, you bring me indescribable delight. You are the world to me.”

She buries her head into his neck and replies,

“And you are my only love.”

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