Delivering Pizza

Delivering PizzaIt was almost quitting time for Charlie. Delivering pizzashad proven to be a pretty good part time job while he was ingraduate school. Fortunately, the GI bill and a scholarshippaid most of the tuition, with his Army savings and prettygood tips from pizza delivery making up the rest. Hecertainly wasn’t close to living the good life that heplanned to attain, but he was getting by. In fact, it was alot better than the three years he spent in the Army thoughhe didn’t discount the skills he picked up in the computerroom nor the appreciation for personal discipline.So when the manager asked if he could make one more deliverybefore quitting, he said yes, noting that it wasn’t too farfrom the university and his rooming house. He could make thedelivery and then head home. He checked out with themanager, grabbed the four pizzas and jumped in his Jeep withthe address tucked between his legs.As he drove, he was thinking how good it would be to finishoff this Saturday and a very hectic week. He was lookingforward to a long hot shower and then collapsing into bed,probably ending up beating his meat and letting hisimagination – and poppers – carry him away. Right now, hedidn’t have time for much more in his busy life. He had hadhis share of girls and even had a fianc‚ who decided tobreak off the engagement after he went overseas. He laterfound out she settled down with a local farm guy, saying shejust couldn’t take all the uncertainty in theirrelationship. It really hurt him, so much so that he hadn’thad a real relationship with a female since. Right afterreceiving his “Dear John” letter, he started fucking thehell out of the nice looking little male admin clerk whocame on to him after a heavy drinking binge at the NCO club.He never thought of himself as gay but sure found that tightlittle ass a welcome and uncomplicated relief to his sexualproblems.Now Charlie was a pretty good looking guy, standing in atabout 6’1″ inches, 180 lbs. The days of high school sportsand continued physical conditioning in college and the Armyhelped him distribute the pounds in a pretty goodarrangement of muscle. He had dark hair and was moderatelyhairy which somehow seemed to attract attention. WhileCharlie wasn’t too happy about his social life right now, heknew that it was only a matter of when the right time wouldcome. But now, the right time was studying his ass off topull off grades in computer science that would get him agood job offer. He did admit that he seemed to have knackfor understanding computers.Charlie turned down the road and began to look for theaddress. It was an older house, almost isolated at the endof the short street with several cars parked out front. Heslid the Jeep into a spot, grabbed the pizzas and started upthe path. He heard some voices coming from the side of thehouse and thought maybe that’s where a party was going on.He walked around the house and saw a dim light coming out ofa side shed along with the voices. He eased forward andlooked in the window.There were about seven guys surrounding a well-build guy whowas kneeling on all fours on sort of a table. The guy wasnaked except for his underwear and socks.and a blindfold.His wrists and ankles were tied to the table legs. “You’rereally going to get it tonight, pledge,” said one of thegiggly guys, as the others laughed hysterically. “The worstis yet to come,” sang out a couple of the other guys asanother guy tapped the muscle man’s ass with a rolled upnewspaper causing more noise that pain. Charlie sighed atsuch foolishness and crept back to the front yard. He rangthe doorbell a couple of times and the door opened by a good-looking little guy in shorts and tank top. “Pizzas,” saidCharlie. “Oh, yeah. Come on in,” said the little guy whoonly looked smaller beside Charlie. “You can put them in thekitchen back there.”Charlie began to take the pizzas out from the insulated bag.The little guy went to the kitchen door and hollered “Pizzashere.” With that, the seven guys began streaming in. “We gotany beer, bahis şirketleri Daryl?” hollered one of the guys who was startingto tear into a pizza box. “Yeah, in the fridge where it’salways been,” the little guy said as he counted out themoney to pay Charlie. “Pledge time, you know,” he said sortof boringly. He handed Charlie the money that included apretty good tip. “Thanks,” said Charlie as he picked up hisbag. “Say, do you guys know if State is winning?” “Yeow! Icompletely forgot about the basketball game,” yelled one ofthe guys. Everyone grabbed a couple of slices of pizza and abeer, and rushed to the living room to turn on the TV set.”Pledge can wait for a bit,” laughed one of the guys.”Pledge week, huh?” laughed Charlie. “Who’s your pledge?””We got the prize this year,” said one of the guys who wassettling down on the floor in front of the TV. “We got Tysonthe hot freshman running back to pledge.” With that, thegroup locked in on the TV game and Charlie left.But Charlie didn’t leave.not right then. As he walked to hisJeep, he began to think of the hot stud in the shed. Hestashed his bag under a bush and crept around the side ofthe house. Everything was quiet. He looked in the window ofthe shed again and saw only the hot muscle guy still on thetable but relaxing down in an all-four crouch. The softlight bounced off his chiseled back leading to his dynamiteass that was still underwear covered. Charlie realized hehad a raging hard on just looking at the sight through thewindow.Now we all know that often hormones overpower all logic, andthis was one of those times. Charlie eased through the opendoor. At the sound of his footsteps, the muscle guy raisedhis head and tensed a bit. Charlie said nothing but walkedaround the hot piece of beef on the table, getting hornierwith each step he took. He came up to the guy’s ear andwhispered, “Are you ready? The worst is here!” Theblindfolded guy remained tense and didn’t move a muscle.”This is the secret part that only you and I know about,”Charlie continued whispering. “You can never mention thispart or talk about it or you will automatically be thrownout of the fraternity. That’s the oath we all take. Youunderstand?” The muscle guy whispered back “Yeah.”Charlie looked over at the workbench and ripped off a pieceof duct tape from the roll laying there. He slapped it overthe muscle guy’s mouth, listening to the one muffledcomplaint. Charlie walked to the back of that great lookingass and slowly pulled down his underwear revealing abeautiful ass at the end of a muscular, triangular back. Theway the guy was positioned now, Charlie could see the tightlittle rosebud of his hole in the dim light. He stroked hishand across each cheek and then between those beautifulcheeks to caress back and forth over the guy’s hole on downto his hanging balls. The guy tensed again, but made nosound. Charlie reached under the guy, feeling a rock hardcock as well.Charlie glanced around and saw the open can of motor oil. Hedipped his finger in and stroked over the hole again, thistime lingering a bit longer. The guy remained tense but nosound. Charlie slipped his oil-covered finger into the holea short way. He heard no sound, only the quickened breathingof the muscle guy. Charlie began to caress that tight hole,easing his finger in further. Finally he slipped in twofingers, this time causing the muscle guy to arch his backin surprise. “Quiet. Don’t’ make a sound at anything thathappens,” Charlie whispered forcefully.As two fingers were probing the muscle guy’s hole, Charlieunzipped his jeans and let his own rock hard cock springfree. His cock was right at seven and a half inches, thickand uncut. The little admin guy used to moan loudly whenCharlie hit bottom in his sweet little ass. With his freehand, he covered his cock with more motor oil and lookeddown at that glistening pulsating piece of meat, just poisedat the virgin hole. Charlie could still hear the guys insidethe house yelling as one of the teams scored.Charlie eased his mobilbahis fingers out and put his throbbing cock upto the loosened hole. He pushed gently and to his surprise,his cock began to slide right in. The guy arched his backagain with a little moan. “Quiet. You won’t get hurt,”Charlie whispered. “Relax and take it like the big fuckingfootball player you are.” The guy’s back went down and hetensed up, almost as to say he could take anything becausehe was a “big fucking football player.”Charlie played around for a few seconds and then began toease in a little further with each stroke. He put his handson the muscle guy’s hips and began to stroke his cock in andout of that super hot hole. Charlie thought he had never hadanything that tight nor that hot. The guy was starting tomoan as Charlie started to really fuck him, hitting themagic spot that generates desire. Charlie actually felt theguy trying to push his ass back to meet his thrust.Charlie was getting into some serious fucking when he heardsomeone shout, “Daryl, go check on the pledge.” Before hecould react, the door opened and there stood the little guywho had paid for the pizzas, his eyes wide as saucers at thescene before him. Charlie put his finger over his lips toindicate quiet and motioned him in. Still staring, thelittle guy began to grab his own cock and walked over toCharlie. “Go tell them he’s alright and come back,” Charliewhispered. The little guy nodded and backed out of the door.Charlie knew he had a few seconds to run out the door if theguys started coming out. “The pledge is doing just fine. Ithink he’s asleep,” Charlie heard the little guy say. Andthen he was standing back in the doorway watching Charliefuck the muscle guy.Charlie stroked long and deep into the muscle guy’s ass fora couple of minutes, letting the little guy record the scenewith wide eyes. Then Charlie motioned him over closer. “Takeout your cock,” he said and the little guy followed thedirections without any protest. Charlie reached for moremotor oil and quickly covered the little guy’s cock. He wassort of surprised as it was only a little bit smaller thanhis own and was rock hard. “When I come out, you go in,”Charlie whispered in the little guy’s ear, pulling himaround to get into position.Charlie pulled his cock out of the hot hole, slipped hishand on the little guy’s ass and pushed him forward, guidinghis cock right into the tight, hot ass. The little guygasped but didn’t miss a beat, starting his own fast, deepfucking. The muscle guy’s back arched again and Charliepushed him down, whispering, “Quiet!” letting the word applyto both of them.Charlie kept his hand on the little guy’s ass and suddenlyfound his oily finger caressing his little hole. Charliepositioned himself behind the little guy and when he cameout on a backstroke, Charlie pushed his cockhead inside hishole. The little guy rammed his cock in the muscle guy’s assand Charlie followed. Then the little guy pulled back foranother stroke and ended up fucking himself on Charlie’s bigcock. This went on for a minute or so until Charlie had thefull length of his own hard cock rammed up the little guy’stight ass.Charlie took over the action, holding the muscle guy’s hipswhile fucking the little guy’s ass that rammed the littleguy’s cock in the muscle guy’s hole. The little guy gaspedagain and leaned back against Charlie as he was both fuckingand getting fucked. “And I thought the pledge had a hot ass.This is incredible,” thought Charlie as he fucked withenough energy to ram two holes. Suddenly he sensed thelittle guy beginning to tense up. Charlie quickly put hishand over the little guy’s mouth as he rammed his cock deepinto his tight hole, driving into that magic spot thatstarts nuclear explosions. And start it did. Charlie thoughthis cock would be cut in two by the tightness of the littleguy’s ass as he fired his load deep inside the muscle guy’sass. Charlie followed quickly, turning loose a pent up loadof hot juice deep inside the little guy mobilbahis giriş who held on to themuscle guy’s hips.After what seemed like forever but lasted far to short, itwas over. The muscle guy was panting and dropped his headdown to the table. The little guy sagged back againstCharlie, gasping for breath. Charlie kissed him gently onthe cheek as he held him close to him.Then Charlie took charge again. Easing his cock out of thelittle guy and then letting him pull his cock out of thewell-fucked hole of the muscle guy. Charlie grabbed some oldrags and carefully wiped the muscle guy’s ass off, includingthe puddle of cum the muscle guy had left on the table. Thenhe pulled up his underwear. He wiped off the little guy’scock and then his own cock, tossing the rags under thebench. After getting their pants back in place, Charliequietly pulled the little guy back out of the shed.Outside, they stood there for a few seconds, looking at eachother. Then Charlie smiled and disappeared into the shadows.EpilogueCharlie was finished for the day and was starving. He wentto the Student Union and grabbed a hamburger, fries andcoke, sitting down at one of the tables at the side. Heopened one of his textbooks as a habit of always making thebest use of his time. “Hello,” he heard a voice say, andlooked up to see the little guy standing before him. “Uh,hi,” stammered Charlie, this time completely taken bysurprise. “Can I sit down,” the little guy asked? “Sure,”said Charlie, who quickly moved all his books to the nextchair. The little guy sat down, and for a few seconds,nothing was said. Finally, Charlie said, “Hey, I’m reallysorry about what happened a while back. I don’t know whatcame over me. I’m really sorry.” “Don’t’ be sorry. It wasthe most incredible experience I’ve ever had,” the littleguy said. “I thought you might be a student here and hoped Imight run into you sometime,” he said. “By the way, my nameis Daryl,” and he held out his hand. Charlie shook his handand smiled, “Charlie here. Glad to meet you Daryl.”About that time, a loud, boisterous group charged into theStudent Union. In the center was the hot muscle guy. “Whatan asshole,” Daryl said. “Yeah, but a good asshole,” smiledCharlie. A pause and they both laughed at the joke. “Whathappened after I left,” asked Charlie. “Nothing. The otherguys finally came out, slapped his ass with the newspaperand made him eat a hotdog, saying it was a cock, theneveryone went into the house,” said Daryl. “You know, Tysonnever did say anything or indicate anything out of theordinary happened,” he smiled. “I think he liked it. Iknow I did. Wait till he becomes a frat brother and triesthat with a pledge. He’ll have the dean all over his pompousass,” laughed Daryl.”Well, you had a shot at a great piece of ass,” saidCharlie, pushing some of his fries toward Daryl. “True. Butyou know, what I remember most was you fucking me,” Darylsaid matter of factly. “”That just sort of happened. Sorry,”said Charlie, watching Daryl nibble on a couple of thepotato strips. “No, don’t be sorry. That was the greatestpart. You were incredible. I haven’t thought about anythingelse since then, hoping one of these days I’d run into youand we’d do it again,” said Daryl softly, staring down atthe container of fries.There was a long pause. And then Charlie said, “Are youserious? You were ten times better than that brainlessmuscle head. When you leaned against me, I just wanted tokeep holding you.” Now there was an even longer pausebetween the two guys who seemed intently staring at thefried potatoes.Finally, Charlie said, “You know, Daryl. I’ve finishedclasses for today. Would you like to stop over at my roominghouse? Not too great but it’s not far away.” Daryl lookedup and smiled, “Nice idea. But I’ve got a better one. Whydon’t you come to my place? I live in the penthouse of theAnderson Building and it gets sort of lonely there.” “Huh?”said Charlie, with a French fry in mid air. “Yeah. My dad’spresident of the Computer Research Associates and thought itwould be easier on his tax write-off to lease the penthousefor me,” he grinned. “Let’s go and see if we can turn thisinto something good. My Porsche is right outside,” he said.And it turned into a long-lasting personal relationship anda great business setup.

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