Delivery on a Summers Day


I had finally done it, after years of planning and saving and working all the hours I possibly could, I had finally bought my house. Close to my family, close to work, enough space for me to be free – totally free! Back garden overlooked by the neighbours that’s a suntrap, enabling me to get that all over tan I had always wanted! Today was one of those amazing days where the sun was shining from the minute I woke up, the bright lights streaming through my kitchen illuminating my gorgeous new marble worktops. I knew I should have been unpacking and sorting out the decorating, but I my mind wasn’t in it, so instead I decided that I would give myself a day off to rest.

Standing in my kitchen, I slipped my t-shirt over my head and unzipped my jeans, sliding them off to reveal my underwear. Although I don’t have the perfect body, my breasts look amazing in my black lace bra even if I did say so myself. They were larger than average, size 40 G, my nipples pushing against the fabric as the cold from removing my t-shirt hits. My thong fabric tight against my trimmed pussy, showing off my rounded ass cheeks, and the faint tan lines from the swimsuit I had worn last holiday. My plan was to have no tan lines and having my own back garden meant that was a plan I could now achieve.

I slid my fingers into the fabric to the side of my thong and removed them, leaving my pussy bare to the world. My hands reached behind my back to unfasten the 2 hooks holding the lace fabric of my bra together, releasing them, my full breasts fully open to the summer breeze blowing through into my kitchen from the patio doors. Reaching for my tanning oil, opening the bottle and pouring a generous amount of the bronze liquid into my hands, before I run the slick lotion over my shoulders and arms. Moving onto my chest, my nipples reacting to my oiled touch, running my hands over my stomach and down my legs, before running up my inner thighs, over my labia and round onto the cheeks of my arse. Ensuring all my skin is fully covered with the slick oil, my skin shimmering in the sunlight. Picking up my earphones and iPad, I pour myself water, the cold splash from the sink hitting my naked skin sends shivers through my entire body. Sliding the patio door fully open, I step outside into the warmth of the sun, the rays feel as if they are only shining on me. Walking over to the sun lounger, I place my drink on the garden table and lay down on the sun lounger; the soft fabric of the cushion comforts my skin and feels like a blanket from the suns heat. I grab my iPad and plug the earphones in, turning on my music I settle in for a morning of sun worship. The music playing in my ears, the heat of the sun and within minutes I drifted off into peaceful rest.

I must have been lying there for some time as I felt the heat on my breasts increasing; I needed to turn over to sun my back. Sliding my oiled legs over the side of the sun lounger to twist onto my front, I let out a scream as stood by the garden gate entrance was a man. From the bulge in his trousers, I think he hadn’t just walked in. In disbelief I took my earphones out.

“Can I help you?” were the only words I could think of to ask of this stranger who was currently stood with his mouth wide open and the bulge in his trousers visibly beylikdüzü escort increasing.

“Ermm, sorry…erm I have a parcel for you there was no answer at the ermmm front door, but the delivery instructions said to try the side gate…ermm I am sorry for interrupting…” The man was 6′, slim build in his 40s, hair slightly greying in that sophisticated style and clearly he was well endowed.

Walking over to him, I could see his eyes tracking down my body, which reminded me I was totally naked in front of this stranger. That thought alone sent a tingle straight between my thighs, coupled with the nervous look on the delivery guys face, egged me onto the prospect of some potential fun.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t exactly busy as you can see” waving my hand down my body, brushing my breast by accident which sent a shot of excitement causing me to gasp for breath. “Let me step inside and I will see what you’ve got for me” with a cheeky grin on my face, I moved past my new friend and into the kitchen.

Turning around, I saw his hand reach to his crotch to clearly adjust his cock, which was more evidently straining against his trousers now, before he stepped inside. “Do you want me to close the doors over?”

“Yes, can I get you a drink at all? Not sure how long I kept you waiting for, but it’s a very hot day and would hate to send you away with nothing for your troubles” Bending down to the grab a glass, my labia lips clearly showing as my ass lifted up to the ceiling, looking behind myself to see his reaction. “Do you like the view?” Seeing that his eyes were not moving from my body.

Hesitating like a small child caught out for sneaking sweets wondering what the correct answer would be, I smiled at him to let him know that his first thought was quite appropriate, “Yes, the view is the best thing I have seen all day that’s for sure” His hand was now instinctively hovering over his crotch, in an attempt to hide the excitement the sight of me was providing him.

“Sorry, I probably should sign for my parcel and let you get on with your day? Ill just get you a glass of water before you go” Urging him to say he wasn’t busy with my eyes, my body now leaning over the sink to run the cold water tap, the cold metal of the rim rubbing against my stomach making me arch backwards.

“I am in no rush to be honest, I was about to stop for lunch, you were my last delivery, so I have nowhere urgent to be, and the manager wont be asking after me for a little while at least”

There was clearly an excitement between both of us, walking over to him I handed him his glass of water ensuring I was close enough that when he reached for the glass I could pull it back to my chest forcing the back of his hand to rub against my breasts. He jolted and the water from the glass spilt, sending a trickle of cold water onto my breast, running down over my nipple. My hand moved to rub the water off, and sensing how close our bodies were I began to circle the nipple with the tips of my fingers.

“I would apologise for spilling water on you, however, it appears you quite liked it, do you need help to dry off?”

With that he put down his glass and his hands were cupping my breasts in a second. His thumbs beylikdüzü eve gelen escort rubbing my hard nipples, gently squeezing the ample flesh of my breasts, his eyes looking into mine as I moaned quietly at his touch. His mouth moves to my right nipple, tongue extended as he flicks gently before sucking my breast into his mouth, his hand still working on my left breast, teasing my nipple between his finger and thumb. The pleasure of his touch was coursing through my body with my back arching forcing my breasts harder into his mouth. Sensing my enjoyment, his mouth moves to my other breast, his hand now rubbing the nipple of my right breast, rubbing his saliva over my breast. I grab the back of his head, pulling him harder onto my body to enhance my pleasure sensation.

Pushing me backwards into the cold marble counter, his hands fell to my ass cheeks as he assisted my to sit on the counter top. His mouth still working on my nipples, his finger ran down my stomach and onto my leg, stroking up and down my inner thigh, brushing my trimmed pussy hair, causing my hips to buck slightly in the hope that his hand will slip. My moans at his touch encouraging his fingers to run closer to where my thighs meet my pussy. His finger settles on my labia lips, his fingertip pushing gently between them to feel my wetness. Letting out a long moan, I spread my legs wider encouraging his fingers to explore my pussy, which he does without hesitation. His mouth is no longer working on my nipples; he is looking directly at me as he slides a finger into my waiting pussy causing me to take a deep breath. His thumb rubbing on my clit as he gently and slowly slides in and out of me.

My eyes closed with the pleasure as his finger works on my wet pussy, my moans increasing with every stroke he makes into me and with every touch on my clit. Feeling my orgasm building, his pace quickens, sliding a second and then third finger into my pussy, my legs now spread allowing him deep access as he finger fucks me, all the while he is staring into my eyes. His thrust getting deeper and quicker, forcing his fingers into me and now rubbing my clit with his other hand, my breathing getting shallower, y muscles tightening as my orgasm builds. He breaks eye contact to bury his face into my pussy, his tongue replacing his thumb, his fingers still buried inside me, while his tongue flicks across my clit. Sending me over the edge, my orgasm flows, squirting into his mouth as he sucks my clit. He withdraws his fingers, his tongue licking the full length of my pussy as his eyes look up towards me.

Standing up, he pulls his polo shirt over his head to reveal a toned body, reaching down he unfastens his belt, slides his zip down and slips his shoes off. Allowing his cargo pants to fall to the floor, his cock straining against the cotton of his boxer shorts. He grabs the waistband and pulls his boxers down which releases his 8″ rock hard cock with a flick back into place, he is neatly trimmed which shows off his cock perfectly. Despite me having limited feeling in my legs I know I need to move and pay back the favour of him giving me an amazing orgasm. He helps me down from the counter and I instinctively take to my knees. My hand wraps beylikdüzü masöz escort round his hard shaft, and begin to slowly move up and down, my face close to the tip of his cock as I look up to see his head thrown backwards.

My tongue flicks out and licks the tip of his cock, his precum salty in my mouth, and his moan saying he was more than happy with that action. Holding his cock with my hand, I draw my tongue from the base to the tip and back down again, then move onto his balls. Licking and sucking his balls as I am giving him a hand job, his hips flexing to assist my movement, once again I draw my tongue along the base of his shaft to the tip. With one movement, my mouth takes his full length deep into my throat nearly making me gag, but his breathing says he approves. My mouth is now sucking as it moves up and down his shaft, tongue circling the tip before I draw him back into me deeply. Replacing my mouth with my hand, running over his wet cock, I look up to him as I continue to work my hand on his hard shaft. Standing up, without letting go with my hand, he takes my breasts in his hand again, with every slide of my hand; he is squeezing my breasts to copy me.

He turns me round, releasing my grip on his shaft, grabbing my breasts from behind; he bends me forwards, exposing my ass and pussy. He lets go of my breasts and takes control of his own cock, holding the tip against my waiting pussy, gently and slowly he pushes his length into me, his cock filling my pussy expertly. He moves his hands to my shoulders and starts to pull me back into him as he thrusts deeply into my pussy. With every forward motion his balls hit into me. His pace speeds up, forcing himself deeper into me with every thrust, he fucks me hard, his cock buried deep into my pussy, one hand reaching round grabbing my breasts, the other pushes my hand towards my pussy encouraging me to rub my clit as he pounds into my pussy. His breathing speeds up with every motion, the thrust getting longer and harder, my fingers running quickly over my clit feeling his cock pushing it onto my fingers.

My fingers working harder and quicker over my clit, my heart beat increasing as I feel my second orgasm building. He can sense it too and grabs my breasts harder as he fucks me deeply; my muscles all tense as my orgasm flows through every inch of my body, all over his cock buried deep inside me. I moan as my orgasm subsides, but his cock is still ploughing into me, his breath shortening as I can sense he is about to explode. I pull away from him, and spin round taking his cock back into my mouth just as he has one final thrust forcing him to shoot his hot cum straight down the back of my throat. The taste of my juices mixed in with his cum, his hands on the back of my head not allowing me to miss any of his juices.

He bends down and pulls his boxers and cargo pants back up, his cock now back under the fabric of his boxers. He helps me up before he grabs his polo shirt and slips it back on. Not a word is spoken as he moves to the parcel he has brought, hands it to me and asks me to sign the clipboard. I am standing naked having been fucked and brought to orgasm twice by a man I’ve never met and don’t even know his name. He heads to the door his hand reaching out to the handle. “If you have any issues with the parcel you’ve received, or wish to make any future orders, this is my usual delivery area, so maybe we will meet again” and with that he left. Not having been in this situation before, for a moment, I am unsure of what to do, where to go, but my decision is quickly made when the doorbell rings…

To Be Continued

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