Demon Stranger


Demon StrangerSteve moaned as he felt his master hump inside him. Themaster he had just met online the week before only knowntohim as Phil. As painful as it felt, it was also the mostincredible pleasure he had ever felt in his life. Thesteel-like phallus reached deeper inside him than hethoughtpossible, stimulating him in ways Steve didn’t thinkpossible. Slowly he began to push up on it, beforelettinghis own weight drop him back down on the massive demoncock.That demon cock he had been obsessed with ever since hegotthe picture of it from Phil. Within ten minutes he wasbouncing up and down on more than half of the impressivefuck stick. Steve groaned in pleasure as Phil wrapped hisarms under his legs picking konya escort him almost off the 6.5 inchfuckmeat, before letting Steve drop back down to theg****fruit-sized cum-filled balls. Steves body shudderedwith pleasure as he allowed himself to be fucked byMasterPhil. Every nerve in his body fired with ecstasy as Philused his body for his pleasure. Steve was just a hole forPhil’s pleasure. Earlier when Phil had got to Steve’shouse, they had got in the shower together as Phil hadwanted, and Steve had licked Phil’s hot asshole. Droolnowflowed from Steve’s mouth as his body repeatedly tookevery inch of Master Phil’s cock.“Daddy, Daddy daddy fuck meharder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Steve kütahya escort cried.Steve could still feel the hot warmth of his bottom whereearlier Master Phil had spanked him. Steve looked upandblinked… Phil had become a Master Daddy Demon. Acreatureof manly attributes that was fucking him. The demonsuddenly ripped his cock from Steve, picking him up andtossing him on his back while pushing his legs back tohisears, as though Steve was a sack of feed. Steve’s boycunt gapped open, not even attempting to try and closebackup. The demon grinned in pleasure as it slammed backinsidethe delirious Steve. Steve screamed in ecstasy as thedemon began long-dicking him pulling out fully, malatya escort beforeslamming back inside him. The only thought going throughSteve’s mind was he needed to feel the creature floodhis insides with its seed. He couldn’t form anywords,because his body was on fire with euphoria. Drool coatedhisface, as he surrendered his body to the creature usinghim.Precum spurted from his cock, coating his stomach andchestwith each powerful thrust from the hellish creature hehadgiven himself to in order to feel pleasure. Finally,afterwhat seemed an eternity, the demon howled in pleasure asitclimaxed had inside the brutalized Steve. It pumped whatseemed like incredible amounts of demon seed insideSteve.The demon grinned as it felt Steve shudder hard as hiscockpumped shot after shot of jizz all over his chest andface.As the demon pulled his still hard cock from Steve’snowruined hole, Steve looked up and saw the demon had beenreplaced with Phil who leaned down and kissed himhungrily.

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