Denver Nights


The day began as it usually does, Erica woke up 45 min before she needed to leave for work. She allows herself just enough time to do the basics before heading out the door. She begins by lazily walking to the bathroom and running the shower. As the water warms, she slowly strips her panties and tank to reveal her tight 23 year old body. At about 5’8″, she has an athletic dancer body, her long brown hair and dark eyes are complimented by light soft skin. Her breasts are perky, not too big and by no means too small, her ass is prominent and her legs are firm. She tests the water then steps into the shower to officially begin the day.

On the other side of Denver, Nate begins his day in similar fashion. He wakes up to an empty bed and contemplates the day ahead of him. He eventually rolls out of bed and heads to the bathroom. Still half asleep he splashes water on his face. He stands at 6’1″ a solid runners body with little fat. His dark hair blends well with his tan skin and his blue eyes shine in deep contrast to his other features. He is thin but has broad shoulders, a small waist but a firm round ass. Instead of stripping from his boxer briefs to the comforts of a nice warm shower, he instead heads back to his room, throws on some running gear and is out the door.

Soon after arriving at work Erica is thinking about what will happen that night. Nate had just moved to Denver and this was to be the first night they were meeting up. She had gone to college with him and spent some rather amazing nights with him; however she had graduated before he did and they rarely saw each other after she moved away. There had been many nights she laid in bed thinking about the times they spent together in the bedroom. Erica would spend hours fantasizing about the dirty things she let herself do while she was with him while her fingers danced over her body. She had gotten off countless times to the memories… she wondered if that night they would make even more.

Nate was also excited, running always gets his blood pumping, but no where near what Erica could do to him. He had let himself go with her, crossing boundaries he never thought he would even approach. She brought out the wildest and best in him and he knew it. Today he was feeling especially good and was counting down the hours till they were to meet up. He even skipped his daily “session” to save as much cum as possible for the nights activities.

As the day slowly passed both Nate and Erica were caught day dreaming often. Never telling what they were day dreaming about, both just wore smiles of anticipation.

Erica would let herself get worked up, turning red and getting just wet enough to feel it on her inner thighs.

Nate would do the same. He would make himself hard as a rock, waiting for just the first drops of precum to ooze out of his cock.

They both knew how much the other one loved their juices and they both wanted to make sure there was plenty to go around that night.

Soon the time had come. Erica gotten off work a little early to go home and dress for the night.

Nate had done the same.

They were to meet up at a hotel in Denver as they both had roommates but knew no one in either house would get any sleep if they were there.

Erica picked out an outfit to die for. A short little black skirt that she intentionally hiked up even more so that it exposed just the bottom of her ass if she were to even attempt to bend over, a matching top with her famous Victorias Secret bra that made her tits look incredible and some black heels to top it off.

Nate went with a pair of dark tight jeans, black dress shoes and a tight blue thermal that fit him well enough to show off his fit body. They ben bu boşluğu nasıl izle both hopped in their cars and headed to the hotel…

Upon arrival, they gave each other a big hug and a soft kiss. They then walked through the doors to the front desk to check in. It was only about 5 pm, but there was a reason for that. They headed up to the room and jumped on the bed.

Looking deep into Erica’s eyes, Nate said ” you know if we went out now we would hit a bunch of traffic, plus im honestly not even that hungry yet”

Erica knew better than to believe that was the reason he wanted to stay in for a while but she played along anyway.

“Well what would you like to do to kill the time before we eat then?” she said.

As she was speaking she moved a little on the bed so that it teasingly lifted her skirt just enough to barely show the front of her thong.

“Well there is a lot of things we can do I guess.” he rolled onto his back which exposed to Erica that he was already hard, with his cock pressed firmly against his jeans she could also tell that he was wearing nothing under them. “But it is really up to you.”

She moved on the bed again so that she was now sitting Indian style with a blatent disregard for the fact that just by turning his head, Nate could now see the entire front of her thong.

She wanted him to look, she wanted to see his cock pulse under his jeans knowing that if it did she would soon see the wetness of his precum.

“Well Nate, I want to do whatever you want to do” she played with him.

“Oh really? Is that true? Well I have something in mind but we have never done it before so I don’t know…” he chimed back.

Erica replied with a grin, “You know I am always up for experimentation.”

Nate got up off the bed and moved over to the chair in the room.

Looking at her deep in the eyes again, he said “I want to see you get out of those cloths and get yourself off.”

She looked a little shocked but there was a deep burning inside as soon as she had processed the words.

“Mmm, you want me to fuck myself right in front of you right now baby? I think I can do that, but what are you gonna do for me?”

He sat back in his chair and simply said “Nothing yet, but plenty later.”

Erica laid on the bed and took one of her tits in her hand, caressing it softly though the fabrics of her shirt and bra. Another hand slowly moved down her stomach and pulled her skirt up fully exposing her thong and began to lightly rub her warming cunt.

“You like what you see baby?” she asked.

Nate simply nodded yes and stared intensely upon his naughty girl. Erica soon pulled her tank strap down freeing her breast from the confines of her shirt and allowing herself to feel her now rock hard nipple. She then pulled her soaking panties to the side and began rubbing her drenched clit.

As she rubbed, her hips started to slowly buck from side to side occasionally leaving the bed for a moment.

Sitting in his chair, Nate could feel the precum dripping down his leg. When he looked he could see the wet spot it had created inside his jeans.

“Taste your pussy babe, suck your fingers dry” he demanded.

He loved to watch her taste herself. Little did he know, she was more than happy to obey this command, as she did it regularly even while she was alone. After Nate had made her do it the first time so many years ago, she realized that the dirtiness of it made her so much hotter. She obliged with no delay taking her soaked fingers from her pussy and licking every glistening one clean. She then returned to her cunt nearing her climax.

The biz kimden kaçıyorduk anne izle thought of her doing something she had never done made her shutter and the fact that as soon as Nate had asked her to so, there was no hesitation on her part made it even better!

“Oh fuck Nate im gonna cum! You wanna watch my pussy cum all over my fingers?! Do you wanna watch me lick all my cum off for you?!”

Nate could only reply with ” yes babe, make yourself cum for me! I wanna see you cum then lick it all up!”

With no delay she came hard. Some even dripping onto the bed. She then hungrily sucked at her fingers. Knowing Nate would love it, she then turned and licked at the wet spot she had made on the bed.

Upon seeing this extra manuver, Nate told her “Now get over here and shove that cum soaked tongue down my throat!”

After calming down and redoing her hair Erica relaxed on the bed talking and kissing with her still very horny partener. When about 6:30 rolled around they decided they were going to eat and then grab a bottle of wine before heading back to the room.

They went to a nearby steak house and killed a few hours eating, laughing and drinking. Never mentioning what they had done or talking about what they were going to do later. They strolled around for a while and stopped at LODO’s (their favorite bar) and drank a little more.

Before all the stores were about to close, they left the bar to get their bottle of wine. the two of them were back in the room before midnight.

This is where the fun would begin.

They plopped on the bed and opened their bottle. This time without doing it intentanally, Erica was again sitting in such a way that Nate could see up her skirt. He took advantage and would sneak peaks whenever he knew she wasn’t looking and eventually he had himself worked up again.

They spent time talking and listening to music and soon half the bottle was gone. Erica got up to use the rest room and Nate saw this as his oppertunity to strike.

When Erica exited the bathroom Nate met her at the door. He had a mischievous little grin and she knew they were to have some fun. He forcefully spun her around and pinned her to the wall, then dropped to his knees. Lifting her skirt to expose her ass, he began to kiss and lick. All around her beautiful round rump and her think firm thighs his soft kisses became harder and is tongue began to wander between her legs. He could feel her warm pussy and smell her sweet juices. He then licked as much of her dampening panties as he could in one quick pass of the tongue. Feeling her body shake from this, he stopped at her ass hole and began flicking his tongue right on it.

“Mmm” she broke the silence. “Lick my ass Nate!”

She began to press her ass into his face to feel more of his wet tongue. He moved her thong aside, this let his tongue move all over her ass hole.

“Mmm yes! God it feels good baby!”

He probed her ass, letting his tongue move in and out of her tight hole.

“Fuck my ass Nate! Fuck it with your tongue!”

Nate could no longer keep his member tucked away, he slowly started un buttoning his pants.

Looking down, Erica could see him do so,

“Take your cock out for me! I wanna see you stroke your big cock while you eat my ass!”

He was soon stroking away and percum came pouring out lubricating his long shaft.

“Oh fuck Nate I need to taste your cock, your precum looks so good”

Hearing this, Nate stood up and Erica was the one who now fell to her knees. Not even grabbing his dick, she swallowed his cock deep into her mouth, Letting soft, muffled moans leave bizi ayıran çizgi izle her throat. Nate was in heaven, he had missed Erica’s talented mouth.

“Time to get dirty babe” he told her.

He then pulled her up and tossed her onto the bed. He positioned himself and thrust himself into her waiting cunt.

In and out he pounded until his cock was completely covered in her warm love juices.

“Now get over here and suck yourself off me!”

She moved quickly and lapped up all her amazing love juice.

“I want more! Do it again Nate make me lick my pussy juice off your cock”

Again he threw her on to the bed and he pounded her. Harder this time, making her ass slap against his thighs and her pussy drip.

“AH now do it again!” he said as he pulled her hair and forced her to her knees.

This time she was more aggressive in her sucking, grabbing his ass and ramming her head into his stomach as she took him in.

He pushed her head away and flopped himself on the bed.

“Keep sucking babe, I’ll tell you when to stop”

He watched her head bob up and down on his cock, he knew what he wanted now.

“Stop, get up here and ride my cock, you know what I want you to do.”

She knew exactly what he wanted her to do. When they were in college Nate had made her squirt her cum all over him on more than one occasion. He loved it. It was probably the one thing that could get him off in less than a second if he even though about it. She had not been with anyone else who could make her squirt since and she was eager to cum all over his chest tonight.

“Ok baby I know what you want” she said.

She positioned herself atop his cock, letting it slide into her cunt. Slowly she moved back and forth not up and down. He could hear how wet she was and couldn’t imagine how much more was to come. She dug her hand into his chest and moved faster.

His gaze was right into her eyes and he yelled “cum babe! All over me, I want you to fucking soak me!”

She moved faster and faster, the splashing got louder and louder and then, much to Nate’s surprise, she got off his cock and rubbed her clit as fast as she could.

“Is this what you fucking want?! AHHHH!”

She began to squirt all over his chest. He moved down to take her in his mouth and got a pump directly on his tongue. Every other time she had squirted she would stay on his cock, he would get wet and it would drip up his chest but never did this happen! He couldn’t believe it, he never wanted her to stop.

As soon as she could cum no more, he flipped her on her back and began pounding her pussy with his large cock, she grabbed his neck and pulled it close. She could still taste herself on his face and in his mouth.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me, fuck me” she cried.

He pounded away at her pussy as she dug her nails into his back and neck.

“Now you know what I want!” she wispered in his ear.

One of the best things about Erica in college is that she loved to have cum all over her. She would nearly beg for it sometimes.

Nate asked her in a deep passionate voice “where do you want it baby, where do you want my cum?”

“Fuck! All over me, I want your cum to cover my whole body!” she answers.

It was then that he lost it. Nate pulled his cock out of her pussy and climbed over her legs, positioning himself on her stomach.

She begged “please, I want your cum! Cum on your little cumslut!”

Spurt after spurt came rushing from his cock. He watched her as her head darted from side to side trying to catch some of his sweet cum in her mouth. As he came she rubbed it in making her body slick with sweat and sticky cum.

Fully spent Nate collapsed upon Erica’s wet body and began to kiss her as deeply and passionately as he could. They had both been relieved of their pent up frustrations and laid fully relaxed for the first time in a long time. Still kissing and nibbling, both in a sexual haze, they would fall asleep together. Only to begin planning their next night out in Denver.

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