Depraved housewife


I have to admit, the idea of sex with animals has always been intriguing to me. Just to look at me, you’d probably never guess the wild ideas that run through my head. I’m a 33 year old married mother of 3 with a college degree and a career in the medical field. I love the idea of piercings and tattoos, and pain really turns me on. I’ve had several genital piercings at times, my last round I had a clitoral hood piercing and a labial piercing on each side, plus both nipples (which I took out one night when I was really really drunk and mad and then passed out; unfortunately, they had closed up enough by the time I woke up that they were too difficult to get back in). I plan on redoing them very soon, maybe even adding a few more. But back to the subject at hand-my thoughts about fucking animals.
I was raised on a farm; cattle and horses breeding was commonplace, although my dad was very old fashioned and never let me or my sister watch if he could help it at all. But sometimes he forgot to look for us and I was able to get a sneak peek. By the time I was about a senior in high school, I took every chance I could to get a good seat (a hidden one of course, where I could finger myself while I watched). I would watch the stud’s long cock slip out of its sheath, sometimes almost dragging kocaeli escort bayan the ground it seemed. He would nip the mare with his lips, teeth bared, whinnying with his arousal at her scent. Dad would have the mare tied to a tree or something like it, and I often envied the mare. Being tied up and taken with such force by what seemed to be a fire hose-now that’s my idea of sex. But I have never had the opportunity to actually act on any of these desires. And to be honest, I know the chance of it ever happening is slim to none; the circumstances just aren’t favorable. But I’ve had other ideas as well.
Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about dogs, and being knotted up with one. I’ve found myself wondering what it would feel like to be on my hands and knees and have claws scratching up my back while a doggy dick pistons inside me. And when the knot enters, I have a feeling I would cum like never before. There’s only one hitch-I don’t have a dog.
At my dad’s place, he has a beautiful red heeler named Ranger. I honestly don’t know if Ranger has ever had a chance to knot up with a female before-he’s been around female dogs in heat and showed little to no interest. I dropped by my dad’s last night to drop off a prescription I had picked up for him and he wasn’t home kocaeli sınırsız escort yet. I could have gone ahead inside, put the meds in the fridge, left him a note, and went on home. But something made me decide to just have a seat on the porch after I put the medicine in the fridge. Ranger was stretched out on the cool concrete as usual, his stub of a bob tail thumping as I sat down in the chair beside him. I reached over to pet him and he of course rolled over onto his back (his normal position when he wants his belly rubbed). I rubbed his belly and talked to him, and as I rubbed I noticed the tip of his doggy cock peeking out at me. I rubbed a little harder, and a little more came out. Sneaking a glance around, I realized that I was all alone on almost 40 acres, just me and Ranger and a few ponies.
So I got on my knees beside him, talking softly and slowly rubbing my hand up and down his belly, coming closer and closer to his burgeoning cock. His eyes rolled up in his head and his dick peeked out even further. I touched the tip of my finger to the tip of his shaft, honestly expecting to be grossed out. But all it did was jump a little, just like a human cock. And that little jump almost made me cum right there. I slowly closed my fist around izmit anal yapan escort his pumping piston, and he humped my hand until his knot revealed itself. It had to be a good 4 inches across and looked delightfully thick and painful. My pussy tingled and flowed until I felt my own juices running down the inside of my leg. I moved a little closer to him with my legs and I guess he smelled a bitch in heat, because his pistoning became more frantic and he started whining and licking the juice off my leg. Just then I heard the crunch of tires coming down the driveway.
I jumped to my feet, guiltily looking around and trying to look as innocent as possible. Keep in mind, I am a 33 year old married woman who was just jacking off a dog. But when he realized he wasn’t getting anything else from me, Ranger took off like a shot toward the horse lot. I went inside and washed my hands and the insides of my legs, and was conveniently in the bathroom when my dad came in. But honestly, if he hadn’t come home when he did, I probably would have called Ranger down to the shed and tried to get him to mount me so I could feel that huge knot in my pussy, and feel his hot cum streaming inside me.
However, I am still really really wanting to follow through on this. And I have a plan that I’m going to try to implement very soon-most likely this coming Saturday night. So I’m going to take a poll…should I follow through? If I do, I’ll post the encounter within 24 hours of it taking place. Leave your comments for me!

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