Desi Lady on Train


Rajesh was travelling in train to his place, which takes several hours. It was a vacation, and he happily packed his bags, and got on the train. The train was fully packed, just like any other train in India. Rajesh felt very tired, so he had an early dinner on the train, and tried to sleep early.

Suddenly he woke up. It was so dark, and there was pin drop silence, so Rajesh checked the time. It was pretty close to midnight. He felt the urge to take a leak, and moved towards the restroom.

The train was heavily shaking, and Rajesh had to struggle a lot to move from his seat to the restroom. On his way to the restroom, Rajesh accidentally brushed over some one, with his hands, while trying to move through the speedy and shaky train. He was so sleepy, and went urgently to take a leak.

While Rajesh was taking a leak, he realised he brushed his hand, over something very soft and fluffy, and very round, on his way. As he came out thinking about it, he thought why not have a second look? As he slowly started making his way back, he searched the place where he felt that soft and fluffy thing… and there she was… The occasional lighting from outside, showed her to be a lady, about 27 years old, wearing a nice chiffon blended saree.

From her figure, he could say a nice 34-29-34 size… She had the body to show off, yeah, she can be really proud about it… Everyone else was dead sleep in the compartment, and so was she… The train was moving at a steady pace, and was shaky as hell…

Rajesh slowly moved around towards her berth, and brushed her butt cheeks very softly… that sexy bum just repelled for a moment… Wow… ??????????

The heavy shakes, sounds and speed were all constant, and was rhythmic to induce sleep on everyone in the train, including the sleeping beauty… She seemed so asleep, and never realized his moves… Rajesh made his moves very slowly, trying to hold on to the railing on the opposite.

Rajesh’s hands were shivering, and so cold, as he placed his hands on the berth… He slowly started approaching her… He reached for her bum, very slowly and cautiously, tried to place his hands on her soft cheeks… and finally he did it without suspicion… and there it was – the extra large 34″ soft cheeks – with his hands on it…

The moving train brought in a lot of cold wind, which kept Rajesh freezing… Her cheeks were so warm, that he was feeling way too good, with his entire palm on it… He kept feeling the warmth of her soft, fluffy, round bottom, in his hands. Suddenly, the train shook way too much, which was normal in an Indian train.

Rajesh lost a little of his balance, even as he was holding to the other end with his other hand, he couldn’t avoid his hands pressing hard on, to her super soft buttocks… In a shock, Rajesh tried to remove his hands immediately… ??????

But then, Rajesh saw something through the dim light, and realized her movement, as she contracted her legs a bit… It looked ucuz escort so much like, she was awake, and she liked it… ??????

But Rajesh wanted to be very sure, so he again had a careful look at the surroundings. It was a dark night, and there was no possibility of people recognizing a person standing there, with most windows shut for the cold, and some dim night lights inside…

Rajesh thought for a minute – why shouldn’t he try pressing her butt real soft, so that he can know her feeling about it? So, with a careful review of people around, and as the shaky train moved, this time, Rajesh warmed up his hands, and placed one on her ultra soft lady bum…

This time, he didn’t get his hand away, and let it rest on her bum for over a minute… Rajesh let his hand loose, so that it was moving rhythmically, along the train movement… As the train moved, he was automatically feeling the rush of her soft, and shaky buttocks on his hands… This time, Rajesh pressed it so quickly, just to ensure his intention, and yeah there she was lying so quiet… Could he take it as a consent?? Why not??

So again he went, this time getting ready with his legs to move, Rajesh gave a very slow and soft long press, and held it there… Rajesh could feel his heart beating at 100 per minute… She never tried to make a move… As he watched closely over her, he realized her hands were tightly crossed, enjoying the excitement… And there it was, the green light for him to continue… She was just waiting for him to do, whatever he would want to do to her.

Rajesh slowly released his hand, from her soft fluffy bum, and gently caressed her bums a few times… With a rising heart beat, he suddenly put his hands on her hip. She felt it, and gave a quirky sexy reaction…

Rajesh slowly caressed her hips this time, and gently pressed her hips… Her reaction to it, was awesome and unforgettable…

He pressed her hip gradually again, and there it was, the end to all trials… It was time, to take it to the next level… However, Rajesh just tried to move out slowly from her place, just to ensure, no one is watching him – or, let us say, “them” playing ?? like this… He moved quickly to the rest room again, to get himself refreshed… He thought, he is not going to miss, a second of this opportunity… Rajesh came out, and headed straight to her place.

This time, Rajesh just rested his hands over her bum, and leaned over… The beauty was so crazy for that, and she did not move a muscle, and was still trying to understand, what he was going to do next… ????

Rajesh carefully examined other people nearby, and made sure everyone else is sleeping. He slowly put his hands near her ankle, and extremely slowly progressed towards her calf muscle, and now, while doing that, he threw a gentle kiss on her hips…

She contracted her knees instantly, and now, Rajesh had to position himself, to put both his hands on her left and right ümraniye escort bum cheeks, and he instantly gave several soft presses to her fluffy bums… That was a very sexy encounter there… ????????

After those few gentle presses, he took his hands away, but as Rajesh did so, she tried to turn around, and lie flat… She put her hand over her forehead, covering her eyes. As there was a little light outside, he could see her rolling her parched lips, yearning for more…

Rajesh was not going to let her get it very easy… After a careful look at the surroundings, he put his finger on her shoulder, worked his fingers through to her neck, right over her cleavage, and suddenly let his hands flat on her boobs…

She was not expecting this, and gave a very sexy reaction, and brought her fingers under her lower belly… Rajesh rolled her sharp erect nipples for a while, and she was totally out of the world!! After carefully assessing the surroundings, Rajesh tried to reach a bit towards her navel covered in the saree, and a bit of the inskirt…

She was not a navel shower… wow… and suddenly, she brought her hand and adjusted her inskirt quickly, to show her flat belly and navel…

Rajesh grabbed her hand, and placed his finger between her fingers, and slowly placed both over her navel… She gave a super hot expression… He caressed her navel, and circled her belly button, before poking and teasing her navel…

Now, Rajesh just grabbed her hips, and turned her towards him, and gave a surprise kiss on her navel. Her navel was so clean, and well maintained… Not smelly at all!! ?????? Rajesh carefully positioned himself, to hold her hips, and brought his face over her saree, this time, very very slowly smooched her navel again. Rajesh could not control himself, and just grabbed her by her by her butt… She must have a figure of just under 30 size hips, so her navel was very structured, and her bums and boobs were the right fit.

Rajesh could not control himself now, and cummed for the hot beauty… He picked the cum and let some of it on her hip, as a trophy!!

Now, he reached for her pussy, just over her saree, which was totally wet, by now. He let her cum at her own will, let her enjoy the pleasure rather than forcing her against her will… He had a look around, everyone was sleeping dead, and no one was awake, nor anyone walking around the corridor!!

Rajesh put his hands on her bum, searching for her underwear. She wore a sexy laced pantie, as he felt. As he played his hands a little towards her pussy, he realized it was wet due to her oozing vaginal fluid. He grabbed her bum with one hand, kissed her lips at the same time… Rajesh kept squeezing and releasing her bums, as he kissed her very slowly… He held on to the hand rail, with his other hand trying to manage the shaking from the moving train!! ??

Now, he forced her hips to lie flat, this time went straight for her boobs. üniversiteli öğrenci escort Due to continuous activity, her nipples were hard enough, and pin sharp!! Rajesh caressed her nipples, and quickly turned her aside, and kissed her boobs for sometime!!

They were totally out of the world now!! However, Rajesh again checked for people around, and as the train was moving steadily, no one was awake. Then, he kissed her on her lips, this time squeezed her buttocks so softly, until it is squeezed to the maximum.

And in the moving train, that meant he was holding a wobbling butt, firmly in his hand!! Can a train travel get any more hotter? Not at all!! She held Rajesh’s head for some time, during the kiss!!

Rajesh gradually kissed her nose, her cheeks, her shoulder, her hands, suddenly kissed her cleavage, and let his head rest on her boobs for a while. She gave a quirky reaction, bringing his head even closer to her boob!! ??????

Rajesh played his finger over her cleavage for sometime, moved to her neck, then took a surprise turn to her boobs, and held the boobs in his hand, and pressed it. He rubbed her nose with his nose, and smooched her fleshy soft lips for a while. He put his hand on her left boobs and caressed it, also moved around, to get a feel of her heartbeat!! She bit her lips, and couldn’t control her excitement. ?

Once he was done with that, he tried to tap her and shake her a bit, to make her come with him. Rajesh even tried to shake her again, but she wouldn’t move. He was planning to try something in the toilet, but she wouldn’t even respond to him shaking her!! She held his hand and placed it on her hip, taking her other hand to her vaginal area.

After sometime, the train was slowing down at a station. Rajesh again forced her to turn towards him, he split her ass with his hand, and kissed her soft lips at the same time, now for about a minute!! Rajesh slowly pressed and released her buttocks for sometime. Then he took his hands off her, and went to his seat to avoid any suspicion. Rajesh could not sleep, and could not stop thinking about the idea of having her on his bed!! He imagined, how she would look in a bikini!! She would have still been super hot!!

Rajesh imagined undressing her in his bed, for further action!! They would have really loved it!! He went to her place after an hour, to check on her, and she woke up, and let Rajesh grope her body this time!! With careful mind of people around, he enjoyed her body completely, and remembered to give her full pleasure by groping her boobs, and kissing her lips at the same time!! Rajesh massaged her navel, and this time, he sucked her navel for a minute!!

As the train was travelling continuously, Rajesh took the advantage, to kiss her lips for a while, and then forced her to lie flat facedown… This time, he groped her from backside of the neck to her feet, and kept squeezing her butt. Then he kissed her butt, from the side!!

Then, Rajesh suddenly heard someone waking up nearby, so he just gradually moved away from there, as if he was moving to the restroom. He tried to go back through her seat, but could not enjoy her anymore for the night, as he found some people were awake, in order to get down in the upcoming stations. She was damn hot anyway!!

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