Desiree at the River


In May of my senior year in high school, summer came early. It was in the high 80’s every afternoon, and we were sweltering in the ancient high school as the air conditioner struggled to keep up. Desiree and I sweated through morning classes and afternoon study halls, longing to be out of there, somewhere cooler and more private. We were both 18, and the restrictions of school were almost over. That made them even harder to bear!

It was one of our teachers who provided the solution–I thank her silently to this day! She suggested that we get together with students from another study hall to work on our Senior Projects. The next day, the four of us told our respective teachers that we were going to go to the other room to work with our partners. In reality, we slipped out through the Tech Ed classroom and went to our cars. Minutes later, we were whipping down the back roads away from school.

I have no idea where the other two went. They weren’t a couple, so chances are they simply went home. Desiree had other ideas. Her little Honda Civic zoomed along and ended up on Rte. 6 in the next town. She pulled into a little IGA grocery store that backed up on sparse pine woods. I asked her what she was after, but she smiled and said, “You’ll see!”

Intrigued, I followed her inside. She went right to the center aisles where the seasonal goods were. My eyebrows went up when she brought two cheap beach towels. She did not explain. I carried them while she grabbed snacks and drinks and headed for the checkout. She paid quickly, and when we left the store, she walked right past her car. I followed, very puzzled, as she went around the corner. I knew she would tell me when she felt like it, so I carried the bags and watched her ass as it twitched inside her tunic. When she passed the dumpster and entered the shady pine forest, she looked over her shoulder and smiled sexily. I grinned back, knowing she was up to something good.

The trail twisted and turned for a hundred yards, then it ended abruptly at a knob of rock that stuck out into a shallow, broad river. I stopped and looked around amazed. I could see a quarter-mile in each direction, and there was nothing in sight. The water slipped over flat smooth rocks, occasionally interrupted by a snagged branch or a small boulder jutting up from the surface. The air smelled of pine, the sunlight was warm and tinged with green as it filtered through the high branches, and besides bird song, the only sound was the gentle hum of the distant road. It was spectacular–a tranquil oasis barely off a road I had driven countless times.

“Des–this is beautiful! How did you find it?”

“My uncle owns all this–he used to own the IGA before he retired.”

“Does anyone come here?”

“Nope. Didn’t you see all the “No Trespassing” signs and the rocks across the trail? That keeps people out unless they’re family.”

“It’s perfect!” I exclaimed happily.

“It’s ours,” she replied simply. “C’mon, let’s get cool first and have a snack!”

Kicking off her sandals, she sat down on a low rock with her feet in the water. I brought the snack bag close, tugged off my sneakers and socks, and joined her. The water was still cold, but not as biting as the river we tried back in March. With the sun warm on our shoulders, we munched on chips and split a soda, laying the second bottle in a shallow pool to stay cold. Our shoulders bumped as we sat there side by side, enjoying our unexpected freedom.

“Just think,” she said dreamily, “we could be sitting in Mr. Herman’s study hall right now!”

“Just think,” I answered, “as far as Mr. Herman knows, we’re going to be in the other study hall for the rest of the year working on our projects!”

“Hmm…that does open up some possibilities!”

“Yes, it does!” I told her, reaching around to give her a squeeze.

Des responded by turning toward me and resting her hands on my leg.

“I’d rather be right here than anywhere else in the world.”

She leaned forward a fraction and our lips met, softly at first, a slow, loving kiss. That kind of innocent, timeless kiss seems to disappear after high school, but I will never forget the way her lips felt against mine, or the first flicker of her tongue signaling it was time for more. My free hand twined in her hair and pulled her into my arms as our bodies began to respond.

With an impatient snort, Desiree broke our kiss and sat back. “I’m too hot like this!” she said in a petulant voice. She stood up, brushed the crumbs off herself into the water. Then she stepped carefully and gracefully up onto the rock’s highest point and turned to look at me. Crossing her arms over her head, she whipped the tunic off in one smooth motion. I sat frozen, looking eagerly up at her as she tossed it further down the rock. Standing there in a pale bra and purple satin panties, she looked like some river goddess yabancı escort come to life. Full breasts, winter-pale skin, and broad, luscious hips fought for my attention; Des smiled happily at my wide-eyed ogling.

“That’s so much better!” she pronounced. “You should try it.”

I stood where I was, turned to face her, and responded to her challenge. My shirt flew through the air to land on top of her tunic. I stepped up onto the rock I had just vacated and pushed my shorts down, taking my boxers along with them. Stepping out of them, I stood back up and tossed them onto the pile as well. The sun played across my body and it was Desiree’s turn to stare admiringly. I had been working out hard for soccer and indoor track and it showed. A smile tugged at her lips as her eyes traveled all over my arms, chest, abs, and then locked onto my semi-erect cock.

“Mmm…you look good enough to eat!” she said eagerly.

“You first!” I responded.

She laughed happily. “I’m game!” she said. Her hands twisted up behind her back and unclasped her bra. A quick shake and it fell forward, revealing her breasts and tightening nipples. Onto the pile it went. Her thumbs hooked the waistband of her panties, and drew them down an inch. I’m sure my eyes registered disappointment, because she laughed again at her successful tease and then pushed them down all the way, bending effortlessly at the waist until they brushed the rock between her feet. Then she simply stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

It was my turn to stare again. Desiree’s mound was shaved smooth! My eyes locked onto that pale, delightful curve I knew so well, suddenly revealed in an amazing and arousing way. Although her pussy was in shadow, I could tell her grooming extended all the way because her labia were smooth and pale as well. My cock twitched, and Des giggled happily.

“You like?” she asked needlessly. “I did it last night thinking we might have a chance today!”

“I LOVE it!” I said fervently.

“Grab the towels,” she commanded.

Two quick steps, my cock bouncing in time, and I had them out of the bag.

“Put one on the rock you were standing on.” I did as she asked.

“Put the other one right there,” she said next, pointing at the front jut of the larger rock she stood on. I complied, wondering what she was up to.

“Now,” she said with a smile, “what was that about ‘good enough to eat’ you mentioned?”

I fumbled for a reply as Des stepped down onto the towel in front of her, then sank down to sit on the towel. She leaned back and spread her legs–she was rarely shy!–and rested her heels on ridges to either side. With one finger, she traced a line from between her breasts down across her belly, and then over the shiny patch she had shaved.

“Why don’t you kneel down right there and take a closer look?” she asked encouragingly.

I nodded and folded the towel double before settling myself comfortably. She was at the perfect height and distance–I rested my hands on her knees and watched as her finger continued lower, tracing the edges of her pussy, stretched open by her pose. When she got to her perineum, she added a finger and came back up, dipping them into her opening just a bit and circling there.

I stared hungrily and she smiled at my intense gaze. “Everything is SO smooth!” she reported, spreading her juices all around her labia. “Your gonna love it!”

No words came to mind, so I acted instead. Leaning in, I licked from as far down as I could, up along her clean-shaven lips, over her clit, and up to the ridge of her mound. There I paused and showered it with kisses, relishing its silky feel.

“Des,” I said when I paused, “I fucking love it!”

She giggled happily and settled back on her elbows, looking down at me through her lashes.

Returning to my task, I lapped at her pussy with a broad tongue a few times and then extended it fully, ramming it as deeply as I could into her opening. My nose bumped her clit as I did this, and I could feel her twitch each time I did. She hummed happily, and I kept going.

I moved my hands in close and used my thumbs to spread her lips even more. Then I turned my head a bit and nibbled my way up and down each delicate morsel of flesh, tugging at them and flicking them with my tongue. Another happy noise came from above me.

Looking up into her eyes again, I slowly put two fingers into my mouth and sucked them. She raised her eyebrows in anticipation, and I rewarded her immediately. With a twisting motion, I slipped them into her pussy, retreated to coat them with her juices, and then eased them deeper. Soon I was sliding them in and out all the way, only stopping when my thumb jammed against her. Des rocked her hips to meet my strokes, and I had to match her timing when I leaned forward to lick her clit. Each time I buried my yeni escort fingers inside her, she pushed back, and I gave her sensitive nub a swirling lash with my tongue. We found a steady rhythm then, and Des began breathing heavily, moaning a little every time I licked her.

“Are you ready to cum?” I asked her teasingly when I paused my tongue action. I kept my hand moving steadily, and she had to gasp the words out to answer.

“Fuck, yes–give me more!”

Smiling, I leaned back in. I turned my hand palm up and curled my fingers so that they dragged across her G-spot, pumping them back and forth without fully withdrawing. Then I stiffened my tongue and licked the side of her hood repeatedly, no longer teasing her but trying to drive her over the edge. A deep groan and a raising of her hips told me I was on the right track.

“Oh, fuck…oh, fuck…keep doing that!” she gasped in time with her thrusting.

I kept doing that, just as she asked, and I soon felt her thighs fluttering. I pressed down hard on her mound with my free hand and began to suck on her clit while the tip of my tongue hit the same spot over and over again.

“Ooooh…fuck!” Desiree moaned when her orgasm burst within her.

I kept myself still then, feeling her pussy clamp down over and over on my fingers, soaking them with a rush of sweet, tangy juices. As I watched her body tremble, I admired the sun dappling every inch. The deep flush between her breasts was stark against the untanned skin there, and her breasts jutted straight up as her back arched in pleasure. I let her relax before withdrawing my fingers, which drew a tired whimper from her lips.

When her eyes opened, I brought my fingers to my mouth again and sucked them clean. She smiled enigmatically as I licked them, staring directly into her eyes.

“Well?” she asked.

“Definitely good enough to eat!” I pronounced with a grin.

“I love how you feel against my skin when it’s all shaved like this,” she told me seriously. “It added so much extra to everything you did!”

“I love it, too,” I assured her. “You’re so smooth and sexy.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she said in pleased tones.

With that, she sat up and let her feet down, settling them on the outside of my towel. She leaned down, grabbed my face, and kissed me deeply. I know she could taste herself on my lips, and she even lapped my chin momentarily to gather her own deliciousness.

“You know what else is gonna feel good?” she asked playfully.

“What’s that?” I responded with an innocent look on my face.

“Sliding my pussy all over you and letting you feel how smooth and wet it is.”

I pulled her up to her feet and gathered her in my arms. “That,” I said seriously, kissing her between words, “sounds…amazing!”

My cock was trapped between us, and Des wriggled her belly against it. Copious clear liquid was leaking from the tip, and the whole thing was twitching with the sudden heat and stimulation.

“Besides, I think I need to tease you for a while,” she continued. “I don’t want to get you too excited yet!”

I groaned at the thought, but consoled myself with the knowledge that my explosion would be even bigger and better when it happened.

“Where do you want to do all this teasing?” I asked her.

“Grab the towels,” she said. Then she pointed to a broad, flat rock about six feet from shore. The top was worn smooth by the passage of water over the years, but the top was dry now and looked invitingly warm. I laughed and gathered the cushioning towels. Holding hands, we made our way carefully across the slippery gap between our starting place and our new destination. When we got there, I passed her one towel and flipped the other one out to lie flat on the rock. Des followed suit and created a double layer of padding.

“Get on up,” she said hotly. “It’s time for some payback!”

I happily complied, sparing only a minute to look around.

“No one is here,” she said reassuringly as I lay down on my back. Then her voice took on an Eastern European accent: “No one can help you. No one can hear your screams!”

“Well that sucks,” I said with a smile. I settled myself comfortably on the rock and closed my eyes against the bright sunlight. “I’ll try to suffer in silence!”

Desiree reached across me and grabbed my cock with one hand, aiming it straight up. She moved down and clambered onto the towel between my feet, and then paused to give me a few strokes. Her hand was warm and gentle on my shaft.

Shifting one knee outside my leg, Des began to do exactly what she had said she would. She lowered herself and I felt her pussy bump into my knee. Slick and hot, she caressed her way up to my thigh, then moved across my lower body and did the same on my other leg. When I peeked up at her, I saw she had her lower lip between yenibosna escort her teeth and a little frown of concentration on her face. I closed my eyes again and grinned as she moved up again. Her silky mound came down on my scrotum and Des rocked herself forward, arching her back so that she slid along the entire length of my cock from base to tip, her lips parted around me and coating me with lubrication before stopping and then moving back down to the base again.

“Do you like that? Do you like how soft and smooth and wet I feel?”

My mouth was dry as I answered her: “God, Des…I love it!”

“I love rubbing myself all over you!” she said in a happy, sexy voice. I opened my eyes and she was gazing directly at me, her hands braced on her knees as she rocked herself back and forth along the underside of my shaft. Each time she reached the sensitive spot below the head, a pulse of precum leapt from my cock in response.

“Des!” I said urgently, feeling the flutter of an approaching orgasm.

“I know, I know…but it’s fun to tease you!” she said. Then she rose up, allowing the cool air to soothe the dangerous throbbing of my cock. She scooted forward a little more to straddle my chest. Lowering herself again, she rubbed the silky lips of her pussy on stomach, then on my chest as she eased higher. When her thighs were on either side of my head, I couldn’t help but lick her instantly from bottom to top. She gasped and pulled away.

“Hey–you already had your turn!” she said indignantly. “Now I get mine!”

With a quick, graceful move, she pivoted her body around, keeping her hips high enough so that her pussy was out of range of my tongue. She kissed my stomach, then trailed her hair across it, lower and lower with each swoop until it was tickling my thighs. Her left hand moved to brace herself on the towel while the other wrapped around my shaft again. She lifted it up to a 45 degree angle, perfectly aligned with her torso, and took me into her mouth.

My rolled back with pleasure. I loved this position–it let Des take me as deeply as she wanted without awkward angles or pressure. She made the most of it–nothing fancy, but she sucked steadily and her lips moved from tip to base in one effortless motion. I could feel the restrictive heat at the back of her throat for a second, then she pulled back. A quick breath and she did it again. With each stroke, she squeezed my shaft as she rose and flattened her hand out of the way when she descended. I moaned happily and lifted my hands to hold her hips as they hovered above me.

“Fuck, Des…that feels so good!”

She hummed happily in response, which gave me a shiver of pleasure. Desiree’s motion was tireless, and I began to thrust upward a bit, knowing that I couldn’t hold back much longer. That signal was clear to her as well, and she paused to look back at me.

“Do you want to cum?” she asked, squeezing my cock rhythmically.

“I have to cum, Des…I have to cum in your mouth!” I gasped.

“OK…I’m ready for that!” she smiled. Then she turned back and resumed her suction.

Another dozen strokes and I was ready. My orgasm hit just as her mouth descended, and I arched myself up unconsciously. For a moment, my cock slipped past the ring of her throat and I could feel the twitching of her gag reflex against the sensitive head. The first jet of sperm flew directly down her throat, but she recovered quickly and pulled back, holding just the head between her lips and sucking frantically, pumping my shaft to milk out every drop. I could feel her swallowing as pulse after pulse threatened to overflow her mouth.

Slowly, my hips fell back onto the towel. Des kept sucking steadily as my cock began to soften, and her tongue snaked all around to make sure she didn’t miss any of my cum. When she finally released me with a pop, I was completely spent. She planted a kiss on the underside of my cock, drawing a twitch in response that made her giggle. Then she turned herself around again and laid her head on my chest, her hand still wrapped around my spent shaft.

“That was so amazing!” I murmured into her hair.

“That was the most cum ever!” she said with a snort and a laugh.

“Well, you are an exciting woman,” I told her, “so it’s kind of your fault. It’s all that teasing, too.”

“Yeah…that was fun!”

“Yeah, it was!” I said agreeably, hugging her with the arm around her shoulders.

“Beats study hall, doesn’t it?” she asked, and I could feel her smile against my chest.

“Hell yes it does!” I said with a laugh.

Des sighed and snuggled down on my chest again. My eyes were closed against the sunlight still, but I felt the warm breeze move her hair, and heard the soft chuckling of the water all around us. Contentment spread through every part of me, and I trailed my fingers along her upper arm.

“I love you, Des” I said quietly.

She released my cock and turned to look at me, bracing herself on her elbow.

“I love you, too” she replied.

The kiss this time was soft and loving. The frantic passion of the last hour was over for now, and we settled against each other peacefully.

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