Desperate Housewives II Ch. 01


Up until I was 18 I was a pretty shy kid. Shy not naive that is, I knew about sex and had amassed quite a collection of porn. Even then I was attracted to the more voluptuous girls, not fat girls but I was always turned on by women with large breasts and if they were a bit curvy elsewhere even better.

I couldn’t really get turned on by the super skinny look. I think sub-consciously I knew that if I tried to fuck one of these with my rather big cock that there would be some serious damage done or at the very least I would get terribly frustrated by not having them be able to take me all in.

I was a jerk off king. I would find moments to get to my hidden collection of porn and imagine myself in the arms of these hot babes and it wouldn’t be long before I had my cock in my two hands stroking it furiously. I knew that my cock was big or dare I say even massive but it was only after I got my hands on some decent hardcore porn where these so called studs were fucking these porn queens that it finally dawned upon me that I was quite unique. This had two effects firstly it made me feel special and secondly it made me feel like a freak as these guys didn’t even come close to me in size or the amount of cum they could plaster the girls with. When I finally let myself go I came like a fire hose. Shit the stuff went everywhere.

So here I was a teenage guy beating myself to death on a frequent basis which I must admit was OK, fuck the feeling I had as my cock throbbed looking at pictures and videos of big titted girls getting seriously shafted by these guys was great but I knew that the real thing would be that much better. I knew that the dialogue in the videos was scripted and very fake, I mean seriously would a girl who was getting fucked by a 7 inch cock really be screaming “Oh your so big, OH fuck your splitting me in two you big stud, I can’t take any more… Give me a break!!”

This situation continued on for a while until something dramatic happened which put in motion a series of events that would ultimately see me putting this big cock to far better use.

A new girl called Kristy Cable and her family moved in next door and Kristy started at my uni. Kristy was a babe, blond, fit and tanned but as gorgeous as she was it was her mother who really attracted my attention. Mrs Cable was an out and out stunner. Like Kristy she was blond and very attractive but that wasn’t what caught my attention it was her immaculate set of tits. They were big but not obscenely out of proportion. I had not had a lot of experience in working out Bra sizes but I just knew that she would be on the right side of 40inches. She would walk around in cut off shorts and these little tops showing a lot of cleavage.

The first night that I saw her I damn near almost jerked my cock right off. I started to fantasise about the day we would get it on. I imagined her lying there asking me how big my massive cock was as she played with her huge tits. Damn I thought that I had better have a good answer for her so I pulled out a tape measure and after stroking my cock thinking of Beth I measured my now rampant throbbing cock. 13 inches, 13 fucking rock hard inches surely that would impress her I thought as I finished myself off for my second orgasm of the night.

After a few days I had been able to introduce myself to Kristy and that weekend she invited me over to her place on the weekend. This was great not only was I getting on well with Kristy but hopefully I would get to meet Beth. I had only seen her husband fleetingly as he left for work early and returned late. Obviously he was a workaholic where as the only thing I was addicted to was sex.

When I got to Kristy’s house I found Kristy in her swimsuit ready to jump in the pool. We went out the back and there she was, Mrs Cable in a bikini. Fuck I damn well nearly came in my shorts. Kristy introduced us and we made some small talk. I noticed that Mrs Cable was drinking champagne and was very relaxed about things. I called her Mrs Cable but she insisted that I call her Beth. We made a bit of small talk about how things were going at school etc.

Eventually Kristy returned and jumped in the pool. I must say that Kristy was already showing signs of taking after her mother in the looks department and had a very impressive set of tits as well, not as big but showing plenty of potential.

I stripped down to my shorts and jumped in. Kristy and I swam and chatted although I noticed that Beth was stealing a few glances our way. Fuck she was hot and when she sat up and started rubbing suntan lotion on zeytinburnu escort her abs and around her huge tits I couldn’t help but start to get an erection. Oh shit I thought this is going to be embarrassing. I just tried not think about her and focussed on Kristy but that did little to help as she was a stunner as well.

Just as I was getting really worried Kristy got out and asked if I wanted to join her for a bite to eat. Now the moment of truth was upon me. I knew that the shorts I was wearing would cling to my semi hard cock and show the ladies its full size.

As I got out I trued to hide my immense cock from view but when Kristy turned around with a towel for me it was too late. She stopped shocked at what she saw. I must admit my attempts to hide my huge cock and been rather unsuccessful and its size was clearly visible through my shorts. Kristy just stood there in silence her mouth ajar her eyes focussed on my shorts. As I reached for the towel she dropped it and it was then that Beth noticed her daughter standing there in front of me with the towel on the pool deck.

Beth jumped to her feet and moved to where we were standing. It was like it was happening in slow motion. As Beth arrived at Kristy’s side she saw what had shocked her daughter. Beth likewise just stared at my shorts for what seemed like ages before slowly bending down to pick up my towel. She offered to help wrap it around me and I couldn’t resist as she reached around me and wrapped the towel around my hips. Wow that was awkward but not a word was said.

We went inside for a bite to eat and I noticed the ladies whispering to each other and at one stage I surprised them in the kitchen and Beth was standing there her hands spread apart about a foot suggesting she was guessing just how big I was to Kristy.

The rest of the day went well without any more embarrassing moments but as I left Beth gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that she was glad to meet me and looked forward to seeing more of me in the future. Was I reading too much into this or was she meaning that she was desperate to see my cock.

When I got home I was alone and went to my bedroom which overlooked Kristy’s house. I found that if I stood near the end of my bed and looked carefully I could see their pool and there was Beth back on the sunlounge. I removed my shorts and found my hand drawn to my cock and slowly but surely I started stroking it to its full size. There I was naked standing near the window bracing myself with my left hand as I wanked myself with my right. This was too much for me even though I wanted it to last forever but alas that was impossible. Now normally I jerk off while lying on my bed and when I come I spray it all over myself before jumping in the shower but this time I remained standing and when I could hold back no longer I blew a massive steam of cum all over my desk, chair and bed, fuck the stuff was everywhere as I imagined plastering Beth and her massive tits.

I didn’t see much of either Kristy or Beth that week but boy did I give my cock a severe thrashing each morning and night thinking about them.

Then on the Thursday I bumped into Beth outside as I was coming home from uni. She asked me if I wanted to come over the next day after uni. Of course I accepted her kind offer but as I went inside I remembered that Kristy was away on a camp so I wondered what Beth had in mind.

I couldn’t wait for the next afternoon to come. I was torn between beating myself stupid and not touching my cock so that my huge balls were fully primed in case I got to fuck Mrs Cable. Shit what a dilemma to find myself in. I resisted the huge and kept my hands from my massive shaft hoping all would work out the next day.

When I arrived at 5pm Mrs Cable met me at the door in a sexy red dress which showed off her two best features, her massive firm tits and her long tanned toned legs.

We went inside and Mrs Cable, or should I say Beth as she made me call her offered me a beer which I was glad to take and we started chatting. Beth had obviously had a couple of wines before I arrived as was in a pretty relaxed mood. Me I was beside myself with the idea of getting to finally fucking the ass of Mrs Cable.

I asked where Mr Cable was and Beth replied that he was at work, as usual and wouldn’t be home for some time. It wasn’t long before Mrs Cable started playing with my hair and running her hands over my chest. I had down a lot of swimming and rowing at school and was in pretty good shape physically and she obviously aksaray escort liked what she felt.

Finally she got down to business.

“Now Brad I want to talk about what happened last weekend in the pool with Kristy,” said Beth.

Oh shit here we go I thought is she going to lecture me about keeping my hands to myself and not to fuck around with her daughter.

“What Mrs Cable, what do you want to talk about?” I asked sheepishly.

“Your um, well you know your um rather large you know, your big cock,” Beth finally got out.

“Oh that, I was afraid you were going to say that. Can I just say that you don’t have to worry I promise not force myself upon Kristy and I can understand why you would be concerned as it is rather large,” I said.

“What the fuck are you talking about, it’s not about Kristy, its about me boy. I’m desperate to see it when its not constrained by your shorts, can I see it, can I??” Beth pleaded.

“Sure but do you think this is right I mean your my friends mother and twice my age and your ..” but I was cut off mid sentence by Beth who had had enough.

“Enough already of course its OK now let me see what it is your packing in those pants young man,” said Beth.

I stood up and undid my belt and as I went to undo my jeans Beth couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed by jeans and pulled them down around my ankles. I was wearing some CK boxers which are nice and tight giving great definition to my hardening cock.

“Oh my god, its huge, no its massive. What the fuck are you??” asked Beth.

“Well I guess I’m just lucky to be little bit better endowed than Most,” I said proudly.

“That my boy is not a little better endowed let me asure you and I have seen plenty of cocks in my day and that is fucking outrageously big. I can’t wait to see it in its full glory.” said Beth.

My cock stretched around my waist to the side of my hip like a large thick sausage bulging and throbbing in my boxers. Beth was beside herself, she was frantic she was breathing hard touching her breasts as she felt my cock through the material. I could imagine that you would be like this yourself confronted with a guy hung like this.

Beth put her thumbs in my boxers and with some difficulty I must say pulled them over my cock unleashing its hugeness.

“Oh fuck Brad that’s not a cock that’s a mega cock, your hung like a rogue elephant!!” screamed Beth.

“I don’t know about an elephant but fuck it feels big tonight,” I replied.

“How fucking big is it? My husband’s is 7 inches which I thought was big but it pales into insignificance compared to this monster,” demanded Beth.

“Well last time I measured it was 13 inches, how does that sound?” I responded.

“Big! fucking big is how that sounds Brad, can I, may I touch it?” begged Beth.

“Oh go on if you must,” I teased.

The next few minutes was given over to Beth as she licked and sucked every inch of my cock. One minute she was massaging its head the next she was rubbing her nipples over it the next she was wanking it furiously with both hands.

I was in heaven here I was a 18 year old teasing this women who was obsessed by my cock. She wasn’t playing with it she was worshipping it.

I may have been a little inexperienced at this but I knew what a women wants and as she continued to play with my cock I manouvered my mouth into a position where I could suck her big tits and erect nipples. Beth had by now positioned herself so that she was sitting in front of me as I lay back on the sofa. She placed one hand under my balls which were are so huge that theye completely covered her hand and flopped each side of her hand. With the other hand she stroked my cock while telling me that I was amazing and how she would teach me about sex.

Then she suddenly lent forward and took one of lemon sized balls in her mouth and sucked hard. God I had never felt such a feeling in my life. next she slowly rang her tongue up the length of my cock pausing at the head to lick the copious amount of cum which was now oozing from it. Grabbing my cock she shook it from side to side impressed to see that she could rub it against my nipples. This seemed to make her day and mine for that matter.

I reached around and felt her tight ass and slowly caressed it with my hand teasing her by rubbing her pussy before returning my hand to her cheeks. Poor Beth was by now panting hard her big tits with nipples erect was heaving and she was grinding her ass against my hand. Finally I circumed and allowed myself ataköy escort to insert my fingers into her moist pussy. First two then three and finally four of my fingers found there way inside her warm pussy. This was alomost too much for her as she threw her head back arching her back while thrusting her pelvis onto my hand.

“God that feels good Brad, you may be young but boy you sure know how to please a women,” she said still firmly grasping my rampant monster which was by now glistening in precum. Standing tall like a pillar of flesh, throbbing and pulsating in her tiny hands.

Beth suddely looked at her watch and told me that in a few minutes her husband was going to call and that she wanted me to do something for her. I agreed but wanted to know more.

“Listen, that fucker is never here for me. As you can probably tell I love sex, I adore sex, I need it hard and I need it often and he’s never here for me so tonight when he calls we’re going have some fun so just do as I say and I promise you that it wil be a ight you will never forget,” Beth said.

Just as she finished the phone rang and Beth grabbed me by the cock and led me over to the phone where she sat down positioning me in front of her. She picked up the phone while stroking me with the other hand.

“Hello, Beth here,” she said politely.

“Hi honey how’s things?” said her husband.

“Oh you know another quiet night here nothing much doing,” She lied.

“Hey listen I’m going to be a little later than I thought. Do you think you could get some dinner for me for when I get home?”

Beth then put the phone on speaker and grabbed my cock with both hands.

“Oh babe, I wish I could but I’m catching up with something I had been wanting to do for a while now and I really have my hands full with it so I don’t know if that will be possible,” she said looking at me smiling as she wanked me off with foot long strokes occasionally licking the precum from my cock head.

“Oh that sounds really boring I wish I could be there to brighten it up for you, can I bring something home for you instead?” he asked.

Now Beth turned around and propped herself up on her hands and knees and stuck her tight little ass in the air, I didn’t need any instructions on this I knew exactly what she wanted and slowly slid my huge cock into her dripping pussy.

Beth was biting on a pillow to stop herself from screaming as she took it in. I could tell that I was stretching her like she had never been stretched before. I took it easy and she eased herself back onto me.

“Oh no I’ve just eaten and to be honest I’ve really taken on more than I should have and I’m fuller than I’ve ever been so no honey don’t pick anything up for me,” Beth said barely managing to get the words out.

“OK honey, well have a good night and I see you later,” her husband replied.

Beth now turned around and started making wanking actions with her hands and I new what she wanted. She laid back massaging her big tits and playing with her pussy as I started to stroke my big cock. She suggested that I do it even faster and I responded.

“OK honey I’m just going to take a shower and then go to bed with a good boy I mean a good book.”

That was my que and I blasted a huge shower of cum all over Beth. The first few streams plastered her tits with next few her pretty face. I kept pumping my shaft which continued to erupt all over her. A shower she wanted and a shower she got!

This was now reaching the ridiculous here I was showering Beth with my cum while her husband was on the phone.

Beth hung up as I drained the last cum from my cock. Beth was a mess covered from her hair to her thighs with my cum. Cum dripped from her erect nipples and pooled on her belly.

“That my boy was sensational. You are fucking amazing, not only do you have the biggest, hardest most fuckable cock in the world you know how to please a women.

Even as Beth spoke my cock began to harden again and jerked uncontrollably until soon it was once again fully erect and ready for more action.

“Oh my god Brad look at it! Its still hard, what are you a machine?? Don’t tell me your ready to go again are you?” Beth questioned.

“Oh yeah Mrs Cable that’s the other thing you should know about me I can keep this up for hours. My record is four orgasms in a row so if your keen I suggest we get back to it,” I replied now slowly stroking my huge cock.

“I can see we are going to become great friends Brad,” replied Beth as she got to her feet embracing me and kissing me passionately on the lips.

As she pulled me closer my cock thrust up between her tits and we both looked down to see it pointing at us only inches from our faces. Beth laughed out loud and said that it felt like we were being watched.

Please feel free to give me any feedback on this story.

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