Destined Lovers Ch. 02

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[This is the juicy continuation of the story “Destined Lovers Ch. 01” A story about two internet friends that found love when meeting one another. Although their love is found, fate has something completely different in store for the two. Their journey continues…]


I awoke the next morning to find Kat asleep on my chest. She looked ever so sweet and peaceful. I gave her a light kiss on the forehead, then a few more until I saw her eyes slowly begin to open.

“Good morning, beautiful.” I said to her.

Considering our amazing sexual experience last night, I wasn’t sure if Kat would officially consider us lovers. I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to handle her rejecting a relationship — I gave my virginity to her.

“Hello, lovely.” Kat said, finally opening both eyes and giving me a small smile.

I ran my hands through her silky, brown hair. We were still both naked from the night before. I couldn’t help but notice that I was still a bit turned on by the fact I had a gorgeous woman next to me wearing absolutely nothing.

Kat got up out of bed, putting her hands behind her back and stretching while letting out a small moan. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were slightly hard. It was a turn on, but I wasn’t in the mood for sex. I could only hope that I’ll get the chance to wake up to her every day. At that point, I couldn’t imagine living another day without seeing that glorious face. Also, knowing her smiles will be because of me and her heart will always feel warmth inside.

“I’m going to make us some breakfast. Is pancakes okay?” Kat asked.

“Yeah, that’s fine. But I rather eat you.” I said playfully. But truthfully, I wouldn’t have minded giving her a lick or two.

—— There was a storm that day, so we stayed inside and watched romance movies. I noticed when Kat looked at me; there was a look of deep love in her eyes. Almost as if her heart was dead for all this time, and I brought her to life. The way I saw Kat was so much different. She wasn’t forbidden fruit anymore, she was MINE. The way her body swayed when she walked, was graceful like an angel. Her smile could like up my heart like no other. Her kisses lifted me from my body. I couldn’t imagine how I had lived this long in life without this magnificent woman in my world. —— Later that night after dinner, Kat and I went upstairs to her room. But instead of me going into the guestroom, she took my hand and led me to her bed.

“We need to talk.” She said to me. My heart dropped to my knees when she said that. We all know that when someone says those four words, nothing good is ever going to happen.

Kat sat me down on the bed, but she remained standing. She began pacing back and forth with her hands resting behind her head.

“I don’t mean to rush you, but you’ve given me this horrible feeling in my stomach. So can you just tell me already?” I tried my best not to sound snobbish, but I don’t think it worked.

“Just give me a damn minute.” Kat said. She didn’t say it in a mean way, just in an annoyed tone. “Okay, look. What happened last night…?”

“You regret it don’t you?” I said to her. “I never said that.” Kat replied. “But you were going to.” At this point I was about to cry. That was my first time, how could it mean nothing to her? “No, I wasn’t. Last night was magical and I wouldn’t have traded it for the entire world.” She paused. I just looked at her emotionless. I couldn’t bare to seem weak to Kat. She just seemed so high maintenance and independent.

“Well aren’t you going to say something?” Kat said. “I don’t know what to say. I have no clue what is going on in your head right now but I would give my family’s fortune if you could just say whatever it is that you’re thinking of.” I said to her. I was being honest. My stomach was in a whirl and my heart was pounding painfully fast.

“After last night…” Kat looked away from me and turned her attention to the window where rain had begun pouring in. She quickly rushed over to close it when a huge bolt of lightning scared her. She jumped in fear, almost onto the bed. She turned on the television to check if there was a tornado watch, and there was.

“Hurry. Let’s get in the basement.” She suggested. “Should I bring a blanket to lay on?” I said. Kat just gave me a weird look. “What?” I didn’t see why my suggestion was so odd to her. “My basement has carpet, silly. I have a couch down there too. I think it’s best we stay down there tonight anyways so grab some extra clothes and I’ll get some snacks.” Kat said. I just shrugged in agreement.

We both gathered what we needed and headed into the basement. Neither of us brought our phones down because on top of the storm, we were in a basement and wouldn’t be likely to receive coverage.

We both sat down on the couch in silence. It wasn’t long before we heard a loud strike of lightening and the power went out. Thankfully, Kat had some candles in a nearby closet. She quickly lit them and set them on the table bursa escort bayan nearest to the couch.

“Earlier in the room, you never finished what you were saying.” I said to Kat. “It doesn’t matter.” She said. “Well it matters to me. After last night, I need you more than you think.” I honestly had no intention of telling her how much she truly meant to me because I didn’t want her to think I was some kind of clingy freak.

“I just don’t think a long-distance relationship would work out. I’m a woman with needs and you being hundreds of miles away, wouldn’t be able to fulfill those.” She said, without looking at me. I said absolutely nothing. My heart hurt at that point.

“So you fuck me, and then decide you don’t want me as anything more than a friend with benefits?” I said. It was my heart speaking out of sheer pain. My knees felt weak and my stomach felt queasy. My breathing became uneven and my mind felt weird.

“You don’t even know me like you think you do.” Kat continued. “You don’t know what you need. You think you’re in love with me just because we had sex. What does that show you? You just like the attention.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I absolutely adored this girl. I would have done anything for her. Words cannot describe the amount of love my heart held for her. After all the months we had spoken to each other and after the way she made love to my body — I knew she was the one for me. No one could ever convince me otherwise. Just the lack of pure love in her eyes was enough to make me fall to the ground with my hands covering the tears that proceeded to fall down my face.

I began crying lightly. My heart physically hurt at that point. I didn’t care how much of a loser I looked like to Kat at that point. She obviously wasn’t holding back for me, so why should I do the same for her? I began letting out noises to show my pain while the tears kept flowing.

“Oh my love, please don’t cry.” Kat said. She got off the couch, onto her knees and crawled up next to me. She removed my hands from my face and wiped the tears. “I’m sorry for what I said, but it’s the truth. I have to do what’s best for the both of us. I’m afraid we just have to be friends. I can’t do long-distance.” Her words made me cry even harder.

“Okay. I understand.” I said to her, but I was lying. “Good, I’m glad you understand. I actually think the storm has lightened up so let’s go-“But Kat didn’t finish that sentence. Not because she didn’t want to, but because my lip had found their way on hers. I wasn’t being gentle; I was being hard with her.

I broke the kiss for a moment, but before she could object- I roughly pushed her to the ground, on her back. “Ouch, Lily. That fucking hurt. Just because I don’t want you, doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch about it.” At that point, I didn’t care what she was saying. I crawled on top of her and began kissing. I found it odd that although she would insult me, she was kissing me right back. My tongue found its way past her soft lips and into her mouth. I was taking control, and I wasn’t about to stop.

My hands began exploring her body. I would rub her legs, stomach, and then found my way to her beautiful breasts. I quickly stopped for a moment to put my black hair up into a pony-tail. Kat just lay there. She had the deepest look of lust in her eyes. All that hate I had seen before was gone.

I quickly latched myself onto her again. Our tongues danced. I began ripping off her clothes, but my lips never left her mouth. She began ripping off my blouse until I was just in a bra. Kat managed to turn the tables by lifting herself up and pushing me onto my back. Yet, our lips never left one another’s. Finally we were both in panties and bras. Kat began riding my body. I cupped her ass in my hands and grinded her ass on mine.

Kat pulled her lips away from mine for a moment. I now realized why she had said what she did earlier. Kat didn’t want a long-distance relationship because she didn’t want to be hurt. I understood that. I didn’t want either of us in pain. But honestly, I rather die than be without her.

I saw the fear in her eyes and before she could object to another sexual experience, I took her face into my right hand and pulled her close. I whispered, “Please Kat, just let me have you tonight. I want you in every single way a person can want someone, even if it means nothing tomorrow. Tonight, please.” With my words, Kat began kissing me once more.

I latched my hands onto the sides of Kat’s underwear and quickly pulled them off. I could tell she was noticeably soaked. I then attempted to take my own underwear off, but failed. Kat broke our kiss to help me with the issue. Once they were off, she looked at me and said, “When I made love to you last night, it meant everything in the world to me. Lily, you mean everything to me and so is the love we’re about to make.” Ending her sentence, Kat unhooked my lacy bra.

She began licking my nipple. It didn’t take long for it to harden. She would görükle escort switch back and forth, licking and sucking like a professional. Her hands began trailing along my sides, down to my sex. I stopped Kat for a moment and whispered to her, “Ride me.” She didn’t need any further instructions.

Kat began rubbing her pussy up against mine. I could feel all her wetness on me. Our bodies were so close together. Her hard nipples were right on mine. She grinded into me rougher than ever; the wetness of her pussy was more than I can take.

I firmly grabbed her ass and began bucking into her as fast as I can. Kat began kissing my neck as I let out tiny moans. She rode me harder in harder, her sweet sex pressed up against mine. “Oh fuck.” I said. I couldn’t hold back, this felt amazing.

“Oh you’re so wet. Let me feel you come on me.” Kat said. Her brown hair was a mess at this point, but her breasts were glistening from the sweat on her body.

“Mm, oh yes. Harder, harder.” I pleaded for more.

Our bodies became one as we both started screaming and moaning as loud as we could. All the pain that I knew tomorrow would bring didn’t even matter. Her warms silky skin was grinding up against me, and I loved it. Everything around us became mute.

I began digging my nails even deeper into Kat’s ass, bucking her into me even more. Her breasts were furiously bouncing along with the rest of her. The feeling of pleasure was even better than the night before.

It wasn’t long before we were both coming together. Our moans were like a melody; her clit was still furiously grinding up against mine. I wish this moment would never end.

We began to cool down for a moment, until I noticed Kat wasn’t done with me yet.

Kat slid down to my stomach, where she began planting little kisses. Her tongue swirled around as her nails tickled along my back. Her hands moved down my back and onto my thighs. I was still noticeably covered in her juices, along with my own. But I was still extremely turned on.

Kat began planting kisses down my left leg, back up, and down my right leg. She began licking her way up from my ankle. Her tongue glided across my soft skin. I felt her hands massaging my thighs as she worked her way towards my glistening sex.

She carefully began to caress my light pink labia. Her licks made their way up to my mound. I had a light patch of trimmed pubic hair. Her tongue played around with it as she still continued to massage my opening.

Without any further warning, Kat slid a single finger into my eager pussy. I arched my back and let out a small moan. It felt like the first time all over again. I had so many feelings for this woman.

She began flicking at my clit with her tongue as she continued to pump her finger into me. She then slid another in, then another.

“Oh, fuck. Yes, baby. Ohhhhhh…yes…yes..ohh.” I said. The feeling was incredible. I could feel Kat’s hand explore my body as she used the other to pump in and out of me furiously.

I was about to orgasm when Kat quickly replaced her hands with her long, hot tongue. But before she entered me, she said “Oh Lily, you’re ever so beautiful. I want you to come hard to me. “She then proceeded to plunge her tongue deep into me. She knew where to lick to make me flinch. It’s safe to say she didn’t miss a single spot of my sex.

While her tongue pounded into me with swirling motions. I furiously wrapped my legs around her head and pushed her deeper into me.

The room was spinning at that point. Kat ate me so beautifully, like an angel. Her tongue fluttered inside my sex, making me scream even louder. It was the most intense thing that I had ever experienced.

It wasn’t long before I was coming all over Kat’s face. She gently carried me through my orgasm, licking every part of me. Once I had calmed down and my breathing partially returned to normal, she crawled back up onto me.

She looked into my eyes for a moment, but her eyes were not filled with lust. They looked regretful almost. It was so incredibly odd that one moment she was bucking against my body, and the next she looks as if I had just overpowered her. She could’ve stopped anytime she wanted. Suddenly at that moment I felt horrible for throwing myself on her. We all have hormones, and sometimes it’s hard to not give in.

I tried to speak but nothing came out. It looked like Kat was going to same something, but before I knew it she had tears running down her face. She pushed back her brown hair, now a mess- and crossed her arms. Again, she refused to look at me.

Without words, I pushed her off of me and got up. I ran out of the basement, up the stairs and out the back door. It was practically pitch black outside, so I wasn’t concerned that I was naked.

The storm has lightening up. The only logical reason I didn’t fall and kill myself running, was because of the lights near the boardwalk on the lake. I ran as fast as I could, not looking back.

Without bursa escort bayan thinking, I raced down the boardwalk and plunged into the freezing water. I wasn’t much of a swimmer, but I knew how. I began furiously pushing back water and trying to get away from the house as fast as I could. It was only about 20 seconds before I heard someone shout after me.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Kat hysterically screamed. Her arms were flailing in the air.

Although the water was freezing, I stopped for a moment. I looked at her and said, “Why does it matter? You obviously don’t care about me.” I shouted back.

The houses in this neighborhood were spread out quite nicely, so I wasn’t concerned about someone hearing our bickering.

“What do you mean I don’t care? Of course I do! You mean so much to me! Get out of that damn water before you kill yourself.” Kat shouted. I was actually a bit scared to go back; I didn’t want her yelling at me.

“No, you don’t care. If you did, you wouldn’t have made love to me TWICE — then afterwards, pushed me away like I’m nothing but trash.” Saying the truth hurt, but she had to know.

“We can talk about this. Get out of that water or you’re going to get sick. Please, we can work things out. I’m begging you. Oh gosh, Lily…” Her voice was cracking, but I wasn’t going to let her off so easily.

“If you care for me, then come get me.” I was being absolutely serious.

“What?! No! Get out of that water. If you think I’m coming in there after you, you’re absolutely nuts. I’m not risking my life just to save you from your own stupidity.” Kat screamed.

“Oh.” I softly said to myself. I didn’t know what to say to her.

With that, I turned around and began swimming. I was going faster than I was before. I could hear Kat trying to shout something, but I wasn’t about to listen. I obviously didn’t mean a thing to her, so I guess she wouldn’t care if I did end up getting sick. At that point, I didn’t care what happened. Everything around me became a blur.

It wasn’t long before I heard the sound of strokes behind me. I stopped for a moment and turned around to realize what was happening.

Kat had jumped into the lake and was swimming after me. At that moment, the love I had for that woman got just a little bigger.

“You bloody fool!” I heard her say. “It’s fucking freezing out here and you see what you’ve made me do?”

“I didn’t make you do a thing.” I said. She was approaching me now, almost there. I was a bit afraid of her yelling in my face, or even hitting me. But I reminded myself that she would never do that.

Finally Kat and I were in arm’s length. She was still trying to catch her breath.

“Grow up.” She murmured. I could tell she was pissed.

“Oh thanks. You know, just leave me out here alone.” I said. I don’t think I meant it, but I didn’t want my heart broke any more than it always was.

“You could die out here. How do you think I would feel if that happened? I would feel terrible. I can’t let you stay out here. Without you, I’d be heartbroken.” It was dark but I could see tears in Kat’s eyes.

“Then the feeling would finally be mutual.” I said.

“Look, I said we could talk this out.” Kat said, barely letting me finish my sentence.

“What is the point in talking it out? You’ll make a bunch of promises, fuck me and then regret it all. I don’t want to be hurt anymore, Kat. You mean so much to me, words cannot describe.” I was crying lightly at that point. The water was freezing cold and I was becoming moody.

“Lily, tell me exactly what you want.” She said, taking my face into her hands.

“I want you.” I said. “Not just to fuck, but to make love. I don’t want you for this week, I want you forever. I don’t want hurt anymore; I just want to be loved unconditionally. I want the privilege to wake up to that gorgeous face of yours each morning. Without you, my heart aches. If you left my life right now, I’d think of you every day. All I would want is to be back into your sweet arms. I want your touch on me. I want to believe in love. And you, Kat — have made me a believer. If I can’t have you, then I’m lost.” I’m unsure if she caught the rest of my sentence, I had burst into tears.

“Lily, that was beautiful. No one has ever said such sweet words to me.” Kat said. She pulled her body close to mine, until they touched. Both of our nipples were hard, considering we were in freezing water.

She put her hands around my waist. We were still both lightly moving our legs in the water to keep us afloat.

I could feel the goose bumps as they trailed down her side. She pulled herself even closer to me. I locked my hands behind her back. She put her arms around my neck.

I looked into her eyes, and this time they were filled with compassion and love. It mesmerized me how often the deep look in her eyes would change. It’s just this time, I hoped they didn’t.

“I love you.” Kat said.

I was in shock. That was honestly the last thing I was expecting from her. My eyes grew wide, but then back to normal. I was trying to catch my breath. The coldness outside had already dried my tears. I wasn’t sure if I was going into hyperventilation or if she had really just said she loved me.

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