Dhampire (prologue)


Crimson, no scarlet. Definitely scarlet, that’s close.

Small rivulets were starting to form down his wrist, the distance closed in what seemed forever. Levin’s focus however was on the glinting fangs inching closer just behind. I had wanted this secretly, each of them, not quite like this but it was happening. My pulse quickened breath caught in his throat, this was going to hurt.

Fuuuuuuuuuck…. This was the word coming to mind at this precise moment, the bell only 10 minutes away sounding the sweet release of everyone bored to death like me. The professor kept going on about doing the reading and study while on break.

Honestly if I thought about it I almost never did the reading, I ran my hand through the short mass of sandy hairs on my head as my mind wandered, most of the second hand books that I bought at the beginning of the semester sat under my bed forgotten till just now with the weeks dirty laundry. I’m not a genius or anything, having a 2.5 GPA to prove it but most questions over the subjects follow basic common sense procedure, and homework is easy to get copied for you, for a fee. Not that I’m rich or even well off really either but it’s easier than reading something you’ll never have to use the memory of. That’s just how I felt, honestly.

“Mr. Levin? Mr. Levin! Are you listening to anything I’ve said?” My slightly over middle aged professor Mr. Benson was directing my way. My attention snapped to like I was pulled from a trance, it looked comical I assume my fellow students chuckled and giggled. “Of course I was” I lied. Obviously I mean.

“And what may I ask was I saying?” He seemed more bored than I was, like getting to yell at unatenative students gets boring after so many years of tenure. Maybe I was imaging things. when I looked back up I had no idea what to say, I was in damage control mode standing up I peered over my neighbors notes, not much mostly the top words and highlights in his text book “I believe it was a summing up of business etiquette and how important it was to our immediate lives.” I sounded a little sarcastic even to me. His reaction was as expected he looked at me then again with the intention of actually yelling this time just as the bell rang signaling the hustle out the door. Most of us were hustling the last day or two, it was spring break in a couple more hours and everyone was ready to party, or leave, or leave to party if they hadn’t already. Passing groups and couples were clammering about their different destinations, it made me grit my teeth but I kept walking. My plans were the same as last year, try to not piss anyone off or get arrested. Usually do. I always kept my head down, probably why I didn’t notice the largest frame in the world turning out of the doorway into my face, his name was Jace Hoskins, and his I’d guess 300 pounds of all star ass hole was toppling on top of me in the most awkward way possible. His shoulder was pushing up on my chin and pushing on his now flexed stomach proved useless. He was crushing me for a second until he started pushing off the ground by my face then pressing on my chest shoving himself up using my ribs as a spring board making me oomph.

“Watch it dickless” his voice was deep, it always made the girls swoon, I mean I get it he’s literally stereotypically above average in every way, from his upper class upbringing to his six foot and a half height, he was infuriating to look at let alone be around in class in regular doses, he always liked to assert his dominance. Never anything that he’d be called on of course, just things that would make you want to fight him, and he welcomed it. He worked on provocation, so I got up keeping my cool my breath coming out only slightly uneven, I really didn’t want to try him on I was a full five five and one thirty eight last time I weighed, people can say what they want about size not mattering but looking up into his piercing glare I did not feel confident. At all.

He was on the football, basketball, lacrosse, and ROTC, basically getting a free ride all the way to graduation and he was looking at me like I did HIM wrong? Thinking about him overrode my logic of past encounters with this man.

“Maybe you need to watch it” it wasn’t the greatest, but it was the best my mind put together. His eyes darkened as I spoke, I felt the punch coming and closed my eyes instinctively.

I heard him walking away before I opened then again, my breath let out without me realizing I was holding it.

I really thought my mouth got Ankara escort me in trouble there.

I was walking into my next class economics as I thought about what I was gonna do for spring break, probably just pick up a few drinks each day and piss it away. I should be going, I should. But I guess I’ll make do. Just till the end of the year, that’s what I got. My circumstances had been turning from bad to worse recently, my head resting on the desk was wandering to bad memories and the professor what was it? Oh Ms. Ohare was starting to drone on like Mr. Benson was in the last class. Everyone around the room at this point was feeling antsy, you could almost feel it that everyone there had someplace they would rather be.

“Attention, Levin wethers please report to the Dean immediately” the office lady sounded same as usual, she was an older lady and usually the nicest person at the college, I passed her desk on my way to the dean her smiling softly to me, his double doors wide open, I guess to show he was an open guy.

The Dean always seemed like a good guy but had to make the hard decisions to get where he had. When I came to him with my offer I hadn’t expected for him to gladly accept it the way He did. He was an older man, nearing his sixties but didn’t look it only a bit of a bulge around the middle and wisps of salt and pepper in his hair would lead you to guess. Having no idea why I was here I walked over motioning to sit as he told me “shut the doors please.” Doing as he said I pulled the knobs together hearing the click, turning back to him I started to sit down as he spoke. “This isn’t about your tuition if that’s what you think Mr. Wethers. Mr. Benson wants you to do detention before spring break begins for.. subordination?” He looked down at a paper, my report slip “So I told him I would”

Benson that grouchy bastard just wanted to give me one last thorn in the balls until he ran off himself.

“But I think you and me can settle up?” He wasn’t asking. I had thought something was up when I was called here, the old bastard was the same as Benson just getting one last prick before the break. Fuck!

“Oh… ” I wasn’t really feeling up to it today, but I knew what would happen if I said no. “Under the desk?” Every powerful mans fantasy with a big desk. He got me to do it as often as he could. He nodded.

I closed and opened my eyes letting myself sink down into the chair down to the floor the thin material of my grey hoodie bunching around my chest, crawling around the corners of his desk the dark blue fabric of the carpet rasping against my jeans as i took my time to where the wheels of his chair rested, looking up into his face I pushed my tongue slowly out till the tip rested on the bottom of my chin, it’s long, part of why I think the Dean likes me. He was pulling at his zipper working out his already erect dick from the fine designer pants, I’d seen his seven inches plenty, using his hand pushing the pulsating head against my tongue, he was hard up. In my mind I smiled hoping it would be quick, sliding the length of my tongue on the underside of his cock till the head lined up with my lips sucking down the bulbous head as I slid my hand into his pants cupping his taut balls, they did feel bigger than usual. Every vein gave a hard throb as I began bobbing my neck on his cock, wrapping my tongue around the shaft feeling the pulses as I sucked working up and down with my assault on him.

It wasn’t more than a minute or two until I felt the first intense pulse rocket through his pale cock, his balls pulsed in my caressing palm as I slurped up to his head. Spurt after spurt of semen coated my tongue, it’s very thick almost like tapioca pudding I think as I gulp down the days meal looking up into the dean’s eyes trying not to think about why I’m doing this.

“Ahhh good as always, enjoy your vacation Mr. Levin. See you again at the end of the month?”

I nodded to the portly man, he always seemed smaller afterwards. Not his dick, well yes his dick but it was like he was full of hot air until he blew it all out, and now he was saggy and timid. I could almost stand up to the man when he was like this. Almost.

I left in a hurry after the deed was done brushing myself off, I needed a mouthwash I thought as my steps resounded in the hall. I found the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out a couple times. The metallic taste in my mouth really made my reflection glare at me, I almost felt like smashing it before I left. I could always say it was like that when I came in, no staff were sticking Ankara escort bayan around to check.

I must have taken longer than I thought, everyone else was out of the halls the only signs of nearby life was a few lights here and there of teachers packing up in their classrooms. The one custodian that was doing last cleaning before they locked up was going room to room. I headed out the doors leading to the steamy parking lot, summer wasn’t quite there but it was definitely sweating material. A few vehicles sat here and there, looking at me walking across the pavement was Jace again sitting in his 4×4. Fuck. He didn’t look mad or anything but he kept staring for a few steps and it was freaking me out honestly so when he waved me over out his window I took my sweet time of it. Cocking my head to the side “what’s up, I’m heading home.” His peculiar glare never quite left mine but there was something there. “I figured, I’m bout to head out. You live half way cross town right?” Wish he didn’t know that”yeah.” “You want a ride? No hard feelings from earlier.” I really didn’t believe him, I didn’t. But air conditioning with someone I didn’t like was better than the almost an hour walk through southern heat. I mean what could he do? Beat me up? Hoped he wouldn’t. “Sure thanks Jace.” I tried to sound appreciative.

Hopping into the passenger side of the cab I threw my binder in the floor, he left the divider up between the seats so I sat as close to the door as possible, just in case.

Pulling out of the parking lot he wheeled around heading to the south side where I lived. I was honestly curious. “So.. uh Jace.. how do you know where I live?” He smiled at me his pearly whites “I dont, but I’ve heard you live at the south dorms?” They were the the financial aid dorms, I moved there bout 6 months ago or so when I made my deal with the Dean.

I nodded to him and my suspicions were put on hold, we’ll see when he takes me where he’s driving. In the confined space I could feel the size difference between us, it’s like he filled his half of the cab and I was able to reach out and not touch the windshield probably, I wasn’t going to try.

We were actually nearing where I lived I was in shock this was unpredictable, “thanks Jace, I gotta say your a good guy.” I meant it.

“No problem dickless.” My head wheeled around to him as I tensed about to jump out the door doing 35.

“Go ahead. Child locks are on.” He pulled around into the rear in the shadow of the building as I yanked on the lever to no avail. My pulse raced in my ears as he calmly took his iPhone out of his pants pocket. what was he doing? My mind raced on forever in the seconds that elapsed while the larger man flipped through his phone.

“Just watch.” He placed it on his dash holder, it was so far a video of him stumbling through some bushes the wind brushing the mic and a window with a major glare he was getting closer to till he squared down and crept closer till he was at the shrubs just below the multi paned window.

He raised the camera to the window peering in through the glass revealed the Dean stroking my hair back as I enthusiastically forced his throbbing member into my throat trying to coax him to orgasm in my mouth, which the video captured as well to my dismay. I was frozen, my breath was starting to come quicker and quicker as I watched the dean’s cock stiffen and throb with each pulse of orgasm. My face on the tape looked like I liked it, I thought I did it for show but seeing it was alot more believable than I wanted.

I was terrified, this was the end of what I had left. But… He did bring me here, and show it to me.

“What do you want?” No point in mincing words now, I needed a miracle or I was at Jace Hoskins mercy.

“Same thing he wanted.” I wasn’t expecting it straight out like that, my breath caught and I coughed out “huuhh..” as i turned to him.

“Turn around, pants off. Or you know the deal, I’ll share this video and game over. I have it on my laptop and iPad too so don’t smash my phone trying to get out of it.” His eyes darkened as he spoke, his hands already unfastening his belt buckle his large knuckles matched the hunk of metal that would look ridiculous on someone my size.

He really thought I would go along with him raping me, what choice did I have? I’d like to think of something clever that this guy didn’t have me boxed in but it wasn’t happening.

I resigned in my mind as I reached down unbuttoning my jeans, Jace’s cock sprang free as he pushed down his pants. A long shaft Escort Ankara with a bulbous mushroom head at the end, his cock was above average like its owner I noted. I was not excited to try out anal the first time with Jace to begin with now seeing his cock with what looked like a plum on the end all I wanted was to run.

I eased down my pants pushing my shoes off with them off my pale legs, being of a mostly Irish descent my complexion stays white almost year round. I began sliding down the seat my cock and balls rubbing softly as I layed facing the door. Adjusting my hips I let my dick rest between my legs just as I felt Jace moving closer making me tense up through my body. A rough hand grabbed my hip pulling my ass up and driving my chin down and his other wrapped around my testes and soft cock, the tender flesh sending jolts of pain as he gave my most private of areas alternating squeezes, he’d start getting hard enough to make me cry out in a breathy whimper then let them hang loosely in his fingers giving me a painful throb.

What in the hell was he doing? My mind was unable to make out anything as I grabbed the door moaning out another hard squeeze

And what the hell was wrong with me? “Well, you like it rough too huh Levin? I just like giving it”

As he said this my cock was stiff as a board in his grip, I could feel myself throbbing as my balls swelled wishing for release.

But I didnt, this is the very last way I want to come I thought.

I heard him working spit on his cock the slick sound filling the cab as he let my sore twitching member go, I laid on the leather again the seat warm beneath me as I tried to breathe. I was alot closer to climax than I wanted to admit, surely it hadn’t been this long since I’ve had sex? An electric pulse shot through my body as I felt the wet tip his cock sliding between my cheeks, could my mind take this?

He definitely wasn’t going to be gentle as he guided the swollen mass against my asshole I thought, the next one was a white mass as I sunk my teeth into the leather.

It felt like I was being ripped my only instinct was to get away as my hips bucked and weighed only to have him hold my hips still in his much stronger hands, his head was throbbing noticeably as my ass stretched to allow the thick tip in, the instant that last ridge went in I let out a shuddering breath that became a deep moan as Jace forced his cock into me, I swear I could feel the tip in my stomach. Tears were now streaming down my face as my ass was held in the air, his rigid member pistoning in and out of me as our skin slapped together I was dying it felt like, my body feeling skewered and weak as I moaned with each thrust until it happened. It was a wave in my body, and intense pressure that needed release I could tell it was going to happen but it was too late, my dick which had been swinging pre cum in its rigidy flexed straight as the most powerful orgasm I’ve had came out of me. Jet after jet of thick semen shot out covering the leather in white wads and streams as I chomped down on edge of the seat stifling a deep raging moan that vibrated my chest.

I hadn’t even noticed Jace came too, he was grinding on my back moaning softly as his cock shifted back and forth inside me. Both of us was out of breathe as I pulled softly away from his hands, he let me go letting his cock slide slowly from my tender hole till the head got caught on my sphincter, popping out making me lean toward with a moan.

Dear gods what happened to me? A river of semen fell from my ass as I got up sitting on the edge of the seat gathering my clothes up. I just wanted the day to be over.

“So you will delete the video right?” He pulled his pants up tucking away his monster smiling to me much the way I assume the devil would with a gleam in his green eyes. “I will. But these next three weeks your mine. I’ll be by to get you tomorrow”

“How do I know you will after the three weeks is over?” I was breathing heavily still, if he said he wouldn’t then I’d probably say oh well till I’ve rested.

“Because.. I was also recording this. This video incriminates both of us. What’s your number? I’ll send it. If I don’t delete it or share it you can do the same”

I gave him my number and a minute later a buzz went off in my jeans, I’d check to be sure but he let me out of his truck after I said I would agree to his term.

I trudged up to my apartment on the second floor the steps making my ass twinge with every step, unlocking the door I plopped on my couch laying face down. I let out a breath as I thought about the events of the day, tears soaking into the fabric as my fist clenched so hard my fingernails drew blood in my palm before I drifted away

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