Dhanno, Panna and Poonam


Dhanno and Kammo were planning to sleep with Rakesh together. However, fate had other plans. Kammo was required to go away for some urgent work in her village. She made plans for her sister to come and stay with Dhanno to work in the other homes of the colony.

Kammo’s sister’s name was Panna and she was over 55 years old. She arrived in Rakesh’s house the next day. Dhanno had informed Rakesh on phone that Kammo’s sister would be substituting for Kammo. Rakesh agreed after Dhanno confirmed that she was a reliable and honest lady. Panna was living in a town just 20 km away and had her own home. She did not have any family as her husband was dead and her only child, a son, had gone abroad to the Gulf and rarely came home. Besides, he was married and his family lived in another town quite far away from where Panna lived.

Panna was much taller than Kammo and was big boned and voluptuous, with breasts at size 40 and a hip size of 42. She had an Amazonian personality with a deep but nonetheless feminine voice. She was welcomed by Dhanno, who had met her briefly years ago. Both ladies hugged each other and it seemed to Dhanno that Panna held her in embrace a little longer than normal. Panna kept her things in a bag that held her clothes and underclothing. She was not in the habit of wearing brassieres and only sometimes wore panties. Her attire consisted of a few cotton saris and blouses and petticoats.

What Dhanno was unaware of was that Panna had a healthy appetite for both food and sex. She had been carrying on with a young man of 25 in her neighborhood and also had a female lover some 20 years younger than her. Panna liked Dhanno at first sight and noted her attractive face and smile and the shape of her body. She decided to seduce her that very day. However, there was work to be done and so the plan had to be executed later in the day. Dhanno took Panna to all the homes where Kammo was working and introduced her. Kammo was expected to be away for a month.

Rakesh had informed Dhanno that he was going to be away for a further five days, something that made Dhanno unhappy. However, this was a godsend to Panna. After completing work in all the homes, Panna returned home in the afternoon. Panna told Dhanno that she normally slept nude and proceeded to remove her clothes. Dhanno could not help looking at Panna. For a 55 year old lady she was well preserved with firm breasts and only a slight tummy. Her hips were also quite firm.

Panna asked Dhanno to remove her clothes too. Dhanno just obeyed. There was a certain sexual charisma about Panna that forced her to do Panna’s bidding. Panna had laid a straw mat on the floor and a cotton rug over it. She liked to sleep on the ground except when it was very cold when she would use a cotton mattress.

Panna pulled Dhanno to her and kissed her on her lips. Dhanno was still almost under hypnosis and did not respond in any way. Panna slipped her tongue in Dhanno’s mouth and moved it around. Finally Dhanno reacted and responded. By then Panna had her hand on Dhanno’s tits. Her finger worked on her nipples and soon her mouth followed. She quickly trailed her way down and went down on Dhanno. Her fingers went into Dhanno’s wet pussy at an angle and tickled her g spot while sucking on her clit. Dhanno, who had never had such pleasure in her life, came repeatedly. Finally, Panna left her and pulled her over herself. Dhanno feasted on Panna’s bountiful breasts and then went down on her. She sucked on her pussy and repeated what Panna had done to her. Panna came again and again and asked Dhanno to stop.

Both ladies went to sleep in each others’ arms and woke up after a couple of hours. Dhanno went to the kitchen to make tea for both. Panna woke up and looked for her and went to the kitchen. She put her arms round Dhanno and cupped her tits. Soon she had Dhanno’s nipples hard by her ministrations. Her hands trailed down Dhanno’s body and went to her pussy. Her expertise and skill showed as Dhanno writhed in delight and came very shortly.

Both could barely wait to finish their tea. Soon they were back on the bed with Dhanno applying her fingers and tongue to make Panna come again and again. Then it was Panna’s turn She spent a lot of time on Dhanno’s breasts and then her navel till she went to her pussy. Panna used her fingers and tongue to excite her gspot till Dhanno came repeatedly.

The next few days before Rakesh arrived were spent blissfully by the two ladies and they were fully spent sexually. Panna was sexually very voracious as well as skillful and Dhanno enjoyed herself thoroughly. Dhanno also made sure that Panna was satisfied and both were content.

Rakesh arrived after a week, early in the morning after Panna had left for her work, and told Dhanno that he would have to leave again in a few more days. He first refreshed himself, had a shower and ate his breakfast, There was still some time before he went to his office and he called Dhanno to his room. Rakesh was nude and Dhanno canlı bahis had missed him and his fucking. She quickly stripped and went to him. Rakesh had also missed her and he wasted no time in sucking her nipples and then going down on her. Dhanno was already wet in anticipation. She also went down on Rakesh and aroused him, not that it was needed. Soon Dhanno was on her back and Rakesh was inside her. Both were in the throes of passion and soon both came,

Rakesh told her that he would be back in the evening. He left for work and Dhanno busied herself with the household chores. Panna returned from her work and went to their room. Dhanno also finished and went to rest. Panna as usual removed all her clothes and lay down on the mattress. Dhanno too stripped and went next to her. Very soon both were kissing and embracing each other. Dhanno held Panna’s breasts with both her hands and soon had her mouth on her nipples. After a while both were doing a 69 and came. They slept and got up at around 4 PM.

After having tea both relaxed. Rakesh came home around 6 PM. Kammo made tea and asked Panna to take it to him. Panna took it to him and apprised Rakesh a little surreptitiously Rakesh also did not fail to notice her huge breasts, more so when Panna bent down to give him the tea cup and saucer on the tea tray. Soon Dhanno came and told Rakesh that this was Panna who was substituting for Kammo.

Panna returned to the room but Rakesh asked Dhanno if she was available. Dhanno said she would find out. Panna was more than pleased at the prospect of having sex with Rakesh.

At night, Panna went to Rakesh’s room with a glass of milk. Rakesh asked her to stay till he finished. He told her to keep the glass in the kitchen and come back to him. Panna returned and asked Rakesh whether he wanted anything else. Rakesh asked her to sit on his bed. He enquired about her and her family as well as whether she was comfortable staying in his home. Panna said she was fine. Panna did not waste any more time. She told him that Dhanno had already briefed her and that she was ready.

She removed her clothes and Rakesh saw her relatively firm 55 year old body. She came and stood next to him. Rakesh was already sporting an erection and he also removed his clothes. Soon both were kissing each other and rolling on the bed. Panna went down on Rakesh and took his prick in her mouth. Her expert tongue created very pleasurable sensations in Rakesh but she stopped short when he was about to come. Soon Rakesh also kissed and caressed her body paying a lot of attention to her breasts and nipples. He also licked and sucked at her clitoris and soon Panna came. Rakesh asked her to lie down and he inserted his prick into her vagina. Panna was soon lifting her hips in sync with his thrusts and soon both came together. Panna retired to the bathroom to wash herself.

Rakesh asked her to come to him the next night as he had an early start the next day. Panna returned to Dhanno’s room looking quite satisfied. Dhanno was almost asleep but smiled when she saw Panna and enquired about how she found Rakesh. Panna blushed, a rare thing for her! Both ladies fell asleep as they had to wake up early to make tea for Rakesh.

After Rakesh left, Panna went to various homes for work and returned in the afternoon. Dhanno had also finished her chores for the day. Rakesh was away and would return only at around 9 PM. Comme d’habitude, they had sex in the afternoon and both slept till late evening.

When Rakesh returned he appeared to be serious. He told them that a distant aunt, Poonam, was coming to his home the next day. He had to pick her up from the railway station early in the morning. The message was clear to Dhanno and Panna. No sex with Rakesh that night and for the duration of his aunt’s stay.

Next day Rakesh brought his aunt home and both Dhanno and Panna were awake and waiting for her. Rakesh’s aunt was accommodated in the guest room. The two ladies helped her with the luggage and also made some tea for her and Rakesh.

Poonam was a slim lady with a cute face. She had large eyes and an attractive mouth. Her nose was a trifle wide but still well shaped. Her hair had a few streaks of grey showing that she was around 50 years of age. Her figure was best described as compact with a slim waist and firm medium sized breasts and bottom.

Her husband had died in an accident, a big tragedy in the life of his young wife She had to look after two children. Fortunately, they were quite well off and had a good home and enough money. Poonam was an affectionate and caring lady and she brought up her children very well. Both children were successful in life. Poonam lived in her own home and had a couple of servants to help her in maintaining her home. She rarely moved outside of her home and Rakesh visited her sometimes, since her children were abroad.

The next few days were spent by Poonam in acquainting herself with Rakesh’s home. However, she had little to do as bahis siteleri both Dhanno and Panna would do almost everything themselves. Poonam spent her time reading books and watching TV.

Poonam had been deprived of sexual activity once her husband passed away. Like most Indian women, she had submerged her urges by looking after her children and reading and improving her knowledge. In the rare times that she felt like having sex, she would masturbate in the privacy of her bedroom.

Now that she was alone in her large home with only two elderly servants to do the household work, she would sometimes surf the net and watch sex videos, in the recent past. She found herself drawn to lesbian videos and started watching them. This would make her feel even more aroused. However, she had no release except by masturbating.

In Rakesh’s home, she had no access to the internet in privacy. However, she did not feel any stirrings as she had enough reading to catch up and TV to see. Her routine consisted of getting up by 6 and completing her toilet, having tea and later breakfast. Even if she wanted to help with the household chores, Dhanno would not hear of it. She would therefore watch TV or read and relax. Lunch at 1PM was followed by a nap. She would get up by around 4 PM after which she would be served tea. Dinner was at around 9 PM and she would be in bed by 11:30 after watching TV and reading.

Three days after she landed, she finished her nap earlier than usual and decided to go to the servants’ quarter to ask Dhanno or Panna to make some tea for her. As she approached the room, she heard some sounds inside that were like someone having sex. Panna was licking Dhanno’s pussy and Dhanno was encouraging her and sighing. Poonam peeped into the room through a small window and was quite shocked. To see something on video and live was quite different. The sight of two very voluptuous women making love with their huge breasts and hips as well as the actual sounds was mesmerising.

As Poonam watched, she saw Panna insert her fingers in Dhanno’s pussy and lick her simultaneously. She saw Dhanno almost screaming as she came again and again. Poonam almost started fingering her own pussy but resisted the temptation and went back to her room. She shut the door and lay on the bed. She then lifted her gown and lifted it above her head. Soon she was nude and was squeezing her breasts. Her hands went downwards and she lightly touched her vagina with her fingers. She then started touching and playing with her clitoris. She felt herself getting more wet and finally she orgasmed, barely able to suppress her screams. After a while she got up and wore her gown.

She washed herself and went to the drawing room. Poonam thought she would go mad if she did not have actual sex soon. She decided that the opportunity could be had with Dhanno more easily as she would be at home when she was alone.

Soon, both Dhanno and Panna came there and started making tea for Poonam and themselves. Rakesh came home and both Poonam and he had dinner quietly. Rakesh had some office work to complete and had to again leave home early the next day. He sat and did his work on his table in the room and slept by around 11:30.

Next day, Rakesh left for work after breakfast, and soon thereafter Panna too left for hers. At home only Dhanno and Poonam were left. Dhanno started sweeping and swabbing the house and then dusted the furniture. Poonam sat in the drawing room reading the newspaper and watching the morning news. She went for her bath and stripped in the bathroom. After her shower, she called out to Dhanno and told her to bring her towel as she had forgotten to get one. Dhanno saw the bathroom door was slightly ajar and she could see Poonam’s nude form. She gave the towel to Poonam but was asked to put it on the towel stand inside. Dhanno did not fail to notice that Poonam’s figure was slim and firm. Her breasts were neither small nor large. They were the size of a medium orange and her nipples contrasted against her fair skin. Her butt was tight and quite shapely.

After a while Poonam came out of the bathroom and wore a gown but did not wear either bra or panties. She asked Dhanno to come to her room after finishing her work. Dhanno came in about ten minutes. Poonam asked Dhanno to shut the front door and bring some oil to massage her body. She removed her gown and told Dhanno to start the massage. Dhanno started with her feet and went up to the back of her knees. Meanwhile Poonam asked her about herself, how long she had worked with Rakesh and other general things.

She asked Dhanno to remove her clothes to prevent them from getting dirty and oily. Dhanno started removing her clothes and was a little shy while doing so.

Poonam told her “You should not be shy as we are both women!”

Dhanno started massaging her back and shoulders carefully avoiding Poonam’s butt. Poonam told her to massage her thighs and butt also. As Dhanno was doing it somewhat bahis şirketleri hesitantly, Poonam asked her to increase the pressure while massaging her butt. She spread her thighs a little. Dhanno noticed that a glimmer of moisture had collected around Poonam’s pussy. She had also got aroused by seeing Poonam’s slim and shapely body.

Poonam turned around and lay on her back. She asked Dhanno to massage her breasts and her navel. Dhanno started with her breasts and Poonam told her to knead them a little more. Poonam’s nipples grew hard and Dhanno noticed it. Her nipples also started growing hard. Dhanno massaged her navel and abdomen areas. Poonam asked her to go lower and massage her pussy. Dhanno hesitated a little.

Poonam said “You weren’t shy with Panna, were you?”

Dhanno had been eyeing Poonam for a while now and more so after seeing her nude. She went straight for her pussy, massaging it and manipulating the clitoris. Poonam was a writhing mess, moving her hips from side to side.

She told Dhanno ” Come on, insert your fingers and lick me!”

Dhanno did as she was told and Poonam became even more aroused. She pulled Dhanno to herself and started pawing her breasts. Dhanno lay next to her and started kissing Poonam on her lips. Soon both were tongue wrestling each other. Poonam had never been with a woman before but she had no inhibitions with Dhanno. Now Poonam sought and started sucking Dhanno’s nipples. She licked her way down to her navel and went a little lower but stopped short of her pussy.

Although Dhanno was extremely aroused and would have liked Poonam to lick her pussy, she held herself back. Instead she took Poonam in her arms and told her to lie down. She first kissed her neck and her shoulders and went down and kissed around her breasts, then slowly licked her breasts and then took one of her nipples in her mouth and licked and sucked at it. She paid attention to the other one and sucked at it.

Dhanno went down, licked Poonam’s navel and then her thighs and slowly licked her pussy before she licked and sucked her clit. Poonam jumped and was ecstatic. Her husband had never taken her to these heights. Dhanno pushed one finger into Poonam’s vagina and bent it a little to gain access to the roof. Soon she resumed licking her clit. Poonam was now in the throes of total delight. She screamed as Dhanno found her Gspot and made her come like never before. She now pulled Dhanno to herself as soon as her shudders stopped and kissed her very passionately.

Poonam asked Dhanno to spread her legs and licked her pussy and her clit. Before long Dhanno came again and again. But Dhanno was not finished. She asked Poonam to lie on her back and lay on top of her. She started rubbing her pussy against Poonam’s and soon Poonam reached another high. Both ladies were now totally spent. They held each other and stayed thus for around 15 minutes.

After a while, Dhanno got up and put on her clothes. Poonam told her to come the next day as well. She asked her to be discrete and not tell anyone about what happened. Dhanno had planned to get Panna to have sex with Poonam but did not want to tell her in view of Poonam’s brief to her.

Next day Panna said she had a little ache in her knees and so was unable to walk across to various homes she worked in. She asked Dhanno to take her place for the day. Dhanno wondered what she would do for Poonam as she would not be able to give her a massage. She informed Poonam of Panna’s predicament and told her that Panna could give her the massage, since she would be at home. Poonam agreed reluctantly. Dhanno asked her not to worry as Panna was equally good.

Dhanno informed Panna of what transpired and told her to help Poonam get her massage. Panna was quite happy as she had been eyeing Poonam’s trim form and wondered how she would look in the buff.

After Dhanno had left for her work and she had done the chores for the morning, she asked Poonam whether she needed a massage. Poonam told her that she could give her a massage before she went to bathe.

Panna came to her room with a cup of coconut oil and in petticoat and blouse. She had discarded her sari in the servants’ room. She asked Poonam to remove all her clothes and lie down on the bed over an old sheet that she had laid on it earlier. Soon Panna also removed her own clothes saying they would get greasy.

Panna started massaging Poonam’s feet and followed up with her knees and thighs. Very soon she was bending down and Poonam could feel her hard nipples on her thighs. Panna started getting closer and closer to her pussy while she was massaging her thighs. Her hands had reached her vagina in passing. Poonam had spread her thighs slightly and it was an invitation to Panna to massage the area. Panna used her fingers artfully and soon Poonam was wet and thrashing about. She turned around and pulled Panna to herself. Panna saw her breasts and started sucking on them and Poonam’s nipples. The massage was long since forgotten as Panna went down on Poonam and started sucking on her pussy and licking her clit. Soon she inserted her fingers and bent one of them to reach the gspot, still sucking on her pussy. Poonam came again and again.

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