Come and suck on this.

What, that puny thing. When you’ve got a decent sized hard-on, then I’ll think about sucking it.

I’m thinking about you sucking it and already its harder.

Yeah, getting better. I can see your head poking out a bit from the foreskin, but it’s still not enough to get me to wrap my lips around it.

Could you just hold my nuts for a little. Just caress them. You don’t have to touch my dick, just hold my balls.

I could do that. There, that feel alright?

Yeah, that’s nice. Gentle squeezes.

Man, they’re hairy. Good weight. Full of spunk for me, I hope.

And see what you’ve done to my cock. Big enough now?

I’ll give these balls of yours a little tug.

Ahh. So good.

Your cock reacts well to that. Good and straight now. Hold on while I slip off my top and bra.

Your nipples are up already. Pinch them again.

Your teeth are better than my fingers. Yes, right up into your mouth. Pull it hard.

And the other one, your sensitive one.

I can almost cum when you nip around that nipple and flick it with your tongue. So fast, like my vibe. I’ve wiggled off my panties.

Can I go down?

Yes. I want you between my legs. With your tongue running up and down my slit. And yes there on the clit, sucking, holding with your teeth.

You’re so wet. Your cunt is flooding with your juice. I love the taste of your sex.

Put your tongue right in. Lick the inside of my cunt. OH! YES!

Your cunt’s fluttering against my lips. I Börü 2039 izle kiss it gently. What a quick cum! And as you calm down, your lips take my nipples.

Each time I give your nipples a bite, your cock springs up a little. You’re arching your back. Trying to thrust your erection into something. I wrap my hand around it and your hips start to pump so I feel the thick head bump over my fingers.

And now you lower your mouth and use your tongue, just to touch the very end. To take a drop of moisture from the slit. I hold myself in suspended animation as you grasp my cock and sit, open-mouthed in front of me. I wait for your softness.

I savor the pulsing hardness of the straining organ. The head is taut and purple, clear liquor swelling up in its deep slit. The hard, veined shaft feels like warm iron. The heavy balls are still as he holds himself all in readiness for me.

And then she moves forward and takes me into her mouth. I am surrounded by warmth and pressure. Only my cock exists and that is being pushed and pulled towards the deepest pleasure. I do not move, but feel her lips slide along me. I feel her tongue wash around the head and then the suction as she pulls my whole being into her. She pulls away and just rests her lips against my cock and then plunges down again so her teeth can grip, oh so gently, around the base of the shaft.

(His cock fills my mouth. My jaws are stretched by its girth. I try to remember to suck and lick, when I want so much to just to use my mouth like boys in blue izle a cunt and pound up and down on that lovely rod.)

I start now to move a little, ( He’s fucking me) She keeps sucking and now holds on to my balls so that when I sway to piston my shaft in her mouth, my balls are stretched with sensual pain.(He’s fucking my mouth). I increase my speed and she uses her tongue to press against the underside of my tool. Her hands go around and clasp my arse (his bum is so rhythmic and muscular when he fucks me) I getting close (His shaft is so hard and the head is so swollen) I pound my hips into her (My mouth is being used. His cock doesn’t care if it’s in a cunt or a mouth) I’m going to explode.(He’s ready. An extra suck and tongue caress) That’s it, that’s it, that’s it (The taste of semen in my mouth. Why doesn’t my cunt have taste buds to enjoy his sperm this way?)She holds me in her mouth while my cock softens. I draw out, leaving at first a filament of sperm between my drooping prick and her lips. We kiss

We kiss and I give him the taste of his cum from my lips. He seems not to mind. I want my hole filled now, but his thing’s too soft. A finger teases my clit , then two hold it and press it between them. A third finger now draws a channel between my wet lips and then eases inside. At last, something in my cunt. The finger probes and presses against the roof of my love hole. The other fingers are pinching my clit. I can’t concentrate on the two assaults separately. My whole body is opening break point izle up to his attack. (Her eyes are shut) Now two fingers inside me, stretching my vaginal walls and opening. My clit is being pulled and squeezed. (Her hips are canted upwards, giving my hands free play over her genitals. So wet). My own hand takes my breast, works up to the nipple and pinches.

My cock is hard again. I withdraw my hands.

Where has he gone? I’m empty!

In one thrust my cock is inside. My thighs are against hers

Ah. I’m full. I make a couch for him. He lies between my legs and I feel him on my thighs and belly and right down on my mons, his groin presses up to me.

I keep my full length inside her and just buck with my hips so that her cunt and lips are massaged by my shaft.

His body is so warm. The pressure at my thighs is exquisite.

I pull out a little and then push back in. I start a rhythm along the length of my cock.

He fills me and then vacates, he fills and vacates. It stretches my lips and my clit. My breasts bounce as he pushes into me.

Her hips start to rock with mine. Her nipples are hard again as I make her tits rock.

Keep it going. Keep that cock ramming into me. Keep that hardness in me.

Her legs are wide. Her hands again find her own nipples and pull on them. My cock is being pounded by her cunt.

And fast, and hard, and fast, and hard, and pull and pinch and , and , and…

Her cunt spasms around my rod. I hold still for a little and then with two strokes release the last of my spunk.

That last shake of his prick. That last swelling of the head. The last of his cream.

I kiss her mouth and breast.

I kiss his mouth and neck.

I hold my hand over her flushed lips and cunt.

I hold his balls and shrinking cock.

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