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Subject: Diaper Wearing Daddy This story is 100% fiction and is for mature readers only. If you are under 18 please leave now. Please note that all my stories are written for enjoyment only and not intended to give anyone ideas on what to do, what to try, or who to do things with. The actions taken in my stories should stay in your mind only and not expanded to real life situations. This story is a fantasy involving a father and his son. You can see a list of all my stories on the authors page under the author, Playtime69. All comments are appreciated and can be emailed ard. Please identify what story you are talking about when you send me a message. Even though I do not respond to all emails I do read them all and have used some of your suggested ideas in my stories. I also will write new stories with your suggested ideas. Just send me your ideas to address above with as little or as much information as you want to tell me including names, ages, sexes, positions, relationships, and what section on Nifty you want the story to go, etc. I will see what I can do with it. If you want to name the story that is fine too. Just make sure the information is yours and not from someone else’s story. Thanks for reading. Please, find it in your heart to donate to fty/donate.html without them we would not have a safe place to deposit and read such great stories. Diaper Wearing Daddy by: Playtime69 It was a Friday midmorning and I was on my way home from school. There was some kind of teacher training and all the classes were dismissed. Being a 16 year old boy, my first interest was to meet with my girlfriend and have some sexual fun but unfortunately she had to babysit her younger sister. The next best idea was to get home and have some private masturbation time before my dad got home from work. I got home and headed to my room to have a much needed orgasm. As I neared my room I began to hear some noises. The noise I heard was not of a human or talking noise it was more of an erythematic sound. The kind of sound you get if a motor is running or possibly a TV is on with some type of show with a constant sound. I narrowed the sound down to my father’s room but thinking he was at work I began to think he had left something running. I had seen my dad’s car in the driveway but that was quite common as he normally rode with someone else from the office. Still thinking it was not a human sound I continued to his room to check it out. When I arrived at his door I found the door wide open. I peered inside being careful not to be too obvious, just in case there was someone there. I was shocked far beyond belief of what I saw. Daddy was on the bed. He was face down. His butt was in the air because he had laid two pillows one on top of the other and had them under his privates. He was actually humping the pillows so his butt went up and down causing the sounds I was hearing. He was totally naked with the exception of wearing a pair of girl’s Goodnites. The Goodnites he had on was really cute as they were pink with butterflies on them and to see his butt going up and down on the bed while wearing them was quite the scene. My parents were in a bad car accident just before my thirteenth birthday. The accident killed my mother and left my dad unable to make it to the bathroom most of the time before he urinated. He tried using some reusable men’s underwear that was made for men that dripped or dribbled their pee but his situation was much more serious. He then resorted to adult diapers. This worked but they were bulky and for the times he did make it to the bathroom in time he had issues getting them off so he could pee into the toilet. Next he tried adult pull-ups. These too worked but they were also bulky and were difficult to move out of the way at a urinal. His biggest complaint with the adult pull-ups was that he said they made him look like an old man. He then gave baby diapers a try. This helped with the bulky issue but again he had even a harder time using the restroom at work. The one thing he had in his favor was he was skinny. Being almost six feet tall but thin made it difficult to find good fitting clothes but made it easy to fit into baby diapers. Having a diaper on he could get bigger sized pants so he looked more normal. It was the accessibility to his dick at work so he could use the toilet like istanbul travesti a normal person that caused the biggest problem. Finally he tried children’s pull-ups. This looked to be the answer. He had to get the largest size made but they fit well, he was able to pull his dick out at the urinal, they looked cute and not like what some old person would wear, They were not excessively bulky, and best of all they kept him dry during the day. At night he liked using the Goodnites pull-ups. He claimed they held more pee so he was dry the next morning and they did not leak. He also found the girl’s to be even more absorbent and in my opinion they were cuter too. My dad and I were pretty close. We were more like a couple of bachelors than father and son. When we were in the house alone we simply wore underwear in front of each other or in his case diapers, pull-ups, or Goodnites. I too went through changes in my underwear. I wore boxers until my mother was killed then I switched to boxer briefs. Next I tried tidy whities until my current girlfriend convinced me she liked seeing me in men’s bikini style underwear. I had seen him wearing the girl’s Goodnites many times so that part did not surprise me but to see him pillow humping in them was actually enjoyable to see. I continued to watch as his ‘diaper’ (Even though they were pull-ups we still called everything he wore the same, diapers.) covered butt bounced up and down on his pillows. Without noticing, I had begun to touch and play with my own cock as it began to grow. I finally realized I was hard when it began to become painful while being trapped inside my jeans and tight underwear. I knew my dad could not see so I dropped my jeans and stepped out of them. This helped some but now my 6.5″ hard dick was sticking out of the top of my bikini underwear. I had gone this far so I figured I might as well go all the way. Next thing I knew I was standing in my dad’s doorway naked. My super hard dick sticking out in front of my cum filled balls. My cock and balls were both pretty much covered by a thick dark brown bush. I began to gently rub my balls as my fingers teased my dick. The closer I looked at my dad’s butt the more I teased my own privates. I began to closely watch his butt as it went up and down on the stack of pillows. I noticed that it appeared he had something between his legs as he pumped up and down on the bed. It was his dick I finally figured out. Somehow he had stuffed his cock between his butt cheeks inside his diaper. He was actually fucking his own dick with his ass. This was just too hot to pass up. I reached down and grabbed my super hard cock with a tight grip and began to stroke it with the same rhythm as my dad’s pillow humping speed. My eyes were glued to his cute diaper covered butt as my hands were working over my own shaft. He began to pick up speed as I could hear his breathing increase. A short time later I could hear him begin to moan from the obvious pleasure he was getting from this action. My fingers were now flying up and down my shaft as my eyes never moved from his sexy looking butt. I could feel my cum as it began to make the trip from my balls. I knew I was about to explode as I pounded my erect penis. Daddy gave a few really hard thrusts into the pillows, telling me the show was just about over. Not long after he laid motionless, my eyes rolled back in my head as they tightly closed and I erupted with a geyser of cum. It flew from my dick head like a rocket being shot into outer space. I had no clue of where all the cum went and I really did not care. It was one of the best jack off sessions I had ever had. I continued to stand in the doorway waiting for my breathing to go back to normal when I heard my dad say, “I guess you liked the show.” When I heard my dad’s voice my eyes popped open only to see him sitting on his bed looking right at me. I froze. My cum covered hand, dick, and floor made it easily know what I had been doing. There was no way I could say anything except the truth. “Sorry, Daddy.” I said as my dick quickly deflated. Chuckling he responded, “It is ok. I do think you might want to go get cleaned up while I do the same. And, do not forget to clean up the mess you made on the floor.” “Ok. I will get it all cleaned up.” I said as I ran off to the bathroom. My heart was still pounding from having my dad catch me with my cum covered dick in my hand. I kadıköy travesti got all cleaned up first then I got some cleaner and towels and cleaned up the floor. I was lucky the floor was tile and not carpeted like the living room and the bedrooms. I slipped on some clean underwear and headed to the kitchen for a drink. There I found my dad doing the same. We talked some about why we were each home so early in the day and laughed about how we had the same ideas and plans. I mentioned how it looked like he really enjoyed masturbating that way. He then told me that it was one of his favorite positions but just like all the other ways he did not like to do it too often as it would then not be so much fun. I told him that I too liked doing it different ways and would sure like to learn how that new method worked. We decided that we would eat lunch first then I would do my homework and clean my room while he would go to the store. We would then have pizza and a movie for dinner followed by a lesson on pillow humping in a Goodnites. I could hardly keep my mind on what I was doing because all I could think of was my own diaper covered butt going up and down in the air. Finally it was getting close to time and Dad told me to shower and to meet him in his room. I did and when I walked into his room he handed me my own pair of girl’s Goodnites in my own size. He told how to position my dick so as to keep the pull-up from leaking as I filled it up with pee. He explained that once the front was filled to pull my dick between my legs, up through my butt crack and lock into place with my butt cheeks until I could pull up the diaper. Just the thought of peeing in a pull-up was making me hard much less the thought of cumming in them. We got the pizza and began the movie. I was drinking quite a bit so it was not long before I began to pee. By the end of the movie I thought I had soaked the pull-up good enough. I asked my dad to check. He reached out and grabbed my privates to see if it was full. He told me to keep peeing. Eventually the front was filled and he helped me get my cock ready to fill the back side. It took about another hour but eventually my diaper was filled and ready to fuck. “Go get your pillows while I get some other stuff.” Dad told me. He showed me where to put the pillows and he then laid a big towel over them just in case my diaper leaked. He helped me to get into position and told me to watch the TV screen. He then started a DVD he had already put in the player. The video began to play and I was shocked to see it was a video of my dad pillow humping in a girl’s pull-up. I begged my dad to video me pillow humping. He ran off and grabbed the camera and tripod. He set it up and began to record. The video was really hot and in no time I could feel my cock growing between my legs. I was told to fuck the pillows just like my dad was doing on the screen. I watched closely at what he was doing, how he was moving, and the speed at which he thrust his pelvis into the pillows. Each time I pressed down into the pillows my hard dick would slide up through my legs and press hard into the pee filled diaper. If I pressed just right it would send my cock deep into the soft warm wet area and made it feel like I was fucking a hot wet pussy. My dad was picking up some speed on the video so I did the same. I had no idea what he was doing as he sat behind me as I fucked my own butt crack. I really did not care. I was watching a great show and was making myself feel really good as I pounded the pillows. “Daddy! I can feel it. I can feel the cum beginning to make its move. I am going to cum soon!” I called out. Then shortly the orgasm began to take over as I screamed out, “Yes! OH! FUCK YEAH!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ohhhhhhhh!” My body began to shake as the orgasm blasted off sending a huge jet stream of cum into my already filled diaper. I could feel the cum forcing its way through my shaft as my shaft was being squeezed by my legs. When it was over I could feel my thick warm cum running down the sides of my butt cheeks. It felt odd but really cool at the same time. When my breathing calmed down and I was able to sit up, I turned around and sat on my pillows. I was greeted with another surprise. Right there in front of me was my dad. His cock and balls were pulled out the top of his diaper. His cock was rock hard and looked like it was about to blow. It was bakırköy travesti the first time I had ever seen his cock hard before and as I looked closer I saw that his cock and balls were totally hairless. I never knew he shaved all his hair until right then. Later he told me that he shaved to be able to keep it cleaner so it would not smell. “Come over here Son. I want to shoot my cum into your pull-up.” He commanded. I moved up close to him and he pulled the waist band out and down from my body. He told me to hold it right there while he made a deposit. I did as he said and I watched as he continued to jack off in my direction. When he was to the point of cumming he moved closer and aimed his dick into my pull-up. With a grunt and a lot of heavy breathing, I watched as he blasted his load of hot cum into my wet pull-up. Part of it hit my skin and ran down and part just went right inside and mixed with my pee. When he had fired off all the jets of cum he had in his balls, he pulled back allowing my diaper to again press against my body. I could feel his hot cum as it soaked into my diaper mixing with my pee. “That was hot, Daddy.” I commented. “Yes it was. Just remember not to do it too often or it will not be as fun.” He told me. I laid around in my filled diaper for a while savoring all the enjoyment I could. I peed some more and noticed I had began to leak so I went to the bathroom and took it off. I then showered and put on a clean pair that I planned on wearing all night long. Dad also showered and got ready for bed. We hugged and gave each other a quick kiss before heading off for the night. The next morning at breakfast my dad and I were talking about the previous night. It was then I asked, “Can we do something together some time?” “What did you have in mind.” Daddy questioned. I took a breath and began. “What if we both get ready to pillow hump like I did last night, but instead of doing it individually we do it together.” Daddy looked at me funny like he did not understand what I was saying so I explained it in more detail. I said, “What I mean is you put just one pillow on the floor. Then you lay on it face up. I then lay on you face down so we are facing each other. I would position my pull-up on top of your pull-up. I would then hump you like I did the pillows last night. It would be just like we were fucking each other but in reality you would be fucking your own butt crack and I would be fucking mine.” “That sounds really hot.” Dad told me. He then asked, “Tonight?” “Sorry I have a date with my girlfriend tonight. What about next Friday night? She has to go out of town with her parents so I know I will be available.” I explained. “It is a fucking date then.” He replied. We each started laughing at the play on words he had just made. We finished eating and went about our business. The week went as normal and soon we were each peeing in our own pull-up to get ready for some fun. When they were filled we got into position. Dad laid down first and I got on top of him. I positioned my pull-up on his and began to ‘fuck’ him. It took some moving around and a little grinding but we both finally got hard and I managed to get into a nice rhythm. I closed my eyes and pretended I was fucking my 13 year old girlfriend. (My girlfriend and I fucked as often as we could but it was not nearly as often as I wanted since it was difficult to find a place and time we were alone.) I hit just the right spot and in no time I was pounding my dad’s wet pull-up with full force. We each grunted as my thrust downward forced all the air out of our lungs. My dick sliding through my butt cheeks soon caused a hard orgasm and soon I was shooting cum onto my own butt. Dad was not so lucky but he was so close he was not about to give up. Dad wrapped his arms around me and in a quick move we changed positions. I was now on bottom and he was on top. Dad began to fuck me like I was his pillows he used for humping. He pounded me hard and fast and shortly he too dumped load of cum into his pull-up. A few minutes later he pulled off of me and we laid side by side talking about how enjoyable it was. Over the next many months we would masturbate this way together from time to time and we would do it on our own from time to time. The best thing we both got out of this whole situation was that we felt more relaxed masturbating with the other one at home or even in the same room. If one of us got the notion we would just whip it out and blast a load of cum with the other in the room. We loved each other and found we were just a couple of guys with needs and a way to take care of those needs. The End

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