Diary Memories 1


Diary Memories 1My name is Sheila and I recently found an old diary, from my late teens, while I was cleaning up the house. It was from the late sixties. I read some of them and then found one with a few comments which to someone else wouldn’t make sense but to me it brought back a lot of memories. I was eighteen and had just started working in a Government office in Edinburgh. There were a lot of us young guys and gals working in the office but we were kept controlled by an older woman who was the supervisor. There were a mix of nationalities which was unusual at that time but we had a couple of Asian girls and two black guys and three black girls. We had all started within six months of one another so we were really all new. I dated a couple of guys and we had nice nights at the movies or occasionally dancing. Nothing ever happened except a lot of kissing and a little light petting. We sometimes went out as a group with who ever we were dating at the time. One night we went out to the movies , there was three couples, one of the black guys, Tom was dating a friend of mine, Cheryl and I was dating one of the guys I had never been out with before Colin. The other couple was one of the Asian girls Lee and her boyfriend who didn’t work beside us called Ian. The other two couples sat in the back row and the guy I was dating and I sat in front of them. There were other people around but none too close. As per usual once the lights went out and the movie started we were all kissing and petting. I never let anyone put their hand up my skirt or under my blouse, but didn’t mind a little breast massage on the top. The guy I was with immediately tried to get up my blouse but I pushed his hand down so he went back to being on the top. After a short time I heard kadıköy escort some moaning coming from behind me and I looked around and saw the other couples were more adventurous. Tom had his hand up under Cheryl’s skirt and I could see her tights had been pulled down a bit. Ian had his hand up Lee’s top and as her top was pushed up I could see her bra had been pushed up and he was squeezing her naked breast, which I got a flash of. Colin had had a look too and said ” Why can’t you open up a little?” I didn’t say anything and went back to watching the movie. He immediately started massaging my breasts on top but after a while he slid his hand up my blouse and I felt I should give him a break. I had never done this before and was still a virgin. His hand was warm and he slid under my bra and started to massage my nipple. I gave a short gasp, finding it quite exciting. He opened the front of my blouse and leaning over sucked my nipple. God I felt so strange as I was enjoying it much more than I had dared.He slid his hand up my leg, and as he spread my legs a little he fingers my vagina through my tights. My body felt strange and I was so confused. Suddenly I felt another hand slip around my side and squeeze my other breasts. I turned quickly around and found Tom leaning forward. Cheryl just smiled and leaning back continued to enjoy Tom’s fingers between her legs. Tom rolled my nipple between his fingers and it got quite hard. I was feeling hot and sweaty and couldn’t control what was happening. Colin took my hand and placed between his legs where I found his cock sticking out of his pants. I tentatively took it in my hand but he forced me to stroke it which I did. I felt something on my face and when I reached up I found Toms cock resting ümraniye escort against my cheek. I took hold of that too and started stroking it as I expected was wanted. My thoughts were all over the place. I could feel my vagina getting damp and my face felt flushed but for some strange reason I didn’t seem to mind what was happening. Colin tore my tight so he had access to my vagina and he slid his fingers under my panties and started sliding them up and down my vagina lips. , My head was leaning back and Cheryl whispered in my ear “I hope you enjoy this, you have been a teaser for too long and you need to have some fun.” I then realized that she and Lee had set this up and now I was scared of hows far this would go. I soon four out when Colin lifted my up onto his knees and pulling me tight into him I felt him guide his cock into the entrance of my vagina. As he lowered me down I felt it sliding inside me and at first It hurt then it seemed to slide in quite easy and although still a bit painful also nice. I suddenly realized where I was and started to panic, and said “I can’t do this here in public.” But Cheryl whispered again “Just look around everyone is doing it.” I did look around and saw many other young couple in various levels of sexual pleasures.. I calmed down a little and started to feel Colin thrust up into my vagina in short strokes. He gave a grunt and I felt a warm moisture enter my vagina as he came inside me. He said “That was great, I am done.” I suddenly felt two set of hands lift me up and pull me over the back of the seat. I found that Tom and Ian were sitting side by side and Lee and Cheryl had moved on either side of them. The sat me on a seat between Tom and Ian and they had my blouse up around my neck and had ataşehir escort a nipple in each of their mouths. Tom slid his hand into my now very wet vagina and slid in and out which made me feel so good. After a short time he pulled my tights and panties down to my ankles and then completely off. He then lifted me onto his knees and like Colin before him slid his cock into my vagina. His cock felt thicker and longer than Colin’s but it slid in quite easily which was no real surprise as I was very wet. He lifted me and down while he thrust his cock into me and after a short time I felt my body shudder as I had my first true penal orgasm. I had played with my self but this was a way different and better. Tom came soon afterwards and I felt more cum being deposited inside me. He quickly lifted me off and passed me over to Ian who did exactly the same and slid his cock into me. Tom had moved aside and I felt mouths on my nipples again and when I looked Cheryl and Lee were sucking my nipples and squeezing my breasts while Ian fucked me. I use that word as that is exactly what it was. Not “intercourse” or “loving” but a good royal fucking. It didn’t take long before my body seem to shake as I had another orgasm followed very quickly with Ian doing the same and again filling my insides. After they had all finished I sorted my clothes and redressed myself. I left my tights off as they were torn but I put my panties on to try to keep the cum from running down my legs. I went to the Ladies washroom and used tissue to sop up the mess and try to clean myself as much as I could. Cheryl and Lee came in to see I was ok and they told me that they had organized this due to the fact, all the guys I had dated had told them what I was like and they felt I was a tease and really needed to be taught what life was like in the sixties. To my surprise I thanked her and told her I had found it strangely exciting. I thought the night was over but I had another surprise waiting for me.Thats for another day.

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