Diary of a Cuckold’s Wife – 2


Diary of a Cuckold’s Wife – 2My outfit was already laid out for me so I know my good little dick cuck did as he was supposed to while I was out having fun without him. I slowly slipped out of my skintight miniskirt that was already up at my waist from having crouched down to my cuck earlier. I then turned to face my cuck and our bull, making sure my cuck was doing a great job. “I can’t believe I’m enjoying getting my cock sucked by another man.” I could tell by the look on his face he was in heaven. I should know, I spent a long time training my good little cuck on how to give the kind of blowjobs I used to give. Now, thanks to all the hard work and training, I never have to suck another dick again. I have my husband for that.I hiltonbet giriş unbuttoned my silk blouse to reveal my see-through lace bra beneath and our bull’s jaw dropped. He felt my breasts in the cab, but he had no idea just how gorgeous they looked. The black lace always looked so enticing against my brown skin. I bit my bottom lip and softly played with my breasts, teasing our bull as I slow continued to get completely naked. My dutiful cuck husband knew better than to turn and face me, though I know he wanted to. He continued to suck our bull’s ever hardening cock, until I summoned him. “Come lick my sweaty pussy clean. NOW!”He crawled over as fast has his pathetic body would allow him to and began hiltonbet yeni giriş lapping at my plump sweaty cunt like the good trained little pup he is. “That’s my good boy. I need a nice clean pussy before I can start to punish you… oh, you didn’t forget you were going to be punished for sleeping while on the job, did you?” He whimpered but continued to lick my entire pussy, mumbling his response, but by the shake of his head I knew he meant no. “Good boy.” I pet him on the head, then sent him back to our bull.As he began sucked down out bull’s balls, taking his entire sac into his loser mouth, while jerking the bull’s gloriously huge cock above his own face, I began to get dressed again. Our hiltonbet güvenilirmi bull just sat there with a quizzical but pleasure-filled expression, almost as if he were confused as to whether he should be enjoying my cuck’s work on his balls or if he should be enjoying me. I looked at the both of them while I slipped into my favorite PVC boots that lace all the way up mid-thigh. I then put on my favorite corset that cinched my waist in just right so that my curvy hips and 42HH’s were accentuated perfectly.Our bull’s eyes seemed to pop out of his skull when he saw the next item I put on for I didn’t reach for panties. I slipped into a strap-on harness that housed a 14inch black rubber dildo that was about 3inches wide. As I tightened the straps to secure the apparatus, our bull asked, “Uhhh… umm… what’s that for? Shit, it looks bigger than mine.” At the sound of that, I could see my pathetic cuck husband clench his cheeks so I laughed, my evil demeaning laugh, and just said, “Oh, you’ll see.”To be continued…

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